Saturday, November 28, 2009

How ebay goes, and how Linda goes, fevers and stuck in bed.

Well, fever again, and again, and turns out black Friday is not the best time to do an ebay sale (So far, have been paid $3.99 from the 20 items of yesterday – of which only half sold – ouch!). I still have yaoi and most of my manga sets of romance, adventure, action and comedy to go (everything from teen, older teen like Tsubasa, from author of fruit baskets, 400+ pages and complete in 3 volumes to full adult romance like the way urban cities separate us in The Grey Forest), starting tonight and then going throughout the entire day tomorrow. If you want to see the manga on sale it is HERE (click on ‘here’).

Right now it just feels like one of those days that won’t end. I was out getting secret presents today, but having problems breathing the last few days. Staying conscious is a vital role is shopping. Linda has added a cordless phone to the WISH LIST because ours died and in the last two week, I have not been physically able to get out of bed (due to inability to move, transfer, etc) to let in the workers 6 our of 8 times and it is stirring up trouble. Ironically, one thing the workers are tasked to DO is help me from my bed to the computer. But since the management won’t do a lock box for workers, I have to buzz them in and right now we don’t have a phone that can reach. As for manga, I find I read less because I don't breath. Passing out has really helped my budget.

I went to craft faire, going to one next week to get brandied cherries. Must get brandied cherries. I did some of the postcard matching last night. The rest after my nap. Onward, onward, onward (Oh God, I AM fatigued).


Kate J said...

ot sure what "black Friday" is, must be something we don't have over here, but I'd have thought this was just the time of year to be e-baying yummy stuff, as most of us are desperately trying to find affordable prezzies for our nearest and dearest. Not that I'm in the market for manga... but if I were, then I'd buy yours!
Hope you have better luck with them later.
Love & peace

wendryn said...

"Passing out has really helped my budget" - oy! Do take care of yourself first! I hope you get a phone soon!

JaneB said...

Good to hear from you - brandied cherries are important, but you are MORE important, my dear.

FridaWrites said...

Black Friday is a big shopping day with lots of big bargains, Kate--and it's dangerous for wheelies (I don't go).

We went to a fair this weekend. I haven't seen brandied cherries before.

Lene Andersen said...

I'm planning to get one or two of your manga, but am paralyzed by indecision - any suggestions? Anything with vampires left?

"Passing out has really helped my budget". You're damn funny, even when talking of something bad. Hope the passing out subsides a bit.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Bloody kiss has vampires, um, if you like vampires, I should send you something like Red Angel - that is an amazing series. Um, Lunar Legend was vampire, Vampire D was vampire but they went yesterday. If you like supernatural - Because I'm a goddess is quite good, funny but gets serious towards the end and brings a lot of western mythos into a complete 3 volume series without noticing. Nightmares for sale is sorta supernatural. Eternal Sabbath is about two children grown in pods who can do what vampires can, read minds, change perceptions, they are the 'next wave' only one is not so nice, so a female scientist unites with the one genetic amplified one to try and stop the 'not so nice' one - not vampire, vampire - again, if you like that Bloody Kiss is best best or Lunar Legend, OH!!! I forgot, Blood+ is about a girl who is the only person who can kill a certain type of vampire and who is supported by her own guardian vampire (who plays the cello - of course!). They go to Russia to seek out Rasputian but in disguse as court musicians. That is Blood+ Adagio (just search item number 230401954382) - complete in 2 volumes. That would be good, I loved it.

Cereus Sphinx said...

Get some rest!

Stay in bed and relax! You have a fever to get over so don't worry about doing stuff for a while. Relax.

And I'm sorry you're stuff isn't selling better. I know I missed the deadlines for some of it, but I'll try for some others.

Hope you get better.