Monday, March 09, 2009

Five manga you should buy (reviews) and 'When your girlfriend goes straight': a survival guide

The first part of this blog will be a manga reivew of five top manga, followed by that classic and tragic experience and pain we all have felt, ‘when your girlfriend goes straight…’ Wow, a pang of pain just in writing that.

But first, a lot of great people have been gifting me with manga from the wishlist. So these are five titles I have been given that we (Linda, Cheryl and I) have all read and enjoyed, all rated as top notch. And when you have three lesbians saying, “Go read these heterosexual romantic manga!” then you know they are good. The first, The Name of the Flower is more about healing and how we bond as humans than it is a simple romance. The story starts with a girl whose parents have died, and she has been passed every few weeks or months from one family to another until she ends up with her uncle the writer. He is a total grouch. She hasn’t spoken or cried since the funeral.
So the uncle tells her, ‘You clean and cook and you can stay here.’ And she does, and when he sees her one day he says, “If you have extra time, you can garden.” So she goes to school, comes home and cooks, cleans and works in the garden. And after a time, seeing the plants she has planted as seeds grow up and then bloom, for the first time in a long time…..she smiles. She made something grow. And over two years, she joins the community gardening society (she is the favorite of lots of old men) and cooks and eventually the grouch, who used to speak to no one, starts to speak to her. He asks her the name of a flower. He actually reaches out of himself and asks her something.

With the garden, in some way, she learned to grieve and then learned to go on with life and put it all into her garden so it was a pleasant place to sit. It has joy. This manga is the highest recommended from all three of us. There will be a book two but this volume can stand alone. Also, this, Heaven’s Will and We were There 1 & 2 should all be available on the 4 for 3 Amazon promotion, which means it has free shipping and you get all 4 for about $26-27.

The next one we recommend is Heaven’s Will, I have talked about this manga before but this was a book that was SO good, we were all disappointed that it is listed as a ‘stand alone’ (meaning just one volume) book and we want MORE. There is a girl Sudou who has a really bad fear and experience with boys. She can also see ghosts and runs because she is scared...a lot. Sudou is running from a ghost when she meets Sato who is a beautiful goth girl who with her man-servant Kagari (who happens to be a vampire), can exorcise ghosts. Sato and the vampire have a deal; but it will take a lot of trust before Kagari will explain why he is with Sato, even when Sudou walks in on Kagari feeding on Sato in her long black negligee. Oh, yeah, and Sato is technically a guy, but since he is ‘keeping his body perfect until he can have a sex change’ it is sort of easier to think of Sato as she. The good thing is that Sudou now has a friend, who while technically a guy, is sort of a best girl friend and is teaching her how to be strong and stand up for herself. And while Sato is helping Sudou to be strong, Sudou is trying to help Sato with Sato’s pain, and complicated past (COMPLICATED!). I don’t want to give anything away but this is a great goth loli, best girlfriend, vampire, adventure, friends helping each other and learning to accept each other AND themselves manga I can recommend. We all want more! So write and draw fast Satoru Takamiya (the author), please!

We Were There is a story complete in two volumes. This along with the other manga listed have all won awards. This manga is about a boy who has his girlfriend die (only, of course, it is more complicated than that!), and shuts off his emotions and about the girl who falls in love with him. He uses a smile and an air of ‘I don’t care’ to keep everything emotionally away. It is not like she wants to be, and he shuts her down a bunch of times but... she IS in love with him. He soon knows it, they talk about it, he teases her but they become friends but the past is always between them. Is there ever a way for him to move beyond what happened in the past and live in the present? Is that possible for any of us? And this is no simple ‘love wins out’ western story but a Japanese story which leaves the complexities of repressed emotion, falling in love and how even two people who want to care for each other can still hurt each other, and then....maybe love. Again, if lesbians are recommending romances between guys and girls – top recommmendation!

