Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Postcard Project post, Rubbernecker's plus my NEW and HARDEST challenge YET!

I snuck out of bed for an hour and just wrote a new post for the Postcard Project, and I would be quite happy if you could take a look and tell me what you think. Also if you are a lurker, or you know someone who needs or could use a postcard, I want to send it to you. If you read this blog, and you want to know that someone cares, that I care, I WILL send you a postcard, so email me with title Postcard Project at mpshiel at hotmail.com and your likes and ADDRESS and I will send you a postcard. Everything is confidential.

For everyone who is buying me manga, of which there seems to be a spring WAVE of people doing so, THANK YOU so much. I don't know why but THANKS! If anyone wants to give $5 for Rubberneckers please follow the link to Linda’s blog, A Girl’s gotta Fly on the right or HERE, and use the paypal button (down a bit on the right). I point there because I love to give back and this way we try to have new things for every person so that each postcard sent is exciting! Rubberneckers is the best place I have found, as they have top quality rubber stamps at about $5 each. Plus at $20 you get one free – so five stamps, or five weeks of a new stamp a week for $20 – not bad! I get a gift and several hundred people do too.

I’m going to do a blog (tomorrow?) about my Brain Board and some different reviews: something fun and also I hope insightful. Right now I am very ill. Linda gave me a flu from work (in her OWN way) and since most people with my condition die of colds or flus, that is bad (the kiss was GOOD, dying BAD). I was up until 7 a.m. from it, then 6 a.m. (errrr….doing postcards), then 6 a.m. again when the illness returned. I pass out a lot, I stop breathing a lot. I had an emergency overnighter who was able to get to me due to the Babycall Monitors someone anonymously gave. They really make a difference (Thanks!). However, I also dislocated my jaw in one of the seizures last night and it is mostly back in but no hard food. Also, I pass out, and I am working to stay still and sleeping, instead of passed out. I am still very ill. Um, the whole sleeping in plans didn’t work out today as the City of Victoria decided with many machines and tar and those roller things to fix every pothole in our street - TODAY! How kind. Then the home care person who was cancelled didn’t know and woke me with knocking, and then some very angry um, yelling either at me or the people who did the booking. Not sure. Kind of scared.

Linda has sort of made a challenge, “Can you Elizabeth McClung (uh oh, she is using the full name, I am in trouble now), stay STILL for one day? Can you stay in bed!” I had explained the construction and the banging on the door and how then I JUST looked at my emails a bit (three hours later….), and got ‘THE LOOK’. But the problem is even damaged slow brain goes faster and thinks up more stuff to do than body can do.
So can I stay still? Can I read manga in bed and get better, or at least rest enough to be able to be dressed and get out of the house? Well, if I can DO a 10K, and DO hard and crazy things then I can not DO, not work for JUST one day...right...RIGHT? Which is why I got these two blogs done before midnight...because they don’t count...see? I still get email in bed, so I can get comments (which I expect will be rude). I can do this! I love new and nearly impossible challenges. Stationary and RESTING Beth.


'No, writing another blog post isn't resting.'

'No, writing a book isn't either.'

'Don't make me take the computer away.'
'Lie down and lie back!'

Am I grounded?


JaneB said...

Hi Elizabeth, some lovely cat girls there! I really fancy having a tail to express how I feel, wouldn't that be fun?

But REST, OK? Yeah, it's hard when the brain is racing - but why not use some of those lovely picture books you have to try and make it shut up? Gazing at lovely pictures is DEFINITELY resting, and you can probably force yourself to do that for a while, right??

(((Beth))) (((Linda)))

You must be an exhausting patient! Linda has my utmost sympathy! :-)

thea said...

OH yeah, I bet you're grounded! But, what about the infectious one?

We hereby challenge you, Elizabeth McClung, to rest! It's a rest-a-thon!

And I do not think we need live footage of the germ transmission, either.

That's right. Look at more cat girls. The world needs to look at more cat girls :)

FridaWrites said...

It's a short blog post, so maybe it won't count as much. :)

Yes, rest! The flu can be exhausting and tiring even for TABs. I worry about you, my grandfather, my huband's grandmother, and a friend with flu and colds (the others have severe disabilities too). Reading manga sounds like a great idea.

TJ said...

You had better rest now! The Reverend has spoken!

yanub said...

Yeah, you are so grounded. Or ought to be, if that would work. Get some rest, get over this flu.

Who is the new artist you are showing here? The one for the 4th and 5th from the bottom (girl with cat, girl in kimono)? Don't answer that yet. Get some rest first.

Linda McClung said...

