Thursday, July 23, 2009

Moss Street Paint In III and the lesbian sleepover

Continuing down Moss Street I was stopped by the visual art of Lisa Hebden ( who had the ‘Wheatfield’ piece from the end of Part I and the ‘Unfinished’ from Part II. This painting is the one that stopped me, a portrait. Now, true I love redheads, and this isn’t the best lighting to show the painting: the portrait was compelling, but darkly evocative. Margritte had played with the ideas of what a portrait should or might be, but this seemed to be continuing an idea.

It was an idea I found in one of the newer pieces here, with the children playing in the tall grass. I talked to Lisa and asked her about that piece and she said that it was really quite a dark piece but that she had added some color and it brightened up and she stopped there in case she ruined it. I asked her if she had done the ‘Wheatfield’, then this one with the grass, and then the ‘Unfinished’ as they seemed to start a new theme. It was not so much humans swallowed by nature (something us Canadians get obsessed about) but darker, as if it is the humans we are not supposed to look at too closely. She was very surprised and said that was the exact order. I think the portrait is one of them as well. She can paint faces and had one of those but I didn’t take a picture. These paintings called out as they are trying to obscure something. The Children in Grass, the more we talked about it later, the more creepy it became, as while it appears a nice playful picture, why are the children so far away? Why are they running off? Where are parents? It is like the image one sees or a description of children lost or never seen again; this glimpse known as, ‘last seen….” See, THAT is a picture I don’t want over my bed either.

She also had an earlier series of bird on wires paintings which she had sold one that day, Linda liked them, I think either because she likes birds or it reminds her of home.

Lisa was the one I went back and asked about buying Wheatfield but it was sold. The Portrait is creepy to me, seductive, yes, but also, do you really WANT her to turn around, in such a bleak, void environment. Do you want to see what she has for a face, or what her eyes say?

Afterward we walked around looking at some of the nature pictures of the west coast, like this one which depicts the island view, looking out.
Another one was of a waterfall, I am not sure if that is the one at Goldstream or not as I usually see it at the bottom and not the top.

After that, it was back UP the giant hill known as Moss Street and home for food and a nap. Then of course it was back to the shenanigans of a lesbian sleepover. Which I will not disillusion you was about work or postcard but no, it was about pillow fights and whipped cream and strawberries in chocolate (gee, that sounds good, invite me!).

I thought you might like some portraits of the three of us during our lesbian sleepover. Here is Cheryl, all you have to do is add a volume of one of my manga she is borrowing to read in her hand (Would she still visit if I didn’t have the manga…I don’t ask). The whole, “What do you want, I’m BUSY” look is there along with the pocky. And I am not joking about that, she loves her pocky and goes to many a west coast city in search of it. Every new flavor is tried and tested.

Now here is Linda, in a typical scenario, the ‘Do I HAVE to get up?” one. Actually, now that I think about this, that look and position work for weekends, vacations and workdays! But, yes, the only thing wrong with this picture is she had not grabbed BACK the covers with one arm while the other arm is heading for the snooze button.

As for me, well I could be this nice sweet loli with my rabbit Eiki Eiki just sitting waiting for someone to play with me.Well it could be me....after the lobotomy! I mean, sure I regress in age mentally but I am still ME. So while I might get vulnerable and withdrawn, I usually don't put on thigh highs and I don’t get ‘sweet’ (never really a word used to describe me...odd). THIS is me, complete with tattoo! (remind myself to get that tattoo later, it fits me to a T) I am not sure if I dressed as a maid in order to flash tattoo and panties or if someone (Cheryl? Linda?) has done that for me, or if I am just pissed at life, a Victoria doctor, or some other injustice and giving it my opinion and my hand gesture. Oh that gesture is subtle and yet works on so many levels! No Future - yeah baby! (I am trying to make AAN and Autonomic Failure into a cult icon)


Victor Kellar said...

You really are blogging everday aren't you? Please, take care and tax yourself too much

I loved the painting of the girl in the grass. I love any art that suggests rather than declares. Reminds me a bit of Colville or perhaps Christopher Pratt

Neil said...

I love the scenic paintings - the waterfall and the one above it.

I don't really see Cheryl as having long, flowing hair, but I'm sure she'd look great reading manga and nibbling Pocky.

I'd say go for the tattoo, sweetie, but would it heal properly with your skin in its current condition? It's a nice font, too.

Now, even more love and zen hugs to all three of you,

Lene Andersen said...

Go Cult Icon! ;)

Love the paintings, although yes, sorta creepy. Love he portrait - it has so much to say.

SharonMV said...

Dear Beth,
I have enjoyed your tour of the art festival & pictures & analysis of the paintings. The Wheatfield & other paintings by this artist are evocative, mysterious and definitely leaning toward the dark side.

As always love the stories of Lesbian sleepovers. You chose great illustrations. By the way, I have called you "sweet" several times. You have a sweet & caring nature. But definitely strong & fierce too!


Stephanie said...

Bwahaha. I like the "real" picture of you best. It's got the right attitude to face this world.

wendryn said...

The tattoo sounds like an excellent idea!

The picture of the kids in the field really does have a somewhat creepy edge to it. I can't pin it down. I used to have nightmares about people without faces, ad the painting of the back of the lady brought that memory back full force. Weird what I remember from when I was a little kid.

Oh, and Pocky? Is awesome. :) Cheryl has good taste!

I hope you are getting enough rest! I'm really enjoying getting to read blogs from you more regularly, though.

Raccoon said...

I think I'm going to go with the waterfall.

Ah! Pocky. Not something I like (would you believe: Dragon knew how to spell pocky. Once, anyway), although I know three or four kids around here that do like it. What flavors have you tried, Cheryl? I can see what flavors are around here.

And congratulations on your day out.

Diane J Standiford said...

LOL I like those birds too. I hope u got the postcard we sent. We are not pros like u.

yanub said...

Ah, Beth, how lucky that the wheat picture was sold, else you might have finagled your way into buying it and would now have a very creepy piece of very good art haunting your apartment. No, no. Then you would never be able to sleep ever ever!

I like the representative pictures you chose for the lesbian sleepover. However, I protest that you are wrong about not being described as sweet. I, in fact, described you with just that very word only two days ago. OK, it wasn't the only word I used, but I still used it. (What were the other words? Ha! I will drive you mad, mad, mad, with curiousity by refusing to say!) And, also, I think little Miss Middle Finger there is also sweet and adorable even though she is likely to bite.

cheryl g said...

Of course I would still visit if you didn’t have manga. The manga is enjoyable but what I care about is you. You are the reason I come over.

Otherwise that picture is so me with my pocky. The picture of Linda is also perfect. You are right, the second picture is definitely you. If I ever see a “No Future” temp tattoo I am getting it for you.

Raccoon, I like many types of pocky. The hardest for me to find is pocky that has crushed oreos in the chocolate coating. My favourite flavour is the orange chocolate dessert pocky.