Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hawaii Adventure Day 6: the Kapoho Tide Pools, the different angle preview

The underwater camera’s Linda brought with her have been developed (she has also done a blog on part I of II of the wild flowers seen on the trip at Girl's Gotta Fly or click here - I recommend clicking on the white/purple orchid to see it in all the fresh rain dew glory).

What I see below makes me want to head back, get a snorkel or a raft with a window and another couple cameras. Those little yellow fish look completely different when the reflection of water, no matter how clear, is out of the way. These fish are less than a pinkie long.
And that is NOTHING compared to the beauty that a splotch of purple is, when seen as living coral.
In this last picture there is are two of a fish not on the other pictures (the white one with a gold/brown upper tail - any ideas? I recommend clicking on picture to see fish clearly, also the brown coral in background).
and tomorrow I hope to upload another 10 pictures (if the TWO giant cranes, and 15 men working outside my window less than 30 feet away allow me less than a full body headache). I just wanted to share this with you. There is definitely going to be a screen saver in one of these underwater ones. If anyone else wants a larger picture of any of the pictures from Hawaii emailed to them, like the 1.2 meg version, just let me know at mpshiel at More tomorrow!


Lene Andersen said...

gorgeous! I can't swim, but I still want to see that in person!

Neil said...

Good photos, Beth. These were from disposable underwater cameras?

Thank you for taking us on holiday with you again, and sharing so much of your life with us.

Love and zen hugs,

wendryn said...

I like underwater pictures! Very nice!

Diane J Standiford said...

Wow. Does your chair float? LOL You guys should make some postcards, oh right, nevermind. (Sorry, I'm feeling silly today for some reason.)

cheryl g said...

Cool pictures! I look forward to seeing the rest! Now I can try to ID some more of the fish...

JaneB said...

Lovely! Corals are really amazing... I hope the pictures are helping nyou remember something of the trip, and that the cranes Go Away quickly! whole body headache sounds less than fun...

Elizabeth McClung said...

Lene: Yes, I can't really but there is a raft to float on and I chose these pool as you can sit down in the water and then use your hands to move you from place to place, choose the deeper ends or the shallow depending on your mobility. I want to see it again.

Neil: Yes, deposables which we got developed at Walmart, they put it on disc. I am happy to share the trip. Tomorrow is the Akaka Fall and Keo the Weaver along with the town of Honono. The thing is I did about three times what I blogged about - all these scuba diving was after the plantations, before the 'wild things' drive, the lava trees, then I think shopping and a nap before the three hours+ to see the lava at night. Rest, what is this 'Rest' people talk of?

Diane: that is a good idea though, there are places which will turn your pictures into postcards, and I will see if I can pick the best from this trip to have them do that. Also that means more pictures for Linda's frame at work.

Cheryl: I was hoping you or Dawn or one of your colleagues might know these fish - though it seems many of the things we saw were rather rare, whether plant or animal (except the mongoose!).

Jane B: No, they woke me after 7:00 today, noise for seven hours a day, I try to hide in the bathroom and read or watch some DVD's if I have them, I am trying to order for the future now. I do the pictures at night then write up and do editing during the first few hours of the day while I hear the noise pounding the building and shaking it - after a few hours, I am mush and then I post and try to survive.

I am really glad the pictures are good, I am really glad Linda got the Camera's and we all used them.

cheryl g said...

The tide pools were a truly amazing place to explore. It made getting lava rash totally worth it.

In the first picture we have a Convict Tang in the lower left corner and a Sergeant Major in the upper right corner. The next picture really shows the beauty of that purple coral and there’s another Convict fish hanging around.

Clicking on the pictures to see them enlarged is really amazing.

In your post from yesterday you show a fish in the third picture from the bottom. I think it is a Red Bullethead Parrot fish. Next time I will have a fish guide with me I think.