Saturday, April 03, 2010

Day 1: I am Noizi Ito's first autograph outside Japan! Plus Sakura-con Crossplay, Cosplay, the Masque Ball, Wheelchair Dancing, and more.

Day one has arrived and is over, with only two costume changes, gosh it sure is hard to go from party to event here in the life of a socialite. Day one started with a signing by the renowned and famous artist Noizi Ito doing her first ever signing outside of Japan. And I was going to be there! I was ill the night before but rose for hair braiding, and all to be in costume at the time. I was wearing the purple mini, micro skirt in black with tulle and ribbons, corset, thigh highs and ribbons in my braided hair.
Linda had dressed as a Pirate Queen with her corset bustier and her dagger necklace and knee high buckle boots while Cheryl was in her corset (yes, Cheryl in a corset!)with a filmy t-shirt with skulls I had bought her from Hot Topic.
As Ito was young (and pretty) she did not travel much out of Japan and had an interpreter. I was the first person to get an autograph and an illustration in her first signing out of Japan. She signed on of her doujinshi art books (and made a ‘eek’ of pleasure to see it as it would need to be imported from Japan, and then we talked fragrances which is her hobby before I moved on – another signing tomorrow which I hope to attend).

Cheryl had said that any con, anywhere always had a storm trooper and before long I saw one. I took the picture of him (and Leia) before moving on behind a guy talking about ‘I could totally thrive in a Star Wars universe you know….” Good for him, as I would be in the metal bikini and with Jabba licking me before long (not a great universe for women).

We headed to the exhibit hall where between people watching and meeting vendor friends from both online and previous years, we did our share of people watching. Here is Michelle from Pita-Ten, she was here with her dad and into the cosplay!
The basic rule is a) don’t be a jerk and b) Be who you want to be. So everyone was, from a guy covered in steam-punk devices to the two mimes here.
On our way over we had seen the first pods of killer whales with young coming back to the Island in the annual migration. It was pretty cool that since I don’t get out much, I got to see the killer whales return with the young to the Strait. I hope I see some on the way back.

There is a higher instance of Crossplay, and two panels on it including one at midnight for adults called, “Crossplay – where’s the TUCK?” which involves more graphic descriptions and transformations of females to males and males to females. More males were crossplaying this year (though the con is still 60-70% female) with about 1 in 10 in costume or higher playing with gender or playing the opposite gender, as this cos/crossplayer is doing here.
After sadly losing all our money to, um, get these odd paper things which are full of pictures (some vendors recognized me and gave me a deal, what can I say? I said yes…..too much!). We headed home for a quick nap before changing for the masquerade grand ball, with the science fiction theme: the eternal waltz. The music was grand, with swelling themes from Anime and Phantom of the Opera. Cheryl was dapper in her tux and suspenders, while Linda was in her black queen dress and I changed into a black dress with a lace shrug.

Dancing was fun, and with the 1, 2, 3 ..1, 2, 3 we soon found a way to make wheelchair dancing possible, my being out dancing for the first time in a LONG time, with Linda as my center I could twirl the room and then spin into a centre. It WAS grand.

There were all sorts of couples from (to be seen next blog) the guy from Halo in costume, some gay couples with a maid outfit and braid to die for, and this gender bending couple, a Lolita and her suave crossplay partner.
When I had come back to change and was wheeling in, one guy stopped me and asked, “What is going on? Why are there so many scantily clad women around?” I thought he should just shut up and enjoy it but told him about Sakura con. In the elevator to our van one woman wanted to know what was going on as she said, “This morning I rode down in the elevator with PIRATES!” Then asked later if they planned it to coincide with the full moon, I said no. I explained some of the activities and she sounded very interested and said she would try to come next year.

After the masque ball Cheryl and I went to Lesbian and Gay Speed Dating, which was, like most speed dating a mixed bag. I can’t say much but when the person across from me told me they went to comic-con and I looked blank they went, “Comic-Con, Leonard Nimoy went to sign!” (Spock), and then raised her top to show me his signature.

I looked and there was his name in a marker, I blurted out, “My GOD, how long has it been since you washed?”

She revealed that she had gone straight from the signing to a tattoo parlor to have the signature part of her FOREVER! Okay, I like that artist Ito, but I don’t need a body tattoo of her bunny drawing.

We ran into an Angel on the way out, not from Angel Sanctuary but from D.N. Angel, with a VERY impressive wing span (how does she get into cars?). Cool.

On to day two where I hope to get dressed in a Kimono with professional help, see some martial arts, go back to the exhibit hall (I talked to Nene Thomas’ sister and husband about Victoria and Wales), and have maybe a vendor who wants to be part of the postcard project. Plus, some very nice corsets (if you have that $185 for the custom made ones). See, lots to see, and after that, it is my first j-rock concert! With the HMV #1 and Tower Record number 2 group: Dazzle (which lists that they do both lilting and heavy metal, so will be interesting). After that, I have to decide if I am going to see the ‘Ninja versus Pirates fight’ – I have no idea what it is, but it sounds interesting. Onward!


Lene Andersen said...

you all look fabulous! Glad you're having a good time.

Dawn Allenbach said...

What a great time! Everything looks fun!

Baba Yaga said...


Neil said...

Linda and Cheryl, you both look wonderful! Beth, dear, you look, in the first picture, exotic; and in the second picture, intensely happy. In the third picture, you both look perfect. You're in each other's arms, and that's where you're meant to be.

The Crossplayer in black looks VERY tall.
The loli and her partner in masks look almost as good together as you and Linda (only almost!).

