Monday, January 26, 2009

Lesbians, catgirls, cabin fever and kittens

First off, a blog post note from Linda about how we are CUT OFF!!!! That’s right, total cabin fever in the winter. Living on an island, no way to post for 10 days and no way to the Hello Kitty store....yes, it was only a matter of time until I snapped and was reduced to this: Making miniature snowgirls.

I have NO idea why the animals, like cute bunnies, hang around me, or off of me, of course it COULD be the warm buns I was carrying (and accidently dropping)? No, I am sure that was a coincidence. These images are from my favorite set of images from the game Snow. I don’t like snow atually (frostbite!), but the girl and the bunnies sure are cute, no?

Okay, so when the boat runs again in 12 days, we are going to be tweaking for entertainment pretty bad, which is why I did an update for everyone of the Wishlist. I focuses on entertainment like some more light romances (the fluff stuff) for Linda and the same sort of manga for me. And a couple TV series on sale that are highly recommended. There is actually a book there that is 450 pages long, so that would be good to help me try to read more each day: I admit it is manga, but hey, if I START with pictures, I will work my way up to words, right? What, what, don't leave, there is also a REAL book, okay it is a TEEN book but those are the best! It is called Memoirs of Teenage Amnesiac, and as a person with large sections of years missing I have strong interest in this book. Naomi (main character) hits her head and loses several years of memory. She lives without memory, falls in love and reexamines her life as a stranger. Except now the memories are returning and she already HAS a boyfriend, and a bunch of friends of habits and ideas that the 'new' Naomi doesn't. So who is real, the Naomi now, or the Naomi of her memories? As a person who constantly has people project who I USED to be or versions they knew of me onto me, I can definitely relate to learning about your own life second hand. “I did what? I said what? No, there is no way I said that?” Is a common phrase by me in our house. What if you could only remember a day, how much would you have to believe or trust others interpretations of who you are? Welcome to Elizabeth Land! You can get the book for a $5 plus postage (send it to me when you are done!).

Please take mercy on Linda, and order her books (1 cent a book?), as after two solid weeks trapped on an island with ME, pure concentrated undiluted ME and she WILL need some fantasy land relaxation.

Okay on to the serious, I have to make amends, because I made a promise here, on this blog and I intend to fulfill it, or as close as I can right now! I warned you that I would reveal all, that I would show the delectable I collected in Seattle (actually I am wearing Hello Kitty Panties this minutes, which I received through the mail? So yeah, keep the lingerie coming! And I will keep the pictures coming!). So here it is, me, exposed, as from my last ‘official’ school picture day: Yes, I am sticking my tongue out and wearing a bathing suit but it is SPIRIT of shocking and appalling everyone that matters right? I honestly will try to put up a picture tomorrow of me, the real me, rooting through the Victoria Secret skimpy panties hoard (I think it was in a special pile next to the Slut, Thong, and Eatable baskets of panties).

First off let’s check in with Linda and myself, because we have a serious topic to discuss with you; one involving community, life, love and …………BOOBIES? Hey! Yeah, you two! Try to limit that kind of stuff for the bedroom, or at least the park, the car, the little fort at the top of the children's slide, the trails in the forest (remember the time I tried to convince you to take off your clothes and use MOSS as a mattress?), the restaurants, and on the lawn of anyone who has a “Love the sinner; hate the sin” bumper sticker! Golly, Linda’s boobies are so soft and delectable, I could chase them all day. Seriously, they are miracle boobies which change every time I grope, fondle, grasp and enclose them. Firm but with just the right amount of give, and unlike a cantaloupe you don’t need to thwack them with a finger to hear that hollow sound. If I do that she thwacks my head.

Okay, now that the small fun is out of the way we move on to the serious fun which is introduced here by our snow girl with kitty ears who is eating MEN’s Pocky! Food is actually gender segregated in Japan (seriously) so dark chocolate is listed as “men’s” ergo dark chocolate pocky is ‘men’s pocky.’ It is assumed that men like BITTER things and girls like sweet things, so if a guy ordered a parfait in a restaurant, they would likely pretend they didn’t hear him. Girls get milk tea, guys get COFFEE. This is a mainstay joke of anime or manga that if anyone changes gender they immediately head off to the nearest cafĂ© and eat all the food they aren’t normally allowed due to social custom. Hey, I don’t make the rules!

