Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Girl's gotta fly: Terry Fox 2009 10K Success! But serious health problems arise.

I finished the 10K and Linda and Cheryl finished the 5K. Thanks to Laura again for the bright shirts we were able to find each other. Here are Cheryl and Linda, as Cheryl finishes her 5K. With Cheryl's ankle, leg, pelvis and back injuries, she was slower but steady and won the race. She dreamed it, and she did it.

I chose to do the 10K because....well, I might not ever be able to do a 10K again. Besides, my shoulder was REALLY hurting and by the time the 4K mark came, I couldn’t feel anything at all, or rather the back, forearm and other pain made the joint pain in the shoulder disappear. So at 5K you can either stop or do another lap for the 10 km. Guess which I picked.

Linda came out to support and jogged with me as I did the uphill to the finish, it was a long but steady uphill. One guy must have thought it was a bike or a Fred Flinstone device as he said to me going by, "You should try just using your arms on this stretch!" Uh, yeah, unlike the rest of the 10K, when I used my levitation device?

Here I am flying. The end is in sight and the sun has come out. Elizabeth does her 10K.
That part was good, the endorphins were good but the rest of the story...not so good. I passed the finish line, then after half exiting my wheelchair, I passed out. I was laid out in and out of consciousness then had a partial seizure followed by a grand mal seizure. I went home and did 26 postcards because I knew I would be useless the next day. And 26 postcards and 3 notes went out. And yes, I am insane and Linda and Cheryl are enablers.

During and just after the race I was able to sweat, something I had not done in 2009. I sweated not just from my groin but also from my armpits (3 of the 5 central nodes). Also, the injuries from badminton started to heal and discarded white blood cells and plasma. That is the good news. The bad news is that ever since then, after extended periods of sleep, the most I am able to be conscious and functional is three hours. Yesterday I was paralyzed, and unable to speak, or form words at all, my head unable to move. I was able to form words after an hour but was functionally paralyzed until Linda came home at 5:30 to put me to bed. I was dizzy the entire time.

Today, the same occurred, dizzy but functional. Fluctuations in blood pressure despite medication, and now erratic heart beats despite medication. Even sitting completely still, I cannot function in eye coordinating, often only one eye can see. The yellow and the red side of my body have switched and we don’t know why. Also I have to be on oxygen almost continuously. After one day, I expected something and was ready to pay the price. Now I am getting concerned. I am also in constant pain.

Also, due to I think paying for the repairs of the wheelchair cycle, we or I have no food, so I have not eaten breakfast or lunch today, a soup yesterday, perhaps some soup tonight. I don’t know if we will have food until payday. But right now I am more concerned with why can I not return to the state before the 10K where I was weak but stable – now I am STRONG, but I fall over, I can’t see, and I feel nausea constantly. Plus I am generating heat and not sweating anymore. I am really sick and worried that if this continues I will have to try the hospital for help, or at least to stabilize my body as I continue to pee more than I drink every day, Sunday, Monday, and today.

Um, I think I meant to just say, I am really really sick and if you don’t hear from me, I am trying to get better. If you did get an email it is because I thought I was better during that hour or two after getting up when I seemed okay, before this slammed my body. Even lying still in bed doesn’t slow the progression of dizzy, respiration problems, nausea, weak, paralysis, confusion and neuro blindness. I am writing this after having a nap, feeling what is already coming on.

Based on the last several hours. The decision was made 45 minutes ago that badminton is a no go for this week. Very disappointing for me, but without being able to control my condition as it is, adding the stress of badminton is a no go. My body is in too fragile a state right now to add stress and possibility of further injury.

I do hope to return to normal. Because hey, I have Hawaii and a 5K a month after that. What, a girl’s gotta fly right?


Anonymous said...

After looking at the picture of your bruises I have to say that it looks like you circulation is just fine. Maybe you should stop blowing smoke up everyones ass. You say you "suffer" and then you do a 10K, sorry but I don't care how determinded someone is if you are as sick as you describe you are then it's funny how you don't need any oxygen by the end of the race.....I think people see through you, but just feel sorry for you. But I am getting tired of being lied to. Sorry.

Lene Andersen said...

I am just bursting with pride that you, Linda and Cheryl did this! All three of you are my personal heroes.

Does it help if I say that everytime you do a run, you pay for it for 3-4 days? Of course, you're paying more now and I can't see you, so obviously don't know what I'm talking about, but... everytime you've done a run, you've gotten really fucked up for days. Maybe by gaining strength, things will simmer down a little in a day or two? Hey, a girl can hope.

p.s. Anonymous? If you're getting tired of being "lied to," why keep reading? It's as easy as not clicking on this website and should you accidentally do so anyway, don't let your eyes move across the words.

