Monday, March 29, 2010

the 1, 2, 3, of Anime Hair and Cheryl has a tree day

Due to every day being “Mission Impossible” I am exploded, I mean exhausted. Yup, Mission Impossible with parts of me going all odd or bursting into flame: “You will self destruct in 4, 3, 2, 1…” I pass out. That’s what A.A.N. is, an idiot of an autoimmune system hitting my self destruct button several times a day. So, after doing another three impossible things yesterday, and a couple the day before, apparently, it turns out (shhhhhh! BIG SECRET COMING!) I am (whisper..) mortal. So yes, that means my head flops over like an omelet going bad and I have days where the 100,000 little muchkins eating my nerves (which really hurts, REALLY), gets me down...on the a small puddle of my saliva. So more pictures than words today! Back to anime hair day!

Yes, hair cut with oxygen, please do not smoke during this…or use my head as an ashtray (really that last one goes for anytime, not just haircuts).

Ta da, the new me! Or so the salon would like to have me believe. It is a well known salon secret that this is the LAST time you will ever see your hair that good. This is due to various spells, potions and magnetized ions that all hair salons have. Once exposed to the harsh reality called “Earth”, you can kiss this look goodbye (unless you are a model or are getting married, or like to use enough hairspray to lightly coat the inside of your lungs). Notice the eyebrows – not red!

Now I am waiting for ‘threading’, the most painful word outside of ‘bikini wax’ and ‘high heels mandatory’. I am practicing ‘cleavage’. Just in case I need to distract someone for a moment while I bop them over the head just like one of the little field mice (bad little rabbit fufu!).

This is ‘threading’ from India where basically you take two twines of strong wax string and counter twirl them at speeds so they sound like a band saw cutting logs in half. Then they approach your face and do just that (only the ‘logs’ are eyebrow hair being ripped out by the roots at several dozen per second). It is one of the few times when I am actually whispering, “Go Go Gadget: peripheral neuropathy!”

Here is the post salon look, BUT I have nicely shaped eyebrows. Odd that while my hair falls out in bunches my eyebrows are thriving. I put it down to the fact that it might have to do with blood flow and blood to the eyes is considered important (by me, and my body thankfully).

Okay, arrived at park, I have the purple and red feather earrings and with the wind whipping, I have ‘Mt Fuji’ brow (this is a Japanese insult to women who had foreheads larger than about two inches I think). See, and you thought manga was useless – but now I can insult other women using five different cultures though ‘If ya going to run wi da boyas then ya can’t drink the sherbert’ might not be useful not that I have left a very particular valley in Wales (“Ack, my head is like a zoo on fire!”).

Here is Cheryl bonding with nature and with one of the Parks’ large trees. It is a very popular tree and seems to thrive despite being climbed all over day in and day out for several generations.

Douglas fir grows to over 200 feet, and since we are in the older part of town there are still a few trees like that around. The one house I was in, a heritage one, had Douglas Fir beams under the floors which ran the length of the house (50 feet?) and were 16 inches by four inches. The thought of the cost of that under - flooring is sort of staggering (which is why Japan buys all the temple beams from B.C., but they just take the WHOLE tree back to Japan).

And thus ends my tour of ‘Beths’ Big Hair Day’ with Cheryl and I looking into the bright shining future of Sakura-Con. Where all manga, binsen, doujinshi, and other delights await (oh yeah, and the demonstrations, and fashion shows, and masque balls and cos-play balls).


FridaWrites said...

Love the anime hair--and those trees! Can't wait for reports from Sakura-con, though hoping you enjoy every minute you can there rather than blog from there.

Wendryn said...

Hair looks great, I love those earrings, and have a wonderful time at Sakura Con!

Dawn Allenbach said...

I really, really like that corset!

Baba Yaga said...

How a woman in your state of health looks so good, I never know. Con-ready for sure.

(My mother used to say, "on doit souffrir pour etre belle" - give or take a circumflex, anyway. The 'thread' treatment would seem to prove the point. YOW!)

And the photo of Cheryl in the tree is wonderful.

Raccoon said...

Okay, that was funny.

"Go, go peripheral neuropathy!"

Enjoy the Con!