Now a while ago I suggested for an upcoming weekend, that people go out and DELIBERATELY do something for someone else. Not a spontaneous act of kindness, but planned. One of my readers, Tammy (she comments!) sort of went overboard and as things fell into place the Grant County Cat and Kitten Rescue was born. Yeah, she started an animal shelter. Talk about an overachiever! She rescues cats with disabilities, deaf cats, and cats with depression issues, she went to a neighboring town to stop a cute calico cat from being put down and killed by the shelter there. She adopts cats out after paying for testing, spaying and neutering HERSELF (sort of keeps her working...a lot). Right now she is struggling, like any start-up; her tax-free charity papers are in the system and she needs to find rent for the building next to the vet clinic because she has 19 cats and three kittens to look after, along with her volunteers and helping vet. Sorry, that should read 19 cats, three kittens and one human to look after. Yes, I was adopted into Tammy’s Rescue Program. She is a sucker for those damaged and despondent. So she has adopted me and given me a job; name the kittens that just were born. And here are our heroes:
The first is a grey female who mews for food are not only louder than the other kittens combined but LOWER than the male. Well, that sounded like a girl who would end up riding a motorcycle to me. There really has only ever been one name for the bossy, louder, take no sass grey: Kate. So, in making me part of something outside of my little room, it gave me a reason to keep on living. Here is Kate trying to get some privacy and some sleep. She eats the most and is still the loudest. They are only just now struggling to open their eyes, so soon we will know what color eyes they have.

The second kitten was a boy with white feet and while I was NOT going to suggest Socks I was trying to find a name that was like Soot or Chimney Sweep. But I ended up giving two names and the winner was Wyn, a common male welsh name for males that means white or pure seemed the best fit. You say it like Wind but without the D at the end, Wyn. The kittens have just mastered purring. I find it interesting that they learn how to purr before they can open their eyes.

But there was a quiet sweet female who always waited silent and patient to be fed. She has a sweet and kind soul, and while she isn’t the runt, she sure isn’t KATE. In the end, I gave some options but it ended up being (I know I am going to get comments about this), Qwen. Qwen is a Welsh female name that means Fair (meaning pretty) and pure. So she is Qwen. She was also the first to learn to purr, and purrs as soon as you touch her and while she is quiet in demanding attention she has the loudest purr. Here she is snuggling up to Wyn.
So that is the stories so far of these these three kittens (who won’t be up for adoption for several weeks as they need to have solid food first!). I was hoping you could give TAMMY your comment (for all the nighttime feeding she has done, just for THESE three) for her work to create the Cat and Kitten rescue. You just have to click here, then hit ‘Sign In’ and leave a comment. Everyone likes to get feedback, particularly on our work of love!

So that was how Tammy sucked one human into her adoption project. And if you are in the USA, you can slip into the post anything from dried food to catnip, from pet stain remover to Frontline to her. Certainly there are some cat owners with unused kitten supplies, who can slip it in a $3 first class envelope. Some of it might even qualify for media mail. Her wishlist is HERE, and if you scroll ALL the way down to the bottom you can make a paypal donation. I don’t know if it is tax-deductible yet (those forms take a slow move through the government bowels) so I recommend only donating your $50-100 now and then come back to donate the thousand dollars later. What? It’s TAX DEDUCTABLE!

Seriously there is something amazing about cats, maybe because they have the honestly we don’t. Like this catgirl at a festival and his disappointment. They let you try to catch goldfish with a paper scoop at the festival and if you go too fast, it breaks. This catgirl is very sad, but I am not sure if the goldfish shouldn’t be glad. Cats always seems very, um, interested in fish.

