Thursday, February 12, 2009

N.D.Y., cats and the name game.

I am sick, I am very, very sick. I am on a re-breather oxygen mask and I’m not really expecting things to get better soon (purplish-black is so much better for hand/arm color anyway!). I keep telling people, “If you know anyone making a zombie film, let them know I can be an extra and they don’t have to pay for make-up!” That is my next few days.

So that is the down side. The other down side is I have an Angelina Jolie action film and I am TOO sick to watch that – now that is the true face of desperate times!

Okay the good news is my new motto: N.D.Y. (Not Dead Yet) – Someone asked me how it was going, “N.D.Y.” – anything above N.D.Y. is a good thing. Not always a FUN thing but still a good thing, right? So say it with me, “Not Dead Yet!” No, I’m not dead yet.....but I won’t be blogging tomorrow either, that’s for sure!

Okay, the other good news is that I am now a kitty owner….of sorts. Yes, one of my readers, bought me a plushie kitty, while another one of my readers bought me an anime hat, you know the ones you wear on the way to the Anime Con. Yes, I am now, one of ‘them’, the people you try not to stand next too on the bus. But here I am on the day I got the gifts, one of my better hours of a not so bad day (one seizure cycle later at night). See, this is the advantage of being Dead Girl Wheeling, is that I finally get to wear hats with ears without being aged 5 or 8 and I don’t give a darn what anyone thinks (oh, no, do you think this picture might not help me with my career!?). And I can go all anthropomorphic with my kitty (acting as if an inanimate object was a living thing – you know, like people do when they yell at their computer!) and plan all sorts of outing like watching falling stars and whatever we can imagine. The reality will be that I will likely hold it when, a) I am watching DVD’s, b) I am scared (25% of the day), c) post seizure or d) when I am stroking it slowly while instructing my minions.

I wish I had some great story that I saved my kitten from a burning house and that is why it came to live with me instead of being gifted. Maybe that comes later, when one of my loving care workers smokes next to my oxygen mask, which is on maximum oxygen continuous flow.

I do however have one problem. The kitty came named (tag on it) Paws. Which is ludicrious, it is like calling my cat ‘nose’ or ‘fur.’ So now I, instead of Tammy, need some help in naming my new addition. What do I call my kitty (female by the way, sarcastic and mildly telepathic)? And anyone suggesting something like “Mr. Mittens” will be taken out back and pelted with Beatrix Potter books. Please, I need help. As all I have so far I have, “Death by a thousand scratches.” Which is not going to be easy to call for her to leap into my lap (no I know it doesn’t leap, I pick it up, still……).

Anyway, I want to take good care of my cat so it can grow up to be a catgirl of which I a proud, and go off after graduating whatever school all those catgirls go to in order to become maids or whatever else. So 1) help with a name and 2) try not to die until I see Angelina Jolie slide across the floor one more time.


Beryl said...

Would it be too macabre to name the cat "Indy"? Of course, if you were talking to people who don't deal with black humor, it's short for Independence, but it's also a way of pronouncing N.D.Y as if it were a word.

Victor Kellar said...

Cat names: Spike is always good, yes, even for a female. When I lived in a farm house in eastern Quebec we had two black cats, who like all black cats, could walk thru wall, we called them Mystique and Formidable (sp) Or call her Akemi, the girl with the bells from the Miyamoto Musashi legend

If your Angelina movie is Wanted you are not missing an awful lot, excpet she has some great tattoos and she does something breathtakingly graceful on top of train

sly civilian said...

it's a very cute cat. i can't think of names, tho.

i hope you get some always. Here's to being not dead yet!

Lene Andersen said...

NDY is good. It's very good. Please keep doing that. The hat's smashing and congrats on your cat! Now for a name...

I guess a Kate might not be a bit telepathic (too practical). I know I have a Mojo, but you may want to try that, too - mojo is, according to, "an object, as an amulet or charm, that is believed to carry a magic spell". Maybe it could help with the NDY?

