Friday, February 12, 2010

Linda says, "No thong day this year", but let's hang anyway! Sakura-con (and stuff)

Beware: I have been maudlin. I have held my hand to my brow and sighed. I blame the Victorian Fiction I have read, yes books, full of all sorts of words.

Today, I decided that having spent my first two decades linking ‘dressing up’ with “Corsage” instead of ‘Corset’ IS the definition of a tragic life (don't worry, lots of starving and sleeping on floors but still, 'Corsage' a 'yes', but 'Corset' only a puzzled look - it torques the heart and makes me want to start a telethon!) These books make my brain buzz, mostly with, “You HAVE to get better Elizabeth and write more books!” So many good ideas with failed potential, alas. I don’t get outside, I am rather chained to my bed these days. Linda thinks we should try having me actually SEE the sun perhaps once a week or so. If the sun would co-operate.

I am awake. I changed the HTML on Screw Bronze, or tried (to make it easier to read with bigger pictures).

I am fever free. And have been for 36 hours. Yes, I wrote that fever free.

I sent out, er, about 100 postcards, um, recently so many people should get one soon. I was a little behind and now I am caught up….almost. But between that, and weeks of doing odd impressions of a fish out of water on the floor and lying in my bed doing the roller-coaster of a heart gone funky I am sort of mixed up on days/months stuff. I have electric heart autonomic failure so when I get fatigued the heart goes…..well, on the monitor there are beats and beats and then nothing and I look at Linda and she looks at me and we look at the monitor and wait to see if the heart will beat again before I pass out. That is the ‘clank, clank, clank’ of the roller-coaster car pulled up the slope. Then after a few beats it will just start beating about 4-10 beats a second, and if it goes on for more than a second or two Linda goes, “Whoa” and that is the big downhill. It makes you a little sick feeling and one arm turns purple. So I have been under watch and only getting computer access when I can.
Still, decided, I am not going to die, I am going to live and I am going to meet people at Sakura-Con.

The Pre-Registration for Sakura-Con closes on March 3rd, and through the sale of several items I plan to pay for registration of myself, Linda and Cheryl. Sakura-Con goes on in Downtown Seattle from April 2nd-4th and the pre-registration of $50 is for all three days. Or you can pay for a single day. Youth 12-6 are 50% off and those under age 6 are free. There are special planes which bring Japanese fans to the Convention. I know because we flew to Japan with many of Japanese from the Convention.

Sakura-Con, not only is one of the ‘Big Three’ Cons, but the first big Con of the season, so best time to get the goodies from the vendors who just travel from Con to Con. Plus the creators of Sakura-con are fans who decided to make the ultimate fan based experience. So there is everything from ‘Cosplay Chess’, to rooms full of computers and game stations linked to play games together, dance machines (all free – you paid for it with the entry free), it takes over every room of the Hilton and Hyatt Seattle and the displays of Japanese culture, martial arts, to hobbies, as well as films not available in the US, animation not released here yet, Masquerade Ball and 3 days of 24 hour programming. Seriously, one reason NOT to stay at the Hilton is to avoid watching an Anime Series through the night instead of sleeping, and then getting to the goth loli fashion show, before the judo display or go and see the ‘Best Cosplay Costume Costume?’ There are autograph sessions with the dozen guests, and multiple guest bands. Last year, I thought someone was Cosplaying the technical punk with the red surgical masks with a health X on it, and it turned out to be the band checking out the guest Japanese Band checking out the exhibitors hall. There is full accommodation regarding disability.

I was going to post this in the first weeks of Jan but something happened, I think it was an injury and then Linda’s job and the fever so not quite the 4 months I wanted. But still, about 50 days, and if you want to book a hotel at the Con Rates, you have until March 3rd to make a reservation (which requires no deposit). Linda, Cheryl and I will all be going (Linda did not go last year but wants to go this year). Linda is saving for ‘contingency’, what ever that is (I think it is a name for ‘rent’) and Cheryl, um, well Cheryl is my sister and good friend but has blown all her money on cocaine (no she didn’t! Say no to drugs, because one will be YOUR turn to ‘treat’). I can’t pay for the hotel room (we got a one room with fridge last year) or the gas, but I will be there. Even if Linda has already said that bikini day is OUT and, unlike last year there, will be NO thong day (did I post that picture on the web?). Bummer. But still if you want to drive up or down or over for one of the days, or come to the Con, let’s hang, okay?