Object of Desire is part of the Luv Luv series and is for adults, or at least mature 17 or 18 year olds. It is about the sex that is going on NOW (with girls from 17 and up). I liked it because I heard the kind of statements I used to hear at work in Cardiff, “Oh, I am going down to club xxxxx tonight and having some sex.”

Me: “Are you looking for a boyfriend?”

Her: “That would be nice, but I just want to have some sex for now.”

Or statements like, “It wasn’t great, but the sex felt good afterward.”; or thoughts like, “Do I stay with him, or let him have sex with me just so I have someone?” – these are the statements in this book too! Like I said, this manga is about real life. There are five stories ranging from a virgin who is known as the Ice Princess who is hounded by a dope she finally accepts as her boyfriend and her first time. Then a story about a girl with large breasts who always has boys after her; wanting to be her boyfriend but really, they just want to have sex. She wonders, will anyone be honest, will they stop using these stupid pick-up lines and just say, “I want to have sex?” Amazingly, one guy does, and it turns out that she ends up, not with just throw-away sex but a boyfriend, in this clueless wonder of a guy. The favorite story of Linda and mine is called 'Maid for Love' and it is about a girl who works at one of the Maid cafĂ©’s. She likes her job, she likes pretending to be a maid and while she is sexualized by lonely men at work, she knows how to cut them off in a polite (and if she has to, not so polite way). She likes to fantasize that she is a maid for her boyfriend, and goes to a work party with him. It turns out to be the house of a rich woman and she volunteers to be a maid for the night saying, “I’m a professional!” But when the other wives and girlfriend find out where she works, they talk trash about her, and when some husbands find out, they come and ask her to ‘service them’ – her boyfriend arrives to take care of her. She just wanted to be a 'real maid' for once, which is what she likes being (what difference between that and the SCA?), so she could dressing up as one. Also her boyfriend watched out for her, made sure she was okay, protected her, because she was a bit of a klutz. As he says while she is sleeping, “You make a better fantasy maid than a real one!” But he accepts what she likes to do. And he helps her do it. The whole book was so interesting (five stories in all), that I put two more of the ‘luv luv’ seres that were recommended on my wish list (they said “if you like Object of Desire try….). I know, I am getting manga with five hetero stories to read? Oh no, is Beth going straight? That will soon be answered!

So go off and try those manga (the last one only if 17 or 18 and above) and see what you think.

This is a brief pause in order to insert a cat girl picture. It is like looking at the Sakura Blossoms. Is there a need or reason for the picture beyond its beauty? Would an Elizabeth McClung blog be complete without one?

I finish this post with a common scenerio, in fact one so common that two of the three of us were shocked, maybe a little hurt when they found out that X, a good female friend was…oh, it sounds so wrong…..STRAIGHT. There I said it. Yes, she turned out to be straight. She had the vibes, she had a lot of cues, but in the end, out comes the man. And how do you deal with that?

So a quick survival guide for what is becoming almost an epidemic: girls going straight. I know they say they can’t ‘choose’ their orientation, but…not to MEN, try harder? Nevermind, not going to debate that. We all know that there is a natural order and beauty to the world….lesbians. I mean, it is what high school romances, and crushes are all about right, finding the right girl, hoping this lasts beyond high school, that special bond, those ‘special sleepovers.’
Now, the thing is, you have a best girl friend and a really close friend, the kind of person you can run up to and give a surprise hug when you see them on the street. That kind of close friend, and you are pretty sure you have all the signs down, I mean, they are lesbian! Or at least bisexual, and while you may hook up with your own girlfriend you are completely comfortable around them. You are there, giving your special greeting hug (you are the one with blue hair!) sort of just huggig each other while you talk and gossip (you are there for each other hugging when times are bad..or good! And often like today you just hang out). Then she starts talking about some guys butt.

This is the great mystery; apparently hetero women can SEE a butt on a guy while lesbians just sort of see the back of a pair of jeans. But a butt on a girl? Oh yes, getting hot now! So she talks about a guys butt or worse, some actor’s chest (it is flat, with hair…what is to get excited about?). So you think “Okay, she’s bisexual!”

