Saturday, March 07, 2009

Attractions of Victoria: thongs, snow and my boobies!

I did promise to show you my leopard print thong panties right?!Well here I am corset, body shave, wet hair and umm…all.

I needed a wall to hang on to hold myself up, and this was it, sorry, I will work on getting a pole installed soon! Oh yes, this blog post is totally work safe! I just wanted to show you how I shaved my legs to go out in my skirt and goth gear. Come on! You KNOW how much effort that takes. From there things just…

See, only 16 hours ago it looked like THIS: wondrous, peaceful and sunny as we visited these serene gardens, showing the bedrock of Vancouver Island. A genuine Victoria tourist spot (unlike my apartment).

Except, once you let in a ‘Certain Element’ things sort of go down hill sometimes. Linda is nice. But I got BORED. Linda went down the stairs and I was up there looking over the SAME plants and I got bored okay! So I started flashing peopleby boobies and then Linda came to the bottom of the stairs and I yelled, “Take a picture of ME!” And she did (she really will take a picture of anything!).

That was supposed to explain how after an hour of a full body shave with assistance and finding that LINDA had put out my leopard print thong, I was like, “oh you want it like that do you?” And then tried to convince Cheryl and then Linda to take a picture of me, with thong, my corset, goth earrings, necklace with Hello Kitty holding a bloody knife and a carved out human heart and….well, um, perfume? And they did. Do you want the rest of the photo series (available for download for a nominal price!)?

Anyway, after I had my fun (or the wall had it’s fun – the poor things that wall has to put up with). We head out to take over in my skull shoes and skull blanket and little black skirt to find…..SNOW.So after stopping by some dead bodies to take a picture of the snow flurries (come to Victoria for all the main attractions: me flashing people, um….me in a thong holding myself up on various walls and SNOW – which is what makes us so different than other Canadian cities). We are going to try again tomorrow to see the museum and some other sites…thong and all.

As you can see, I am deep, deeply grieving: it just comes out in odd ways (send more thongs!).


FridaWrites said...

Well, it looks like you guys have had a great time. The green corset is beautiful--I'd be sooooo cold in a short skirt when it's snowing. Snow when there's green grass, how 'bout that?!

Veralidaine said...

It is good to see you being playful. I'm sure the passers-by appreciated (or were baffled by) it, too! You certainly have the body for underwear posing now-- too bad about how you got it, which says a lot about underwear models. They must dine on hand-selected leaves of romaine lettuce.

The leopard print suits you. Maybe you should choose a leopard print bikini for Sakura Con. Then you could go as a bikini catgirl angel. Might as well do all of the anime girl stereotypes at once, cross them all off the list of things Beth has dressed up as in one fell swoop, right?

Elizabeth McClung said...

Frida: it was definately freaky weather day! Um, we had fun getting ready, going to try again tomorrow for the museum, the whole flurries wasn't a joke after all - so much for cherry blossoms. Thanks for the compliments on the corset!

Veralidaine: I do honestly think this is a stress reaction of I have simply no where left that is safe to me so what does it matter anymore? But it feels like playful so I go with it! Thanks, I am rather stick thin, I can't complain about my ankles, I just have to worry about twisting them getting helped off the wall.

I am now serious looking as Sakura-con is like a month away, where does one get a bikini in March with matching cat ears? Yes, bikini Catgirl (I could be any character from Lum! then in cosplay!) That would be so cool, and maybe cold too! I promised, and I DELIVER!

rachelcreative said...

I love your outfit Beth! Glad you got out. You're such a minx!

Lene Andersen said...

Imagine piercing wolf whistle. Wooo, baby!!! Totally think you could use the series of photos as a fund raising opportunity.

Love it when you express your grief so... erm... exuberantly. As my father used to say, fuck on regardless!

cheryl g said...

I am glad that wall is in your apartment so you did not try to stand for long on your own or go out in search of a suitable wall or post to use for the picture. If walls could talk that one would either be stuttering in shyness as it blushed or it would greet you every day with a deep, “Hello Baby, lean on me anytime.”

You are incorrigible… and hot… I find it funny that Linda tells me, “Don’t encourage her!” as she snaps multiple pictures at various angles. I wonder if any will end up on the digital photo frame.

The sunny garden looks great! I am glad you got to make the outing. You flashing your boobies just enhances the experience for others in the garden. Oh yes, Linda may say I encourage you but there she is with the camera snapping away…

Gaak, that snow flurry was not pleasant. Given how cold I was bundled up, I am amazed you were able to stand it. Hurrah for the museum visit. I am hoping for sun…

We all grieve in our own ways and if yours involves corsets that is OK…

Queen Slug said...

Well it seems like a good time was had by all! :D

Meredith said...

