Sunday, December 20, 2009

Lesbian vampire girls in corsets suck face, blood, hickeys and drinks

Ahh yes, it was uplifted breasts and desire. Like I said I can do an hour a week or so, and this week, it is corsets and getting dressed up, going out on the town and spreading my wings, literally. Of course, with a recent medical report of anemia I needed to get a transfusion. Who says that it has to be painful? First I put Linda in a thrall of desire. Then I went for the blood and the velvet covered boobies. Linda is doing her, “Nice but I hope you finish this before the drinks get here..” not quite going with the whole moment...yet.

You can see an elderly couple behind us. One can only wonder what they were thinking, luckily I overheard what they were saying (remember I had a fever, and not just blood fever, so I may be a wee off).

Guy: “What IS that girl doing to the other in public?”

Woman: “Oh don’t notice them, those are just a couple of lesbian vampires. Or is it one vampire and her lesbian lover, I can never get that straight.”

Guy: “(Huff) Well, I never, I thought this was a respectable establishment.”

Women: “Oh Bill, get with the Millenium, I mean you didn’t mind the apartment Edith and I kept on the side.”

Guy raising his chin and getting stiff: “Well that was different, I mean it was the war and all…..Oh my twisted druthers, what are they doing now.”

Woman: “Stop staring Bill, is it just a little blood sucking, I don’t see how that is much different than the transfusions I get on Wednesday. They are obviously having a nice night out, just get back to your appetizer and let them have some fun before returning to the coffin."

Earlier I had gotten dressed up including using MAKE UP (Yes, I went lipstick lesbian, want to make an issue of it? On the bed? The floor? How about the in the whirlpool?), giving me the hopefully ‘cherry cordial chocolate kiss’ (nice on the outside but better to lick to the center) look.

But by this time our drinks had arrived. We found this place near us which has rockin’ drinks, big margaritas. They have a Hawaiian margarita (Cheryl had it) which tastes likes the Big Island tastes, the heat giving wafts of sweet pineapple and mango, the sweet honey, and the blue of the tide pools. Yum.

I have to admit that the lust was upon me, lesbian vampire that I am. I mean, earlier I was here, this poster girl for Big Sisters, I mean you would let this nice woman with her necklace of Morticia on Ivory, and black wings take your tween and teen out to an nice uplifting nighttime playtime? We could go walking in cemeteries, or if they were old enough we could watch films like...The Hunger (with David Bowie). But later, overcome with blood and unnamed lusts I have transformed. Not exactly the poster child for Big Sister now.

Linda and I came here earlier, notice the different corset and lace shrug.
We then found about the monster drinks on the weekend and destiny was created. Yes, I happen to be one of those people who find certain drinks to be aphrodisiacs, in a major way. I finally won Linda over to the moment, probably by saying something wildly inappropriate. I have always wanted to do that whole arm sweep to clear the table top and then leaping atop Linda, YUM. What? That is supposed to be done at home? Oh. Well I guess that is why I see it in movies and not often in restaurants. But Linda was giving me a glow. Yes, sex IS in the mind, and the partner, and booze, lots o booze helps too, who needs feeling below the sternum, right?

I think it best we finish with a nice innocent picture. See, this is me just being nice and cute. I do want to point out that for women, with the stress of Xmas and hosting, that masturbation is known to help with migraines, insomnia and stress. So PLEASE do yourself a favor and masturbate this Xmas season. That ends the public service announcement.

The last boxing class was this week until the new year. I have been having problems where I gain weight even though I eat one meal a day and work out like crazy, burn, literally with fever, and have a heart rate which indicates I am jogging. It is driving me crazy. But the lab results from this week might show some of the problem which is that I progressed some more in my anemia, lower Hemocrit, Red Blood Cells as well Hemoglobin PLUS even though on synthroid it looks at least part of me is dead. My free T4, which is what is used to turn food in the blood into energy instead of just storing it as fat, is below the limits, making me functionally hypothyroidism, so we are increasing the synthroid and seeing a doctor.

Beyond drinking alcohol and giving Linda hickeys, we also did postcards. Linda, Cheryl and I got together and got some postcards matched, stickered, stamped and finished, more than I thought as 48 finished postcards have already been posted. So the 38 from last week was even more, though it exhausted us a bit (a lot).

We had some nice donations, like these postcards. And here are pictures of HELL, yes, that is the gateway to Hell, or perhaps some OTHER ancient and famous institution, I can’t remember, but either way that is pretty goth. Also many vampires in this place, except like zombies, they feed on brains.

Also, after I sold the manga on ebay I was able to get some of the pictures and postcards I had found in Hawaii (I got them in the Thanksgiving sale - free shipping!), that includes this picture of the woman doing ‘the dance of the turtle’ – whew, fan me down, I am having that heat issue again. Or as Linda says, “She looks very…uh…fit and LIMBER.” Oh yeah!

