Monday, December 22, 2008

Stamp Oasis: We have fun playing with postcards!

I finished another weekend, or rather a brief weekend as Cheryl could only be here for a short period of time: 28 hours. Because of my disease, I am now too weak to move the boxes around myself, whether postcards or stickers, and thus too weak to do the Postcard Project alone. Besides, things are better with friends! With the help of Linda and then Cheryl I/we did 50 postcards in about 32 hours. I don’t know how. Seriously, with all the stages the postcards have to go through from addresses being made up to stamping and stickering, sometimes I feel like this: and I am going, “Spot? A little help? Spotter? Where’s the spotter? Ack! My neck!”

THIS week, all three of us were excited because we had NEW rubber stamps from Stamp Oasis, a few of which WE had ordered. Stamp Oasis which was a HUGE store in Las Vegas, totally dedicated to the highest quality of rubber stamps. However when scrapbooking and other crafts came in, the store went under in 2006. The online store finished 18 months ago and now getting any of their rubber stamps is very difficult. Here is the Floating Torii off of Miyajima which we saw ourselves in Japan on our great Dai-Boken! This is not a great stamping: this is a stamping by someone with hand control problems and it STILL looks beautiful. A complex stamp with hundreds of lines, a reflection in the water and I had an uneven pressure on it and THAT is what I got. And 'THAT' is why I love these stamps (they are disability friendly!), I have used one particular stamp from Stamp Oasis over 300 times, and it is just as clear now as the first time. I added a few to my wish list (which is both on my profile next to my picture – or just to the left on the blog in 'links' up from 'Zed at Amazon'). But also, for those who want to shop now, here is the link DIRECTLY to Stamp Oasis at KraftyatKrafts

Wow, that was VERY unsubtle of me wasn’t it? But I’m not sorry. You know why? Here is why: This is the Dryad from Stamp Oasis, available from that link above. COOL! (We have one now, so you have to choose another stamp for your immortality! Read on to understand.)

We had a person donate a couple rubber stamps (these ones at the link above which come with wooden handles for pressing). They arrived on Friday and that person for $10 or $20 is going to be making people happy for as long as I live. And beyond that maybe, as long at the project continues after I live. Making people happy and letting me do the inking and the heavy pushing. That’s pretty cool. Thanks for the rubber block stamps. Now we can impress people all over the world, again! That Stamp Oasis and other Wooden Rubber stamps will sit and be treasures, be thrown away, be passed down. Years, decades, scrapbooks; who knows where your gift to the postcard project will end up. Wouldn't it be interesting to see the inking of YOUR stamp it in some museum display on 'postcards at the turn of the millenium' somewhere in 40 or 50 years?

I did 50 postcards, I have only slept 5.5 hours in over two days. But 50, that's a pretty good number! Too bad my body is the sacrifice for the postcards. Pretty stupid right? Only to me it is like at PFLG when they were saying there were “too many letters” and I wanted to know: Okay, who do we kick out, the queer youth, the intersex individuals; which group do we leave behind to make things simple for ourselves? No person left behind, no postcards left behind. They are all going out and will be there, 131 postcards in 8 days. I hope they make a difference. But I can just help them on their way. Now, aside from that, the stamping part was full of “OMG! Try that in cobalt blue! WOW! Okay, try that in Burgundy!” Yes, we like making the postcards look as super and special as we can.

Oh, need to mention, some people have been having difficulties because on the universal wishlist because there are suppliers who don’t send to a P.O. box like I have (UPS won't deliver there). Cheryl has agreed to provide a street address. And while I COULD put it here and let her get spam, stalkers and to find she voted 18 times in an election, I think it is better if you email me (go to my profile, and hit email) or go to A Girl's Gotta Fly and hit Linda – you will go to HER profile which now has HER email so hit email. Let us know you need Cheryl’s address for a non-P.O. Box delivery and we will email you the address to give to the supplier right back. Cool?

