Friday, September 25, 2009

Badminton with Beth: the secret facial expressions of power!

Sometimes badminton can get a bit ugly. No, not the attitudes of players, I am talking about my facial expressions.It turns out I have spent SO much time alone that I have forgotten the first rule of socializing, “smile, smile, smile!” You look so pretty, oh so pretty with a smile! No matter what you are doing: Go Social Conditioning!

One of my workers saw a picture of me from a few years ago and said, “Wow, you must of gotten that taken when you were REALLY young!” Um, er, I said, “Actually, auto-immune diseases are not really known for being great on the skin.” Sigh, I better start dragging out the facial night cream, and doing make up on days she comes, since I can’t take that kind of slapping twice. Ouch!

It had been two weeks as I had to take the Wednesday off from after the 10K. I just did two games and they were better games, lighter, close, again, loses, but close matches 12-15 in one with a comeback. I just got brain tired. One guy was a tough player and I served several aces on him. He was not amused so the next game he served all over, I had to be ready to back up, to swivel sideways, to do anything, and after he got two aces, I shut that second game down and we made another comeback, but lost. It was intense but fun-intense. I tried my hardest, and that is all everyone asked of themselves. That type of fun where you do something together, everyone trying hard, and see what happens.
Please remember, I am a trained professional, do not try these facial expressions at home. Like you would!

This is about as good as it gets, at the beginning of the match. I am developing a pot which has something to do with ‘cut muscles’ or ‘nerve dead supporting muscles’, it is irritating because I actually have a firm hard stomach underneath but there is the pot. I really, really want to go on a diet but Linda says since I am still malnourished in several vitamins and other stuff I can’t (I have a pot, yet I am malnourished?). Anyway, as the match goes on, I pull out all the stops, which includes the staring at one side while serving to the other (misdirection) and the confusing my opponents with the ‘What the hell is wrong with her?!’ psych expression! I am just telling you that, I would love to say I intended that face instead of just finding it on the pictures later.

I am noticing now that I need not just more physical stamina but mental stamina too. As you can see here in an early shot, my opponent is getting ready to slam the yellow birdie, and I am positioning myself to receive it and return it. That is how badminton is supposed to be played. However, when I get tired, I tend to have to remind myself that I am still in the game. So here we have the ‘wow, look at the birdie go!” expression when I really should be wheeling myself into position for when they hit it back, but no, I am too dazed and fascinated by the pretty birdie in the air!

Of course there were exceptions, like this face where I am going, "Is it in, is it out, looks out but, OMG! It is IN? It is IN?" Remember, these are advanced facial looks and I do not suggest an amateur try them. Here as you can see, I am using the ‘mind focus’ technique to ‘will’ my birdie where I want it to go. Either than or I am low on oxygen and a little stoned, not quite sure. I have noticed that while with repetition I can hit the birdies that come in range, I can’t deal with speed beyond a certain level. It is just too fast for my nerves to get to my spine or brain and respond. So I need to stop watching the birdie and watch the player, have my racket up and be where the birdie might be is my best bet to work back up to an adequate player.

For today, lots of wheeling and stretching and I sweated a little bit (odd thing, I shaved my pits two weeks ago, and only a very little has grown back, I think the sweat in my pits is limited to those glands, and I need to get more ‘glow’ going, but it cuts down on the shaving!), a slight sheen on my torso. So far nothing on my head or neck, both of which are causing overheating issue. But still, good plan, and when I return, on to boxing!


Raccoon said...

I used an "abdominal binder" when I was first in rehab. It's supposed to help you with your breathing, too. Something about not letting you breathe with your belly...

I thought it was a bother, so once I was released, I got rid of the binder.

Yeah, you've seen the pictures...

I've been feeling moisture on my forehead and between my shoulder blades. I guess exercise really is good for me, after all.

SharonMV said...

Dear Beth,
I enjoyed all the pictures of you playing badminton. I hadn't thought about practicing my socially acceptable facial expressions! I do practice talking with my cat - but most of that wouldn't play well in a social context.

The lack of underarm hair is probably due to your Thyroid deficiency. Even though I've been on treatment for years, mine has yet to grow back. Dry skin can also be a problem with low thyroid.


Kathz said...

I feel tired just thinking of the energy playing badminton must take - especially when it involves moving a chair as well as hitting a shuttlecock - and that's before I think about the concentration involved. Wow - those matches don't seem like losses to me.

Lene Andersen said...

Love this guide through facial expressions. Am pretty sure if someone was taking photos of me unawares, I''d look... erm... "interesting", too.

About the pot. I think part of it's also not walking. I have one, too and underneath, my stomach muscles are very much there (pretty much the only place I have excellent muscle tone!).

Victor Kellar said...

Good to see you at your competitive best

I don't have a good "social face" either but its more that people don't seem to think I have much expression at all. People are always saying "Vic smile!" and under my breath I mutter "I am smiling" Maybe it's the beard, I don't know

But it looks like you got some real competition which is great

yanub said...

Ah ha! Blogger tried to pretend that it didn't recognize me, but I have defeated it! Go, me!

Your facial expressions look very nice and regular to me. Don't tell me that they don't or I will have to think that for some reason, nearly everyone I have ever seen has a strange face and that what passes for a good facial expression can be found only in the fictional town of Normative.

The pot belly may actually be from poor nutrition. Remember all those starving child pictures used by international charities? Scrawny bodies with enormous guts? The enormous guts disappear when the nutrition is better. So, don't restrict your food intake. You probably aren't eating enough as it is and are having a hard time getting enough nutrients. In other words, Linda is right.

Looks like you had a good partner in those pictures. Had you met her before, or was this just random?

Stephanie said...

Yes! Powerful facial expressions win. I promise not to try them at home though. They look far too hard for my measly skills. ;)

And yay! More sweat! ;) Now you just have to re-train the sweat to your head and neck...

wendryn said...

I love the facial expressions! I also like the "don't try this at home" warning. :P Congratulations on playing!

FridaWrites said...

I think the pot is from wheelchair use too. One wheelchair fashion diva (who's thin) recommend wearing maternity pants instead of jeans/pants that button so as to not bind into that area more and enhance it. I haven't done this yet because I haven't bought any clothes in almost two full years. Needless to say, this is an issue for me too.

I think you look great playing badminton.

e said...

Hi Beth,

Great photos of badminton and I'm glad you had a good playing partner this time.

I also loved the photos of your outing on the water.

My physio informs me that keeping my core strong via exercise and swimming helps with the "pot" issue, but as mine seems to be growing despite these efforts and watching what I eat, I have decided to research this further and can let you know what I find, if anything. Take care.

FridaWrites said...

PS--I'd never have noticed if you hadn't pointed it out, so it is not obvious.

By the way, is that an electric violin and electric clarinet in the manga image? Love the colors in that one.

Neil said...

Wheelchair badminton: a very good thing to not try at home. The expressions? Yeah, those would scare the pets. and the kids.

Yay for sweaty armpits! Hurray for Beth and badminton! Boo for belly bulges. And I see Yanub already posted my thoughts: malnutrition.

Love and zen hugs,

Oh, PS: if you have to moderate this post twice, please delete one of them? I'm experimenting with a new browser and it's giving me lots of grief with some of my favourite sites and peoples. Thanks!