Sunday, August 09, 2009

Calling all Knitters! And Sock Lovers! Emergency Knitting please? Plus see squirrel pics!

Sorry for the delay in posting, I have been fevered, blind, and been prioritizing (plus squirrels). Okay, I am in DESPERATE need of socks and knitters or people who can direct me to someplace other than Sock Dreams to find specific socks.

But first, let’s look at some cute squirrels. I went out at sunset, about so it wasn’t as warm, to see if I could find some squirrels. Linda came with and there were a lot of young skinny and skittish squirrels and a FEW fat and black squirrels. This squirrel wouldn’t come closer but liked to stand on its back legs. Who am I to deny it pleasure (a peanut and standing up).

This was a very greedy and very aggressive squirrel that sat on Linda’s lap and ate a peanut (pics of that in a bit). So after Linda it climbed up my lap blanket to come and see me. Which was nice because I was a wee lonely.

After it stuffed itself on the peanut, the quickly came back and then took not only a triple peanut shelled, but then tried for another peanut in its mouth. You can see it adjusting. Sadly this was the last we saw of this perhaps visionary but person incredibly like a professor with too much energy (someone from the sciences) who simply ran around with the peanuts looking for a perfect place to hide them. He hid one but then ran here, sniff, no not good enough, ran there. The last we saw, he had run across the full field and into the trees still with the peanut in his mouth, not wanting to eat it but still trying to find the perfect place to bury it.

I hope I make sense because I have a fever, and my fingers are purple. But the REAL problem is SOCKS. Yes, here is my last pair of Tall Girl Socks, which as you can see already have three to four holes and will last a week maybe. I have sort of two different colors of socks: those that go with blue (since I have only two pairs of jeans, both blue) and those which go with a black bra and tops that go with that, so red with black, burgundy, a hint of black, whatever. I had a lot of the ones from Tall Girl but that was over two years ago and I think because my hospital bed is inclined so I can breath, my feet or heels get worn. I don’t know why. But these are my last socks, except for a pair of gift socks I am using to hold out until I can find some.

Why is this a serious problem? Because my Reynaud’s in my feet is FAR worse than in my hands. Similar in fact to people with Diabetes Type II (I think that is the amputation type. You can see here that I have such poor circulation that blood has pooled in my ankle by the bones, but the toes are not receiving enough blood and two of them are often black. Also, if the foot is bent to go on the footplate, the veins burst and bruises appear. But I don’t feel that. That is one problem. The second and third problem is that a) I have large feet due to Marfans, a genetic disease which creates large hands and feet and b) I can’t feet my feet BUT I get frostbite at 15-17 degrees C (yes, above zero - about about 60-65 degrees I get frostbite, very BAD frostbite). That means my black toes could get frostbite, very bad frostbite INDOORS and I would not be able to feel it at all...for days (that is bad, and leads to being called, "Elizabeth One Toe").

So I am asking, begging all Knitters to help me; I will try to gift or pay though some sort of barter system to help me with socks. I have been advised that socks are hard and that the Yarn Harlot is right now doing a conference on socks. Because I need socks that are thick, but can still get into shoes, so they have to be warm, particularly in the toes, and have a defined heel, not just a long tube as that will slip off and I won’t feel it. I am US size 12-13, depending – so 12 wide (is that like 10-11 male, I don’t know). I am 10.5-11 for the UK and I am 45-46 for the rest of Europe (I think the 45 is the standard – that is the size of my converse, and size 12 or 11.5 mens is the size of my pumas. I usually have to get a size bigger because as you see my little toe is far down and widens the shoe.

