Thursday, October 01, 2009

Packing for Hawaii, bikini's, vibrators and strawberries, plus a reader game: the name game!

The last few days have been rather hectic with the packing. We are preparing to take off, to transform into our relaxed selves. Yeah. Right. That's is what packing does....relax you. NOT! Last night it was ‘what corsets do I take’ along with trying on different tops, skirts, and jungle/mountain top wear. This looks about right for the jungle maiden right? Because I am not taking a sword or spear! Also, should I take my wings, or pick up a pair of white wings special just for this trip? Since I have a nice white dress to wear (originally I was going to put blood on it, it is very bridal, very fu-fu!). Will this impress the people of Hawaii, will I become a legend in later guidebooks? Do I spend too much time picking out my wardrobe? Or even more fantasizing how it will look? YES. (But I did get picked up two days ago, and got a marriage proposal this week - from a dude, and he was LEGAL age too! And I don't think he gets a senior discount yet.)

Cheryl has told me that she is going to Hawaii now to FIND POCKY! Not just any pocky but a very specific flavor she has heard exists in Hawaii called The Brazilian. Cheryl loves her pocky. I am tempted, in a younger sister kind of feeling, to tell her I know where it is and direct her to a beauty shop where leg and other waxing occurs. Then, as the GOOD younger sister I am, tell Cheryl to tell them that she wants The Brazilian and can she have it right now! That’s something a younger sister would do, right? Something which might get me bopped but would be SOOOOOOO worth it!

As for me, I am practicing my phrase, “I don’t know how that happened?”, “I didn’t see the warning?”, “Was there a sign, I didn’t see it?” These are all very useful when you are planning to maximize your good time by ignoring every warning and trying to play the crip card to gain access before pushing every button in sight. Like here, I don’t know where the water came from, “I don’t know how that happened”. So getting ready for Hawaii.

I am burning a new mix, a Hawaii mix including some Within Temptation, which I will make a nice movie of when I get back. That way Linda and I can listen while on the plane. Um, Cheryl has an IPOD which holds like a billion songs, she can fend for herself. I have only 130 songs on my MP3 player!

I am also, have already created labels for postcards once we FIND postcards to post. And assuming we find a postal box in the jungle regions to post them in. But I live in hope, we may even pack a few stamps and a color or two for the evenings. You never know. But yes, three pages of addresses (see, no week without!).

What frustrates me is that I do not have a bikini! I want a bikini, all the anime characters have a bikini, why do I have an old one piece from years ago? Okay, maybe I am a bit long in the body but that would be perfect for…a bikini! I live in hope that we can, in our time in Seattle drop by Victoria Secret and see if they have a Bikini for me, and while we are there, we can of course just see what type of bra and panty sets are available, get all three of us in a room – come on, we are lesbians on vacation! I just realized, this is like some hetero male fantasy. Back to the important stuff: ME - Actually, I would be okay if I got a NEW and cool one piece like this one (I do have the kitty ears for the beach!). And the words on the swimsuit are ME, “Only forward” – that is not just a person ideology, but a demand from ME to my BOOBS! C cup here we come!

Hawaii is all about beaches, beaches and breasts. We have lotion, we have sandals, we have brushes for getting sand out of odd places. I was going through what Linda had packed throwing out vibrators, throwing in vibrators, holding harnesses up to the light with my head cocked to the side (hmmm, is she thinking for me or her?). I was putting in more vibrators. “We need more batteries, many, many more batteries.” I told Linda, “Just in case….for the…um…..MP3 player.” See, I am a total innocent. Linda is the horny one.
The last part of this post is a game I have wanted to play for a long time, which is the “Name Game” which is fun to play in the UK with pubs, and fun to play in the US with diners. So this name game is open to eateries and pubs of all kinds. What are the three strangest named places you have eaten, or just a strange restaurant where you have eaten? For example, before it became popular I ate at a restaurant in the mountains of Malibu, in a windmill, with no electricity where the food, vegan, was made while priests chanted over it. It was called Inn of the Seventh Ray! It was, due to only having one little candle hard to tell if you got your order or not, was this the ‘eggplant of plenty’ or the ‘tomato and squash unification’? In the UK I drank at the Heath, and some places with long Welsh names which escape my spelling now. Also the Slug and Lettuce and the Sprocket. Over here, the place we used to go on road trips in the US was, no kidding, a Diner chain called, Little Black Sambo’s. Now, no longer in business. Odd that (maybe the openly racist menu had some part in that). Then I went regularly to Don Quixote, which had a Don Quixote in armor at the front. The Diner here in town is Pluto’s (the planet, ex-planet, not the Dog of Disney fame). They have malt shakes!

