Saturday, March 28, 2009

Under construction, art books, baby monitor

I am currently under construction, please bear with me during this process, I expect to be done soon.It IS my intention to send out postcards this weekend. It is a little late for suggestions on how not to go insane but if you have any ideas on going on, please let me or Linda know. The book sale went very poorly (paid for rental of table and enough for a medication, period, time spent in sorting and pricing….$1 an hour), the ebay sale is going average to poor.

I got manga this week from two people, thank you. I really appreciated it. I read one today, and it was good. It made me feel good inside. Thank you.

Please be patient during this slight lull, and I will be back to amuse soon.
Any contribution towards art books are appreciated. The art is for the blog. I use licensed art materials. I try to find original artists and source them. Today I received some book including the ‘best 100 pictures’ of the last seven years of megami magazine. It appears that the voters were virgin males who are obsessed with boobies and girls bathing. This was disappointing. Another book I had waited 3 week for only to be told it was out of print. Linda then authorized me to get it from a very small US seller who has it out of his garage at a higher price. The book in the three weeks had gone out of print everywhere in Japan and the US and was listed as a ‘must have’ by three of the people whose lists have been good before. The two pictures I researched were very good with ‘some breast shots’ – apparently ‘some’ is a word for 60%. This was a great disappointment. I hope to sell it to the type of virgin people who told me it is a must have after taking the 25% of usable pictures for the blog.

For now, I use Akadot (gift certificates here), which, associated with DMP, has direct ties to Japan. Also Be Nippon where new books can be bought, but the shipping is high and they come dinged from the shipping getting dropped. One person had gotten me a gift card. I appreciate that. I have researched each book for about 10-15 hours in attempts to find the best art for the blog with the greatest diversity. The gift card allowed me to get lollipop 2 (which was the last copy they had, very out of print in Japan and US), and Coloured Ice (another last copy). Both books were used in the last post (on Who were you?) and others over the last month, both from artists who started from scratch, working their way up.

I like finding a good art book. I like to use the art in the blog. It is the closest to happiness I know except the feeling I get in the chest sometimes when reading manga. Someone sent a romance to Linda from her list. Thank you, it is important. If you know of the baby monitor listed used somewhere please let us know. Linda is working on work hours now. When I stay up to finish a blog, there is no way for me to call her to move me to the wheelchair. This monitor would allow me to turn it on and then let her know I needed help. Also in case of oxygen or seizure. We have bid on ebay but they go higher than we have funds.

We work onward. Nine days until nothing changes, nine days until Booth Gardner, nine days until everything changes.


Lene Andersen said...

Suggestions on how not to go insane. Hmm... Best I can come up with is watching lots of Bones. Lots. Feeding squirrels might work, too.

The Booth-Gardner countdown makes me kind of queasy. Your stomach must be roiling.

Mind linking to your ebay sale? I've tried searching for it, but I must be ebay-challenged...

Anonymous said...




FridaWrites said...

I'd like your links to the ebay sale too. We've found more luck with selling books on Amazon, but of course you can't list lots of books on Amazon the same way. For individual books it can work better. Plus it goes off sale if it doesn't sell in 30 days--you don't have to worry about it selling for $.01 or anything. I think fewer people are buying right now just because of the economy.

The manga art is beautiful.

I'm hoping that Booth Gardner can give you some assistance right away even if it takes several appointments to accomplish everything.

Elizabeth McClung said...

The ebay link is on Linda's Blog or it is Here:

I don't advertise it on my site because Screw Bronze isn't about advertisement, but life, more like.

JaneB said...

Not going insane... don't ask me! Not my forte. But squirrels sound good... are there manga about squirrels? Reading those might be a good solution!

And glad you have more pictures to play with!

Neil said...

I hope you're still with us.

I couldn't read your Who Were You post; things that happen in childhood should stay in childhood, and I'm happy to forget my childhood, thank you. It wasn't nearly as bad as yours, dear; I'm just glad it's over.

On the bright side, I got another post card from you last week. Thank you, it is beautiful.

Love and hugs,

Elizabeth McClung said...

Jane: Oh well, I think the trick is keeping on the line between sane and insane or knowing where it is.

Neil: I am sorry that it was a painful post, I wanted it to be a nice one as most people have one or two good memories of young years. Beautiful postcard, now I am not sure if the addresses didn't get mixed up - didn't you get the wise man with the beard?

jana said...

Try your local for the baby monitor--they go for free all the time on my local list. Also, craiglist will probably have some.