Big problem, I have to come up with NEW outfits for this year. I have already been working out. Turns out that Cosplay girl from last year in the divine pink dress was Cos-playing from Black Butler when young male Lord must cross-dress at a ball to find a killer (and is seduced, ‘my little robin’). So the girls were looking fab, cross-dressing as a boy cross-dressed as a young noble lady (you get used to it, honest!). Oh, and there is a room where you have to get a ‘safety tag’ on any weapons you bring, and promise not to attack any mortal enemies of the person you are cosplaying. And this year, I WILL behave myself, honest.
The ‘Guests’ from last year ranged from Abe who did Serial Angel Lain (and did signings), to the guys from Penny Arcade, the organizers keep signing up guest appearances until the last week. So from three days hard core gaming to Otaku heaven, or just hang with the Girl’s Gotta Fly gang. I am not boring in person, honest.

Stuck in the bed, I have been watching Lost season um…. something. All I know is that I REALLY want to meet the guys the Dharma Project got to subtract building half the stuff. Seriously, how was that work order written up? All I know that if I watch an entire season of a TV show, and can’t remember to tell you what matters except that there was addictively bad writing, I am the one who LOST (time). I hate, HATE shows where there is a bad guy, and everyone KNOWS they are a bad guy, that they lie all the time, and nice people die, and they aren’t killed, and they get captured and lie again, and more nice people die, and they STILL don’t get killed. See, people like that don’t actually last in a ‘lost’ situation but in government or in big corporations where they can be weasels. The reason they don’t last in the wild is because I or someone like me gets off the plane.
In my life I have met some, what in Britain would be called ‘Hard Men’ and one “Hard” Woman. Hard men don’t say, “You shouldn’t have done that.” They look at the situation before and they say, “Don’t do that.” They tend not to talk a lot, and because they don’t have a lot of guns (Scotland is the highest per capita knife killing city in Europe) if you do it then they just throw you out the window. Particularly when you live on the ninth floor, and they don’t check out the window or watch, they throw, then just pour a drink and sit down.

People who pour gasoline or light fires and set things on fire and put them through your mail box, those aren’t ‘Hard Men’ – those are drunks, who used to go after gays after closing. Bigots who used to break into our car just to sit inside and smoke and smash things, just because we loved each other. But I am not a ‘Hard’ woman, except the part of me which is, which is why we tell workers not to wake me up in arms reach. I mean, when Cheryl talks about having to work to pry my hand off her throat and I am not even awake, how embarrassing! But still, it is a nice island and I think I could have a lot of fun going around and searching stuff out. And let the British SAS guy three rows back take care of stuff. My friend was in Guards (like the Marines), and they were charged with guarding planes against the SAS. They KNEW the SAS was coming, it was a two day exercise and they had every plane and spotlight positioned, and every guard detail so NO ONE could get on that airfield much less near the planes. After a day, they called, ‘Exercise Over’ – and every single plane had an explosive hidden in it somewhere, and no one had found one or seen the SAS, never saw them after either. They come, they do the job and they go. And they at least have an order, many ‘Hard Men’ don’t.

Okay, that just isn’t cheerful. I think that means my pain meds are wearing off. Time to go soon.

Today, Linda brought back the post of a couple weeks (the boat was being repainted), and I have post. I was in a little world where I slowly drowning. There are times when, trapped in a bubble of pain or fatigue, or so much going so wrong it is hard to believe that tomorrow matters, that the next minute matters. That’s why I explained to Linda that instead of gifts this week, I needed to send as many postcards as possible. Because I could send six gifts or send fifty, or seventy, or more postcards as gifts - I chose the little bit for more people. Drown no more. Because I know from each letter I get that even though I can’t see you, a family of people appear around me, a community as I read about the action of this person’s cat or that person at school: Thank you for every postcard, every letter, every post, every communication. I have been trying to think of how to be ‘kind’, how to be ‘fun’ and someone people would like to get to know. I have been trying to think of how to be a good friend. And consistency is part of that. If you haven’t heard from me, I would like to hear from you (try to remember, God used my brain for a hockey puck so I have some memory issues). Or we could make memories and pictures at Sakura-Con?


SharonMV said...

Dear Beth,
so glad that the fever is gone (for good I hope). I like hearing about Sakura-con, & your plans to go. Great that Linda will be going this year too.


wendryn said...

I like the new look!

I don't know yet about Sakura-Con or Seattle, but I'm still trying to figure it out. Depends on a lot of things, unfortunately, and I don't have control over all of them.

I'm really glad you are writing again.

You don't have to work on being kind or fun or interesting - you are yourself, and that's pretty amazing right there.

Dawn Allenbach said...

I'm glad you're getting to go to SakuraCon. I hope you all have a fabulous time! Just don't push yourselves TOO hard -- your readers would like yu back.