Here is a scene that anyone who has had a cat can recognize. No, it isn’t the girl is staring off in silent contemplation, it is that the kitten has started playing with the ‘food giver’ and then decided that this nice plushy thing would be great to extend her claws on! Yes, the breast attack! That look on the face and the book completely secondary to these INTENSE sensations, as a friend of mine would say as her cat jumped on her lying down, “Not the claws, not the claws!” For guys, imagine a kitty jumping in your lap and then needing to knead and extend her claws a bunch of times before making herself comfortable. Ahhhhhhhhhh! Not the claws!

Cats and I have a lot in common; we both cough up hair balls, and we both like having our fur petted the RIGHT WAY (okay, that sounded REALLY dirty), and we both don’t like the water. But here is a catgirl who sure must love someone a LOT as she waits in the rain to give an umbrella to her love. See, that’s one good things cats are good at (besides making you give them food); loving. I think that is why lesbians like them (and dogs!).

And here we have our two junior lesbians out on a date which has gone slight wrong, with a bit of slip. The one laughing I’ll bet is named Kate! Anyway, this will be a good memory later in their life, meanwhile the kitten is going, “Help! Hey, get some control down there, this is SERIOUS! WATER!”

Of course, then we get into the lesbian catgirls. This is the kind of askew that I can never get my clothes to look, that sort of sexy, perfect askew. They both look like they are post SOMETHING but she has perfect stockings showing, they aren’t even pushed down? Oh well, they say that practice makes perfect....get over here Linda.....BOOBIES!

We leave the cats to the world that they inhabit and we get to share. They are mysterious, they are loveable, they are independent, they are cats. And it would be a poorer world without them. Due to Tammy I don’t know how many but many cats have been adopted after love and medical care. Thank you Tammy.


Tammy said...

All I can say is THANK YOU! BUT...I am not in this alone by any means. The 19 cats and three other kittens(besides my bottle babies) live with this fantastic Kitty Momma, Melissa...our foster. She has surrendered most of her living space to care for these gorgeous kids. There have been about 9 cats and 4 kittens adopted out since this started in November..and there are always more waiting. Our special needs kitties aren't all listed on the site yet, they are still under medical care and can't be adopted yet. Of course one of the 9 above came to my house to live on a permanent basis. I feel very strongly that little Wyn will become a permanent member of my home too. There is something about him that begs me to love him forever. lol.
There are more coming in than we can handle now, so we are trying to come up with more fosters and other options. Some of the cats are here because their owners are elderly, and with the economy, they can no longer afford to care for them. That really gets to me.
It's a heartbreak at times, but there is joy too...lots of purrs, tons of scratches (a few just like your picture shows), and there is nothing like a cat rubbing against you in their version of a kitty hug.
Oh, Wyn's eyes are barely open today, but I can see the glint of his peepers, Gwens right behind. Isn't her name just perfect for her??
I hope you are resting and that you get the entertainment sent to you and Linda. If not, I KNOW that you can make your own entertainment in one fashion or other ;)
I want to comment more, but I have to get in the shower to leave for work. Thank you again. HUGS

Lene Andersen said...

Oh, crap. Now I've got kitten fever. I want! I need! The kittens NEED ME!! Mojo, Her Royal Catness would so not be amused if I brought another wee beastie in here.

Love the names you gave them - just perfect. And wow to Tammy for doing this. That's terrific. I'd help out if I were closer - who wouldn't want to spend their days with cats?

Cannot believe you're cut off. ARGH!

cheryl g said...

It does feel scarily isolating to have the ferry not running. That was a big part in my coming over to stay during that time. I was really bothered by the idea that you and Linda would need me and I would be unable to get to Victoria.

Beth and small woodland creatures… squirrels love you, bunnies love you, deer love you… may I suggest you draw the line at porcupines?

Yay boobies! Err… I mean… yes, the female form is indeed lovely. Aah, who am I kidding… Yay Boobies!

So what would be the Japanese cultural interpretation of an obvious lesbian eating men’s pocky (which I like)? My favourite pocky is the dessert pockys, chocolate orange, chocolate strawberry, mmmmmm. Snow cat girl is very cute.