Great pictures - I love the girl crouching down with the kitty. And the girl who is SUPPOSEDLY me? You captured that look well, but it's not mine! I did NOT say those things (well, not out loud anyway). I will have to admit there are days when I wished we didn't have a computer. Maybe Beth wouldn't feel the need to push so hard. But I think she'd just find other things to consume all her time and energy. No doubt doing something nice for others. Imagine if there was no computer, she'd be sending hundreds of postcards a week. Oops! Shouldn't have said that.

Seriously, Beth. I would love for you to have a restful day today, lying in bed reading manga, watching tv on the laptop and even reading a few emails.

Lene Andersen said...

Jeez... you're worse than I am. I actually turned the computer off one day last week. Twitched all day, but felt better. So I dare you to do the same! Rest, read manga, rest some more.

rachelcreative said...

You stay in bed for a day and rest? That IS a challenge. But I am rooting for you Elizabeth.

The Postcard Project blog post is beautiful and eloquent. It must have been a hard one to write to talk about dying and the feelings from post BG visit.

There's some very pretty ladies illustrating this post!

I'm kind of scared about you having the flu. That's why resting is a good plan because your body is going to have such a fight you need to divert all those actions so your body can do the silent virus fighting athletics. Your job for the day is resting.

I know what you mean about even though your brain is slow it's still coming up with stuff to do faster than your body can do it. That is VERY familiar to me.

It's like your boxing but it's a mental sparring session. You think "oooh I could just do xyz while I lie here ..." and you have to throw a punch to knock it down. You settle back into "rest, quiet, calm, rest" when another "It won't hurt if I just ..." and you have to raise your guard arm so it doesn't smack you in the mouth.

Not that I have ever boxed but total rest when you're already living a very limited life is not easy! It can be tough. But you can do it.

Baba Yaga said...

Ack, flu. Yes, do rest! It's important.

Is Linda down with it too?
(Reading comprehension down today, sorry.)

wendryn said...

Perfect pictures, as usual!

I'm glad you got the blogs done, but I have to agree with Linda - Now REST please! I know you can meet a challenge, so go for this one - hold still for a day. :) It's important or we wouldn't nag you.

Glad you got a kiss, sorry you are paying for it. :(


Elizabeth McClung said...

Linda: You do SO cross your arms just like that and have that look which is sort of between, "That's it, I give up!" and "I am going to weigh you down with ROCKS! Then we will see if you rest!" which is that exact same look. But of course you still have wings on your back to show that even angels can get peeved at how hard some people are to help sometimes.

TJ: Well, if it is a ministerial command!

cheryl g said...

I am sorry to hear that you picked up the flu from Linda. I was hoping you managed to escape it. I mean kissing is good but kissing when you are well is better. Having the flu is bad and I urge you to REST, REST, REST and REST some more. At least as much as you are able around construction noise and other disturbances.

I also challenge you to spend a day in bed. Come on, I double dog dare you…

Ummm, Linda… I have seen you do that look and pose when you are frustrated and exasperated.

It is good to have fox girls and cat girls to look at. I love the two water color pictures (girl in kimono and girl with cat)! Who is the artist. I would love to look at their artwork.

Now rest…

Raccoon said...

What a way to go (says the guy who's not getting any)!

Cat girls & Fox girls, great pictures.

Neil said...

You want rude? I'll give you rude: rest NOW for a day or two, or rest permanently. Which do you pick?

I know which I want you to pick, sweetie, so go to bed, let the germs die of boredom, and you stay alive for a while. And if resting isn't boring enough to drive the germs away, find some chicken soup.

There, rude enough for you?

Love and zen hugs,

Neil said...

Had to go back and look again at the picture of "Linda." Yeah, I bet you could look like that! But without the hair blowing quite so fiercely.

Love and hugs to you too, Linda!

Anonymous said...

Lovely Elizabeth - how will you get all your DVDs watched and your manga read if you don't stay in bed and rest? They will feel neglected!

I will be thinking of you from my own bed, so we can have a long-distance bed-date. Kind of sweet and kind of hot?

I spend most days having the kind of day Linda wants you to have. It's pretty awesome that you have so many things you are passionate about doing - lately I am feeling so bored but have no energy to do anything. But like you, if I have passion for something I find the sheer will to make it happen whether or not the energy is there - but I don't have the passion, so I just spend my days in bed bored!

Anonymous said...

Okay, that earlier comment was from me, Lailah, but I think it was sent off to you with no name attached!

SharonMV said...

