Friday, May 07, 2010

My good memory for the day (share yours) and marriage vows ideas

My good memory of today: Linda bringing me Ramu/Lamura bottle while I was watching the filme 2012 (watching the whole world get wiped out makes a bad day seem a BIT better). I like the bottle, it reminds me of summer...animes (I did get to hear cicada’s in Japan, and I do have the bottles with the marble that clinks when you drink it – but I did not experience the hot and humid Japanese summer – only saw it in anime land).

I rule my mind, or parts of it (the parts that don’t go insane by pain or by being on the toilet too long, or having too much spine pain). What was your good memory of today? Sure I had a lot of bad ones, but since I am still alive and heading off to bed, I wanted to remember that I still have choice. Plus, hurrah for my friend who has finished both her radiation and her high concentration radiation.

Bad(ish) memory of the day: Linda arriving unexpected with chocolate sauced dripped all over ice cream as I told her, “No, no, remember the cramps!” and she had to half carry me to the bathroom while what did NOT come out yesterday in an overnighter of seven hours trying came out with…..ZEST! That and me having to close the door of the bathroom and take the heat rather than listening to her click the spoon against the bowl, eating MY ICE CREAM (and chocolate sauce). “No dessert wasted” is the theme in our house.

We also found out that as the ‘new poor’ (which is anyone whose income is $55,000 or less before taxes, unless you are under $30,000 in which case you are the ‘disadvantage poor’ or something like that), we COULD if we wanted apply for subsidized apartment space at a rental cost of $1,300 (we can’t afford that). There are 31,000 households that are ‘new poor’ and $37,000 households in the ‘sub-poor’ range – odd that non of us can afford just under $16,000 for rent annually. It turns out that this was sold to the government by the same developers as across the street. They created the idea that there are these ‘new poor’ who need housing (since rental space is 1% vacancy and apartments costs $400,000-$700,000 to buy), they get government GRANTS to build ‘low income housing’ along with regular income housing. However a two bedroom still can go for $850-950 and they want the $1300+ as the 'subsidized' amount. It is a sort of evil genius. Phase one of their property by the water is done, phase 2 is starting..more grants!

I wondered how, when rentals were available and prices were dropping this company could keep opening up new projects. Well, since that one project (the 22 units for us 31,000 households) got them $8.5 million in Federal and $.5 million in Victoria City grants, I am guessing they will keep on building. Linda and I were both a wee dejected to find we were not just ‘disability poor’ but that even with her job as a government manager she would have been ‘new poor’. I better get my wheelchair and tin cup out to where-ever they give out the grants because someone has too much money if they can PAY for someone to build then profit a ‘smaller’ amount off some units and a ‘larger amount’ off ‘regular rental units’.

Linda says: “And this is why I only let you read the paper once in a LONG while.”

Also, the Y has let me know, from the CEO/Chair of of the Board, that though I AM a member and basketball and volleyball are drop-in, WHEN they offer a WHEELCHAIR USE ONLY or WHEELCHAIR COMPETITION RULES class, I will be welcome to attend. Then they reminded me that I am ONLY a member thanks to the contributions of the COMMUNITY (I have no independant income and am subsidized as on the front page they say: No member of the community will be turned away due to lack of funding. Apparently, a) Wheelchairs are 'seperate but equal' and can't just 'drop in' like others but need to be kept in 'wheelchair only' venues. And then a grind to the face that I should slink to the back since my membership is on the backs of hardworking people like....ME (who do they think donated or fundraised in the past for them? The Ewoks?) They actually wrote that the 'seperate but equal' idea met the standard of the human rights act in Canada....on paper.

If I wasn't so sick, I would be up at the YMCA/YWCA as I have been given a 'deadline' of tomorrow as my limit of when I may contribute to helping them make an accessible program plus, they are also will have (undefined) 'workshops' for staff. So the usual AB tactic of: You do all the work OR you don't get to be an equal human being.
So maybe I will ask for a push up there tomorrow as I do a terrific workshop for homophobia and diversity in the work place, I think it would do great in facility where the althetic director, the Manager, the supervisors and others are all men: men who like sports, you know, the kind that made the kid who came in last run an extra lap just to punish them for....being alive.

Okay, too excited or too tired. I am in severe pain so I am either being carried to bed, or back to the bathroom.

