Monday, July 27, 2009

Cat Visit II: the preview (cats like wheelchairs!)

Sorry, just a preview post again which I hope to finish in 8-10 hours, as it has been a hard 36 hours, with a couple of health emergencies.

Went down to the cat shelter again. Murray and Betsy had been adopted, as had Elizabeth which you saw me holding.

This is a picture of Rose on my lap, a one year old who would sit there while I wheeled around. I stopped to play with Jasmine who is playing, ‘grab and bite the finger’ with me.
When playing with Jasmine, make sure NOT to let her get a grip on the camera strap. First it is the squirrels and now it is the cats that want to steal this camera.
For some reason, the cats REALLY like my wheelchair and oxygen. I can’t explain it except that there were three cats, all of which did NOT want to be picked up who kept following me everywhere I went to play under the chair.

Sometimes, there was a bit of a face off, then pushing as the cats were determining who exactly gets to play under my wheelchair. I am really trying not to feel offended that my wheelchair is more popular than I am.

Off to bed, I hope you had a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

I hope you’ll be able to recover soon as much as is possible for you in your situation. Glad you had a chance to see the cats again.

SharonMV said...

Dear Beth,
I'm so happy that you got to visit with the cats. I'm glad Elizabeth kitty & the 2 others got adopted. Cats like to have little hide-y spots from where they can observe the action & spring out at any time - to attack the pant-hem of an unwary passer-by or attack a bit of crumpled paper. A moving hide-y spot must be quite a novelty.
I'm off to bed (again) to see if I can get a few more hours of sleep.


Lene Andersen said...

Aww! Puttytats!!!

Sorry. Thought I'd share my instinctive (ridiculous) reaction with you! ;)

Emergencies?? That's not good. Hope you're a bit better today.

Neil said...

There; you see, you CAN create a short post and still be interesting.

Okay, no more teasing today. It's good that the shelter is wheels-accessible, and it's great that you visit the shelter; cats need more attention that the shelter can give, I'm sure. Is it a break in the staff's routine? I imagine you give them a smile when you come in.

I understand that you're not "better" but at least you got out and enjoyed visiting the cats. A good day, more or less?

And as for the cats playing under the wheelchair; well there probably aren't any rocking chairs there, and the wheels are the next best thing to catch their tails under.

My Beloved's first thought for a coat of arms (in the Society for Creative Anachronism), was a three tailed cat on a field of rocking chairs. She has changed now, to a cat leaping among a background of pigeons. She's special, she is!

Love and zen hugs,

Gaina said...

If you think that's bad, how would you feel to have your cat jump on the sofa and purr, making you think he wants a cuddle only to have him jump in your (now vacant) wheelchair which you have warmed up nicely and watch the telly!? :P

wendryn said...

More cats! I'm glad you are getting to visit them regularly! :)

Kate J said...

Love the cats! And so wonderful to see something that is able to make you happy, if only for a few moments. I do hope you are still able to get to the cat shelter, for a long time to come.
I wish you rest, I wish you sleep, I wish you peace.

Stephanie said...

Yay cats! :D The cats probably haven't seen the likes of a wheelchair before. At least it gets them to follow you? ;)

Elizabeth McClung said...

Sandra: I have recovered less than I hoped, still have severe tremors in the limbs which indicates system weakness - plus this week is a heat wave which will tax the body. But I did get out to see the cats and maybe I can get out in the evening when the sun goes down this week.

Sharon: I was surprised that of the four cats I played with three had been adopted (Murray and Betsy were there for months, as was Elizabeth). I hope that whomever I play with gets adopted as I am sure the cats would love a home rather than a shelter.

Yes, I guess, but sometimes I couldn't move or back up because of the number of cats under my wheelchair or around it.

Lene: Not really recovered but not in danger of a stroke anymore I think and breathing on my own. So good in all those departments. And I got to learn a bit more about the shelter which was interesting.

Neil: Yes, but it isn't a REAL post, just a mini teaser, like a trailer for the movie to come!

Well, the official RSPCA person likes me, and a couple of the staff but the front person is not really a openly people person and sort of tells you what you can't do and that's it. So comes off as not so friendly.

It was a good day, I did postcards, and Linda and Cheryl helped so we could visit cats for an hour, then I slept and did my evacuation which went faster than expected and the mini post -as I was weaker than expected at well, so today I have no pressure on my health but to recover!

Gaina: Ouch, that's some rejection, they want to use you and make you amuse them.

Wendryn: I would like to visit them regularly, but will have to see if Linda and Cheryl are for that. As it is too far for Indy to go (which is why I used the light chair), I wonder what they would make of Indy?

Kate J: I like cats because they simply ARE, they have little expectation or tension or built up energy, they are, and if they choose to engage, and I choose to engage then we enjoy ourselves if not then not and I go on - we accept each other as we are. Which is a relief.

Stephanie: yes, they follow but I can't see them and they won't let me pick them up - as they hiss and then go back to following or hiding under my wheelchair.

Victor Kellar said...

The pic of you with the three black cats is perfect, especially with your bat wing bag, it just seems to fit. Although Collette and I are known as dog people, we did own a cat, Gypsy, for 22 years. And he was black

Got a package today!! Email to follow

Raccoon said...

Jasmine is gorgeous. I'm glad you got to go visit cats again.

(Although, where is INDY?)

Neil said...

No. sweetie, not a mini/teaser post. Just a short one, with no extraneous details. :)

I accompanied Middle Son to his second SCA rapier practice tonight. And my first time watching him witha fibreglass rapier in his hand. He has a lot to learn, but I learned a lot just watching and listening. And I developed a whole new level of respect for one EF McClung. Even though epee and rapier are quite different, I comprehend better what you had to make your muscles do, Beth. I am in supreme awe!

Love and zen hugs,

cheryl g said...

I really like going to visit the cats since I am not allowed to have pets either and I miss having a kitty or two. Jasmine certainly likes to play with you! It was fun watching the cat entourage follow you everywhere so they could sit under your chair when you stopped rolling. They seem to get braver about your chair each time we visit. I look forward to the next time we go see them.

JaneB said...

cats are so good at just being themselves. Spending time around them sure puts all the human stuff into perspective!

Hope you get many more visits to them, as both you and they seem to be enjoying it!

FridaWrites said...

Ah, but it is you in the wheelchair! I don't think it's just the wheelchair they like. I'm sorry I'm behind--email to come.

Abagale said...

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