Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Postcards, the dog meet and greet, a cat and uke.

Sunday we worked on the last of the postcards and I wrote the last of the postcards. It wasn’t the 40+ we were hoping for but rather 22, and Linda and Cheryl did much of the postcard matching as I was mentally incapacitated at the time. I did my share of the stamping and here we have some of the new rubber stamps as well as some of the new inks we are trying out. I think they are very pretty.Also if you look closely, some time ago, a reader gave us the gift from the post office of Photo Stamps (we still have credit left - stamps.com – hint hint!), where you upload photos and then they get turned into stamps by the post office. Then they are sent to you to use. You can see the two types of pictures we picked (I got to pick one – me racing! Linda picked the other – me the town slut!).

Then in the early afternoon we went to the dog meet. It isn’t an official event except during different festivals (like during pride for example) but it is a 1.5 to 2 km park where dogs can meet each other and run and play and have FUN. And the owners can meet each other as well while we get to play the ‘what breed is that?’ game. This week we saw a small dog which was a cross breed of a daschund and a black Labrador I think, we were all going, ‘and how did that work....physically?’ I did not take pictures of the dogs because I need consent of the owners (many are show dogs) and besides they were there to play. And some were doing stick catching and some had those ball catchers and would run and leap for the ball.

I like BIG dogs, the bigger the better, there is one dog in town that looks a bit like a small bear which comes, but it wasn’t there this week. And Linda like the LITTLE dogs, particularly if they are carrying a BIG stick. At one point there was a TINY dog and a large to medium dog fighting over a stick and I said, “You’re thinking, ‘if only the little one would win and carry it off!’ and she started grinning.” Seriously, she can see it over and over again and she loves it. She loves the small dogs (which ones do you like?).

It was a gorgous day with the straits being clear and smooth. There were only about 60 dogs or so when we went instead of the 200+ that show up. I know because it is also a ranked jogging site with markers and if you happen to TRY to go jogging on Sunday, well, good luck, not just in being chased but in getting around the groups of five to eight dogs having a chat. But the first thing we ran into was a CAT. Yes, someone, a goth girl had brought a cat down to the dog meet, on a leash. Well, I had never seen a cat on a leash being walked much less on the Sunday dog meet but it seemed okay, like to go and explore. But of course, a dog found it, there was barking and hissing and backs raised and then after the dog left, the cat started crying, and the owner picked it up and was going home. It sounded just like a human. I had never heard a cat cry before, and it was kind of sad and creepy, that it was so frightened as to cry. I did feel bad for the cat.

We walked and rolled the length of the course and Cheryl and I had a picture taken, so here is Cheryl, yes she does come and visit, she isn’t just a figment of my imagination. Of course we (Cheryl and I, the two lesbian teenagers) were enjoying the other joys of the days of spring; women in not much at all. Some jogging, some with annoying arms around males (ug!), but still, very nice. Back in non-ogling land, here is the no leash area, with baggies every 100 yards or so. A path follows the top of the cliff with many access points down, this is the best one for smaller dogs. It has several fair sized running areas with a beach to go down to and the sea to jump in and then shake your coat ALL over your owner to show how much you LOVE THEM, plus sticks to pick up. So a fun park for dogs.

We saw a tiny dog, I think it was a small corgi bark and drive off a medium sized dog. I was sort of impressed and sort of felt, that just because the dog is bigger doesn’t mean it is not gentle or doesn’t want to fight. I like watching dogs because they are very easy to read. There was one Dalmatian which was playing catch with a stick and then another dog ran by, they sniffed and it ran for a few seconds with the ‘new friend’ but then the owner threw the stick and the dog kept looking back at the friend and the stick and eventually the stick won. It raced back, picked up the stick and then ran about to see if it could show it off to the new friend, “Look! I have a stick!” Even the ones who wanted to run some more and being put in the car were like, “More, more, we want more!”