I just want to add that I really wish I had paid more attention in anatomy class, and also, a tip, when doing hand evacuations with little to no feeling in your hand, and trying to use the feeling in the colon/intestines – when blood comes have gone too far.

I just couldn't ask Linda. It is just, there are some things that just aren’t covered in marriage vows whether you write your own or not, and I think, “Wilt thou, (name), insert digits or partial hand up (name) anus, plus of course, that you are each other’s morning light and sunshine.” Just doesn’t happen a lot – no no no.

Oh, I got my first postcard spam request – it was a postcard request……which opened to a spam/malware link. No, can’t see why cynicism is on the rise. Think of nice things Beth: think of the globe getting wiped out while Linda eats your dessert.



JaneB said...

One nice thing, um, well... I forgot to buy catfood at the supermarket this week so I picked up some from the garage which only had very expensive premium stuff (with garage preminum on top of course). Well the cat ADORES this new food. So I had the cat purring so hard whilst eating that she nearly choked herself and had to cough and splutter and have a drink before diving back in. It was very cute!

Also the wind blew petals from the cherry blossom across my car like a snowstorm whilst I was sitting in a traffic queue. A sudden beautiful moment, and it made me think of Sakura, and you.

Hope your bowel has exacted it's dues for the next day or so and you get to have your own ice-cream... maybe fed to you by a cat-girl?

FridaWrites said...

Is there another dessert you can eat/look forward to? Much of my memory of yesterday revolves around being extraordarily tired and wanting to do things but being unable to. I did get some knitting done and learned a new stitch. Where does the day go?

Dear Y: that's just wrong. You can't exclude wheelchair members. Once you accept someone's membership, they're a member, whether subsidized or not. Don't subsidize someone and then slap them for it--that defeats the purpose of Christian charity--which is the Y's purpose.

Subsidized housing: would be great if you guys can get some assistance in that regard. Even refiguring to American $, it seems like everyone would be poor trying to afford $400-700K apartments.

deadrose said...

I guess it depends on your mindset. I've done manual evacs on myself and others. Raising kids can do wonders for teaching you how to deal with bodily functions and malfunctions.

My bad thing for the day: moved some boxes around and hurt my back again *sigh*

My good thing for the day: Dave & I talked a couple of things out *and* I made a veggie fried rice that tasted good. So 2 good things!

wendryn said...

Oy. Sounds like a really long, hard day. The Y sucks, clearly.

My good memory of yesterday - getting home from a very hard day and having Nyx twine herself around my legs, deeply happy that I was home. It made a lot of things better.

I hope you get rest and find a little piece of joy somewhere. I'm sorry it's so hard right now.

T som i Timortinel said...

My good memory of the day is that I got my first testosterone shot today.

Too bad about the dessert. and the separate but "equal" thing too, that really sucks. You know it and I know it, separate isn't equal, it is discriminatory, and just plain lousy, mildly said.

Lene Andersen said...

Good memory of the day: got caught up at work (yay!). Currently watching thunderstorm with the cat storming around the apartment, playing.

The Y sucks.

And I loved 2012. All that destruction - great after a crappy week.

Raccoon said...

My good memory of today: sitting in the sun by my waterfall.

The bad memory of today: no sleep last night.

The last full year that I worked, 96, I broke $16,000 for the first time. I was able to pay my rent, but saving money... And, I was living in a mobile home! Being able to afford a real apartment on SSDI? Completely laughable! Especially in an urban environment.

It sounds like your YMCA is taking lessons from your local medical establishment.

SharonMV said...

I hate the Y!!

Can't really remember yesterday. I know there was a yesterday. I'll see what good memories I can glean from today & report later.

Oh, I remember something from the wee hours of Thursday night, so it was technically friday. I got an e-mail from Beth!


Vanessa said...

I know I'm a few days late but today I have a couple of good things. First of all I was able to lead the rescue colt around for the first time without him panicking. Then I got to see my friend Aaron's colt being born. I've also been seizure free for almost two days. :D

Bad points for today are that between the previous seizures and the recent tornados I'm way behind. I won't be able to get everything done on my list before my next seizure I'm sure of it and I hate that. XP The concept of not enough time is well known to me.

I'm so mad at the people at the Y I could scream. I just can't believe they treat you that way. I wish I lived closer, I'd make a stink by chaining myself to the door or something. Just me and my icechest. :D

Oh and BAH at the spamers/malware posters on here! Have you no shame?! Gaw!