See, this is the restaurant which I run with Linda (and Cheryl), here is me feeding Linda her favorite food, Strawberries! Yum. Maybe that will be the name of the Diner, ‘Yum’, or 'Yum: where flirting and groping by your servers with each other is likely'.

So there you have it. Please tell me the names, and the stories: whether it is some fancy restaurant with a name which translates to ‘Best snails and bull testicles here!’ or some local diner that is called Mom’s but actually you can only order IF you bring a mother. I want to know! Because I am already a little crazy from all the packing (like you may not have noticed) and need something light to cheer us all up. So please, what are some odd named places you have eaten? What is your diner story? And yes, I too learned at a fancy restaurant that those things which LOOK like onion rings but are chewy, are NOT onion rings but octopus related I think.


yanub said...

Beth, buy your bikini on the beach. You'll enjoy finding one in a tourist store, and it will be a souvenir for good measure. Also, buy batteries in Hawaii. No need to waste suitcase space on batteries.

How exciting that you are actually going! I'm looking forward to your reports on getting there, being there, and coming back. So, no dying or you won't be able to report.

wendryn said...

A fun post! :) Yes, packing can make a person crazy.

One of my favorite places to eat in Oakland was called Zzas - the name was taken from a broken sign that used to say Pizzas. They had butcher paper tablecloths and everyone got crayons, and the food was very, very good.

Our current place we like to eat (which we only go to once a year or so because it is extremely expensive) is a little French bistro in Reno. The food is amazing, and they do dinners with wine pairings that made me understand the point of wine pairings.

OK, off to sleep. Hope you have a great time!

cheryl g said...

Ha! Your little plan will never work. I know what a Brazilian is and I won’t fall for that scheme. The pocky is Brazilian pudding. Yes, I love pocky!

So there’s a possible trip to Victoria’s secret… you know Victoria really doesn’t have too many secrets anymore. A bikini for you would be pretty cool. I am glad Linda is also packing for Beth and Linda playtime.

I must eat at really boring places. They all have names like Deacon’s, Stockfeeder’s, CafĂ© Lindo Michuacan, Cowgirls. Good food but boring names. Wait, I almost forgot Pizza Orgasmica, fantastic pizza and great microbrews.

Raccoon said...

I have some questions.

First, in the first picture, what is the reason behind the big sleeves?

Second, how long did you look for a picture of a girl with pocky?

I like the girls with the cat ears and the black bodices & skirts.

In my teen years, I used to eat at a diner called "Alice's Restaurant." It had absolutely nothing to do with Arlo Guthrie's.

Wendryn, Oakland California? If so, where?

Have fun in Island Country!

SharonMV said...

I hope you have time & energy to go to Victoria's Secret. I remember the racist diner. We had one in Santa Cruz where I grew up.

Good luck for the trip down to the airport & the plane. The flight will be short compared to going to Japan. It's very exciting that you're going to Hawaii.


Elizabeth McClung said...

Actually I got a doujinshi a few months ago called 'the cat girl cafe' where 60 artists had the limits of drawing catgirl in cafes, so I thought then I should do something like that, this is a small selection of the work. As for the pocky, anytime I see pocky show up with a "This is MINE" expression, it goes in a special folder marked Cheryl, just like when I get an anime girl who doesn't want to get out of bed it goes in one marked Linda.