I've never gotten in to Lost. I kinda picture it as a grown-up's Gilligan's Island with never-ending bad guys.

Tom P. said...

My daughter and her friends are going to I-Con here in NY next month. They have decided to go as the characters from Sailor Moon so Beth is going as Sailor Jupiter. It should be a lot of fun.

Victor Kellar said...

Sakura Con, the west coast (which Collette has never seen), the GGFG (girls gotta fly gang) ... and a big con .. how tempting ... but alas bad time of the year for us. I had a lot of fun at the big Fan Con here last year, the first one I've attended in decades, going out Seattle way to see one would be fun ... well I'll wait for your pics and reports at any rate

Never saw Lost. Not too fond of these sequencial kind of shows where you must watch every episode .. even if I record them, I just don't have the time. The last one I really enjoyed was the two seasons or Rome from HBO. So when they announced they were doing Spartacus as a series I was all little boy giddy .. but it just sucks bilge water. All cheesy green screen and ridiculous cartoon style freeze frame, it's more "300" than Stanley Kubrick .. really, who made that call?

Aviatrix said...

What a great post. It's remarkable how you produce so many diverse, original, interesting posts when you go for such long stretches without opportunity to escape your bed and walls.

Elizabeth McClung said...

SharonMV: I had some lung problems, lots of aspiration, but the fever has not come back as yet, so taking it easy today - very easy. I will be updating about Sakura-con and maybe putting up a countdown clock. I am glad Linda decided she wasn't as anime-geek and Cheryl and I but still wanted to go - it will be a nice mini vacation at low cost I hope.

Wendryn: I am glad, the other one was too small for people who had wide and flat screen computers, I think, so I tried to do the same colours and such, and the same stuff down the side but wider and larger pictures (I would make them larger still if I could only figure out how!).

It would be really cool to see you but I get things out of control. My watch died this morning. I REALLY need something to look forward to and not obsess about jobs and such.

I am glad I am writing too. Being fever free and awake at least 11-13 hours a day helps!

Dawn: Yes, like last time, I will stay off site and go in for 4 hours or so a day, or twice a day if I can, but not likely, rather go all three days than burn out on day one. Also hope to get to more events this time - but also want to get Kutu-chan stuff and maybe some nice doujinshi, but first, sell more - get tickets!

Yeah, I had a fever and I thought it would work, but instead it just made me feel MORE fevered as everything seemed to slip into each other and nothing was ever resolved. How can going for water NOT get resolved? But on that show, it can take 5 episodes to go for water by the stream (actually, no one goes for water anymore, I guess they don't need to eat either?)

Tom-P: New York is a big con, the big east coast draw - I am glad Beth is going. I was thinking "Oh, is Sailor Jupiter the one that dresses like a guy and is in love with another Sailor scout: that might be a not so subtle hint. But she is the femme one in green - whew, glad to see Sailor Jupiter Cosplayed by someone OTHER than 40 year old men who don't shave their legs (come on guys - TRY!). I hope they have lots of fun.

Victor: It would be great if you came but Toronto is WAY far away. So I understand if you don't and will take many pictures. I think you would like all the martial arts demonstration - I am going to go to a tea ceremony this year I think, and maybe flower arranging too - some of the 'other' traditional arts. But the guest look is looking very high quality, already about 20 guests and a movie premier.

Lost is well, lost. It is all reduced to stereotypes and turns out to make reality in a fever worse instead of better. Ack! As for Spartacus, that would be great as it is the first multiethnic uprising and no one has really portrayed that aspect (or shown the multiethnic aspects of the Roman Empire - I mean the rosters from Hadrians wall show those from Judea, Northern Africa, Gaul, Italy, and so many other places). But yeah, sort of like after Matrix, there was 'bullet time' now it is 'swarthy men slow mo mode' - I will avoid on your anti-recommendation.

JaneB said...

I hope the fever stays GONE, and that you have fun planning for Sakura-con.

You ARE kind and fun and funny and interesting. Along with being honest and a great writer and yourself, which is more important.

And I look forward to seeing pictures from the Con - I have a much less interesting kind of Con-ference to go to that week, sadly, but I am still looking out for opportunities to get to your side of N. America!

Tom P. said...

Sailor Uranus is the masculine one. Only Beth and three of her friends are going so they are going as Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Jupiter. I'm not that familiar with the series but I think those were the first four. Beth used to be a member of the anime club at her school but it was mostly nerdy boys who wouldn't leave her alone. ;)

Tom P. said...