Okay, what else did I do this weekend? Um, have no idea. I made cute stamps (Stamp Oasis again) of THIS guy. I mean, who DOESN’T need to get a postcard with this guy to cheer your day? I do! Also, it snowed, is melted, it iced, and it snowed again and is still snowing. Great fun. So I am snowbound. Sounds better than housebound right?

I am off to sleep and I hope I sleep many, many hours, because my body is in very bad pain. I did however hand write every postcard, and selected every postcard (so if you think yours sucks – blame me!). If you WANT a postcard, and you haven’t gotten one yet, this is the Something for Nothing deal: you email me at mpshiel at with the title postcard and your name and address (and some interests if possible and orientation.....since I tend to assume everyone is gay...hope for the best right?). If you do that, in less than 10 days usually a postcard will be in your postal box. And they will keep randomly appearing as long as I stay alive (thus keep hoping I stay alive!).

I hope everyone had Xmas parties and good times. I can say that we had a pretty good time but I was a little punch drunk at 7:30 a.m. still working straight on postcards. I love the people. And the only way I can show it is the postcards. If I could, I would have this wondrous expanding joyful thing, a very Willy Wonka type thing to post. But I have postcards, and I try my best to do it with that.


Drake said...

Oooph...I too hope you get many, many hours of sleep and that your pain subsides.

Giving of one self, as you do, is something anyone would be envious of and I am sure everyone on your postcard list are so happy to receive one...even the groucho's ;D.

Thanks for the PO fix! That would help! Might only use it in Feb, as I need to watch my spending ;D.

Those rubber stamps are brilliant! I love the one with the cub, what a cuty!

Hmmm... A lot of people have assumed me gay... but that's as true as the assumption that I am anorexic... meaning no... Sorry ;D. But one CAN dream... nothing wrong with that mehehe.

You must have tons of "muscles" by now from the postcard project hehe. I wish I could be there to act as a spotter. I can't lift boxes, but I could at least push them around.

Have a GREAT nap!

* HUGS *

Lene Andersen said...

I think the postcards are a pretty wondrous expanding thing...

Although, I do wish you'd get more sleep. Perhaps two less postcards per day? Hmm? Anyway! Love the lion cub - SO adorable. It and the other stamps are astonishing beautiful. How many postcards have you done now? Are you past the 1000 mark?

Go! Rest! Stop working!!

with love from one snowbound friend to another

Veralidaine said...

Those really are lovely stamps! I will look through the link and perhaps there is a perfect one to make me immortal through the Postcard Project.

I had a dream that you and Linda and Lene and someone who I don't think actually exists but in the dream read your blog and was named Geva (I think she represented Cheryl?) and I all met up for lunch. We walked/wheeled along the side of a reservoir and somebody pushed me in, so I did the backstroke around the reservoir but when I got out my clothes were dry (???) and then we all ate Philly cheesesteak sandwiches.

Then you needed a rest so you sat in a quiet room and listened to your iPod while the rest of the group sorted your stuffed animals, which was a project you'd been putting off. In the dream you had lots of stuffed animals. Like, hundreds. So we hung nets from your ceiling and stored the stuffed animals there so you could look up at them from bed.

When we all came back out you were sad because you felt left out of the fun of sorting stuffies, so then we all did postcards together for a while, and after that you felt happier.

Then I woke up and was sad because I wasn't really having a big slumber party with you and your friends!

Oh and I GOT MY BOOKS!!! I was very excited. The inscriptions were perfect, and my parents and SO's parents will surely have lots of nightmares to thank me for after they get copies of Zed Christmas... mwahahaha. As for the copy I'm keeping (with the inscription to your cousin of course) it will be treasured, no matter how many nightmares it gives me.

Kirsty said...

The postcards I have received from you have given me so much joy. Enjoy the stamps. Thank you.

rachelcreative said...

Beautiful stamps, beautifully stamped.

shiva said...