So, I hear that the problems in making the sock are going at that heel, also I need to have stripes as shown in the sock above - that is good for the blue color, or mixed color, some sort of beautiful skein with dark red, purple, deep blue and black would be perfect. I need dark socks and blue orientated socks. So whatever really. The problem is that I simply will not wear a sock that does not match, even though my feet will hurt so bad that I will actually feel them. Like Yellow. I won’t wear a yellow sock. Sorry. Bright red only. Won’t wear a Red only sock, or a green only sock. Because I am a slave to fashion; how can I have a morbid threads top, my skull headband, skelekitty earrings with my blue skinny leg jeans and converse skull and black shoes with Yellow socks in between. But I really am desperate for socks. So if you want to email me at or just put in the comments if you are interested in knitting socks (I know, the second one is boring, I am sorry!) – but they need to be long, not size 4 or 6, they have to be 45-46 or size 11.5 mens/13 woman’s or UK size 11. And have a heel. I am sorry I am picky and desperate. Here is my “Oh please, please pretty please” look with extra kittens in the background to sway you! To anyone who offers to knit BOTH socks (please, not just one!), thank you so much, thank you!

I love Sock Dreams but the socks are too thin there, with winter coming and fall, and my poor circulation, I need to avoid amputation with socks. And yes, I COULD buy men’s work socks except….they don’t match. And really, I want to match, I want to have cool socks (a skull would be nice!). Is that so evil? If you know where I can get some winter, long wide women’s socks please let me know!

Okay, my health is very poor. I have had long discussions with Linda and that took energy; having and struggling to communicate so we love each other takes energy. I wish I was using energy on THIS (hot lesbian intimacy), the nice sexually satisfying kind (notice her socks have holes in the heels too!). But I want to have a great relationship AND then some of that (and then a bit more of it...). Except with all the communicating I ran out of energy, and reserves. But I kept going. Then I had postcards I needed to do, so I worked all day yesterday, and also packages, and I stamped and I stickered and I worked until 7:15 a.m.

By 5 a.m., with Linda asleep, My right arm wouldn’t work and when I finished at 7:00 am the little bit of light I could still see with, a little circle, was pretty much gone. I was blind. And I stayed blind until late today (Neuroblindness is an odd thing). The day before I could not use my right arm or side of my body. And I have had a fever for three days off an on, right now it is on and has been since Friday night. So I hope I am making sense. Because I have it pretty bad fever wise. I have a fever because my body is too weak to regulate my tempature. I had a fever when I wrote and stamped the postcards (so I hope they make sense too). Linda took them over and posted them, my second posting of postcards this week.

I am supposed to be in bed, either sleeping or reading manga and eating pocky to recuperate. Except the last post caused an emotional upheaval and news by Linda to me and I wanted everyone to know we are working through it day by day (I thought I was the cool one in relationships. So was I shocked to find that I was NOT Fonzie to Linda from Happy Days and had been reduced to Ralph? Yes! So talking about that). Now good things happening. Except I am not in bed, I am doing emergency postcards, fulfilling promises and stuff like that. I need to be in bed. Thank you to those who have sent me manga because you are real helpers of my health this week. Thank you, thank you. Because of you, I will try to stay in bed and rest, and make a new record (my record this week for awake resting was six hours – it was supposed to be three days).

If anyone else wants to send manga, now would be a really good time. I know I am not supposed to say that but I am very fevered, I have slept about 60-65% of what I should each day for a week, I have lost control of my breathing many times a day, and have to be revived and now I can’t control one side of my body and keep losing my sight. So I would like to stay put. I am a scared little girl who doesn’t want to read the manga if this is all I have for the month. The wishlist is here. I am reading Loveless, which has four characters called Zero who can’t feel anything (peripheral neuropathy) like me, so in one book, they get frostbite and collapse and never noticed it was cold. It has cat girls and cat boys, Yuri, Yaoi, love of all kinds and a mystery to solve. So Loveless is a good series (get 4 for 3 and free shipping! HINT! HINT!). Emma 9 about the live of servants in the Victorian times is good as well and also 4 for 3, as is I’m the Goddess 3 – the final book in the series about a Goddess, her servant who loves documenting sweets and a Uke who follows them around. Mixed Vegetables 4 is also 4 for 3 (about two children of chef's trying to become expert in the other kind of food, and maybe falling in love), and Otomen 3 (about guys who like typically girlish hobbies and reading romances) is out! Also, Nancy Drew Postcards, how cool is that! I say that because I sent out over 120 postcards in six days. So I am now trying to look around for more cool postcards to send.