I think the long sleeves are part of a dance uniform, much like the geisha's have fan and umbrella dances (the one I have is for an umbrella dance).

That's interesting, a resturant which requires wine pairings. I like Zzas, it reminds me of In and Out (a very famous burger place which isn't as biological as it sounds).

Stockfeeders? Stockfeeders? Let's eat there!

One Sick Mother said...

I like Pocky too. who knew the range was so wide?

Hmmm... restaurants. Well I lived in London and in New York City, so there was plenty of opportunity to eat (drink) at places with interesting names.

British pubs often have unlikely-sounding names like the "Lamb and Flag" or the "Rat and Parrot". I remember eating with my Da in a place in Shrewsbury called "The Dun Cow" which dates waaaay back to 1085 and has operated pretty continuously as a public house ever since. (mad, eh?)

Dublin, my hometown can only sport the Brazen Head, which "only" dates back to 1198, and is very cool, with the old courtyard and everything.

There was a restaurant in NYC -a trendy Thai place. I cannot remember the name in Thai, but the translation was "eat rice", and it was printed on the t-shirts the staff wore. I paid an extortionate amount of money for one of those shirts, as my lastname at that time was Rice. I once wore that shirt to work in a fancy Wall St client's office when I had to go in on the weekend. (there were more than a few raised eyebrows LOL).

Like Cheryl's "ZZas", there is the Ear Inn in NYC, which got it's name from a broken neon sign which had originally read "Bar".

..and one of my fave's in NYC was "Les San Culottes" -also in NYC which means "without (ladies) underwear"

I'm sure there are more, but I have not had coffee yet, so that is the best I can do for now.

Enjoy you trip to Hawaii, all of you, and please come back.


wendryn said...

Raccoon - I grew up right down the street from Dimond Park, and I went to Oakland Tech for high school. What's your association with Oakland?

cheryl g said...

OK we can eat at Stockfeeders when we go to Wyoming some day. With a name like that where else would it be...

Victor Kellar said...

You're packing.. I'm getting so excited for you

There's a place in town here called Crabby Joe's.. and they don't serve crab so I assume joe is rather truculent

When I lived in northern Maniboba, there was this tiny little, summer only fish fry place where locals would bring their own catch sometimes and it was called You Catch It, We Cook It

Cereus Sphinx said...

"And yes, I too learned at a fancy restaurant that those things which LOOK like onion rings but are chewy, are NOT onion rings but octopus related I think."

You mean the pieces of Squid a.k.a. "calamari"?
Those I find to be yummy, but I think it's an aquired taste. I know it freaked out my grandparents when they found out what it was made of.

The first time I ate them, though, was after a whole class of us dissected squid, we cleaned up the edible part and had a chef cook up a big batch for all of us.

Linda McClung said...

I remember one family vacation we stopped for lunch somewhere enroute to the Grand Canyon. The family restaurant was called the Purple Cow and it had a purple cow statue in front that you could climb on.

I am amused by many British pub names. But why someone would call their pub the Slug and Lettuce is beyond me. I for one, would never chance ordering a salad there for fear of what toppings might adorn the salad!

Nancy said...

I used to catch the bus in England outside a pub called the Boot and Shoe--I always wondered if that was what they actually served on the menu!

Kate J said...

The trouble with British pub names is that while many of the old ones were weird and wonderful, there was a generally a reason behind them, but these days, corporate chains have opened new pubs with deliberately quirky names - the "Slug & Lettuce" chain being one such. Rather devalues the old names.
When I was younger I lived in an industrial area, where there were shipyards, and one pub there was called "The Hydraulic Crane". Served a canny pint, too.
I asked my partner and he came up with a pub in Brighton called "The Dog Tray". Don't ask me what it means!
These days, of course, old names are subverted by new signs... the "King's Head" with a pic of Elvis and the "Queen's Head" with one of Freddie Mercury. Just outside Brighton, and it was there while Mercury was still alive. Like it!
Enjoy Hawaii!
Love & peace...