Only next time, you are talking to her, she comes out with this story about a guy who ‘totally saved her’ (turns out he caught some oranges – how is that ‘saving her?’) and how cute he is. You are kind of in shock and miss the next part. Which is probably for the best because it turns out she, for his KINDNESS, invited him out on a picnic. Yeah, it’s a DATE. OMG!

So they go out on this picnic and he is apparently so kind and considerate and she talks about him and everything he said and what he wore, and how afterward he came home and helped her take in the laundry? And how he is man enough to do housework, how sweet is that? You don’t answer in case the gagging noises are audible.

And then the next time you see her she talks about how they have taken it to the NEXT LEVEL which is kissing and how sometimes it is just great to be hugged and embraced. You think to yourself, as she is lying in your lap; Oh I know some great embraces and they don’t involve GUYS!
But see you DON'T say that because you went and got a out a BOOK from the library and read some Heart columns and you now know that your friend is 'coming out' as straight. What do you do? Here are some tips from the book (Taken from actual help sections): “Try not to think of her being straight as good or bad but more like just being left handed.”, “you may disapprove of what she is doing but accept who she is.” Plus, “It is okay to express surprise, just not TOO much surprise.” And most important, “Do your research to understand what straight means.”

You have followed the book: “Hugs are encouraged”, as well as, “Take them out for a celebratory meal” and “as long as she’s happy.” You did that, which to you is sort of looking like a date but she is clueless and you end your date/time out on the lawn and she looks for four leaf clovers.

“You like this guy” you say, trying to be supportive.

“Oh yes”, she lies in your arms and twirls the four leaf clover she has found and continues, “I wonder if this means I’ll get lucky tonight!”
You are glad she can’t see your eyes as they bulge out: get lucky? Oh my, this is NOT like being left handed at all. You remember the book, “take the opportunity to learn about what it is like to be straight” and restrain yourself and manage to choke out a, “um…ah….what about size and that?”

She twirls the clover the opposite direction, “I guess that doesn’t matter….oh I mean it DOES, but I have the Rabbit for that, I just want to know that I am special and feel that glow and him inside…”

“Um isn’t that a tornado?” You say desperately trying to cut her sentence off.

But that is what she wants and that is what she gets, (she virtually attacks him!)and you have to hear the blow by blow the next day about how he was great and afterward she wrapped herself around him and ahhhhhh.....(try not to claw out eyeballs)
Okay, she’s straight. You have to deal with it. You have to meet him, as the book says, “Love is love no matter who you fall for (apparently this includes men), and the whole, “If you love them, then I love them” It just can’t be avoided, maybe after a while, like two or three seconds you can tell her that the sexual blow by blow can be toned down (or eliminated) because you have to eat later. But you are all for him and if he makes her happy (you are envisioning yourself nine months in the future with her sobbing in your arms about what a bastard he is!)…

So the thing is, most females like female friends. It is sort of natural, in the same way guys get together to play games with game stations and grunt or hoot, or they go bowling, females get together and talk and share and sometimes just hang out. But, here are some tips to help you next time, so you aren’t SO surprised, that your friend just might be straight (or a femme which would be cool since you need someone to go shopping with):

1)She wears high heel shoes and claims they are ‘comfortable’ even for eight hours.
2) She likes wearing panty hose
3) She can actually SEE something when looking at a man’s butt (all I see are jeans, what does she see?) and likes it.
4) She says,“He’s so cool!”
5) She says, “Do you think I should act less smart so he isn’t intimidated?
6) She talks about how she watched sports with a guy….and enjoyed it (but can’t name any of the rules)
7) She starts praising a guy for things like: Carrying a 20 lb BBQ (“You are so strong”), lighting candles, “I never could have done that” – apparently this isn’t a lobotomy, it is called straight dating rituals, aka, getting laid.
8) She tells you she wants to get ‘lucky’ as she hold a condom.