Lene Andersen said...

You look awesome! Aside from the cut and insanely awesome eyebrows, I love that corset. The last photo with the low sun making all the red embroidery shine is gorgeous!

I used to get my brows threaded. Much more comfortable (relatively speaking) than waxing. Now I let 'em grow, freerange style.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Fridawrites: I am hoping to blog and enjoy time, having the power chair INDY there will help a great deal, I hope. Also wanting to meet some people there. Woot.

Wendryn: Thanks, I love the earrings too. We are getting packed up tomorrow - might take the kimono if they have a 'kimono putting on' class - that would be fun for pictures.

Dawn: Thanks, Linda says the last picture really makes it 'pop' - I love it too - the Christabel - I wanted two of them so I could wear it every day, but somehow Linda nixed that.

Baba Yaga: The secret is in the pores! I look good because I don't sweat, thus I never have oily skin, I never have anything but plump (from all the water I have to drink each day to wash away the poisons in the cells) and moisturized skin. We have found that my pictures before a 10K and AFTER a 10K when I am 10 seconds from passing out look EXACTLY THE SAME. It is creepy, now that I am taking more in liquid form, I am not the wasted figure of before, and I exercise with the 2 or 3 hours a week I have of outside time in order to improve circulation, and extend my life. It is by crushing, painful, dedication to being there every night for Linda I guess that keeps me looking good - this hair cut is the first in a year, and since I have baby-fine hair, they made it look nice! Thanks.

Yeah, your mother was right, and the irony is that they discredit that women can feel pain (see Lene for that reference on how women were excluded from FDA pain med tests till the 1980's based on us being 'too sensative') - this from women who PAY to have eyebrows waxed, threaded, bodies waxed, high heels, and it all - that is 'normal' to us - so what then is pain?

I agree, Cheryl and trees goes together, she is a living ad for the Parks Service!

Raccoon: Good, I was hoping for funny - did you like the cleavage, and the song?

I will be there with INDY, and photo whoring all the way!

Lene: Thanks, I told them, "Take them off" - some women look sexy with those brows thick, I wanted 'fragile' to go with the hair - so that's what I told them. Of course the giant arm muscles might discredit that, but hey, nice brows.

cheryl g said...

I love that tree! It is welcoming and sturdy.

Sakura-Con here we come!

cheryl g said...

(warbling)... Little bunny fufu running through the forest, picking up the field mice and bopping them on the head...

We used to sing that on long car trips until Dad would threaten us with being tied to the roof rack.

Linda McClung said...

Beth, I think you look hot in your corset and anime hair. And you got just the right thickness for your brows. Go, go neuropathy. Threading and waxing are the only times when I envy your neuropathy. Ouch! Now, though, I just avoid both those activities!

The big trees are the things I love the most about living on Vancouver Island. All the flowers and the occasional whale sightings are close seconds. It's hard to imagine that your grandparents probably scrambled on that tree Cheryl is sitting in when they were young people as well. I love how the bark is rubbed smooth from all the people who have climbed it. It is a rare occurance when there is no one in the tree. Great pictures of Cheryl.

Matthew Smith said...

It seems to be fairly common that healthy people are confused by an apparently plump and happy looking person into thinking that they are healthy, when in fact they could be in a lot of pain and very sick. I recently wrote to the administrators of an ME-related website and the response I got included:

I don't think that the majority of the public have any idea of the suffering that ME sufferers go through while in many cases looking 'normal'. My wife has suffered for some 30 years and after dragging herself out of bed & spending an hour or two making herself look presentable she receives comments of "your looking very well/much better today". She is used to it but it makes my blood boil.

I pointed him to a public entry on the mostly private blog of the late Lynn Gilderdale, AKA Jessie Oliver, who had very severe ME and spent most of her life bed-ridden (and paraplegic, unable to swallow or talk, and constantly nauseous and in severe pain). She was talking about the perception of weight as healthiness, and how people assume that someone with rosy cheeks and a full figure must be healthier than someone who looks frail. Her mother had tried to convince her that people really didn't think that way, but she wasn't convinced; she said she'd even had people saying "you look so well, considering ..." when she really was thin and frail and obviously ill.