Kate J said...

Beth, having seen your pictures from the Terry Fox, I will say you are awesome. And having met you today, for real, face to face for the first time, I'll say again: Beth, YOU ARE AWESOME.
And wasn't it fun with the squirrels?
Cyberspace goes live.
Love & peace

One Sick Mother said...


While I love to watch you fly, and I am swamped in pride and awe at your achievement; I can't help wonder if your strategy of of jumping-starting your circulatory system with bouts of intense exercise is the best approach?

I am not trying to lecture. I say this out of love:

They say it is a bad idea to jump-start a Harley too much (not sure why. It's a tidbit I picked up from a bozo I used to work with), and I can't help wonder if the same basic principal applies here: if by jump-starting your system like this, you are shocking yourself too much?

You were never one for restraint. I get that. But instead of badminton and the 10k would you not consider some wheelchair equivilent of a treadmill?

You know, the safer, old-lady approach?

I would worry a lot less if you did.


Anonymous said...

Right on anon. all about money and martyrdom at the expense of others who refuse to really look. it's an affront to truly disabled, the sham going on here. I'll believe a word of it when she stops accepting gifts and money.

FridaWrites said...

Congratulations on your great finish. I never thought of sweating as something to be grateful for, but now I am--I hope that this returns as you recover. A break from badminton for a bit sounds like a good plan--races take a lot of endurance and some recovery time.

The holographic postcards for the kids are terrific!

Anonymous: yawn.

Kate J said...

Dear anon... wherever and whoever you are.
I have met Beth, and she is so totally for real. If you haven't, and you think that allows you to say all these misinformed and hurtful things to someone who is, to put it bluntly, dying, you are just a sick individual.
I have made small donations to Beth's fund, because she is my friend. She has been my friend for 2 years, on line, and today I met her for the first time. What kind of sick mind gets its kicks out of abusing someone who is terminally ill? Yes, you, anon, I'm talking about you. So... got peddle your stuff somewhere else, OK?

Dear Beth, thanks for sharing just some of these abusive people's comments so we can all share a bit of the hurt they must cause you.
Love and peace

bsmith said...

the anon's tell the truth about this fake blog. People who are truely disabled can't do things normal people can, like a 10K, and particularly not if they are sick. Most people can't just up and run a 10K, so how and why would a couple pictures of a perfectly healthy person and her liar cronies make me believe? Or care about her?

She is probably just some publicity stunt or some emotionally damaged person who just wants their 15 minutes of fame it is pathetic. She says she is sick but all we see is her out and about places. And yet we are supposed to feel sorry for her and believe she is ill...because she tells us. Right.

cheryl g said...

Anonymous 1 & 2 and bsmith

You are free to go away and never read again. You pass judgement on someone you have never met whose condition you do not know. Of course the disabled aren't able to run or do athletics. The paralympics are a big myth and Terry Fox was just a faker, right?

It is pretty obvious you have made up your minds as to what you believe the truth is. Please stop attacking my family. Please stop making my sister feel bad because I CHOOSE to use my money to do things for her. I see her every week and I know what her condition is. How I spend my time and my money is my business so you can quit worrying about it.

FridaWrites said...

These anonymous comments are just ignorance. Many illnesses are variable from day to day and many of us can push ourselves very hard to the point of dropping for a while but will pay later. I can clean the house for five hours sometimes, though I may be bedridden for two weeks after.

Linda McClung said...

Part 1 -
For those of you who are worried that we have no food in the house for days, rest easy. Unlike other times, there is food – I just hadn’t had the time to prepare it. It’s easy to understand why Beth thought the cupboards were bare. Beth asked what was for lunch today and I didn’t have a ‘meal’ for her as all the food in the fridge was stuff she couldn’t eat – corn on the cob, raw carrots. And often there’s a frozen meal the home care workers heat, but today we didn’t have a home care worker or a frozen meal. They also make her a milkshake with lots of fruit and she couldn’t have that today either. There are times just before payday however when meals are usually whatever leftovers I have in the fridge and stuff I have in the freezer. Tonight I finally had the time to make Mexican shephard’s pie so Beth will have meals again. And I bought sandwich fixings too.