Afterward we dropped off Cheryl at the Ferry and I promised Cheryl that next time we would have Jiffy Pop Popcorn! (when did you last have some?) Which indicated I was about 18-19 as Linda had NEVER heard me talk about Jiffy Pop (we used to have it on group camp-outs) and then I went for ice cream with Linda and had butterscotch instead of strawberry (again, what I used to do at 18-19). While she was standing in line this grandmother and her grandchild of 9-10 with long blond hair and wide eyes and full lips was there, and we looked at each other and I looked over the jeans and top and really quite gorgeous blonde hair. In the car, Linda said the girl in front had a soft voice but was very determined in what she wanted. I said I believe it because the girl was a boy. Yup, it was a Uke. I think they really didn't want to cut the hair, even if people mistook them for a girl. I looked carefullly and there were no little bit of hair ribbon or even patches on jeans that a mom would have snuck in to satisfy herself that her daughter would be identified and a girl (moms obsess about these things). Linda agreed that yes, the grandmother never said she. People just saw the hair and eyes and lips and made an assumption. Have to say one of the best hair of any of the children, girls or boys that were there. I don’t know what the future holds but he KNOWS what he wants and just keeps repeating himself until he gets it.

So that was my day out, I then went back and crashed big time. But at least I got some postcards done and some time out. There were also many packages. I think this is part of the new life I need to learn how to deal with; compromise (I know, the level of swearing!). I may not get all that I want but I got some postcards done, and I got to go out and have fun (and see a uke!). This is just a bit of early week fluff because it seems not just me but a lot of people are having a bad week. So I hope there was a smile somewhere. Don’t worry if you are a cat person, cat girls are ahead!


Lene Andersen said...

You live in a seriously gorgeous place... I grew up with dogs and my favourite was a black mini poodle we called Trine - she was insanely intelligent and had the hear of a lion. Loved that dog.

The stamps are yummy! Can'tquite decide which is my favourite - they're too gorgeous.

Glad you had a good day. Erm.. that parts of the day was good. Sorry about the regression.

JaneB said...

I like... well behaved dogs. Ones that don't jump up, bark, or shove their noses into places they shouldn't. And don't lick dirty dinner plants. Cats are just much better all round!

Though, there are two huge bear-like dogs who live near me and often walk down my street, and they are so adorably gentle and soft and lovely... they're honourary cats!

Victor Kellar said...

Sounds like a great day, of course, my day of heaven is hanging around the dog park. I spend even more time there with the two dogs.

Size means nothing to dogs. Age and dominance mean much much more. Terra will play with any dog basically up to a year old now (she's three months) and seems to like the big ones cause she likes to play rough.

Hayley, at 11 years, has no time at all for dogs under a year, those are puppies, and Grandma cannot lose her status by associating with them. And she hasn't wrestled much in the last few years, she is more a: You chase the ball and I chase you kind of girl. Having the puppy around has changed that a bit, Hayley is beginning to engage Terra in play and I wouldn't be shocked to see them wrestling soon

Jane, I totally agree with you about well behaved dogs. Owners who take badly behaved, untrained dogs off leash .. even in an off leash park .. are being irresponsible. Dogs should know manners when in public and owners should be aware that not everyone is so entranced my a muddy paw in the crotch ... In my local dog park, I've pretty much driven out those owners whose dogs are badly behaved and ill mannered. Public is public, and just like I won't tolerate stupid drunks on the street, we shouldn't tolerate rude dogs (and owners) either.

Kate J said...

I think my dog would probably enjoy that place! Sometimes I think the beach where I take her, near our caravan (Llansteffan, West Wales) is a bit like it... the other day I saw someone with five spaniels! Also there were three black labs, a German Shepherd (looked just like a wolf, one of the most beautiful dogs I'd ever seen) a huge Great Dane, the resident Bassethound, a couple of sheep dogs (well, this is Wales!) the ubiquitous Westies... and of course my own unique Ridgeback-Collie Cross! And not a cat in sight. I didn't get any pictures either... but only because I forgot the camera! I think any of the owners would have been delighted if I took pics.
And please note, we all clean up after our dogs as well, and it's only a part of the beach that dogs are allowed onto, NOT the area where children build their sandcastles etc.
Hope you are feeling better now...
Love & peace

Tom P. said...

Glad you had a nice day.

I wanted to ask you about Point Roberts... wondering if you had ever been there. I found out about it yesterday and it just seems so odd and interesting. For those who don't know, Point Bob (as it is affectionately called) is a 5 square mile exclave of the USA with a population of about 1300 people (except in the summer when about 4,000 Canadians vacation there). That means it shares a border with Canada (its about 20 miles south of Vancouver) but it doesn't share a border with the US except for water. The residents refer to it as a gated community because you need to go through customs to get to them. It also means that it is a 40 minute drive with two border crossings to get to things like hospitals and schools beyond third grade.

More fun stuff:

Raccoon said...