Yes, that was shameless wasn’t it? But then people with fevers and black toes don’t have a lot of pride. Because trying to get up from peeing when you can’t use your arm, or undressing for bed when you can’t use your legs and have to be helped and are blind makes a person kind of desperate and shameless. I wish I was sorry. All I can say is that I will, as much as I can, pass on what I receive so that others may benefit, not just Cheryl but outward. I try to write down each name, and make sure that all who give, are also given gifts, and also those who need or I feel could use a gift, I try to do that. The socks however, I will keep.

Okay, quick check: Squirrels, socks, manga, fever, and taking time with Linda to put our relationship first (she says I am NOT Ralph, I am still Fonzie!). I think I covered it all. I hope once I rest, to be able to post more often, or post from bed. But getting those postcards out yesterday was all that mattered; I had food poisoning and a fever and I worked 22 hours about with a nap (plus getting Linda ready, and talking, and a medical appointment). I hope in the days ahead to do something that will make Linda happy and proud – get into BED and stay there.


cheryl g said...

I am sorry you are doing so poorly and I am really worried about you. It is harder being away because I can't come over and check on you in person. I am glad you and Linda are talking and working through things.

Please take care of yourself. I will be coming over on the weekend and want to see you so you be there - OK?

Linda McClung said...

Beth really likes her Tall Girl socks - they are soft, tight knit and best of all, warm. Unfortunately they don't carry that style any more and the ones they do have are too tight for her swollen feet.

I think one of the reasons she has big holes (the ones shown are tiny compared to the pairs I threw out) in the heels is because sometimes her feet drag on the carpet when I transport her to bed after a seizure. Being at the back of the chair I can't always lift her feet back onto the foot plate.

Also when she tries to propel herself in her manual chair late at night she sometimes doesn't have the strength to lift her legs so she goes backwards so she doesn't run over her feet.

Yes, Beth is a slave to fashion and is very fussy. But for those who have sent socks that weren't suitable - thanks anyways as my sock collection has certainly grown (I have big feet too - size 10 - so her hand-me-downs usually fit). And there have been so many cozy and/or funky socks I can wear now. As for that purposely mis-matched pair we received, they are particularly cozy but I have to wear slippers over them otherwise the mismatched-ness drives Beth crazy!

yanub said...

Socks are such a challenge, and thick ones in Texas in August will not be easy. I will see what I can do, but I may not be able to find anything. What about military socks? If they are black, are they good for you?

Ralph, huh? Well, he did have red hair. So did Richie. Either one would be better than the Fonz, because they never jumped the shark.

I'm glad your plans include getting some rest. Anyway to convince you to make that your top priority?

Raccoon said...

I think my fashion sense would probably burn peoples eyes. And, of course, I don't knit. So, no socks from me.

I think the girl with the holes in her socks is actually wearing stirrup pants/leggings. And at the moment I don't think she's worried about her heels...

Get some rest, please?

JaneB said...

Oi, Beth, REST!!! I'm glad you're taking time to talk, to see squirrels, to read manga... but would happily NOT hear from you for a while if you were RESTING!!

Virtual hugs from your worried, loving friend

Anonymous said...

So I have been following your posting for quite some time now, and no I can't help you with your apparent sock issue (grin*) I did want to let you know that I love reading your blog. I am a notorious stalker of all blogs and just wanted to let you know that I am here and not some wandering eye. Do you think any Range of Motion might help your legs pooling blood or at least having them elevated 2+ hours a day might help. I am a certified caregiver, and I ironically found your blog by google searching for anime images, and when I clicked on one, wham-o, found you. It's really late here but I will try to be more dilegent in posting to you from now on instead of being such a lurker. (*cheesy smile*) Since I saw yours do you wanna see mine? (*evil squee* and a bad joke at that) I know, I know shameless pluggin, but it's FYI for you.


tornwordo said...

I've been working on the same pair of socks for two years. It seems I'll NEVER be able to do the heels right. Good luck finding better knitters than I.

