Monday, December 07, 2009

Dax, my disabled plushie, and Best Buy USA Customer Service Hell

This here is my friend Dax, who I like because he is a ‘disability’ or ‘impaired’ Skelanimal. Actually he tried to dress up in a Halloween Costume as a Mummy, but Dax TRIES hard, but isn’t very good at doing stuff like that. I think he is cute and far better as a disability skelanimal (you can be dead and STILL impaired – now that is hope for me).

Well, I haven’t been sleeping well as it turns out doing a lot of extreme exercise really, really hurts, like, can’t move your arms hurts (seriously). So not getting sleep and not finding that I am generally better in health, but I am hotter, which indicates my muscles are being rebuilt, which I hope means when those are rebuilt I will be healthier.

I spent this weekend trying to a) stay conscious, b) take care of my body and c) doing really stupid things. I think that there is an idea that when things get palliative there is soft music and lots of smiles and not a bunch of people who are terrified in a room including the person in a lot of pain. People are scared, and scared to say they are scared. So imagine three people dumped in a room each full of fear that they won’t talk about. Which seem more likely, a) snapping, frustration, mis-communication and outbursts or b) soft music and lots of smiles. Well, I did choice A, and ended up ‘proving’ I could be a caregiver which was nice in thought but damn stupid in action as it left me unable to move around, or move at all since Sunday. But I have been thinking a lot. Mostly about masturbation and fantasies (in an academic sense of course!). I feel I am screwing up the time I have, and don’t know if it has been extended or not, Linda feels scared and has said she feels she is messing up. So, no mystery butler to do the caregiving or the little stuff while we watch cheerful movies like, um, Beaches or Philadelphia or Thelma and Louise.

The time, oxygen and frustration of this week has been Best Buy inc. Which it turns out, was not! After an entire week the result is that six different agencies from Geek Squad, to the policies, to home office, to Canadian office, to the Victoria store have all been talked to by me. It was arranged that I would get someone to take in the laptop. computer I paid $200 to have servicing done on when bought, and get a new battery, etc. Except Victoria, after doing nothing with the computer for a day, ignored the list of problems, ran a software check, wanted to install a software package and….charge us $200. Hooray for Best Buy in this weeks award on taking advantage of people with disabilities. That and the statement that I ‘needed’ to ‘walk the computer in to the store’ in Seattle. I told them that many doctors would love to see that. And people who watch DVD’s for pain control in hospital beds don’t tend to ‘walk in’ computers. Oh, they were VERY understanding, and something WOULD be done. Well, a week later, the Victoria store has tried to pass it on to Seattle (though Seattle refuses to take it), Canada Best Buy refuses to fix it, they have decided the best thing is I pay them all the money they ask for, and then they will decide if they want to give some back. And I haven’t had my laptop for five days.

I just called them. Waited 20 minutes for a supervisor before…..they hung up on me. Wow. See they do believe in customer service – the customer services them with money……and that’s it. Sometimes, in the way they talk, I forget that I am NOT asking for a favor, a giant favor but actually PAID them over $200 to fix my computer in advance, and they haven’t.

Good thing I don’t have a job as between trying to stay on oxygen, having a wind storm, power outages, and calling them multiple times a day, I would need to have this AS my full time job. Oh, looks like they hung up because it was 5:00 and the day for them was over. Haha. Seriously, it is stuff like this that makes one think that companies WANT to go out of business. Oh well, maybe the ADA lawyer can be contacted by phone (isn’t it great being a US citizen!).


wendryn said...

Sounds like a very frustrating computer experience! I hope the dimwits eventually get it straight.

I like Dax. :)

I've never known palliative care to work well with the soft music and movies. It's not realistic. It's all anyone shows in movies and such, at least for the most part, but it is bulls***. It's a hard thing to deal with and communicate about and work through. I'm wishing the best for you and good communication.

*hugs* - nothing much I can do, but I'm here.

Neil said...

Oh, my stars and garters, you HAVE been having a lovely time with Best Buy! Or not.

