Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wheelchair Boxing, purple flowers, lolita lounging and demonic plushies

I am off to go boxing now. I do not ‘feel’ like going boxing. I am still weak and ill but also because last Thursday, the Director of the Y said that ‘other players’ had complained at volleyball. The complaint (either not ‘competitive enough’ at Beginners RECREATIONAL volleyball, or just don’t like playing with a wheelchair) had lead the Director to decide that I was to not attend due to ‘safety’ reasons. I asked if he had contacted wheelchair sports associations, if he had statistics on wheelchair accidents, on accidents in volleyball at all, whether he had done safety assessment of the other sports aids people used/wore, or the other impairments players had. No on all. No integrated volleyball injuries with wheelchairs in his 25 years but ‘we are not waiting for an accident to occur’. So yes, you CAN do integrated volleyball as I showed…..if they ‘allow’ you to. Nothing like being a teen again, huh, or treated like one.

So, after boxing I will have to wheel past the volleyball I spent 8 months getting into and 1 week playing. I was called a few hours before I would have gone up to say, “You’re out.” Regardless that discrimination based on disability in a Y that’s credo is ‘Access for all” and “Participation of the entire community” is illegal, I abide while making an appeal. Of course, by then Volleyball will be over and is isn’t on this summer. SUCK!

Oh, I wrote a post on the postcard project yesterday, lovely postcards!

I went out today for pre-boxing wheeling and it was lovely for taking pictures, too bad the camera was at home, lots of flowers out, and shrubs in bloom. We pooled our on hand change and picked up these purple Mumm’s. They had blue ones too: I will try and take a picture tomorrow.

I got in the post two shitajiki I had wanted for framing, one is by Petite Sanctuary and it seems I have been looking over 2 years for it. At last! It is cute and I call it ‘Kitten in Snow’. The other is from EF, the series about the girl who has middle and long term memory problems like me. I think both are beautiful and would love to know what you think. I hope to hang them as I think anime can be art.

Down at the video store (for a DVD to dull the post boxing pain – I got ‘The Hurt Locker’ – name seemed right), I talked to Linda about how I would, for as long as I live, be ‘out of time’. For me, the year is wrong, what I know is wrong, and what I can remember gets less and less as the middle term memory and long term blanks from 2008 to now are a widening dark hole. What I miss most is being of value, some sort of value. But with my weakness, my bed days, and my inability to remember or know the people who I meet since 2008 unless reminded often, I am at lucky if pitied, at best accommodated but never ‘needed.’

Oh well, life is still worth living, just if I had known might not have gotten so much STUFF or so many degrees, right? And more tattoos. Who has some ink out there? I am contemplating a tattoo. “I love Linda’s Boobies” is something I think both subtle and classy. I have been spending bed days with my plushies. And trying to make new plushies (note to others having bed days, playing with grimoires and short term memory is a bad idea – like demonic sheep plushies bad).

Now with the flowers I can get dressed and lounge in Victorian lolita style splendor in the sitting room or perhaps the reading room, on this chair or perhaps in the window seat. Too bad I don’t have a Victorian Mansion but an apartment which seems to be a medical equipment depo! Off to boxing, more flower pics tomorrow I hope.


Olivia said...

Ha, I just love your tattoo idea – subtle and classy indeed. Also, I would love a demonic sheep plushie – as long as it was a plushie version of a demonic sheep, and not actually demonic!

SharonMV said...

Dear Beth,
Shame on the Y (again!) So sorry that they caves to a few player's demands (shame on them too!).

You are needed. I need you. and not just emotionally because you are my friend. I have learned valuable things from you & your writings, so you have been of use. Not the same as teaching or writing another book perhaps, but I hope to be around for a while & who knows when some of this Beth insight will be passed on to another. The ringlets on the water spread & grow until they reach the shore.

But selfishly speaking, I do need you. You have helped me so much over the past couple of years, been such a good & caring friend. I know even if you do not remember everything about our friendship, your heart remembers me always. And I know you have that Sharon file in your head with impressions of me, though access may be more difficult now. But I will be here to remind you.

Love the purple flowers. I need a Victorian sitting room too, where I can lounge.


FridaWrites said...

I'd be sorely tempted to sit in on the Y practice--it would make the complainers delightfully uncomfortable. What makes me maddest is that the safety excuse is clearly an excuse--the complaints were that they didn't think a wheelchair user was competitive. Instead of using the real reason, they fabricated a different reason and told you about it. The safety claim doesn't hold water in the US courts, probably the Canadian courts too.

Hope boxing went great--glad they welcome you there.

I love the anime pictures, the top one especially.

*I* need you and wonder what I'll ever do without you. You are of value, great value, a gem.

cheryl g said...

I really dislike the clique mentality at the Y and the cowardice of those in charge who ignore the fact that the Y is supposed to include everyone in the community. I am glad you have boxing to go to and I think Coach Ian is great.