Tammy, you are amazing! The sweet little fur babies are so lucky to have you in their corner. Absolutely brilliant idea to have Beth help with the naming.

How we behave toward cats here below determines our status in heaven. - Robert A. Heinlein

Beth – the kitten names are perfect!

I really like all the pictures. I can relate to the one with the girl and the book. Not the claws, not the claws!

Veralidaine said...

Kittens! How wonderful! And what a great way to keep you a little more chipper: You've got to rest and be good so that you can live to see their eyes open, their first solid foods, and eventually hear all about how they found their perfect homes... and by then there might be more kittens to watch grow up!

I will have a litter of rats soon, and you could watch them grow up, but somehow I don't think you are quite as fond of rats as of cats :)

I have more to say, but I'm sending it in an email. Beautiful kittens, great names! I like the use of Qwen.

yanub said...

Lovely cat pictures, and bravo to Tammy! What a good antidote to cabin fever.

thea said...


I think that says it all really.

But just in case, I will point out how much I like your heart for helping and supporting people (and kitties!).

And Go Tammy!

Lene Andersen said...

I forgot to comment about the pocky thing. Chocolate is segregated by gender?? I'd die... I don't like sweet things and for me, the darker the chocolate, the better. So I wouldn't be able to eat it at all?

Abi said...

Woah - that post covered a lot of topics!

The bunny cuddling looks fun. I got to do that a while ago, with little baby bunnies (so very, very cute!), when they lived inside my vegetable patch accidentally, after we put the bunny-proof fence in. We had to dig them out and put them outside the enclosure. I got to pick them up and hug them. They were not impressed. There are photos on Facebook!

Yeah - very limited comment - late for bed and boyfriend is very tired (poor thing - looks knackered). I still have to write a contract-ending letter for this house, so I really must go!

Elizabeth McClung said...

Tammy: my pleasure, you helped me become involved in life and three little lives. Melissa sounds like a great person (hint: send her address!).

Oh, yes, well that will teach you to read on the floor! Got to watch for those claws.

I am glad that though there is sorrow, your work gives you joy too - I want to see the colors of the eyes as well.

Lene: Is mojo shy or just easily threatened, as young cats usually develop a crush on an older cat and follow it around like a younger sibling, annoying it endlessly -- heee hee.

It is a great project, now we can help save cats on two continents.

Verlidiane: I actually have a better sense of time now with the kittens because one thing progresses after another, first birth, then purring then eyes. I don't know how long that is, but at least I am sequencing.

I like the names and I would like to find out what happens next.

Yanub: I concur.

Thea: Thanks, I do like having had the chance to take part in different ways to help cats and learn about them. I do want Gwen to live with me, we all decided that I like Kate but she would yowl to make me do what she wants, scratch up everything and if I showed more attention so something (like a manga); she would vomit on it (subtle hits!) - so I think I would end up with Gwen, who is quiet and attentive and would purr in my lap.

Lene: much like over here, women have more lattitude and can have coffee (though they are considered to be low in estrogen) and male pocky, however, for things like desserts, it seems the rules for men are far more iron clad. Same with fruity drinks, even here, a guy who buys cocktails is veiwed with suspecion! He might have something like.....Barry Mantilow on CD at home.

Victor Kellar said...

Segregated foods? What gender can't eat liver ..if its women, I swear, I'm having a sex change, I dont like liver.

Cute kitties. Our cat gypsy, somewhere around the 23 year mark we think, is the opposite of the scale, I dont think he will be with us much longer and although Miss Hayley gets a lot of online attention, we will miss the old guy. So thanks for the babies

Raccoon said...

Arg! Hard drive failure! Off the Internet for 2 1/2 days! Arg!

Tammy, I think you're too far away from me.

My cat is 19 1/2. Unfortunately, she's in end-stage kidney disease.

Until I get another, I guess I'll just have to look at pictures of cat girls.

Neil said...

Tammy, you rock!