(yes, I know. Not terribly imaginative. I just got up. Will send any potential bright ideas later)

FridaWrites said...

Okay, that is a great hat, whoever sent that. I like the kitty too. My son always goes for obvious names--Mousie and Spots for two mice he's had so would probably suggest Kitty. How 'bout Katrina? Somewhat of a play on words.

Yeah, you need to be able to watch Angelina Jolie and read manga when it gets there (two day mail, I'm hoping it will arrive with Cheryl).

I wish I could give you a hug in person, share some tea with you, watch some videos with you.

Stephanie said...

Hey Beth! I'm sorry I haven't kept up with your blog in a while. Things have been hectic for me. I've been thinking about you though. I'm glad you've got a cat to keep you company! Maybe you should call it Orange, to match your hat. ;) It also kind of reminds me of Tigger, but that's probably like Paws.

I love the picture of watching the falling stars. :)

Okay, I'm not going to comment on your last few entries but I promise I'm going to read them within the next few days and send positive thoughts! I'm very glad you're Not Dead Yet!

jasperkitty said...

How about naming the kitty "Wanted"?
1) It's the name of an Angelie Jolie film.
2) It, and you are both wanted and are cared for.

Kate J said...

When I was a child, we had a cat that officially had the name "Silky" but was always, ALWAYS just known as Puss. The next cat was Tom... again, not very imaginative. also once had two cats called Ozzie and Hoddle, named after a couple of footballers, but it wasn't me that named them (honest!)
Although my dog does have a name (Rhoda) she answers just as well to "dog" and indeed will perk up no end if she even hears the word "dog" as in "Oh look, a lovely picture of a DOG in the paper" (this morning!) However, if she hears "Oh no, look what that b****y DOG has done now..." she'll go off and skulk somewhere (also this morning... don't ask!

But... for your kitty can I suggest "Mog" short for moggy, which is another (British) word for cat; Mog is and also the name of a character in a series of kids' books, "Meg and Mog" by Jan Pienkowski. Meg is a witch, whose spells never quite work as planned, and Mog is her long-suffering cat!

I hope you're not too disappointed that the books I ordered haven't arrived... they will, they will, but it's in Amazon's hands, not mine, or you'd have had them already.

Thinking of you, Beth. Not praying, 'cos I don't, but sending positive thoughts and vibes all the way from Wales.

Love & peace

rachelcreative said...

Sorry to hear how sick you are. Missing Angelina Jolie you must be seriously sick. No fair.

Cute kitty! Wicked hat. Want a wicked manga hat with ears, oh yes I do. I would so make a great effort to stand next to you at the bus stop.

My suggestion for kitty's name is Miko as in Shrine Maiden.

A kick ass kitty to protect you from the energy sucking beauracrats and apethic health care folks.

Whatever you name her I know she will be your faithful companion.

Tammy said...

Well, that kitty looks a lot like our Kate(not doesn't fit her), if she had a white nose.
I just brought home another kitty named Spanky. Strange name but it fits him. I'm not sure if he is here to stay or just fostering. He has a deformed skull and we think it has caused some neurological issues, but that just makes him more loveable. He is a unique kitty in behaviour and in a few other ways, but I adore him.
I think whatever you name her, it will fit her just fine and she will grow into it.
BTW..the kittens are doing great, growing in leaps and bounds, and at a "baby sitter" until my wrist heals a bit so I can handle them better. We are starting them on some solid foods. YEAH!
The's perfect!
I don't think purplish black is a good look for anyone and I hope that at least eases up a bit for you. you must be feeling like shit if you don't even have the energy for Angelina. I hope you gain enough back to at least enjoy the movie.
Thinking of you always and I'm so glad you're N.D.Y.

Neil said...

Oh dear; does this mean we now have to address you in initials as ENFDYM? You'll become a Mavis Beacon exercise soon if you live long enough. C;mon, work with me, sweetie; you're supposed to laugh.