The flowers are beautiful and so are the shitajikis. Anime is definitely art. This blog is illustrated with many examples of that.

The tattoo sounds interesting but what are you going to do about the needle? I think the demonic sheep plushies are cute. As long as they would always do my bidding I would welcome them.

You are of immense value. You teach us with your blog. You use postcards to let people you have never met know they matter. You are there for me in the bad times. You care about people. You speak up against injustices. You push me to be a better person. You love and are loved. I need you in my life. I want you in my life.

JaneB said...

Shame on the Y. Maybe you could set the demonic sheep plushies on them?

deadrose said...

Perhaps the bunny I gave you is secretly a Vorpal Bunny and can attack on command, or lead the demonic sheep army. That would deal with those pesky folks at the Y!

You are such a needed person in this world. You speak for a lot of people in your writings, whether you mean to or not. We come to read and learn, and some of us stay to become friends. I need you because you're you, you're Beth, and we have so many things in common - so rare for me to find. There are so many other reasons it's hard to verbalize them, but you are very much a needed and loved person. There are other values in this world than the ability to hold a job or having an excellent memory.


yes ,shame on the y!!!
loooove the kittens in snow,just beautiful,will look gorgeous framed.
Im loving the tattoo idea..very classy hahahaha where is the plan to put it???
you are a one in a gazillian,and I'm glad I found you :)

Baba Yaga said...

Sharon says what I was thikning better than I would.

The world most definitely needs you, challenging injustice and idiocy, making yourself felt, just being you with your unique view on the world, communicating it as only you do. That numbers of people don't *know* that doesn't make it less true; probably more so.

Even at the Y, what's the betting that at least one person in that volleyball session is beginning to realise how excluded disabled people still are, and how bigoted some people are? One person's beginning realisation can become many, over time.

I'm all for tattoos. & if you want to be outrageous, why not?

Glad you got the prints you wanted.

Neil said...

The Director of the Y is a coward, and I hope you were able to tell him so. Yes, send the demonic sheep plushies after him.

We, your loyal readers, all need you, dear. Where else would we find inspirational ideas for classy tattoos, or be led astray by images from Sakura-Con?

I hope boxing helped and that you won't pay too dearly for it.

Love and zen hugs,

Alex M said...

Do you have an e-mail for someone at the Y that we could contact about this horrible treatment?

You are needed in ways you cannot imagine!

Raccoon said...

I think the Y. is a little better behaved down here. Something about an ADA law with a bit of a bite.

At least you have boxing.

Do you think Linda would appreciate that tattoo?

Dawn Allenbach said...

Boo to the Y! What a bunch of bigoted bastards! I will hopefully put together my own lengthy post about happenings here in Kansas in regards to people with disabilities being treated worse than second class citizens.

By all means, frame your anime and hang it on the wall! Those two pieces are beautiful!

I finally found the present I got for you ages ago and never sent to you. I will try to do so in a few days.

Yes, I have ink! Two, as a matter of fact. I will try to get pics of them and email them to you. Speaking of sheep, I have a plan for a memorial tattoo for my brother that plays with title of one of Philip K. Dick's books -- Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Dawn Allenbach said...

Oh, and I need you, too. I'll remind you every day if you need me to.

Bonnie said...

I have ink! I have a fairy with colorful butterfly wings on my right shoulder. I got it during a stage in my life when I was 'coming out of my shell' and the colors represent life over depression. Yes, I am a nutter: major depressive episodes have eaten up a bit of my life.
Butterflies and flowers are important symbols for me; I lovelovelove those purple mums. Just gorgeous.

wendryn said...

Ack - I thought I'd commented already! I'm sorry!

The tattoo idea is great! Made me laugh.

The Y sucks.

The flower and art are beautiful. Thank you for letting us see!

I hope the weekend is good to you!

Elizabeth McClung said...

Oh, Boxing=OWWWWW, can't use my arms. I ended the last session of full on mitt training with a seizure cycle. But I DID SWEAT!

Bonnie: Good, the next post tomorrow is all the flowers around here, so I hope that is a good one for you.

Olivia: I like the tattoo idea, and it made Linda laugh. Demonic sheep coming up....oops I sneezed during the spell, how about a demonic squid?

Sharon: Thanks, yes, more victorian sitting rooms for all.

Frida: I like the top one too, thanks for letting me know. I wish you would sit in, I had to walk past and it turns out that the teams assigned stay the same, so me joining the 'team of guys' made them from a 'winning team' to a 'mostly losing' team - the ONLY way to change that would be to get rid of me.....or work with me, I guess complaints were easier.

Cheryl: I dislike Clique mentality too. I have been pondering the needle and maybe if I have it on my back or neck where I can't feel anything AND can't see it, it won't be that bad. Or I could just get 'Tramp Stamp' across the back, where my low rise jeans end, what da ya think?