“Are you LIMBER?” I asked Linda since she takes all these fitness courses at work and can do these positions with odd names like ‘the plank’ or ‘the seal’ and I thought it time to have a home work out, as it were. Um, yes, postcards, keep the focus! So here is the arctic fox and the dance of the turtle. We also did themes of books and asia/Japan, sometimes we did they together. Without Linda and Cheryl there is no way I would be able to do all the matching, stamping and stickering I do; there wouldn’t be a postcard project. Yes, I do a lot, and I write each one, source, buy and organize postcards, stickers and the rest but also we get great gifts from around the world to the postcard project (I am not the postcard project, I am the horny vampire – so gifts to the postcard project are ones I sort and use but are separate to me). Right now the project is at about 3,480 or so (2000 for the year about).

I had ordered a month or so ago some new year cards from Japan, as during new year people send each other new year greetings in postcards. And the postcards are all stamped with numbers and then on New Year’s Day the TV station reads which numbers wins gifts, from toasters and cell phones, to Playstations, Rice Cookers, and Cars. So not only does it pay to send lots of postcards (and GET lots of postcards) because then someone among you and your friends will win a prize (this is after coming back from a shrine to put in money, clap two/three times and make a prayer, then write a wish on paper and tie it to the nearby tree - New Years Visit). I wish I could do the same (the prizes, feel free to write wishes and tie them to trees), but I am not a national government. But I was able to send out about 18-20 new year postcards, most for this year directly from Japan. However, because they are not ‘franked’ (stamped) by the Japanese Postal System, you can’t win a prize beyond the postcard. Sorry.

And that was my weekend. Cool, yeah?


rachelcreative said...

Yes a cool weekend indeed. Happy to see you sharing good times :)

Have you considered an energy suppliment like D-Ribose or Creatine and if it would help you if your body is struggling to convert food to energy? They're not the cheapest suppliments to buy but you can save some by buying from muscle / body building stores rather than health stores.

I guess with finances being tight already that's not the greatest suggestion I've ever made.

Hoping the synthoid adjustment will help.

Well done getting all that work done on postcards. I am sure your efforts will be appreciated.

yanub said...

Maybe if you switch to Armour thyroid derivative it will help? Or have you already been down that road? I can't remember.

You and your crazy vampirism. It's a wonder Linda had enough blood left to walk out of there on her own. And to think Cheryl just sat there taking pictures of the horror, the horror.

Good on you all.

I love that Japan stages a national raffle for New Years. What a fun idea!

JaneB said...

Definitely a cool weekend! I like the velvet corsets... couldn't you manage to get Cheryl into one for an evening, even by doing the little miss innocent waif pose in the last corset photo? Cheryl is clearly a strong minded woman...

And the postcards are always very much appreciated here, you know,

Neil said...

I like that shade of dark green that you're wearing. Ad I'm relieved that you can still enjoy an evening out with vampires and overhead conversations.

I hope the weight gain gets controlled. But if you look like a supermodel, isn't a LITTLE extra weight a good thing?

Public displays of affection are good for you, and if others can't put up with it, that's their problem. And if they go home in a romantic mood, even better!

Love and zen hugs,

wendryn said...

I'm really glad you had a good time! I like the postcards, too. :P

cheryl g said...

Lesbian vampire girls? Oh, the company I have fallen into! I am soooo lucky!!!!

You really looked lovely Sis and Linda looked nice too. I looked like me. Once I lose some weight again I will bring my corset over so we can all go out in our corseted best.

Those were some well made drinks and very big. I really liked mine because it did taste like Hawaii, all tropical goodness and sunshine. I like that place. I also saw they had many tasty martinis to offer.

Since your free T4 is still low even on synthroid then I believe that increasing the dose is necessary and will resolve some problems like the weight gain and fatigue. I also think less fatigue will also mean less fever. Hmmm… maybe Linda and I need to figure out where and how to hang a heavy bag in the apartment.

We did send out some very cool postcards this week. Stickering and stamping them is always lots of fun. I know I cherish every postcard I have gotten from you.

Lene Andersen said...

way cool!

Oooh... goth postcards! How very atmospheric. And those pics of vampire girl and her "victim"? Well. Pretty damn hot. Positively inspirational!

You look wonderful in them. And the boxing shot, as well. Incredibly powerful.

Victor Kellar said...

I thought of The Hunger just from reading the title of your blog. You mentioned David Bowie and cool as is, the Hunger is defintely Catherine Deneuve and Susan Sarandon ...


Yay for a night out. And blood sucking, or face sucking, or whatever

And yeh, who would trust you around a young girl, good heavens she may learn things like strength and independence and brains and (pardon the term) balls

Raccoon said...

Oh you must've been having fun!

And yes, limber. Limber is very pleasing to the eye. I like limber.

Shadowboxing. Have Linda hold a pillow for you to hit?

SharonMV said...

The Lesbian vampire wear is lovely. the hello kitty postcards are so cute. Thanks again for showing the stamp & sticker work on the backs of the postcards. Like the theme chosen. You & your postcard cohorts have done a good job.
Hope the thyroid med increase will help. It can be very tricky to get the optimal dose.

Thanks for letting me know you got the stickers. More will come after Christmas.



Aviva said...

So great to see you out and having fun!! The three of you looked lovely, and I like both the corsets (yours and Linda's in the various photos).

I can't think of the proper latin phrase, but you certainly know how to seize the day. :-)