Neil said...

Ew, socks. I hate buying socks, partly because my feet are bigger than yours, and partly because I'm at least as fussy about matching socks as you are. I find that one of each pair is usually longer than the other and that drives me mad. Drives my Beloved around the twist too, when I stand around trying to sort socks into pairs that are the same colour AND the same length.

Linda, thank you for answering my first question; I was reading and wondering why you don't just take her back to Tall Girl for socks.

My beloved is knitting socks for the kids - medieval hose, actually, which are more like modern stockings (before pant hose). Those take a lot of knitting, I'm afraid. She's also using a drop spindle to spin enough yarn to weave around 12 metres of fabric, which she will then make into SCA clothing. Um, Society for Creative Anachronism.

I don't know if I can convince her to knit socks for you, dear, since the kids' hose were almost too small by the time she finished them (she took months to knit them).

Yes, the girl-with-holes-in-her-heels is wearing stirrups. We guys notice things like that. :)

Please rest as much as possible, dear; we want you NDY for a while yet.

Love and zen hugs,

Stephanie said...

Elizabeth F. McClung, I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS POST. Thank you for posting it. You see, I've been knitting a LOT of socks this summer and in the back of my mind I think, "What could I do for Elizabeth? Could I knit her socks? What if she can't wear wool socks? Maybe I shouldn't knit her socks." SO. I will be buying yarn today. Er. Maybe. Could I get your input on colors if I send you a few links? Usually I knit with yarns that change colors, but if you want it all blue it can be all blue. (or better - denim colored to match your jeans!)

Lene Andersen said...

the chances of you going into bed and saying there are are... well, good thing I'm not a betting kind of person. :) I hope you break with tradition and going to bed and stay there.

Wish I could still knit so I could make you socks, but alas, my time with the needles is over. I hope somebody volunteers.

I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling so crappy and I hope that the resting (if there is some) will help.

Gaina said...

I wear a type of socks called 'Ski Tube' socks (google that and you'll get 100's of hits) and they are for people with legs far longer than mine so they end way above my knee :P. They are thick, very soft and have no seams so no rubbing on your toes which is really important if your circulation is poor.

Sometimes the water retention in my feet and ankles goes way down and I end up with normal size feet for a few glorious days. I just wish I knew why it happened so I could keep doing whatever it is! But as soon as I find I'll let you know :).

Dawn Allenbach said...

I'll talk to my mom and my friend about socks.

As a potential alternative, how about some lovely crocheted"booties" in black, dark blue, or red? My mom made me a pair of these to keep my feet warm (I too have crappy circulation and swelling), and they're fantastic! Wear them instead of shoes for tasty tootsies, and the look great over skinny leg jeans. They're more mukluk than goth, but you can't beat 'em for warmth. Just an idea. I'll try to email you a picture of mine.

Abby (pagan_writes) said...

We have a stall at the local market which sells knee-length, stripey and multi-patterned socks which are stretchy enough to fit my boyfriend (he's 6'5'' with size UK12 feet).

Could pick some up on Saturday for you and post them? We have a parcel to post to you anyway so it's no trouble to slip in some extra socks...

I'd offer to knit some but it would take me ages - turning heels is not my strong point!

Baba Yaga said...

ah, damn. for half a second I thought I'd been prescient.... but the socks I sent won't fit.

& I'm an insanely *slow knitter. Heels aren't a problem, but the time it takes to produce something of the right length would be. (In case anyone wishes to know, swiss darning while the fabric's thin but before it goes into holes is much easier than darning holes.)

However, it occurs to me that fine silk socks might make good thermal liners under suitably fashionable not-woollen socks? It's not long since I had to procure some for a friend, so I know those are easy - sing out if you think that's a viable notion.

Anonymous said...

I’m sorry I’m no good at knitting and can’t help with socks. I liked your description of the science professor type squirrel. And pleas try and rest for some days, or at least more hours a day than you did last week, so you can get better soon.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Wow, what super responses! Cool.