I’m glad we were all able to complete the Terry Fox run. You are Terry have something in common – you want to make a difference in the world and despite all the odds, you do things others think are impossible, through sheer determination. I saw a lot of that determination at the race on Sunday – but you haven’t shown those pictures here on the blog.

I longed to help you up some of those hills, but completing the race was your fight and assistance would have taken the joy out of the victory. Half of the course was uphillI and when I was with you for the last kilometre, I could see your exhaustion. Sometimes you’d only make one revolution before having to rest. You’d put your thumbs in the spokes so you wouldn’t roll backwards and slump over in the seat. I’d think, this is it, she’ll never get back up again. But less than a minute later, you were ready to do a couple more revolutions. Slowly, very slowly, you made it up the last hill. The readers just see you flying here – when you had the luxury to coast for a few metres before the finish line.

Linda McClung said...

Part 2 -
Once you crossed the line, you collapsed and I steered you to the grass and tipped the chair back so you could fall out of it and rest on your back. I was just in time as soon after you started seizing. Cheryl and I put cold packs and oxygen on you. (I can’t believe that in all the rush of getting to the starting line in time, that I forgot to put the oxygen on you BEFORE the race started! Sorry.) Passers by stopped to ask if they should get medical help. We declined and after a couple of minutes you were coming round again. You were running on endorphins for the next few hours and then crashed. I’m writing it as I know you don’t remember – and that much of what you wrote about after the race in your blog is what witnesses told you. The fact that you persevere to meet the goal and then don’t remember the journey saddens me.

It makes me angry that anonymous people can look at a couple of pictures and scan a few blog entries and think they know you. THEY DON’T. If they wheeled a mile in your chair and lived your life for a day or was your caregiver for 24 hours (which I for one would never trust them to do) only then would they begin to have the right to comment on the authenticity of your health.

To both anonymous commentors… stop reading the account of someone you are prejudiced towards, stop criticizing and tearing down and instead follow Terry Fox’s example and do something good in the world!! Respect others, encourage not discourage, donate to a registered charity, or adopt a cat. You chose, but do replace your negativity with something positive. You’ll be a much happier person for it.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Lene: I am really happy that Linda and Cheryl did this, and I know for both of them, like Linda and her iron discipline when she did the 5K, it really is a sort of Terry Fox event where the race is one where the limits or boundaries to push are ones you fight in yourself. I came closer to quitting on this one than any other, thankfully you can see the finish banner about 1 km away (or rather, sadly you can see the finish banner about 1 km away as I was like, "huff, puff, huff, when the, puff, huff, heck am I, puff, going to, huff, puff, GET there?").

I didn't know it punked me for 3-4 days, thanks for telling me. I asked Linda and she said it is totally true. Gee, since I can't remember that I should write it down.

Yeah, I am going to take it really easy for a few days and hopefully things will be better then.

KateJ: It was fun and interesting - I feel so embarressed that our squirrels suddenly start falling and flying out of the trees while we were leaving (did you see the one come up on my toes). It was very interesting talking to you, and learning about textiles and the Haida. I will definately look for that print for you. In fact, now I will try to find you some interesting postcards too (I wanted a silk kimono in Kanazawa as they do the old style of silk where they wash the silk in the river to 'set' the colour until the nice woman in the shop finally got me to understand the difference in price between the cotton yukata and the silk kimono by adding a few zero's to the amount).

Kate, I really enjoyed meeting you, I just wish we had more time. And I really am sorry about being a bit late getting back, I hope the ferry went okay. I will admit, I didn't want to use the oxy around you because I was a bit vain (the whole, 'I can pretend I am not sick..for a while' thing), which I paid for later (just woke up!). But Linda did it too (she was hurting in her legs and arms but hid it!). Thanks again for meeting, it was great to see you.

One Sick Mother: I was glad to finish, and glad to share the photos. As to the jump start method you may have a point, I have always used it before because I was athletic and used the 'grit through the pain' to go to the next level. So is the same technique for someone who is already very fit and healthy a good one for someone who is NOT? I think I am just doing the method I know because that is what I know how to do, instead of the best method.

They do have treadmills down at the Y and I wonder if I could try to use the manual wheelchair on them (is that what you are thinking?). I don't think there is an adapted treadmill in Victoria. But I am trying to find someone in physio so I can give the TENS machine a try for pain and I could/should ask their advise on how to proceed, now that I have some circulatory success. I really want to keep the badminton though.

Frida: Thanks. Yes, me too, I never though I would go around telling everyone with a smile, "Hey I sweat out of my groin again! And my pits!" - maybe I should say I 'glow'?