Raccoon said...

Wendryn, I live in the Bay Area. The Korean store on Telegraph and 23rd/24th has nine or 10 different flavors of Pocky... The thing I find interesting about the store is that they have seven or eight flavors of soju, but almost 30 flavors of sake.

The Girl said...

I used to go to a restaurant in bristol that we called "the view". It was not actually called that but we renamed it on account of the waitresses who worked there! We didn't know its real name and. I still don't. Does that count?

Lene Andersen said...

My brain's too fogged over to remember weird places I've eaten (that sounds like I ate the restaurants, not in the restaurants, hence proving my fogged statement), but...


Neil said...

Strange restaurant names: how about The Trapper's Kettle in Belfield, North Dakota? They have the walls lined with old traps, rifles, over 50 trophy animal heads, and a jackelope or two. The food was good when my Beloved and I were there in 1988; it was served, though, on small cast iron frying pans. And the soup came in little iron cauldrons. Since I been been bicycling for several hours, the food went down before I could taste it.

As for English restaurant names, there was the Elephant and Castle in Regina for a long time, and the Crown and Hand was a pseudo-English pub. My Beloved wants to run a pub at a Society for Creative Anachronism event and call it the Snogging Badgers. The logo will, of course, be two badgers with tongues intertwined in a celtic knot...

Yes, my wife is special!

Love and zen hugs,

Veralidaine said...

I agree with Yanub--buy a bikini on the beach! Hawaii will have a much larger selection than Seattle at this time of year, and you can check out the cute girls in coconut bras at the tourist stores... Well, I haven't been to Hawaii, but I certainly would imagine there must be cute girls in coconut bras at the tourist stores.

I hope you have an amazing time in Hawaii. I know coming back from a vacation and returning to normal life is hard, so I've been collecting some little gifts to send a care package that should be waiting for you when you get back from Hawaii, to make it a little easier. Plus, you have to survive the trip if you want to see what I got you, NYAHHH! So there. (I'm your cousin, I get to be bratty like that).

Thanks for the latest postcard--it arrived as they always do at exactly the right time. I had a really nasty surprise waiting for me when I got home that I won't go into here but made me scared and angry, but I checked my mailbox and there was a postcard from you and that really helped me calm down. I liked the recent picture of many postcards laid out together. I think I will take a picture like that of my own collection of postcards, so you can see what good taste you've had in sending me, um, well, an enormous quantity of hot yaoi!

Stephanie said...

I REALLY love the "I don't know how that happened!" picture. :D It looks so innocent... except not.

Yeah, I don't have any good restaurant stories. I haven't lived.

wendryn said...

Raccoon - well, there is a sake factory in Berkeley - that probably helps!

Maybe I'll stop in and say hi the next time we're down. :)

FridaWrites said...

I like the Park Cafe near Glacier National Park--not just pies, but great dinners, hummus made from peanut butter since they can't get tahini:

I like Rosie's Diner in Colorado for the kids.

Let's see--there's also the High Note, a cafe with a jazz theme. There are two competing Napoli's resturants with first-generation families, the first family upset that the other used it's family's name ("napoli" means "restaurant" in Italian).

Our area specializes in fancy restaurants with bizarre names, but I haven't eaten at many of them. Apparently the Hare Krishna temple is the best place to get good and cheap Indian food, but I'm too afraid someone would try to convert me.

Small restaurants rock, though for some reason people seem to prefer chains.

Dawn Allenbach said...

Hi! I'm still around (if buried under piles of fish data), and I'm woefully behind on reading journals. I hope you're having lots of (safe) fun in Hawaii.

As for unusually named places, mine is not a restaurant or diner. A couple of weeks before Katrina, my friend and I discovered a little shop in the Quarter called "Antiques and Chocolate" (in French). They sold the most delcious Belgian chocolates there. Alas, it did not survive the storm.

Dawn Allenbach said...

Neil -- I think your beloved is AWESOME! That's the best idea for a pub I've ever heard!