And I wanted to add one other thing about the "not so subtle hint". I would have absolutely no problem if Beth was gay. I love my daughter because she is my daughter and is a wonderful and loving person. I don't love her because she wants to marry a man. Beth knows that she doesn't have to give me hints, subtle or otherwise. Beth knows that I am always here for her and that I love her with all my heart. How does she know? Because I tell her every day.

e said...

I hope your fever stays gone(I am allowed to dream, right?) and that you plan and have a fabulous time at Sakura-Con. Still reading ZED and sending you a beautiful water card.

Vanessa said...

I'm just buzzing with excitement that the fever is leaving you alone! If I weren't so fluffy I'd do a backflip! ;D

Lene Andersen said...

Love the new look, the the (knock wood) non-fever and...

Just love seeing you write again.

Neil said...

Konnichiwa! So good to hear you're planning to go to Sakura Con.

I think I like the new look, though it was a hell of a shock when I opened it.

And I'm not sure if this is going to go through, because I'm trying a new browser.

Love and zen hugs,

Elizabeth McClung said...

Tom P: I wasn't trying to diss you as a father, it is just often coming out is rather scary because it isn't like you can go BACK in the closet so often teens will give 'clues' to try and get the parent to go, " you like girls/guys" (depending on gender of child). And going as Sailor Uranus would be one of those hints. BUT you have a SKARY knowledge of sailor moon for a male with kids, informing people on which sailor scout when I think Sailor Uranus only showed up in the fourth season is just - yep er, we will assume someone in your house likes Sailor moon but I wouldn't bring that up at the guys poker or bowling night. (Imaginging it: "Hey, have you ever noticed that when Luna transforms during the sailor scouts......." trails off to the wide eyed stares around the table as we hear the cricket chirp outside) - I am just ashamed because that is one of the classics I never saw, it was on my list but nope, I did Lum and Ranma, and Cowboy Bebop and Outlaw Star and missed Sailor Moon - though I had a friend who used to come to cards and talk about it actually - female though, it was a mixed table. I could hardly critize since I was watching Darkwing Duck and other afternoon cartoons in college as an excuse of 'getting bonded with my students I teach' - yeah, that one was a lie.

Tom P. said...

I messed up... five of them are going. The other one is going as Sailor Venus. ;-)

FridaWrites said...

Sakura-con sounds like fun--I can't wait to hear about it. I hope you are staying fever-free!

annette2 said...

It's great to hear that you are going to go to Sakura-Con. It sounds like you guys have so much fun together, and such a sense of humour - it's inspiring.
Thanks for all the blog posts. They have made me get off my butt and do more. I thought of you when we were planning Australia.

I am glad you have had some fever free days. At last


cheryl g said...

Is cocaine some kind of code word for renta, gas, groceries, Pocky or manga? I do not understand this cocaine you refer to...

Hooray for being fever free and here's hoping it continues. I like the new look and the bigger pictures.

Baba Yaga said...

Hooray for being fever free. The disappearing heartbeat sounds a tad unnerving, though.

The only way I could see a difficulty with you and being a good friend would be if anyone tried to stop you!

Girls cross-dressing as boys cross-dressing as girls? Shakespeare wouldn't have found that a bit confusing.

& hmm, something I have never understood: what is the big deal (generally, rather in cosplay, where clearly an attempt to be in character is rather required) about unshaven legs? Intellectually, I thought I understood it - all about eroticising neoteny (that thought could be better expressed) -, until I discovered that there are men going for the hairless look, too. I find it somewhat off-putting, but clearly I'm in a minority.

I can see that you've changed the html. First thought was, ooh, that does funny things to my eyes, but then I realised that, no, the new position has just made me notice the (trivial, unless I've a migraine, & then it might reasonably be observed that looking at a glowing screen while photosensitive is daft) extra effort to read it. I shall have forgotten all about it in a week or two.

Raccoon said...

I thought that "corsage" was a flower-type thing that women wore?

I'm not sure if you would like "Heroes." The main bad guy is Syler. Every time they catch him, he escapes or they are forced to let him go. Plus, he can't be killed...

I like the new format. It seems to make it easier to read.

No fever, yay! Sakura-Con, yay! Now, if you can have both of them in the same sentence, quadruple yay!

I hate to ask... How is the construction going across the street?

Victor, I thought the big thing about that show was seeing Xena in her birthday suit?

The thing about "Lost" is that the timelines are all screwed up. I mean, I think the first season lasted a week in "real" time.I think the same timeline was used in the next three or four seasons -- each season being a week long in "real" time. Which would make three episodes to get water make perfect sense.

It's good that you're feeling better.