I do hope that as long as I keep a maintaining level that I will continue to have the levels of circulation to help make bruises and heal the cuts or rips of the skin which were not healing at all before.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Anon 1 (Two and three - aka bsmith can wait outside the principals office until called): I am to apologize for not posting more pictures of really white looking skin saying, "And here is another picture of where I should have been bruised but wasn't"? hee hee. Seriously, why not ask the people who work with me every day or week and can tell you of the cuts or injuries that remained unhealed, some from May 2008.

I really don't care - yeah, it hurts, it sucks, but I did it with the plan of living longer. If I live longer, then I win, and have time to spend with my friends here online. And if I am wrong, do you think my last breath is going to be, "Oh, (wheeze) this will (gasp)show that Anon." SLUMP OVER LIKE A FILM.

one rule of parliment, is that in a polite society, amoung equals, one does not EVER, call another a liar. It is some sort of vulgar aspect that now, from the shadows, any pointing finger and discrediting remark is considered proper. The freedom of speech is both a right and a responsibility. You are abusing the right, and leaving others to clean up the responsibility that is yours. If you have morals, take some ownership - you created words and crafted them - were they intended to help? To hurt? Both? Why? And who does it help? Anyone? Your ego? I know you are sorry, but sometimes it is better to let others decide your moral worth by your actions rather than amend the state of it to your statements (just a helpful hint).

Seriously, request a postcard, sounds like you need a little spontanous joy in your life! Hey we all need a little spontanous joy in our lives. We all gotta fly, right?

Elizabeth McClung said...

Linda: We have food? But last time you said we only had $6? And you said the wheelchair repair was 'medium' and on Sunday I asked for more of the bell pepper which was the dinner and you said no seconds on anything, then a little soup monday and nothing tuesday. Doesn't that mean no food? We have food? Is it the food from your parents?

It doesn't matter since I don't get hungry but you get hungry. I hope you have food. It is good to have food.

yanub said...

Like Lene and OSM, I'd like to see you approach exercise with some more caution and care. But I don't think that exercise or health is really your primary incentive for doing runs or pushing yourself in other ways. You were pushing yourself long before you became disabled, so I don't expect you to change now. But maybe, maybe, a daily easy-to-do fitness routine could something you could do? Would do?

Also, I think this is a good time for me to take a moment to publicly thank you for the gifts you give me. You were generous to me long before I ever gave you anything, and you continue to be generous. And, heck, what I give you is mostly postcards which maybe you give to other people, or maybe they aren't really any good at all but you always thank me anyways.

yanub said...

Linda and Cheryl, thanks for filling in more of the story of Beth's Terry Fox Run. I know it is Beth's blog, and you don't want to be tramping on her territory, but when you all do things together, it is interesting to hear from all of you. And, Linda, thanks for explaining about the food. Not just because it relieves anyone of worry, but because it shows the side of Beth's illness that she can't show when she blogs, and can only tell about. This is like the animal calender. Beth, I hope you don't mind. When I know things like this about you, it makes it easier to communicate with you and be a better friend.

Kate J--I am envious of you! Beth and squirrels! That's like the the ultimate EFM bonding experience!

Kathz said...

Dear Beth,

Many congratulations on the 10k - you are amazing but I'm sorry you've also had such a rotten time. I'm glad that you and KateJ managed to meet.

Presumably the Anonymous posters and BSmith think they are ever so clever but all they are doing is exposing their own ignorance and callousness. Just for the record, I've received far more from Beth than I've ever given.

Veralidaine said...

Congratulations, Beth, on finishing the Terry Fox 10K again. I know this race is especially important to you because of what it stands for. You pay for each race a little more than the last one, but I know forward momentum is the only way for you to stay alive, so even as I cringe at hearing how much your hurt I can also cheer for you because you're doing everything you can to keep moving forward and sustaining your life.

Linda and Cheryl, congrats on the 5k! It is an accomplishment in and of itself that all three of you got to go out and be athletes together on the same day. You both must be sore and tired also, but with a great feeling of success.

Anons, leave my cousin alone. She has little enough energy without wasting it on trolls. I am one of the most suspicious people you'll ever meet, having been burned by fraudsters online before, and I trust Beth completely. She is everything she says she is, except when she says that she's not human or a monster. And even then, it's true that she feels she's those things at the time she says it.