That looks like a beautiful day. Let me guess: no way for you to get down to the beach?

If I had my druthers on dogs, medium to large. I feel sorry for dogs, though, in suburban and urban areas. Dogs need to be able to stretch their legs, to run and play. In urban and suburban areas, they end up living in apartments or tiny houses with postage stamp yards. If the human comes home late from work, there might be a mess in the house...

Cats don't need as much room, and tend to be more solitary. Oh yeah, dogs are pack animals, like gangs, not like horses. A pack horse is one that you load luggage on, a pack dog is one that likes to hang around with other dogs.

I had a leash for one of my cats for a while. She didn't really like it. And I've heard cats cry before -- yes, it can sound really bizarre if you're not expecting it.

It's been in the upper 80s and low 90s here for the past few days, so I'm definitely going to agree with the girl watching...I'll even agree about the girls arms around their boyfriends, although I suspect for different reasons: they aren't around me!

wendryn said...

Beautiful! I wish we had dog parks like that here - Nyx would be incredibly happy!

Rude dogs should not be tolerated, I agree. And owners who don't pick up after their dogs should get into serious trouble - I really dislike having to scrape stuff off of my shoes!

I'm glad you had a good day and got to get out. The postcards look very cool. :)


Diane J Standiford said...

BIG DOGS RULE They just do. Great pics and you look beautiful, sorry but you do.

Full Tilt said...

Thanks for the postcard. Glad you got the stamps and where you live is stunning.

Olivia said...

Cat on a leash is unusal but I've heard of it - but taking the cat to the dog park? Seems like a recipe for cat crying to me! (and/or some crying dogs). Nevertheless it looks like a lovely outing to the dog park and you do look beautiful, and happy, in that moment.

Joan K said...

That sounds like a great dog park. My Boston terrier would love it. I'm glad you had a fun day out.

As far as dominance my little Boston terrier has chased a local Mastiff off of her sidewalk. It was very funny to see.

I have a leash and harness for my cat but I only use it when taking her to the vet.

Are those bear-like dogs Newfoundlands? I love that breed.

FridaWrites said...

I like the big dogs, who think you can still carry them and hold them in your lap even when they are giants. Mine looks very much like the black and white dogs in the postcards--as did my last one. Border collie, kind of like Victor's.

I love Jiffy Pop! The sound of those kernels shaking means Friday night movie. I haven't had it since I lived at home, but we've started making popcorn in the pan (much cheaper and tastes better than microwave).

I had good news today, met an important milestone. Am tired so that is all from me right now.

cheryl g said...

I felt bad for the kitty but I did have fun at the dog meet. With all those playing dogs the air is just full of happiness!

Hurrah for ukes and family that accept them!

yanub said...

Wow, everything googly sure has been slow these past 24 hours! But at last, I got to read your dog meet post. What fun the whole day, from dogs to cat to pretty boy.

Oh, something else about Lily, which walking the cat reminded me of...Lily would go walking with us, no leash involved. He'd only go as far as Carapace's elementary school, and he always looked both ways before crossing the street, and he preferred using crosswalks. He was an odd cat.

Oh, and also, you and Linda and Cheryl look good in the pictures. Your enjoyment of the day really shines through.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Lene: Lots of snow but now it is sunny and cool so I can go out without ending in ER. So I enjoy that.

I want to get a third stamp, but need more credit, I will wait until after the rates change on May 1st though. Actually regressing to 19 isn't that bad, it is 6 that is bad.

Glad you remembered your favorite dog.

Jane B: I like Samoid, and well behaved dogs, actually being in the wheelchair I am more comfortable around dogs now than before, as I was always a bit nervous. Now, dogs like the chair, and not a lot of people are ATTRACTED to the wheelchair so anyone who is I appreciate. I do love the big dogs, but I wonder how they get enough walking in a day - one friend in the UK had a husky with a sort of sled as the husky would pull, and if it wasn't a sled, it would be your arm.

Victor: Well, people said that I have a lot of cat pictures and cat girls so I know that Cheryl likes dogs and that we could balance that out with a dog park, I am sorry there aren't pictures of dogs it is just, I don't know, taking pictures of dogs without owner permission makes me feel like someone taking pictures of children without the parents permission - just not right.

I am glad you like the dog park and explained the age dominance thing.

Jane B: The irish Wolfhound is a very large dog but someone here has one that is far larger, I mean I could lay atop the dog and it could run with no problem, it literally looks like a bear but much lighter coloring.