Just because your friend is straight doesn’t have to stop you being their friend, indeed you can become stronger friends, but that brief pang you feel as you realize, “Oh no, not a bunch of drunken men over you! You are special, you are precious, don’t you get that?” But apparently it is like being left handed.


yanub said...

As it happens, I'm left-handed. I can explain that whole pants mystery to you anytime.

Your description of "The Name of the Flower" reminds me of Silas Marner. I might have to check it out.

Victor Kellar said...

I'm still laughing, I have tears in my eyes, I don't think I can think straight ... ok, that just got me laughint again

wendryn said...

This was a very funny post! I love the pictures, and the manga sounds interesting.

I hope you managed some rest after such a long blog!

rachelcreative said...

Ah now I know what I am supposed to act like as a straight girl.

Happy to see you've been enjoying your reading.

Sfrajett said...

Wow--I can't wait to read some of these. They sound fantastic. I also wanted to thank you for your story about what it's like to experience homophobia from caretakers even in a place where gay marriage is legal. I'm totally going to quote you!

Abi said...

Sorry about my little straightness issue. I know that you find it a little disturbing, and am glad that you are prepared to be tolerant. Incidentally, the only 2 items I could say I do on your checklist are see men's bums and appreciate them (although only in a few cases - generally, men's bums are not as nice as women's bums) and offer praise for doing manly things (this was an experiment; I was not pleased with the result).

As far as the other items are concerned,
1) I am wearing a pair of man's shoes at present. Well, they were intended to be man shoes, but now they belong to me. Very comfy, reasonably smart, and should feel at home crawling around the internal bits of pipe organs.
2) Panty hose? Well, I suppose it's better than having to make my legs look presentable, or having cold legs, should I decide to wear a skirt (about three days out of every three weeks, on average).
4) Well, he usually isn't particularly cool, is he?
5) I think that if he gets intimidated because I am too intelligent he should probably just crawl back under his stone. (Miaow!)
6) Well, watching sport with a guy could be fun, I suppose. Especially gymnastics. Probably not football, though. I can happily cope with 5 minutes of highlights every single year (my endurance is impressive), but more than that gets a bit dull.
8) Yeah, I'm a bit more exclusive than that. They don't get lucky very easily ;-)

Perhaps I have missed my true orientation? Food for thought indeed...

FridaWrites said...

I enjoyed reading the manga reviews--I've become interested in some series from reading here and from your amazon wish list. Our library does have some manga, though it's hit and miss--sometimes a vol. 2 but no vol. 1. But they have the pokemon and Bone series for my son, Angelic Layer and Clover for my daughter. I like that the TokyoPop has ratings for theirs; I've learned that I need to read the whole book first.

I just finished Translucent 2 and 3--4 and 5 will be out this summer, yay. Great commentary on disability. It actually helps my concentration to work on reading lighter materials for an extended time.

Very wry/funny twist on the typical advice about what to do if your friend is lesbian/gay.

Lene Andersen said...

I promise I'll never get detailed about icky sex with men. If I ever have a sexlife again, that is...

Oh and your list? Only 3) and 8) apply to me (occasionally with the addition of 4)). Does that mean I'm bisexual? ;)

Great entry. Might even get me to read manga!

Joan K said...

I enjoyed this post. It was funny.

As a lesbian I can say none of the 8 apply although some lesbians call me a femme because I carry a purse. I disagree.

I'll have to look for some of those manga. They sound interesting.

Baba Yaga said...

I see too few of them, but a well-turned masculine bottom has its points. that is, curves. very nice ones. otherwise, well, legs have to have tops.

as for your little list - well no *wonder I've never found a good pair of left-handed scissors. I think it's the sea squirt which eats its own brain - I didn't realise left-handed women *also had to do so. & their spines, too, who'd'a think it?

(I needed some sillness. thank you.)

Raccoon said...

Always forward, never straight...