You're looking very good in that photo, dear. You should get in touch with the Monty Python crew for a remake of the Hole grail movie. You could lay the old fellow who says "I'm not quite dead yet," and, "I feel fine, I think I'll go for a walk!"

If you want to take me seriously, you can probably contact John Cleese though his blog, at . But you probably shouldn't take me seriously this time.

Names for a stuf- er, plush cat... My Beloved suggests Mehitabel. My own suggestion would be Fio, who isn't a cat; or Jiji, who is. If you have to pelt me with anything for those suggestions, please use copies of Mayazaki videos. Perhaps your cat could be Gina, who knows Porco Rosso's secret, and doesn't tell.

Which Angelina Jolie film did you get?

And do you have sign on your apartment door saying "NO SMOKING. OXYGEN IN USE"? I know you're not supposed to deny the care the right to smoke, but the worker COULD be charged with reckless endangerment or criminal negligence. Or her (and/or your) heirs might have to deal with the legal ramifications of her act of stupidity.

Good luck with the name for Miss Kitty. Would you let Linda tell us the winning name if you're not up to it?

Love and hugs to infinity, and beyond,

Mira said...

I suggest either Isis or Misha as cat names.

Anna said...

I like Tiger, or Daredevil, or Patsy.....

I hope you lived long enough to watch Angelina. She's probably worth being on oxygen for.

Take care

yanub said...

How about Angelina Jolie? I mean, for the cat. No? Then, Fido.

I mean, you did say "sarcastic."

You know, you don't have to be knocking on death's door to wear a silly cute hat. You just have to not care what anyone else thinks. My daughter has worn a totoro hat for the past few years. She stopped recently because it's getting a bit worn out. OK, not a bit worn out. Extremely worn out. Just remember that, no matter where you are or what time of year it is, you are always on your way to an anime con.

cheryl g said...

OK, my worry meter just went completely off the register. You are too sick to watch Angelina in an action film. This is bad.

I like the motto NDY. It is perfect for you. I also LOVE the fox eared hat. Now I can wear my kitty ear hat when we go out places. Let everyone assume Linda is the only “normal” one in the group.

That is a very cute kitty. I have a couple of name suggestions for you to consider. You could name her Tama after the cat in Kamichu. I personally think you should name her Kamineko. That’s the gray kitty in Azumanga Daoih that always bites Sakaki. Yes, I’m an otaku – why do you ask?

Lene Andersen said...

Oooh, Beryl! Indy!! That's GOOD!!!

Abi said...

Lillith sounds like a good name for your cat, to me.

The hat suits you well. I like it!

Additionally, I am delighted to hear that you are not dead yet. This pleases me immensely, and I request that you continue in this vein for a while yet. Ideally a long while.

Sending gentle hugs and Angelina vibes (whatever they may be ;-)

Donimo said...

Here I am again and I'll hope that Blogger doesn't eat my post as it has done several times already here. I do come by and read and sometimes, I have the energy to comment... and then it doesn't appear. I hope somehow you've gotten my messages. I'm in a great big funk (too nice a word for it) and my pain/fatigue is insane, I still don't have an I haven't been online much. For what it's worth, I do think of you often and still am on Team EFM.

I like Indy or Miko. I don't have any clever names to offer, but I'm quite fond of those two.

I know a certain someone (S.) who has a pink pig hat with long pom poms on strings and now has matching pig mittens. She wore the hat at an adult spelling bee... so you are not alone in wearing a "don't care whatcha think" kind of hat. I think it shows great character and a hint of cute weirdness.

You've probably heard of NDY the disability anti-euthanasia organization. Your NDY is different, but still, you make me think about scrabbling and hoping and working for life and what you can get out of it. So, I'm on your Team NDY as well.

Raccoon said...

Was it ef that had the girl with the bad memory?

I like Indy. Neko? That means "cat," I think.

You like Angelina, what are the names of some of her characters that you like? Or Beckinsale, from the "Underworld" movies, she's done a bunch of action films while dressed in leather. Milla Jovovich did "Fifth Element" and "Ultraviolet" and a handful of others. That's if you liked any of the characters that much...