Yee haww, you look so much better than last time I've been here!
(Ugh. This exam period sucked hard. And now I'm in a downward spiral involving money woes, admin woes and hostility towards basically anyone. But I'll be around more from now, as it seems.)

Aww, you little Neko ^_^

yanub said...

A bikini should be pretty easy to find in March. That's when the stores start pushing them, regardless of the weather. I have never understood the retail seasons, but that's how it is. In Texas, you start seeing winter coats in August. No one actually buys them, because the very idea of putting one on, even in an air conditioned building, is revolting. And then the bathing suits come out in February. Madness, I tell you, madness.

Keep us informed on how the cosplay costuming is going. Oh, will Cheryl and Linda also be cosplaying?

JaneB said...

Dearest Beth, that green corset is yummy and you are definitely an attraction in Victoria!

I am still in Sweden on a work trip, finally found some wifi, and reading about your last few days made me so... full of emotion for you. Angry, empathic, sad, wishing I could help. I'm here, listening and caring, and praying, and I hope that does something to help. Keep going - corset and ears and all!

thea said...

Woohoo, corsets rule! Glad you got to get out :)

Joan K said...

I love that green corset. That thong looks very nice too. I'm glad you had a chance to get out and shock some folks. That's always fun.

Donna Lee said...

My parents cut me and my children out of their lives for no real discernable reason so in effect, I am an orphan too. Maybe we could have a club, "orphans with living parents".

And that corset looks goooood on you!

Neil said...

You look very good in the corset and thong, dear. The corset looks turquoise omnmy monitor, but the colour suits you.

I'm glad you had a good day, but it's not supposed to snow in Victoria in March, is it?

And what kind of corset lets you haul it up to flash people? I'll bet it's one that doesn't give much support.

Love and hugs,

Elizabeth McClung said...

Um, I will post a blog tonight, as I have finished the medical imaging test (fun!), and need sleep - will write and make pretty pictures after sleep!

Frida: I do like the green corset, and I do get cold but not like Cheryl and Linda it seems, another advantage of dead nerves. Today it snowed again for four hours. I think we have lost our main tourist attraction: not looking like winnipeg in March.

Veralidaine: Ooops, did this already but I will say again, I do need someplace with like a halter top (with padding!) and a bikini bottom, and matching cat ears, in leopard print!

Rachelcreative: One does try, I said to Linda, "Oh no, what will happen at my next job interview for dean of a department and they google me?" - morbid humor.

Lene: If THAT is one of your father's phrases I REALLY which I could have got to known him.

Linda thinks my devo factor will increase dramatically - I think she is an optimist, I am not in the chair!

Cheryl: I did suggest to Linda we go wheeling and try and find some walls to do a series "brain damaged woman in thong and corset holding on to wall" - the photo exhibition.

I think you are both enablers, I am just glad I made it through the museum without flashing anyone, though did you notice I put the ice pack in my boobs to give me a bit more OOMPH!

Queen Slug: Including the wall - according to Cheryl!

Meredith: Such an interesting reintroduction. IF you want to die before me, you need to get some plans in place, since I have a visitors pass already for the beyond.

Yanub: Okay, off to the mall I go! I will find the bikini! Linda said today that most of the women in romances have small breast so not to feel bad. That is her idea of encouragement! So show me to the padded section quick!!

I don't think I could convince Linda to cosplay, I might get her to wear the fox eared hat though.

Jane B: I am glad to please and there is a specific package from me waiting for you at home so please demand it once you return.

Thanks - I can use any help I can get, today had to have MRI, the light on the van for the wheelchair lit up: check engine immediately.! We are sort of committed; X to booth Gardner, Y to here, and no extra hundreds lying around for engines. So extra prayers there today.

Thea: Thanks - I got out, I party.

Joan K: Yes, for me, at least they are looking at me, I still exist. It is odd the in picture - two people, one super thin about to snap like a twig from bum down and shoulders from wheeling above. Two body types, I guess.

Sfrajett said...

Your picture is sassy and awesome. Don't ever apologize for being full of life!!!! Live it to the fullest, girl. And besides, if you're gonna shave and all that, you gotta show it off!

Lisa Moon said...

Whoohoo! Imagine my surprise to open your page and see a LOTTA skin! Yippee!

And what is UP with the snow?! I've had more than enough of it, dammit; it's NOT mobility aid friendly nor safe for those who have trouble walking... or for most people in general, really. Looks pretty, but I was done after Solstice, thanks...

And sheesh! How come when *I* visit tourist attractions no woman has EVER flashed me her boobies! I'm SO upset! :(

Was that at Abkhazi or out at Glendale? Can't quite tell... either way, if there's likely to be boobies, I'll be going there MUCH more often! :)