I am not so good at remembering my status, I have a dislocated jaw (Seizure) so that is hard to eat and I passed out a lot today, as I had to shower ANd go to teh doctors, so tomorrow is a bed day. But it is still to go out when I can.

Tom P: yes, I've been there and known some people who work there, a lot work for the government or for multinationals - they get special clearance so they can go back and forth without waiting in line, it takes a while but then you get a special badge to go through the customs line. It is very expensive I guess because it is like Port Townsend, the town is very limited and not growing. I think they have an airbus instead of an ambulance.

Raccoon: I was showing you the way down! Just like um, 40 stairs and a long steep ramp - coming up again....um, no, that isn't possible, maybe high tide?

I think because in Victoria everyone is about 15-20 minutes from home a lot of people walk dogs INCLUDING the woman who is a quad who runs the disability resource center, who takes her lunch breaks to walk her dog around the blocks and over the parks - so possible. The other advantage is that there is a park area within every 3 blocks and a lot of preserved green space - of course, the mayor who was a developer destroyed all of that downtown but most of the other areas have survived with a lot of green space.

No, that's pretty much the reason Cheryl and I were against the arms around the guys, they should be around me!

I agree, I would have a cat if I could as it would be good for me, but that just isn't possible but Linda is talking of moving to where we can have one - which means that I think we are going to live for a while as if I am going to live, maybe indoors, and maybe on machines but still live.

Wendryn: I am very glad, as um, I am not sure if one of them is yours. I know one is Victor's and Raccoons, I will definately get Kate J this week.

I am glad, I know you think I am biased to cats but I wanted to show that I spend time with dogs and take people to dog parks and this is an equal domestic animal blog!

Diane: Yes, I think now that I am getting some pills topically instead of orally, I am improving, I hope that continues with Thyroid treatment. I have more face. It was a nice day and getting out was important to me. Thanks!

Full Tilt: Glad you got the postcard, I am sorry I didn't publish another comment as for some reason it was causing a computer crash (it opened your web page 31 times before crashing the computer) - I am really glad you got the postcard and I appreciate the stamps!

Olivia: Very in the moment, oh yes, something is coming for you that is good, I hope, in the moment. Yes, I felt sorry for the cat through it put up a good front in the noise department with hissing.

Joan K: I like this because it is a very beautiful park, the path is good for wheelchairs and for joggers, and jogging moms with the three wheel stollers, you can do 5k going to one end and back and you have a great view - plus the good real estate is given over to where someone can use a ball thrower as hard as they want toward the road or the cliff opposite and only get 1/2 way there at best - so no accidents. Great place to meet people or take the family. Also location for the Pride Parade dog and cat (fenced cat area) meet and greet.

Fridawrites: I like dogs but not ones who want to leap into my lap, as that is dangerous for both of us - tipping!

I think I was programmed early with some sort of jiffy pop commercial or maybe I just love seeing things grow - I know it isn't inexpensive, I had a hot air popper when I first moved out, and it did a great job but Jiffy pop is like....tradition!

Cheryl: Yes, I am sorry we didn't have more time but I didn't feel super hurried, and I hope you didn't. It was a good atmosphere.

And Grandma didn't do anything except keep pushing for the 'dipped cone' or the 'flavored cone' to which the soft response was always, 'vanilla cone' - hey, he knows what he wants, and I think everyone has realized it.

Yanub: Yes, sorry, Google has taken over the world and I started with blog roll (taken over by google and stuffed with ads - I need to figure out how to make my own with HTML) and with blooger (taken over by google who actually OFFER adds as one of the three things you can do: Create, edit, add ads - sigh.

I've had cats that walked with me down roads but never one that looked both ways - that is one smart and interesting cat.

Baba Yaga said...

Glad you had fun. Compromise is annoying, but sound.

On the subject of improbable dogs, we once owned a (very sweet, but slightly dim) King Charles spaniel - Doberman cross.

Queen Slug said...

Sounds like a wonderful day & I have to agree with all the others who said how beautiful it looks. Were it all handicapped accessible I'd be moving there in a heartbeat! I could be an illegal immigrant, lol.

I've never eaten Jiffy-Pop.

rachelcreative said...

I love it when I get to watch doggies. What you see is what you get. Living totally in the moment no strings attached. Thanks for sharing your outing. Good to see you out. Well done getting those postcards done.

Now I've got a craving for ice-cream ...