Oh, and Beth, you look like you've gained back a bit of muscle in your arms compared to earlier this year! Your chest has definitely expanded, but I think you're also replacing some of the muscle that had wasted away in your arms and shoulders. You don't look as frail as you did in pictures from this Spring. I know a lot of that is probably an illusion thanks to synthoid and estrogen, but I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that you're actually gaining weight and muscle.

SharonMV said...

dear beth,
hope you are starting to feel a little better. I am so proud of you for doing the race.
You always give much more than you receive. the gifts & postcards you send to your friends (like me!) and the postcard project bring happiness to many. you give of yourself with your blog & sharing your story with us. Sharing the time & effort to craft your words with such power & beauty.

Bring back manners & courtesy, hold back hatred.


wendryn said...

I am so proud of you! I'm really impressed that you managed it! You are definitely awesome - I agree with Kate J. :)

Sorry to hear the aftermath was bad, but I suppose it was to be expected, at least to some extent.

I would also like to add my voice to thank you for everything. You've sent some really cool presents and a lot of postcards. I value your friendship and support more than you can know, and I really enjoy having you in my life.

To the anons and bsmith - y'all are trolls. I don't usually respond because I don't like feeding trolls, but you should really stop. You are being rude to my friend, who has to work harder to stay alive than you have probably ever had to work for anything. Ever heard of MS? You can be blind one day and not the next. Many illnesses have good days and bad days, and Elizabeth pushes hard even on bad days. You don't get to decide whether or not someone is as sick as they say they are based on wandering through here briefly. Shove off, dimwits.

Gaina said...

((Congratulations)) I was having a moment of Channelling 'EFM' the other day and I've decided to go to the gym - we get student discounts at a really nice local one where I can get one-to-one sessions with a trainer who can give me the right regime. They should have a stand at the 'Freshers Fayre' on Campus next week so I'm going to get some details. I can count the number of people who inspire me on one hand, but you are definitely on there.

Sorry you have to deal with comments from narrow minded weaklings who wouldn't last a second in your shoes. Oh well, picking on a disabled person from the safety of their computers and not having the balls to give a name tells you exactly how 'brave' and 'clever' they are. They'll be due back in junior high soon so pay them no heed.

Like Frida says - *yawn*

One Sick Mother said...


I don't know if a treadmill would be doable or safe, but I'm sure they have rollers or ...something.

And good point Yanub,

I have received more from Elizabeth than I have ever given her: Postcards, and gifts for me and my children.


Anonymous said...

recognize someone in this picture

Victor Kellar said...

Gee, miss a couple of blogs and look what happens: You do the race, Cheryl does the race, Linda maked food magically dispear then reappear, jealous people try to pretend that have the ability to analyze a situation after barely grazing the surface .. yes, Beth accepts gifts. Um, that's what one does with gifts, it's rude not to accept them. Oh .. and she gives gifts as well, firstly, the gift of hundreds of postcards (and the the time it takes to do them, the biggest gift you can share with somebody) sent all over the word, but my wife and I have been the recipiants of some beautiful, touching, heartfelt gifts .. unsolicited .. from Beth. Getting and giving .. funny way to run a scam

Anyway Beth, congratulations and take care

Abi said...

Sorry to have to break it to you so bluntly, Elizabeth, but this scam in which you give more than you receive doesn't quite benefit you in the way a scam should benefit the scammer. The idea of scams is to get more out of the other person than you put in. It's a fairly elementary mistake to make, really.

Alas, I don't think that we can call what you are doing a scam under the circumstances. We are just going to have to accept that sometimes you are very kind and generous towards people.

Well done for completing the 10K. You are crazy, it has to be said (well, it doesn't have to be said, but I said it anyway. Sometimes I am poor at leaving things unsaid), but that joyful look on your face as you approached the finish pleases me a lot. :-D

Raccoon said...

I think I'm going to ignore Anonymous.

Are you keeping hydrated? That could be a reason for the nausea.

But you ran/cycled. You finished. And, you are NDY.

And those are all good things.

Raccoon said...

Yes, the picture has you right in the middle of the crowd. Did anyone trip over you?

Devi said...

Big congrats on the race to you, and to Linda and Cheryl too!

As for the Anonymice - I prefer to believe the people that actually *know* Elizabeth, thank you very much.

Neil said...

Oh, my dear, wonderful Internet niece, that is such a gorgeous photo of you! Yeah, so it shows you flying for a few seconds after huffing, puffing, grunting, pushing and SWEATING (YES!!!) for 9.7 km. That shot is exactly the same as the media shows of Lance Armstrong after a Tour de France stage, or a Formula 1 winner. So I'll suck it up and put it on my desktop for now.