Buffy, Faith, Willow, Anya, Cordelia... what was Fred's name after she turned into a demon?

Can you tell what type of movies I like?

Joan K said...

I read a knitting blog. The woman who writes it calls her cats Mayhem and Chaos. The title of the blog is, "Stumbling over Chaos". I've always liked that.

I also like Indy.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Beryl: Ah, ha, I didn't read your comment closely enough and had all these people going, "Indy, that's great!" and I am thinking, "This is strange, we have a community of knitters AND race car fans?" - but now yes, it makes sense AND has appeal.

Victor: we used to have a cat called Magic. The film was Wanted and it was perfect for someone with a fever and diminished capacity (wow, wonder why they don't put THAT blurb on the front?). I find her driving style to be, um, very New York. Or the round about in Rome, either.

She is very graceful, someone at the video store said she was too thin, she was an insect, I said since I was an Entemology fan (sic), I was all for that, and is she a Preying Mantis who rips off the heads of the males she mates with? He thought that would actually make a good film.

Sly Civilian: Thanks! Not dead today either, but also only recently conscious.

Lene: I have to write you a long email, just as soon as I remember...why I have to write you a long email. But no, Mojo is out.

Frida: As I child I named my two hamsters "Jezebel" and "Nimrod" because I felt they were names that had gone out of style and was trying to bring them back. As it turned out Jezebel was a total bully as Hamsters went.

I am looking forward to the Manga, thanks. I am finally after a long time getting the pleasure back from reading. So that is a pretty nice thing.

Stephanie: Thanks for coming back - I know all about hectic, and that is why I try to keep the blog to a schedule otherwise it would be two weeks and no post and everyone would be sending flowers and that would be embarressing.

Ditto, glad not dead yet. I do like tigger but not for this cat, I will try to remember that for a suitable plushy.

Jasperkitty: Interesting. I do like the idea of Wanted, on being outside the law. Of course now I am thinking of calling my cat "Wasted" for both the 'anorexic qualities' I seem to have and because it is a cat that likes to party?

Kate J: thank you for the suggestions, I actually like Hoddle, just to confuse people. As for Amazon, ARG! I also am waiting upon them to get thier act together - I order then they take two weeks when it is IN STOCK to post it - are they trying to make me live in agony of anticipation? I think so!

RachelCreative: your suggestion immediately went to the top of my list and I am in love with the name Miko. I have just emailed Japan to find out if Miko is the red skirt the shrine maidens wear (Which it is) but also the name for the Maidens themselves, or these is another name, but I like Miko.

Neil: Well, I am very interested in Mehitabel. I just haven't a clue how to say it. I also know Porco Rosso's secret, but that's because I have my DVD from Japan, they edited it out of the US version for reasons disney only knows.

Mira: Isis, I know, but can't say as I have problems with speech as it is, Misha I should know but I don't want to google it I want to remember it - hmmmmm, Misha. Babylonian?

Anna: well, there was one scene where Angelina was in a bath and got out and had some VERY tattoos which accentuated her body and it is hard to believe she has had multiple children for one thing. Seriously, she is evidence of anti-aging.

Yanub: Actually you reminded me that I have to send in my forms to go to Sakuracon and book my room as I want to go to Sakuracon! I will go to Sakura con! I am curious how to trick out my new electric wheelchair delivered and refitted for another 2-3 hours next week. So I need to do that. And look, now I DO have something to look foward to!

Cheryl: you better wear your kitty earred hat, aren't you supposed to go with me to Sakuracon?

Oh, you are such an Otaku for that series, I better find you the game, as it will convince you to learn Japanese just to play it!

Abi: I am considering the non-dead option and I consider it one of the better options available. Perhaps non-traditional, but far better than the 'regrets on being dead' zombie option. So yes, I hope to continue in this vien for some time to come. Actually that reminds me, I need to get a main line IV port put in, another reason for a long hospital trip, once I have energy.

