Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hawaii Adventure Day 6: the Kapoho Tide Pools, underwater views

Again, if anyone wants any of the Hawaii pictures in larger format, just email me and I will send them along. Here are the rest of the pictures that Linda and Cheryl took with the underwater cameras showing, even in this EXTREME lava desolation, how quickly the eight different types of coral found here adapting and so many different type of fish can show up.
Here is a shot of four fish, three different types, from a top view down.
The difficulty of shooting blind (can you imagine if we had snorkels?), is you never know what you might end up shooting in the camera. Here you can see we have captured a rare glimpse not just of our usual fish but the Cameraus Obsessiveus in a crouch (top right) waiting to find it’s prey.

Just in a few inches we see the diversity of four fish (notice the grey one escaping through the lava rocks at the top) in such a small space.

This picture gives us a fish eye view, literally, of three different coral, the potential hiding places, and the ‘deeps’ (about 4 feet deep, not much for humans but a very different view if you are only 3 inches long though). Note the orange fish right at the middle bottom. They do blend in.

Here are four different types of coral in one shot, grown in just a few decades in the slight shelter of a southern tip, warmed to 70-80 degrees due to lava. In another twenty years the diversity will be twice that what it is now, and with a full parking lot (of 8-10 cars) and a dozen people sunning themselves, I think it will be given that chance.

In the end, this is the fish’s world, we just have a chance to see it, thanks to the underwater camera, though their eyes. It is beautiful but also a little alien. Yet definitely worth going to see (and back to see?).


wendryn said...

I used to SCUBA dive, and it was amazingly beautiful. I have to say, though, that your pictures are really gorgeous!

I'm so glad you had fun!

A. J. Luxton said...

Those pictures are beautiful and breathtaking. I used to visit tidepools in Pacific Grove, CA, when I went to see my relatives there.

FridaWrites said...

So much lava! I love the photos of the coral--I always wanted to play Jacques Cousteau. Definitely a good place to go back to. I'm so glad you all went and were able to see so much.

Neil said...

Okay, sweetie, you asked yesterday, "What is rest?"

Rest: something people do when they are tired. Rest involves being arranged in a horizontal position, with nothing being held in the hands or arms (exception: another resting person, or a stuffed animal* may be held), and eyes closed, slowed breathing, and may be characterized by dreaming or dreamless sleep.

Rest does NOT include activities such as racing 10km races, badminton, basketball, boxing, mountain climbing, or scuba diving. Not even when seated in a wheelchair.

Ah, rereading your reply from yesterday, I can assure you that what you call a nap is the beginning state of rest. Napping for eight hours would be very good.

*"Stuffed animal:" 1. a plush toy animal, often a bear or rabbit, held by resting people to help calm them; 2. a Very Bad term not to be used in reference to one's amorous spouse after a large meal.

Sorry for the definitions; I've run out of oohs and aahs, and I'm at beautiful-scenery overload. Not that I mind seeing it, but I can only say "omigod that's gorgeous" so many times before it gets old. Especially when others have already said it for me, in more eloquent words.

If the lava was hard on your shoes, what about your swim suits and the buttocks within them? Wouldn't they be at risk, too?

Lve and zen hugs,

Marla said...

I am glad to see you are doing well and even going to Hawaii. Wow! I was just saying the other day that I would love to go there. After a long blogging break I am back. It feels right to be back now. Looking forward to catching up with you.

yanub said...

I'm connected again! Hello, Beth!

Thanks for posting these great pictures. Go back? Of course, you must!

Victor Kellar said...

Well, a belated welcome back (I've been crazy with work) but I have been reading and enjoying the pictures.

Love the tide pool pictures. Many years ago Collette and I went to Belize and snorkeled on the second largest barrier reef in the world. Our regret to this day is that we have no underwater images of the reef or the wildlife but these helped bring back some of those memories

cheryl g said...

OK, I look at that first picture and just wonder how I managed to walk out there. Crossing lava flows is not easy. Not easy but definitely worth it!

In the second picture the coral is so cool. I am not sure what type of fish that is. It’s one I can’t positively ID. I do know that the 2 fish in the next picture with black stripes and golden orange coloring are called Threadfin Butterfly fish. They are very pretty. The bluish gray fish with the reddish orange mark is called a Saddle Wrasse. I think the fish in the lower left corner is a Surgeon fish.

Wow does the water in that fourth picture look blue. That fish is called a Convict Tang. I can’t come up with an id for the fish in the next picture but what lovely colors! I do know the fish in the last picture is a Sergeant Major. I really like the purple coral.

When we go back I want to spend more time looking at the fish and I will do a better job with the sun screen too.

JaneB said...

Lovely colours, but ow that lava looks like hard walking...

e said...

These pics are awesome, Beth! I am so happy for all of you that things turned out so beautifully...Take care and more stamps will be sent shortly.

Dawn Allenbach said...

Ooooooh, I wanna go, I wanna go, I wanna go!