Jane B: I would love to send a whole herd of actual sheep into there, but it turns out that they are acting like sheep, baa baa!

DeadRose: Your bunny is too much in love with another plushie right now to notice anything: plushie love.

I will keep writing then, and I will keep having memories problems too. So I write what I can when I can.

Iwasn'tbloggedyesterday: Yes, I guess that is why everyone hordes it, I want to frame it so I can see it in the summer heat! Thanks

Alex M: If the appeal doesn't work, I will send you the email of the board of directors? Thanks for your sense of injustice, it heartens me!

Baba Yaga: It frustrates me but maybe the next female wheelchair user will get to go TWICE or THREE times, and we will move forward. Sigh.

I am feeling the need to be outragous. I don't know what to say to people who I meet after month indoors who want to know how it is going, Linda tells me she says, "She's getting weaker, a lot weaker." She says when they ask how I am I should say, "Dying, thanks, and you?"

Neil: More Sakura-con pictures to come, since that blog was 39 pictures and 4 videos, I have about 10 more pictures already resized and sorted, and work on it as I can, Cheryl just brought hers.

As for the Y director, sigh, at the end of the day what has he done to IMPROVE community involvement? Isn't that his job?

Saya said...

Hello Beth.

Hey, I'd love to know if the address Linda posted here

it's still the one I should send something to. I have some postcards, and a snail mail letter I'd love to send to you, just want to confirm it. No bot, nor spam, nor anything, I'm a 25 year old mexican librarian with MS, just found your blog, and made me feel like writing. Hope you can tell me if it's the right one.

BTW, yes, I do have ink, on both arms -biceps-, on the right one got an Om, and on the left one, an Ouroboros. Here they are

Don't know about you, not to keen on getting letters tattooed, so probably you could try and get Linda's boobies tattooed... that may be even classier... wouldn't it...? ...omg, hope not to be offending anyone, I'm just to sleep deprived.


Aviatrix said...

1. Years ago, when you mentioned that you might have to have limb amputations, tattoos were the first thing I thought of. Tattooing your body is a way of labelling it "this is mine, no matter what!" even when it's being taken away. I wrote my name and drew a picture in magic marker on my car after it was declared totalled.

2. One protesting e-mail has been sent to the Victoria YMCA on your behalf. They can't get away with this.

3. Many of the people who need you don't know yet that they need you, and may never know that they needed you to survive, but the battles you have fought (even the ones you have lost) and the example you have set will save so many people pain. People who don't have your tenacity will benefit from it.

But I don't want to deny your feelings. You aren't able to offer others the kind of physical and financial help that you require from others in order to survive, and I believe that doesn't feel good. Just remember how good you feel knowing the effect your postcards have on people, and remember that you're giving others the opportunity to feel that same way.

Lene Andersen said...

The tattoo rocks - so... erm... honest. Also love the two prints, although I can't figure out which one I like best. Glad you got both of them, so you don't have to choose.

I had no idea there was such a thing as purple mums...

And the Y just makes my teeth itch. And sigh. And I hate that by now, they've discriminated against you so many times that I sigh, disappointed, but not surprised. That's pretty damn sad for an organization that's supposed to be for everyone.

Bonnie said...

You know, you are my main source of info for manga. Now, this may not seem like a big deal to you, but given how much manga there is, how many categories and styles and variations, if I didn't know you I'd be totally lost where to look to find some things I like.

See, I do like Western comics as my husband collects them, but he doesn't collect manga. And I can't afford to randomly buy stuff just to see if I like it. Yet I love manga style artwork.

So, meeting you and using you as my Manga Mentor, my source for recommendations HAS added to my store of Random Knowlege. So, see, you HAVE added to some random internet strangers life. And your posts on disability, gay rights, the trainwrecks that are American politics and The War On Islam (oh, sorry, are we not supposed to call it what it is?) are downright thoughtful, insightful and fooking interesting.

And I would totally have a tea party with little Beth. Or be the token straight but not narrow girl at a Lesbian Sleepover. That would be so. much. fun.

e said...

Dear Beth,

Your new prints are gorgeous and you should be as outrageous as you can be---that tattoo sounds wonderful for you...

Regarding the cowards at the YMCA, have Linda find an e-mail for them and post it so that those of us who want to can express our outrage on your behalf.

You are wonderful and very much appreciated, whether you remember some of us or not. I did get your last postcard several weeks ago. One is coming to you this week.

I'm working a temp job for the next few weeks, so come home very tired at the end of the day. I'll check back as I can. I hope you beat that nasty bug.

Nadie said...

Hi Beth, as someone working in the disability sector, your account of being discriminated against really pissed me off! Is there any organisation you can contact to get up them on your behalf? Not sure where the legislation stands on the issue in the US, but surely the stance they have taken can't be legal?

As for the tatt, I say go for it! :)