I sent you some postcards today - not the Haeckel ones, but some made by a local all-women art collective, which contained one in particular that very much reminded me of you...

No idea how long they will take to reach you with all the Christmas post, but just thought i'd let you know that i sent them (to the PO Box address).

Those stamps are certainly impressive... but i do see one flaw, that they don't leave much room for the actual writing on the postcard (I don't think i could even fit an address alongside one of those and have my writing be legible!)

Unless those are REALLY BIG postcards, of course... ;)

Maggie said...

Beth, you are my hero. Lots of love. Maggie

Elizabeth Heller said...

thank you so much for the latest postcard! it is beautiful. you make me feel so special to get them! hope you all are surviving the weather and the season. happy solstice.

cheryl g said...

I hate the short weekends because we are having fun and then I have to leave. Suck! I am always blown away that we get so many postcards done each week. I do want you to slow down enough to make sure you have a spotter. No barbells on the neck please.

OMG! The new stamps are amazing. The images are beautiful and they are a joy to use. It was fun with everyone trying different color schemes and placements and showing our work to each other. I love the feeling of fellowship I get when we stamp together.

Tammy said...

Ooooo. Pretty stamps!!! I really like the solid dragonfly too!
I hope you get plenty of sleep. It sounds like you had a productive weekend. We had record breaking temperatures at -15 Farhenheit temps, so I have been cold bound and with frozen water at that. Nothing like having to wear mittens and 4 pairs of socks IN your home. Yep, it was warm, comfortable in a t-shirt, but the draft killed my Reynauds. I finally venture out to go to work today only to find the store I work at, was broke in during the night and the door busted out, so these temps were IN the building with all our animals..poor things had to have shivered all night, even with the furnace running full blast. Little was lost and the theifs left the animals alone, but cold.
I hope you have got quite a bit of sleep and are recovering from postcards. They all look completely beautiful.

I hope this will post. I haven't been able to get google to post any of my comments for 3 days now. It takes me to an error page every time I try to submit my comment. Fingers crossed.

Neil said...

Wow, those are great stamps!

We're used to snow, so we're not bound by it, but it's bloody cold here.

Oh, I hope you pain does subside, so you can be snow-boound with your favourite snow-kitten (Linda, of course!)

Love and hugs,

Abi said...

You really are working hard at the moment! I am also doing that, although thankfully not at work. Wrapping presents takes so very, very long. Nothing compared to how long it takes to write postcards, though, I am sure.

Please look after yourself. I really want you to go to Seattle in January, preferably alive (otherwise it would probably be a bit of a weird and pointless trip).

Lisa Moon said...

Wow! I am amazed at the sheer volume you are creating! Although also worried about your lack of sleep, though I can understand your wish to work while you can.

What gorgeous stamps! I never knew there were such beautiful ones available! I still keep hoping to find neat things like those (stamps and stickers, postcards) locally, but I'm told it's all on the Internet which these things are found... sigh.

Hope you're off having a deep, restful nap, having had the company of Linda and Cheryl to help with the cards this weekend.

thea said...

I love the look of these new stamps, and thank you for pointing out the precision required to make them even and nicely stamped. It helps me appreciate more about the work you put into the cards.

I've adored all components of the cards, but have found the detail in the stamps particularly fascinating. I was tempted to send you some animal stamps but now I am glad I didn't, as they were nowhere near the quality of what you are using (and probably difficult to use as well).

Thank you for not leaving people out. Thank you on behalf of those people who mightn't be able to thank you personally, too.

JaneB said...

Hope you have a long, refreshing, restorative sleep.

What beautiful stamps!

SharonMV said...

Love all the stamps! High volume stamping & still high quality. Having a good stamp really makes a difference.
I'm going to be ordering some new stamps for my birthday (it was today, or rather yesterday by now, Dec 22).Dennis had bought some scones, so I had a lovely breakfast of tea We went out to a scrap booking store to look at paper, stickers & other stuff. It was very cold & rainy, so my outing didn't last long. Later we had Indian take out food for dinner.