Donimo: Interestingly both my front runners on names. I think I have heard of that group, my anti Ethunasia group is called, "Come near me with that Morphine drip and I blow your fucking head off" - admittedly not as easy to put on letterheads. Mine is more like my grandmother and grandfather who were both pronounced and then lives on 1 month in one case and three years in another.

Raccoon: Linda suggested Nekko as well, also Nikko which is where we saw the Shrine Maiden dance!

I did like her in Underworld dressed in leather, that is for SURE. Angelina Jolie, I like her early work like Gia or Firefox, where she is a bisexual.

Joan K: Something cometh for thee - and yes, Chaos has a good ring to it - go forth Chaos and let Havoc follow you!

rachelcreative said...

OK so now I have to see Wanted after reading those comments :o)

JaneB said...

Tib-cat? (which is the female of tom-cat in medieval English)

Mehitabel is definitely a good cat name.

Pangur Ban? even though she's not white (poem here). One day, I will have a cat who suits that name...

JackP said...

It's a cat, it's obviously supposed to be a silver tabby, so why not call it Artwangler II, Despoiler of the Sun? No? Oh well, 'twas only a suggestion :-)

Slightly more seriously, what about one of the variations of the Egyptian cat goddess Bast / Ubasti / Bastet?

Although the iNDY idea works for me too.

Saw the 'hat' photo and there I was thinking 'gnome? elf? definitely something from Lord of the Rings', when your genius summed it up perfectly:

"one of ‘them’, the people you try not to stand next too on the bus."

Beautiful. It's only you who can turn what should be sad subject matter (i.e. very sick) into something which is frequently a joy to read.

thea said...

You could call her Squirrel! Because I have seen those practically in your lap too...

Sorry I have not been around so much recently, I have not been keeping up with much at all. Trying to do 200% more than I really can, in a heatwave! (It's been up to 46/47 Celcius , horror!). I've been writing though so hopefully when your island gets back to the ferry, you will get much mail. Have not forgotten you or gone away :)

I like Beryl's 'Indy' suggestion too, for the sick humour :)

Sandy said...

The Swahili term of respect for a woman is Bibi (pronounced beebee and sometimes shortened to bi (bee)). I always thought that would be a good name for a female cat. Alternatively, I had a cat named "Cat". YMMV.

SharonMV said...

Pretty kitty! And you look good in the hat. I told Dennis that we may have to get a plush kitty to go with our bear collection, if we don't go to the shelter and pick out our next cat soon. Here are the names of my previous cat:
Clio and Calliope you know - 2 sisters rescued from a shelter & named after Greek muses.
Circe - we only had her for 3 years. Her name came from a sorceress in the Odyssey.
Dylan, my first cat, a black male. Named after Dylan Thomas.

Your cat looks like a lovely tabby/ gray or tortise shell ? It's hard to tell from the photo. We were thinking of Thalia at one point (also a Greek muse). But I'm over my greek muse phase. Maybe there's a good name in Japanese lit - aren't there some stories about fox-girls?

I'll try to think of more names - she certainly deserves a good one.


Neil said...

Okay, now I have to find out how to get Miyazaki from Japan, instead of Amazon in Britain. C'mon, give, girl, where's the source in Japan, please?

I have Howl's Moving Castle and Princess Mononoke, but they're the Disney versions. They're okay, but I would like to see the "original."

By delaying delivery, Amazon's helping you, y'know. You can't fly away until AFTER their package arrives, so you'll stay NDY for longer if they take their time delivering. :)

Now, where do I find Porco in Japan? Tell me, or I'll, I'll... I'll think of something dastardly.

Love and hugs to all three of you Musketeers,

A. J. Luxton said...

I see you have already named the cat. :-) I was going to say you could call it Throgmorten after the Asheth Temple Cat in that one Diana Wynne Jones book. That cat took no crap from anyone.

I would totally stand next to you on the bus. And you would know it was me because I'd be the one in the Doctor Who scarf and hat, sized to my rather-smaller-than-Tom-Baker self.

I sent you some postcards!