Never mind the local stores; go to the top. The Canadian head office is at (and here I quote from their website):
"Best Buy Canada Ltd.
Consumer Relations Dept.
8800 Glenlyon Parkway
Burnaby, British Columbia
V5J 5K3

"Alternatively, you may call us at
Tel: 1-866-BEST BUY (1-866-2378-289)."

And for extra help, there's the media, which they WANT to hear from:

"Media Inquiries
We want to take advantage of media opportunities and often encourage media to cover Best Buy events. More information and contact details are in our News Centre."

Take time to console yourself by hugging Dax, that poor, courageous, disabled bear. Is he eligible for assistance from the SPCA? Maybe you can take him boxing and cheer him up. He is pretty cute, for a guy.

And speaking of cheering up, THANK YOU from my Beloved for the card you sent. Her cancer news on Friay was all good - the tumor was completely removed. There will be chemotherapy, but we're both much relieved by her progress.

Then this mysterious postcard showed up today, addressed to my dear wife. The stamps, the images, the thought that went into it are all MOST appreciated. And the front of the card is pretty awesome card, too. You're a very wonderful lady to go to all that work for her, m'dear Beth. Thanks again.

Love and zen hugs,

Olivia said...

Dax is adorable! Sorry you're having such a hard time getting your computer fixed. They need some perspective - how would they feel not knowing just how much time they had left to USE the damn computer? Not that that is even relevant - you have paid for a service they don't seem to want to provide.

Of course the three of you are scared, and there is no guidebook or right way to cope. You each can only do the best you can to take care of yourself and each other.

JaneB said...

Computers are great until there are problems, then they are just totally exhausting, even for tab people. The companies seem to specialise in 'resistance is futile' type strategies of customer service...

Wishing you good communication and enjoyable music for when there are awkward silences...

Kate J said...

Is your Dax named after the Star Trek character, I wonder? (One of my fave characters...)
As for the computer people... they took on more than they bargained for in messing around with EFM! I say, you should follow Neil's advice, go to the top, and hint perhaps, that you're also sending the info to some consumer rights champion (a Canadian equivalent of BBC You & Yours or the Guardian trading standards guy...) Often works!
Good luck with it
Love & peace

FridaWrites said...

Do you have the equivalent of the Better Business Bureau in Canada? When I reported Allegro Medical to BBB, I quickly got my problem solved, even though they had countless cases against them (like hundreds). It was faster than I thought--within the week.

Love the skelanimal!

I don't think there's a "right" way to do palliative care--for most people, it's the first time they've done it as a caregiver, and unless there's some miraculous situation, most people only go through it once. It's not something we get practice for or instruction for.

cheryl g said...

I think Dax is adorable and I really like the idea of him being a disabled skelanimal. Hmm, I must really like him since I am ruining my butch street cred using words like adorable and cute. But, he IS adorable and cute and huggable!

Yeah right, soft music and lots of smiles… Well, there are smiles but there’s also fear and pain and anger at the universe because it isn’t fair and you don’t deserve this. I don’t think we can get to soft music and lots of smiles but I hope that if we keep trying we can get to better communication. Right now I am also scared and feel like I am messing up.

Grrrrrr to Best Buys and the Geek Squad! I hope you can get some resolution form them.

Lene Andersen said...

best Buy. Good Lord...

And yes, a) (snapping, etc) would be my choice, as well. Sucks, but there it is.

I think it's up to you to use the time you have in the way you want and if that means doing the usual stuff, then you go out doing the usual stuff - it doesn't mean you're screwing up. On the other hand, if you and Linda think time is short, maybe drop everything like a hot potato and just do what the two of you want. Of course, if you end up living much longer - you've already lived over a year longer than you thought you would, so I wouldn't put it past you - then dropping everything could result in more work.

I'm such a big help, aren't I?

Love Dax. Impaired plushie. Awesome!

Stephanie said...

I've always avoided Best Buy, because something that *calls* itself "Best" Buy has *got* to be trouble. :( Sorry you have to deal with it.

annette2 said...

On a gossipy note did you see the story about the man who married an anime character?