Hilarious. Hrm. Of course, now we are trying to figure out who this new found straight girlfriend is...

Donimo said...

The topics covered in manga and the beautiful illustrations make me want to read them... but I have such a hard time getting past the eyes! Why so freakishly large? Do you know why this is such a standard feature? They really distract me/put me off. Your reviews pique my interest, though.

Funny spin on what to do if your friend is gay. Gaydar isn't always right and behavioral rules or cues can be misleading. I am a dyke and I appreciate men's bodies, I have many dyke friends who wear lipstick and heels (including two who carry lipstick at all times and make sure they wear it even when exercising)... there are a lot variations out there. How about the lesbians who sometimes have sex with me? You just never know!

cheryl g said...

Great reviews! The Name of the Flower was really a great book. The interaction between much wounded souls was amazing. Heaven’s Will should not be a stand alone book. Mainly because I want to know what happens to the characters. There is much more story to tell. We Were There is also a great look at people and how they deal with pain and sorrow. It is also a very sweet love story. I haven’t read Object of Desire yet but I really want to.

Ooooh, cute cat girl…

I know it isn’t a choice for them but I just can’t imagine being straight. I look at a guys butt and all I see are jeans. I look at the chest and think “Put a shirt on, please”. The thought of wearing high heels, hose, or even skirts just chills me. I do like seeing them on others.

Many of my closest friends are straight. They are regular people just like you and I. They just seem to have an attraction to men. Well, I say live and let live.

Shea said...

I like this post. It reminds me of this girl in high school who had a crush on me. I sprained my ankle and she helped me(with my loud protest) all the way across campus. I always thought she was nice, but from the other side(straight one), sometimes you just don't know what to do. Putting aside all moral and religious opinions that I possess(no judgments here) my life probably would have been easier if I had gone out with Erika. I have yet to meet a man that can be trusted(sorry guys), at least in my life. I am certain that there are decent chaps out there, I just am a magnet for strange stalker type men. For some reason they get some twisted little kick out of trying to tame the 'ice princess'(that was what I was recently called), that and untouchable, always nice things to here about yourself after 30 years, huh? That is one of the reasons my blog had to be private. Psycho patient tracked me down. Anyway, you could just cut to the chase and ask her if she's straight. We recently went out to dinner with some friends of friends, and believe it or not, that's what I did. The lady was very nice, but she was sharing a room with a well known lesbian(who makes Vincent Dice Clay seem like a choir boy, had to throw that oxymoron in there, simile, whatever). I asked her, she laughed, and proceeded to tell me her door was a revolving one. We then talked about all sorts of things like our kids, where we had lived, etc. Of course, I am a little too outspoken maybe.

Elizabeth McClung said...

I am very glad people liked this, as I wanted to bring some laughter and some fun to the blog, and I hoped the straight people wouldn't get too irked. Plus, after reading the manga, I wanted to recommend the ones that I think adults and/or blog readers here would find of interest (and 4 are 4 for 3 I think so that is easy and then can be resold on Amazon again for half back or more so cheapish read).

Yanub: I am left handed too, but I still don't see those curves, just jeans. I guess it is shorter but perhaps the same type of redemption except isn't Silas from Hardy who doesn't believe in redemption (or did he get sappy for one book - see, found a book I didn't read!). I do heartily recommend Name of the Flower - see Cheryl's review below.

Victor: I am glad, I am happy that I could help you laugh, or the pictures could. Well, I suppose I should do a version for guys but I need some gay men to help me with that.

Wendryn: Thank you, I worked on the pictures, many were from different art books and I am glad that I hit the right note of humor, after writing for several hours and at 2 am you begin to wonder if there is going to be a lynch mob. that Portuguese for 'work until you pass out'?

Rachelcreative: Yes, I wanted to make sure those who have been helping and rooting for me to rest know that I DO read and also I help select some of the best to recommend. Yes, don't you know that you are supposed to LOVE high heeled shoes? Did you miss that somehow?