Dear Beth,
I'm so sorry that you got the flu. I'm worried about the swine-flu from Mexico. At least it doesn't seem to be as bad as was feared. it appears that the strain here in the US is not as virulent. I had to get a prescription of anti-viral meds in case i get it. I just thought - I really don't want to die of the swine-flu.

I love all your pretty stamps. I'm hoping to be able to order a new stamp or two soon.

Please try to rest! At least stay in bed. Learning to be still is also an accomplishment.


Neil said...

Beth, dear, my Beloved just brought in the mail, and discovered another postcard from you!

Thank you, Beth. You're wonderful.

Love and zen hugs from both of us,

Veralidaine said...

I hope that the relative shortage of comment replies means you're actually resting! You've got a pile of manga that wants to be loved, stay in bed and read it. It's a challenge for you to rest for a day, but EFM can do anything... even rest.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Jane B: I do too but actually a lot of times if you let your expressions on your face and body people can tell.

I would rest, but I am not allowed, as these is always an emergency, or someone needs me, or someone took money, or there is new staff that has to be trained for two hours. I can't rest, I am not allowed. Even here, I have not commented quickly enough and so I am bad.

I think Linda has everyone's sympathy, It is hard to be attached to a thing like me.

Thea: I failed, I'm sorry. I can however give more cat girls some time.

Frida: I read a little, but then I worked a lot, a lot and then later a lot more, and then today a lot because of an emergency and now some more, because people expect it and then postcards of course because......why do I do postcards again?

I will get the artists name, which picture do you like the best, she is the same as last post - two girls putting laterns on water.

Lene: If I could, I would, but I can't, if I turn it off, they come to me.

RachelCreative: Thank you, thank you, thank you for being the only person who got the postcard project blog post, or at least talked about it - maybe everyone else got but then picked up a vase and went, "Nice vase!" - yes it was hard to write, they sent me home and I don't know what I am to do, and yet the story end is already written.

Wendryn: Thanks, it takes doujinshi, art books and other things to try and get the art for a blog. At least for me. Maybe I am just dim.

Cheryl: They worked on the street the next day, then they used drills on the building right under my window and bed, and then they worked on the street some more - I kind of feel bad for my street, as it must have low self esteem with so much work being done on it almost every day!

If you can get me to the place, I can get the art.

Raccoon: I am glad you liked the pictures, I like them too!

Neil: No she looks like that when the wind is blowing too.

Lailah: One of the advantages of being sent home and being told you are going to die and then having seizures every day is the constant knowledge if that if you don't do something you think of NOW, it will never get done, if you don't send something to people you care about NOW, it won't happen. And they simply won't know. So I don't get bored, I get crazy, I get insane with grief and frustration.

Sharon: True, if I have to die of flu, I would rather it be the Platnium-flu or Genius-flu something like that. I do hope you get your stamps soon, Rubberneckers requires these blocks so I don't think it is as good for your precise work but good for my using elbows and forehead to press.

Neil: I am glad you like it, you are welcome. No, I'm not.

Veralidaine: I failed, but I will now do the work that I have not done so that I will be late but not fail in all things.

Abi said...

Elizabeth, the thing about failing is that it doesn't necessarily matter - you just have to try again. OK, so you didn't manage to rest enough this time, but that doesn't make you a bad person. It doesn't even indicate that you might be a bad person. It is tiresome to have to try again, but you are not known as a person who gives up easily.

So, please do try again to rest quietly, and please be aware that we are behind you, and keeping our fingers crossed for you. We don't judge you when you fail ("we" being the collective term for the majority of us commenters); I think that you should stop judging yourself, too. Which is so much easier said than done, I know.

And you are wonderful. You may not believe it, but you are. I say that you should be kind to yourself and cut yourself some slack. I know - I am very demanding today.

And you are NOT a thing - you are a human, and a particularly lovely one at that. OK?

Sending a very soothing virtual hug. xxx

Elizabeth McClung said...

I apologize for any earlier remarks I made that were impolite and not very nice. I do appreciate people commenting and I don't want them to feel bad and the problem is that I was feeling bad, really bad and really much of a failure and hurting so much that I didn't see how I would be hurting others, and I apologize for that. I understand if you want to be upset, and my self view isn't really that good right now (or really isn't that good for a while to be honest but sort of nose dived recently). And I will try to rest, but also try to be a person who doesn't hurt the people they care about also. Sorry.

Baba Yaga said...

Beth, you don't sound horrible or hurtful or thing-like, you sound ill and frustrated. Everyone who expresses real feelings grouches when flu-y, even without all the other stuff you have to bear.

You need more grouch practice even to come *near to unreasonable. ;-)