Love and zen hugs

Dave Hingsburger said...

As a fellow blogger and a regular reader of Screw Bronze, I'd like to address the anonymous comments. Just because we write blogs does not mean that we should be open to harsh personal attacks or accusations. I have been left breathless by some of the things that people have felt free to say to me - always under the cloak of anonymity. I get the fact that some of the things we write about as we try to describe our lives may sound odd or even contradictatory. If so, why accuse? Why not simply say, 'Explain to me how this works?' I find Elizabeth's ability to answer questions exceptional, she is a borne educator. If you truly want to know how 'disability' or 'illness' can coexist with 'accomplishment' - ask. If you truly want to know about any subject raised in a blog - ask. I do not comment here regularly but I come here often. Elizabeth and I have agreed on some things and disagreed on others, but we always did it face to face. Peel back the mask, reveal yourself and ask questions or begin a conversation ... you may find yourself discovering something you need to find.

Anna said...


I hope that you have bounced back after your race. And, I really don't think you should worry about food and money. Linda has probably got that all figured out:)

and remember:) have something nice to drink

take care

Elizabeth McClung said...

Thank you for the congrats everyone on my finishing. I was happy and somewhat surprised since I went on in the fashion of, "Well, once I start, I guess I HAVE to finish."

The temptation to respond was on I have into and much like crabgrass it has only created a increase and growth. This isn't a forum (feel free to create one), this is a personal blog where I share more aspects of my life than most in hopes they are of use.

I moderate comments in order to a) eliminate the posting of spam and b) not put up the word verifying box which I find difficult to pass and I feel discriminates against those with dyslexia and other conditions. Ease of access is the issue.

Most comments by anons and others are not now being published because they attack the people who read her, the people who comment here, my friends, my partner, my family and myself have all had specific and in many cases multiple attacks made in the last 24 hours. The constant stream of these has made an announcement of one of the positive things in my life (the Terry Fox 10K and participation with Linda and Cheryl) into one of the negative things

I am not sure under what theological believe or other belief system one desires to impart the greatest amount of misery to the greatest amount of people (maybe the followers of some of the Lovecraft cults?). In which case I believe people are attacking in what is known as the "The best of motives, the worst of crimes."

In attacking me, you of course, attack Linda and Cheryl, who spend the most time with me, my other caregivers, people I speak to regularly on the phone, those who have visited, people I have had extensive correspondance, - the circle widens so the attacks of 'thief, liar, complicit accomplice' spread and spread. And honestly the whole thing makes me quite ill in a spiritual sense.

Thankfully Abi's humor that as a scammer, I must have gotten my equations wrong as I am crap at it has make me smile again.

I feel bad that one or two or more people feel so upset, and feel such self worth issue that they have set themselves up as the disability police or the Elizabeth police or are just really unhappy people. Maybe they need more than a postcard, maybe they need blackberry jam?

But I ask, beg in fact, that we go back to celebrating what is good in life; to care about others, to take joy in giving AND recieving the variety of ways in which love are manifested, from emails to letters, to gifts, to holding someone's hand, whether electronic or in reality. Think on what is good. Soon enough what is Elizabeth McClung will be dust, but so also will all of us, so let us return to the things which make up a life, and the victories, the worries, the emotions and concerns that tie us all together as human beings.

Diane J Standiford said...

My Lord, you shame me. I can barely play a game of Bridge. I need some enablers; I'll deal with the after. Oh wow, I just read some of the comments, LOL. Pity them, they that know not what it is like to be so bad off yet attempt the impossible (with help from friends), and do so without fear. I agree, they need to read some other blog. I get you. I been there. They haven't.

e said...

Hi Beth, I echo others when I say congratulations on your race.

Thanks for a beautiful card that arrived today and for your e-mails. A letter will be sent to you this week.

Best to Cheryl and Linda.

rachelcreative said...

Well a time of highs and lows. I feel I want to congratulate you on sweating! Which seems an odd thing to congratulate someone on.

Hoping your condition stabilises and at a level of reasonable function. That you can be at home and get improvement.

By the way ... a letter is on it's way to you.

Stephanie said...

Oh, Elizabeth - you do do things to extremes. This made me chuckle a bit. I'm glad you sweated and your white blood cells kicked in! But I'm not sure it offsets how seriously jeopardized your health has been since. Stop overheating okay? Please?

Well it's been ten days since this was posted, so I hope you have stopped overheating and, well, everything else since then.