Beth: thanks for mentioning the Memoirs of a Teenage Amnseiac. I'm second on the waiting list at the library as of 30 seconds ago. :)

In the realm of "love the sinner, not the sin," my latest favourite bumper sticker is "I found Jesus: He was behind the couch the whole time."

Now, my Beloved tells me that one of her coworkers once tried to order a double-scoop ice cream cone in Japan, but they refused to put two different flavours on the cone. Chocolate AND pistachio? No. That's strange. And since I don't drink coffee, I guess I can't go to Japan...

We are acting as a refuge from the cold (-48 wind chill this morning!) for just ne fighter of a cat. He has many scars, and is gathering more, but when it's super-cold, he will consent to being "our" cat as long as we don't try to make him use the litter box we bought for him, and don't try to get too personal and pat the back. I'll take photos and post them on my blog as soon as I can.

My screamed request to cats is usually "Not so happy!!"

Cheryl's right about small creatures. But you're safe from porcupines, since they're not small. But watch out for hedgehogs. After all, as Nanny Ogg sings (in Discworld)"the hedgehog can never be buggered at all!"

Love and hugs,

FridaWrites said...

What sweet kitties!

Cabin fever--I'm with you there. I'm not allowed to drive yet and there's icy rain anyway. I should have got out this weekend when I had a brief chance. But no, doing some cleaning while I had the energy seemed more important, lol. Now there's plenty of time for that. Instead I've been browsing Etsy. I'm so PMSy that I started shopping for chocolate soaps (thus the need for cleaning the refrig. drawers). I finally realized maybe I needed to eat a small amount of chocolate instead.

The atomospheric change really does make me hurt--someone else said when the pressure changes, your bursa sacs all fill up with fluid like a barometer if you're prone to arthritis. So says his doctor. That makes sense.

JaneB said...

Awww, kitties! I need a kitten. I need a lot of kittens. I would be a mad cat lady with tens of cats, but I'm so boringly sensible and I read all these books about cat needs, and it just wouldn't be fair, but... need kitties!

And, no dark chocolate? Stuff 'for dessert only', I need that stuff some days to save my sanity! Strange, strange culture!

Maggie said...

Hi Beth-Gizmo is sitting with me as I looked at your post today. He liked the pictures of the little ones. I had suggested Fred and Ginger for the middle two who are now Wyn and Gwen, but Gizmo says Wyn and Gwen are perfectly respectable cat names and they will not be made fun of by their cat peers.
I want to know where this Hello Kitty underwear store is. It sounds very interesting, too say the very least.

Tammy said...

To those catching kitten fever...check you area for a cat/kitten rescue near you. They really need the support. Even if you can't adopt, you may be able to visit and love on some kitties to get your fix.

BTW...their wee little eyes are open now. They have that funky newborn color right now, but major "awwww" moment.

Lisa Moon said...

Wow, what a fabulous post!

Tammy is indeed amazing and I'm really dying as we've been planning on finding a kitty to adopt since our new building allows cats. However, one of my dearest friends is quite allergic, so I've been looking into hypoallergenic breeds, hoping to minimise the unpleasantness for poor friend... seeing these kitties was just sooooo hard not to run down to the SPCA (it's 2 blocks from my house!) and just pick one and bring her home! Aaahh!

Bummer about the ferry. There are other options, but they wouldn't be as convenient for Cheryl. However, the thought of having a pile of goodies waiting sounds like fun!

Bizarre about the food thing. I like strawberry Pocky myself, but I also am a dark chocolate eater. Perhaps this alludes to my sexual orientation somewhat accurately, actually! LOL! Hmm, perhaps there's some scientific research to be done in there... "Determining Sexual Orientation via Pocky Flavour Choosing" or something equally ridiculous!

Boobies are *always* good, I highly agree, though I'm mildly distracted by the mention/description of Linda's! Not good! I'm too visual-minded! LOL!

You are indeed an excellent namer of kitties, an Official G*dMommy Extraordinaire! Well done!

Off to dream of kittens and boobies... I hope.