Sfrajett: yes, they would be a bit of a break, but also very touching, and I think transcend gender. Please do use that anecdote (or my life as anecdote). You can pass the law but that still leaves 49% or 44% who use their mini powers to make your life not so wonderful.

Back after I sleep all...honest!

FridaWrites said...

"Many of my closest friends are straight. They are regular people just like you and I."
Laughing myself silly, Cheryl. Friends don't let friends be straight?

I'm left handed too!

Donimo said...

Oops, funny typo: I meant to write "lesbians who sometimes have sex with MEN" and not "me." Oy.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Abi: Well, we all have issues, mine is global domination, and yours is men, or a man. I find it interesting you did it as an experiment but concluded the results were not worth repeating or will you try the praise thing again? Or the sport watching thing?

2) Haha, you are on the path, first it is once a week, then once a fortnight, then once a month! Who wants them, well except when you want to play sexy and a wee bit of kink and bows. But oddly when you come to work in a mini school uniform skirt and thigh highs with bows and lacing down the back, the boss just goes on about something like, "Suitable for a workplace environment" - which if Eric and Suz can have sex in the copier room, I think it is VERY suitable.

I can see #5 is one you have encountered before!

YEs, getting guys to stay for figure staking is hard, unless they are guys you are NEVER going to get lucky with. Since they DO see the guy butts.

Frida: You perked up my whole day saying Translucent 4 & 5 are coming out, as now I have that to live for too. There is so much to live for, I don't have time for dying. If only the body would agree!

There is another more obscure series complete in three volumes called Flock of Angels - it is a good analogy about society and difference and can be used both for being gay or for disability and how families react to it. It works both ways as it talks about genetics and predispositions but also the realities of what this means in society - but is a fun manga where wings, are seen as a source of shame, and children are found with wings cut off, or beaten; or hidden. You might like it.

Lene: It is my dying wish that all my friends get laid so I am working on you and many others; sending my vibrant sexual energy out there - because if I can't feel enough to masturbate, it must go somewhere!

You say, "He's so cool" - ? Okay, remind me to avoid going to certain films with you.

I did use all the stuff from actual advise columns, well except the list which was from my conversations with straight women over the years who tell me how comfortable high heels are, and wow, look at that chest (and I think, "Yes, and look at the Canadian Shield, can you tell the difference? I don't want to have sex with either!")

Yes, Lene, please read manga, some you can read on line, which with Dragon might actually preserve your shoulders.

Joan K: I am VERY happy that you enjoyed this. I do have a whole another post of Lesbian manga - I recommend Burst Angel 1 and 2 - action AND lesbian housekeeping. That or Hayate X blade are probably the most overtly lesbian ones out there besides last uniform and Voiceful Voice.

But I tend to queer whatever I read, and since I talk to women, most days and that is it, being able to talk the talk and list to them moan about boyfriends is important (caregivers, salon, nurses, and tech assistants - I sometimes live a male free week - just a side effect of having care giving)

Baba Yaga: I will take your work for it, there is a back (if you are unlucky then the oreo roll) and a little bip and legs - what is to see - what is worse is see the um 'package' up front - geez, why not bring back codpieces!

I'm glad you had fun; I am left handed and I have had guys be totally shocked when I corrected them and went, "well good for you, you are a firecracker, lil lady" - I'm 6'3"!!!! I think after a few more of those I get crossed off the 'will sleep with' list - on the other hand, I have heard it is impossible to get crossed off the male 'will sleep with' list PARTICULARLY if you are lesbian.

Raccoon: I hope to please! Ah well, that would be telling, but let just say, when you wear a black turtle neck and call something that vibrates a 'crotch rocket' THEN reveal the boyfriend, hearts will be crushed (mine).

Donimo: Join Maggie for the "freakish eyes club" - It is standard in Shojo manga to have large eyes particularly for females, it is one of the FEW ways to tell who IS female (or Uke...depending). Actually since the late 80's and early 90's time of sweet shojo, the eyes have come down in size by about half. Imagaine that! I dunno, Linda started having a hard time too, but she is okay with these, she says they have clean lines.