Cheryl: Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you happy birthday DEAR CHERYL!!!!!!! Happy birthday to you....and many more.....with sex! (Oh, I'm going to have to pay for that when she gets over to see me!)

I can't wait to see you on the weekend. I will need to rest but did not due to a spectacularly BAD homecare worker (14 transfers and I don't know how many questions and she could not even a) wash dishes or b) hang up wet clothes) - so fever is back.

Linda: Yes, why exactly would tall girl have SMALLER socks? When the other socks sold so well?

For those who sent socks, worry not, they end up with Linda or in good homes, there is never a sock that cannot find a good home. I just need ones where I am the good home.

Yanub: Maybe, tight knit black would work in the winter with my black thick sweats and shoes - not more than two pair though I think.

I know this, but I can't remember, what is so wrong with jumping the shark (I do remember Fonz doing a leather jacket no less).

Raccoon: Yes, her passion seems to be keeping her warm and she does have stirrup pants but she must have like lined boots or something to put her feet in as she is a pilot and I doubt pilots go up in the air barefoot.

Will do - that was the plan, that will be the plan, honest!

Jane: Well, I want to rest because I have used the eye patch way to often and had double vision, no vision and burnt vision (you see what you used to see so I turn around and Linda has a computer monitor for a head for like 10 minutes or more - kind of surreal and distracting). I can't read manga if that keeps up so I need to rest. Tie this resting in with things that I can relate to as important.

Nicole: It is a good Idea, but I do actually elevate my legs for more than two hours a day and also my chair has tilt and recline and everything EXCEPT rocket (darn) so I elevate my feet while getting fatigued even when I work at the desk. But since blood only circulates well on one side of my body, um, mysteries will appear, do you think I could have a medical strip show and charge like Doctors to show them the fabulous oddity wonders of my body (like my one red hand and reddish arm and one yellow hand and yellowish arm - seriously!).

Thanks for read the blog.

Tornwordo: I hear socks are very hard, particularly the heel as going at right angles is particularly hard - that is why I put a picture not just of the holes but of where the junction is!

Neil: Do you have Sock OCD?

Yes, I wonder who did all the hose for people in the day - I suppose the weaver guild. Oh well.

Stephanie: Yes, please send me links, yes please knit me socks. The problem is that I have large feet (there I have said it) - indeed a lot of woman have large feet but we are supposed to pretend we done. I think having blue and then streaks or bands or mulitcolored bands of blue then purple with scarlet or something else, I mean if you are making it you might as well have fun right?

I really like the skiens that change colors so I will be fine with those, I will like those. I like pretty skeins so I am sure I will like them when they reappear as socks. Cool, I am glad this can fulfill both of our desires!

Elizabeth McClung said...

Lene: Well, I did not rest TODAY, but that isn't my fault and even Linda agreed that when I have to transfer that many times because someone can't figure out how to take a lip off of pudding, then it isn't my fault. So I will try again soon, like now - well not now exactly but soonish!

Gaina: Yes, sometimes I actually see my feet again and sometimes they ballon so large that they used to hurt so bad and I was worried they would explode like some leech which had drunk too much blood. (ohh nice image)

I will look into the ski tubes as I vaguely remember them from my skiing time as you didn't want a blister from all that mogal jumping and such. But I can remember if they have a heel - which I think they don't. But I wonder if they are tight enough to count as 'support' Thanks, I'll research that.

Dawn: Booties would be perfect, particularly for being inside and avoiding frostbite on those days I stay inside the house.

As for goth what about in dark purple or purple black? With a skull on the bottom? Anything can be made goth is what I believe!

Abby: Horray! That sounds great. Please do and I can figure out what to send in exchange. Since your Boyfriend is only 2 inches tall than I - I'm like salt water taffy that they stretched and then forgot to cut the ends off. Oh wait, that's sort of gross.

Sandra: Thanks - though with all my wheeling about, maybe I am the proffessor type who is looking for perfection and yet abstracted with ideas as well?

Lene Andersen said...

Can't get the lid off a pudding??? WTF???