As for the black wings, my Beloved is coveting her hair style - in turquoise.

You rock, Beth, Linda and Cheryl! Keep having a good time.

Love and zen hugs,

deadrose said...

It looks as if I won't get there this morning, due to yet another migraine - but I *will* be there tomorrow, for sure!

At least the nasty weather's over now and we're back to the usual drizzle.

See you soon!

FridaWrites said...

All three of you look great! Hope you are having a blast today.

Vanessa said...

Oh I'm so glad you guys are having fun and the outfits are awesome! I read this blog with a huge smile and am looking forward to tomorrow's account!

P.S. ROTFL @ "I blurted out, “My GOD, how long has it been since you washed?”"

Raccoon said...

It looks like Ito was cold, too.

Would there be a storm trooper at a furry con?

What, no pictures of the steam punk guy?

Dancing... in particular, waltzing... I miss it. It's something that can't be done, at least with any degree of ease, in a power chair. Speaking of, I hope you used Indy the rest of the time. That whole "save your strength" thing, don't you know.

Comic-Con, where they have the Eisner Awards? Where you're planning on being in 3 1/2 animal months? Yes, they get a lot of actors and actresses and science fiction and fantasy stuff going on. You know, I've heard of the tattooed autograph, but I've never seen one. I don't think you would get one, though; it involves needles...

Ninja versus Pirates! How cool! But everyone knows that Monkeys would beat both Ninjas and Pirates, hands down!

Raccoon said...

The singer for Dazzle Vision has a great voice. (I looked them up on YouTube.) And she's cute.

Here's hoping that you enjoyed the concert!

e said...

I have a huge smile on my face after reading this! I am so happy that you three are having such a wonderful time and you all look grand!

Lorna, Bob and Liam said...

I'm soooo jealous, it looks like everything you said it would be... fun, exotic, exciting, amazing... I'm so glad you are there and Liam, Bob and I will just have to live vicariously through your adventures.

Thanks for the update, you're so busy I can't imagine having the energy to post, and it's wonderful to see you all looking so fabulous and happy in the photos.

Can't WAIT to here about the rest upon your return... but make sure you DO rest before you tell us the rest, okay?

Love to you all!

Christianne said...

Your sartorial selections are beyond reproach! Glad to see the ribbons were of use and SO happy to hear you're having a great time!

Elizabeth McClung said...

I am at Cheryl's and trying to get home today. I had a photo issue as I forgot to load much of the programs for downloading pictures onto the laptop after the computer shop wiped it (due to blue screen issues) - so downloading the posting issues took 4 hours the first night and I just didn't have that much time the last two nights but at home I will definately be able to put up another batch of pictures, so later this evening.

Dawn, Lene: There were some not fun parts, but also some fun parts, lots of seizures and overheating, even though I was in Indy all the second day (I could not get Indy OUT of the van after Linda packed everything away the morning of Sunday) but definately an experience with two concerts, the best AMV con winners of the last 10 years, talking to several people there with disabilities, and how they integrated costumes and disabilities together, I did the Kimono workshop and wore my Kimono from Japan and a second signing as well as talking to various artists and met up with people I had only been able to write to before.

Baba Yaga: yes.

Neil: Thanks. The cross player wasn't as tall as 6 foot, but I think the 4 inch platform shoes made a difference.

deadrose: see you!

Fridawrites: Sore but definately with memories (or in my case, notes and photos). It was good.

Vanessa: Yes, I changed several times and there was only one outfit I did not cosplay the last day since I was moving so slow and had to change later when we went to Victoria Secret so decided to go 'normal' in skelanimal wear.

Raccoon: Ito was nice, but yes, cold, it was very cold. Stormtrooper? Probably - there were lots of furries, including children (since this is a family event), the last furry I saw way a gay very femme uke with furry go go boots, white furry long shorts, long tail and furry crop top holding 3-4 plushies and dashing hither and back about the lobby. I wanted to take a pictures but he was moving way, way to quickly.

Ah, is that a comic-con, I asked one of the vendors, Nene Thomas and they said they don't go as the event had 'maxed out' - so many people jammed into the vendors hall that it is hard to move. This year was high numbers (over 20,000), and lines for tables in the vendor area were 3-4 deep in most places.

Events, like watching AMV's gathered hundreds of people while concerts on the main stage had a couple thousand.

It turns out that it was not just a 'dance a thon' (I was hoping NOT a singing contest) but they were going to pull people out of the audience so we passed - heard that Cosplay chess was good though, because it was scripted and players who got 'taken' had the board cleared and they 'fought' it out between the two cosplay individuals. The two 'Kings' for the game were Jack Sparrow the Pirate for one side and The Dark Knight: batman for the other.

Elizabeth McClung said...

e: I am glad, I wanted to post as many pictures as possible so people can get a sense of the con.

Lorna, Bob and Liam: We thought of you, particularly when it turned out that Microsoft was beta testing a new platform at the Con. Plus things like Dance Dance Revolution were not just free, but if you were good you got to go up on the big screen, same with guitar hero, which was done with bands.

Christianne: The ribbons were very good, and thanks to help, I was able to be dressed my best. Linda looked great in her outfit, but after the first day ditched her NEW 4-5 inch heel boots, odd that, and stole my ballet shoes instead.

deadrose said...

It was great fun meeting everyone Sunday! I spent most of today flattened with pain and making up lost sleep, but I'm coming around now.

I need to go post my pictures up somewhere :D

Dating said...

Dance Dance Revolution were not just free