I was totally baffled by this paragraph as you seemed to be declaring yourself the third gender: Men, women and Donimo - until your correction - thanks. I know, my question is what do femmes who want to gender bend do? I think I will threaten to become a lipstick lesbian! Haha. I have to say that I like nice cross dressing boys, and girls for that matter - which is why I like manga becuase there is ALWAYS a girl dressed as a boy in there somewhere, or vice versa, or both! And everyone goes, "Muh, whatever!"

Cheryl: I know, I love the character's in Heaven's Will and I want so much to know more of the story, so I hope that one continues - I have just found out that Iona-soma Fantatics (otherwise knowns as lesbian Harem gone wild as queen assembles lesbians whereever she goes, loads of fun!) - has a volume 2 in Japan - now I REALLY need to learn Japanese!

Skirts are just that, skirts, they can accentuate sexuality but as a good garmet to run in, I think not! What amazes me is those 80's and 90's TV women who ran in high heels AND skirts and chased down guys - now THOSE were women to look up to!

Haha. Yes, I once had a straight living next to me, and though I didn't talk to them, they seemed almost normal. - hee hee.

Shea: Well, I bet she relives that moment in her mind. The advise is "Don't get involved with straight girls" as you fall in love but eventually, they go back to men; they know they shouldn't, they know they can't find happiness but 'maybe this time it will be different' - and we end up with broken hearts - but you love who you love, and in high school that is usually a straight girl.

Actually I think it was cool that you were okay enough about your OWN sexuality to ask her about if she was lesbian or not. Because sexuality is just that, who do you find attractive. But when people get all hinky, oh well, then it gets annoying. Sounds like you have not had your share of great men, nor in truth have I. I do believe that there can be good, caring and equal partnerships between men and women - it is just so hard because the men have to fight all the time against all the social training and crap thrown at them, about who they can be and what they can do. (yeah, I'm defending guys here! Or at least the ones who try to make an EQUAL partnership - because society says a man who listens to a woman in relationship is 'whipped' - okay, nice message there).

Sorry, I got lost, glad you liked it!

Neil said...

Oh, the shame: I male AND straight. How will I ever live it down?!?

I'm sorry dear, but I have no butt to watch - or not be attracted to: you've made me laugh it off.

And I too will be looking for The Name of the Flower.

Love and hugs,

rachelcreative said...

Yeah I missed the lesson on wearing high heeled shoes.

I even wore trainers under my wedding dress :D

SharonMV said...

I'm left-handed and straight! And smart - that last one did scare away the boys.

I liked the stories & themes in the manga books. Very good reviews.


yanub said...

Silas Marner was by George Eliot, and Eppie does redeem his misanthropic heart. Hardy is Tess of the d'Ubervilles and Jude the Obtuse, er, Obscure.

As to the other issue--It isn't curves ones looks at. More like, planes and angles.

Diane J Standiford said...

And when she leaves you for your brother? Moves into the apt, that both of you redecorated in your minds? Wore your matching ring to his bed? I found only one way to survive that---move 3,000 miles away. (THEY broke up within a few weeks of my moving away)

Raccoon said...

wasn't there a movie, Chasing Amy, or something like that? Straight guy and a lesbian fall in love, but it doesn't work out for the straight guy, and she goes back into a lesbian relationship?

As a FYI, Watchmen has full frontal nudity. Of a male. Of course, he's blue, if that makes a difference.

Neil said...

There's a history of the post card at

Apparently, they first appeared in 1490. You have a long tradition behind you, dear.

Love and hugs,

lilwatchergirl said...

Brilliant post. I *love* the picture of the girl devotedly holding the very irritated-looking guy...

"We all know that there is a natural order and beauty to the world... lesbians."

Genius. Pure genius.

Anonymous said...

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