Now some long,restful hours of sleep for you Beth.
Love, Sharon

Elizabeth McClung said...

Drake: I did get many hours of sleep, thankfully. I hope the post preserves the postcards, and delivers them safe.

Yes, I hope that will help if there is a supplier who won't send to a P.O. Box. I do love those stamps, there were a couple other animals we wanted to get but ran out - and they were having a sort of close out sale at the time. Arg!

The boxes I speak of are about 1 foot long and about 8 inches tall, so I am pretty sure you might manage, I don't know. Just since I used to carry 80 and 90 lb boxes of books up and down the stairs after book faires, this is a bit of a come down - I am thinking I will take a picture of all the processes.

Lene: I do too - I do think I passed 1000 sometime over the last few weeks. And the number of names is right now several hundred. I like Stamp Oasis and the other two Japanese brands because they produce quality images which I LOVE to look at - like the cub - so I figure if I love it, it is a good thing to give, right?

Veralidaine: Aren't you immortal through that lab experiment? Sorry, that was supposed to be me! Oh well, didn't take. I do think that being immortal and your stamp being on 200 postcards would be a pretty cool thing.

Wow, that sounds like a great dream - I would like that as a reality (except pushing you in!) - I mean, having all those plushies, that would be cool and then all doing postcards together, that would be cool too.

I'm really glad you got the books before Xmas!

Kirsty: I am really glad, and I am glad that you are passing that joy on, thank you so much and your stamps have been used about 30 times each so far. So into immortality you go!

RachelCreative: Good, thanks - look to your postal box in a week!

Shiva: Thanks, I appreciate that, I will be sure to use them, I use all the postcards because sometimes the people wait to request one until the postcard appears!

The addresses are already on there, I just whited them out in photoshop and there is enough room to write, it is sort of deliberate, as I have less hand function, I sort of tone down the amount - but also, what could be more important than that cub?

Maggie: Thanks! Cheers, say hi to Gizmo! And the Spark.

Elizabeth: thank you, I am glad you like it, I am snowbound today but hope to be out tomorrow - we aren't SUPPOSED to be an city of snow - that's why I moved here! Cheers to you too!

Cheryl: yeah, I am a little blown away too - it used to be 25 was good then 30, then 35 now 50 is like, a 'short' weekend? Wha?

the stamps were very fun to play with, and looked amazing! I just had to show them off right away!

Tammy: thanks for your comment, I am sorry you are having such a bad time logging in - and having the frozen water - yeah, I am seriously afraid of that here.

The poor animals, I hope that they can fix the window quickly. I love these stamps, they are so beautiful!

Neil: Yeah, they are pretty awesome. Well, I am not bound by the snow exactly, it is just that legs are more efficent on ice or 2 feet of unbroken snow than an wheelchair. I could like DRAG myself, so I guess I don't have enough Canadian in me, I need to get a couple Ice pick axes and head on down into the village dragging my body behind - that would surprise them - so you are right, not bound except by my mind.

Linda is come to take me away - will do a post tomorrow and finish the comments. thanks!

signups said...

Just received my postcard today and wanted to say thank you very much, and wish you all a very merry Christmas (or 'festivities of the season', or whatever, depending on personal preference).

I was very impressed: not only a cat picture, but an MC Escher cat picture. That very same MC Escher who happens to be my favourite artist.

Although I'm now slightly suspicious you've been spying on me in order to find out my postcard preferences!

Anna said...

Although you may not like it, altough for you it is not tomorrow!
A Merry Christmas to ├Żou. Linda,. Cheryl and your internetfanclub all around the world.

I am going to spend the day with my parents and the evening and boxing day with friends. I hope that you will have positive time as well.

Merry christmas du you all!

Anna said...

and I had not tasted christmas bear, even if one could think so because of my spelling:)
Be back writing after christmas.

Anonymous said...

hi all the best to all of you - matt