Sometimes I wonder what the requirements for these positions are. Seems that a squirrel could do better. Or! A trained monkey. Ho0w about getting a service monkey? It's not a pet, so the landlord's rule against pets wouldn't apply.

wendryn said...

I'm sorry I don't knit! For the first time in my life. :P

I wish I could help you feel better. I'm glad you & Linda are talking. I like the squirrel pictures. I hope tomorrow is a better day...

Oh, and pilots do *not* fly barefoot. It's a very bad idea. We like to keep our feet intact, and if there is an overheating engine or an engine fire, it ends up on your feet. Bad idea.

Anyway. Hope you get some rest!


yanub said...

Ah, "jumping the shark" now refers to the point in a series when it is no longer worth watching. So, more generally, it means something not good any longer.

Neil said...

Yes. There, I've admitted it. Is that half the distance to getting socks that match?

Medieval hose: Saxons used fabric strips to wrap their legs. Those evolved into fitted fabric hose that tied to the doublet, sorta like a garter belt. I'm not sure of the timeline for this, though.

Stephanie: we all thank you for your willingness to kep Beth from being undersocksed.

Stephanie said...

Neil: Socks are pretty much the only thing I can give to people that I was able to create on my own. I'm very happy to be able to help!

Dawn Allenbach said...

I don't know that Mom could work the skull into the pattern, but she can make them any color you like. Measure around the biggest part of your swelling, though, so she can make sure they'll go around your foot. Also, measure how tall you want them from ankle up. Look at my profile pic to see mine.

I love my booties made out of Lion Brand Homespun. Go here to tell me your favorite colors. This brand already has some mixing of colors, but if you want to mix two colors, Mom can do that because the booties are crocheted with two strands of yarn to make them doubly thick and doubly warm.

Speaking of swelling -- do you ever wrap your feet in Ace bandages? That helps me sometimes. It's also an extra layer of warmth.

FridaWrites said...

I am sorry that knitting is a skill I don't have (yet--I can always hope)--I can knit one very long continuous row. Let me know if you find a co. to order from. I feel badly I'm not of more help from here, but I can send a manga.

Love the squirrels!

Happy birthday, Cheryl!

Raccoon said...

Lene, Canada doesn't have ADA laws about service animals that would prevent the landlord from discriminating.

Even here in the states, make sure that you get a prescription from your doctor.

Neil said...

Raccoon: We don't have an ADA law, but service DOGS are not discriminated against. There are signs in a lot of businesses that say "No dogs, except service dogs."

Any business that refuses service animals is taking a huge risk; the publicity would really hurt them. Money talks, after all. (But why, in my house, does it only say "Goodbye?")

Hugs to you too, Raccoon1

Tom P. said...

So did you like the socks we sent? Do you want more like those or are they not warm enough? Sorry but I can't knit.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Dawn: I will measure my foot after I get back from Doctors I am just about to go to for X-ray. Um, the closest color I thought for me would be Barrington, though I should probably pick something bluish too right, or no? Thanks, lots!

Frida: I'm glad you liked the squirrels, no one else talked about them but I liked them.

Neil: Ahhh, if only I lived in a resturant, but if, as you see, a non-ADA regulation door is to be charged to me, when I can't actually open it since it has no spring and I don't have enough arm strength to throw it all the way open and then defend me and my chair when it swings back (without a spring to slow it down) and am thus stuck inside, which is probably a violation of the fire code, will they allow a dog when we have a prescription for a cat, and have the insurance to pay for all damage and they still won't let us have that. Not saying they aren't disability loving. Maybe they just don't like me.

Tom P: The socks were great for going out in but they are too thin for late fall/winter and for night use, sorry.

Dawn Allenbach said...

I just talked to Mom, and she said she'd be happy to make you a pair of booties. She needs three things from you:

1. length of your foot from toe to heel

2. distance around your swelling

3. length of how high you want the bootie to go up your leg

I'll add a fourth item:

4. circumference around your leg at your chosen height

I hope you love them as much as I do!

woolywoman said...

how about these

my feet like them