Tuesday, December 02, 2008

EFM: cult leader or terrorist assassin? Police in my apartment, they want to know.

I am, it seems, an assassin. Or so the police told me on the phone while in their car to my apartment, and they had the written proof. Not only that, an individual person had not lodged this accusation but a government agency had. An agency I didn’t even know existed (aren’t those the best kind!): the Corporate Security Office. So, was I about to disappear into a secret prison to be interrogated, now that I was noted as potential killer? Find out, as here is the REST of the story (what is more bizarre, this is all true!):

Monday, after waking, with Cheryl gone, Linda was on disability (the three musketeers). Linda’s supervisor had gotten a courier to deliver a letter saying that her supervisor had (again) determined she is NOT disabled. And she had grant disability ‘provisionally’ to Linda but that Linda was required to visit an ‘independent doctor’ (implied that when doctor does not find her disabled, her wages will be retroactively withdrawn) and Linda will return to work Monday.

This (again) did not please Linda’s doctor, who talked to a doctor at PSA who seemed to be the head medically at Occupational Heath (the section of the Government which deals with illness and disability and medical confidentiality for ALL of the government agencies for BC). They discussed the diagnosis and came up with a staged care plan. When informed about the supervisor and the letter, the doctor for Occupational Health seemed a little, um, confused (pissed?), and left or sent a message to supervisor saying something like, “I, the provincial head of disability assessment say Linda is disabled, her doctor says she is disabled; why do you need ANOTHER doctor exactly?”

Since the supervisor told Linda she was better (though according to the part of government that determines disability she was disabled), and to start back to work on Monday, a message was sent asking to her supervisor to please provide details of the independent doctor appointment before the close of Friday work day. I mean, if Linda is determined healthy and to go back to work, in order to examine the disability, the independent doctor would need to examine her while the disability/illness existed, right?

Okay, you may be wondering WHY I am going on about this. I mean, Linda works for a genuine government ministry, not for individual people who spend their time and the government’s time (during an election year), getting people from OTHER ministries to waste time and wasting money on couriers only in attempts to dominate, blackmail, control or otherwise harass a person who made a complain OF harassment and discrimination weeks to months ago? Right? That would be, well, meglo-maniacal (I guess I should tell you that Linda’s supervisor and probably HER supervisors are reading this blog). So IF they ARE reading, a person with a meglo-maniacal complex believes that any action they take, regardless of law, is justified and that they themselves will be exempt. And that the more a person keeps saying, “No” the further and more extreme the behavior: for instance, instead of say, saying to Linda, “Why not work back the time you have to spend in the hospital with Elizabeth, I was wrong about that.” They send the police over claiming the person in the wheelchair is a PHYSICAL threat (EFM as tranforming magical assassin girl!)to high management (well, only to their libido: you know you all want me, and to be SPANKED by me, you BAD, BAD managers you!).

I learned during Police interview and discussion during their threat assessment of me, that her supervisor’s name (the person I am supposedly attacking) is Annette Wesley (you can google her and find out that her email is Annette.Wesley@gov.bc.ca – do a Canada only search and you can get her phone number too!).

Well, it seems that SOMEONE went through my blog specifically looking for ways to attack Linda or me or both. Now whether that was the investigator, illegally hired, to collector information from Linda (medically deemed inappropriate by BOTH doctors!), an investigator who freelances for government high management to negotiate with unions by the way (so no bias at all between the big bosses and the person doing the complaint) or Annette I don’t know. What I do know is that when the Friday deadline passed and Linda was officially labeled from PSA as disabled (which is bad enough, to have to FIGHT to be sick, worse!); late Friday afternoon, a complaint was lodged from the Ministry of Labour and Citizens from an unnamed party to the Corporate Security Office naming Linda and I as investigation for a security threat. And that specifically I had specified the intent to kill Linda’s supervisor to Linda (EFM goes from Wheelchair Goth to Shrine Sword Maiden Assassin!) and that Annette and other management’s life was in danger.

This is what the police told me on the phone on their way over to see me. I tried to explain that a) there is a thing called sarcasm and Linda never said that, b) I am housebound, c) I am on oxygen and d) were they going to visit Stephen Hawkins after me to follow up on other potential threats. They explained that once the complaint is made they have to make a “threat assessment.” This is why I get out of bed? To be ‘threat assessed’ as a killer by the police of Sannich?

Someone trolled my blog and found a phrase in the November 15th post on my guilt about being alive when it is so costly for Linda.

“They (her supervisor, and the head of a government ministry department) are of course, threatening her job because without the insurance, there is no way we could afford a week much less months of the cost of well….Me (or the costs of modern medicine). And there are no other current options (to medically house me) in Victoria.

So that is where things are today. Because I have stamps I have been sent and postcards, I am doing postcards tonight. Because while things seem helpless financially, and I am helpless physically, I can still do things and try to make a difference. Plus Linda made me promise not to kill her supervisor. That doesn’t stop the guilt and emotional pain I feel, every time I am handed my BOWL of pills, looking down into what may be keeping me going, but at what cost to Linda? All the money for Seattle, and the concentrator that was donated, I asked Linda to return when I believed I was going to die like within a few days.”

Yes, that is the section, which determined that high members of BC government were at risk, I SHIT YOU NOT! Of course, the unnamed person (we will get the file in about two weeks), decided to only pass on this part of a 2,600 word post: “Linda made me promise not to kill her supervisor.” That line was given from some person (*cough*the cowardly weasels that pass for high management at Linda’s building*cough*), to Corporate Security Office (which means they have been in government long enough to KNOW about that section, which Linda didn’t, nor do most workers), who gave it to the Police. And now the police were coming to see me. In two cars. My care-worker was here. The police were in my apartment, cars out front, and my building manager Fran (the one who leaves nails up in front of my door!) was going crazy trying to find out what was happening.

What happened is that the Constable in charge, who quite honestly not only fills up a room, a couch, and probably a car, but is not a person you would want to bring to ire (or have subdue you!), Constable Reasonable said that his job is to fill out the report and not do things that bring heat down from above (like from his boss). I said, actually I kind of LIKE going after those who send police to my apartment (when I take off the glasses, watch out!). He said after reading my blog and talking to me that didn’t surprise him.

Linda had carried me into a chair for the interview and I was on oxygen. I asked him, if he seriously thought that a woman whose last name I didn’t even know; who I don’t know where she lives and I can’t GET to the government building (key coded) without passing out, is in THREAT from me. He looked at Constable Onlooking (who was big but at least not as big as to pick up a human head in a hand like a basketball!), and in conversation it was determined that even a reasonable person took JUST the sentence before it, that line would CLEARLY indicate that is was a joke and taken out of context. Was that deliberate, should I counter-charge for wasting police time? “No-no!” Constable Reasonable asked making hand gestures, since these are the sorts of things that bring him heat. He and the other Constable were also rather shocked that I had previously called watch-commanders (Hey, when the police won’t come, go to the top and find out if it is OFFICIAL policy!). They said that they recognized I had disabilities but that I could also be, um, formidable. I decided that having these two Constables who were, in our time in BC, the nicest we had met, and using them as tools to try and strike back at the people who did this to me with a counter charge would only hurt and waste their time, so no. I told Constable Reasonable that I would not do anything officially…..with the police.

Also, they said I did NOT have to change a word of my blog since this is Canada (free speech!) and the context makes it clear it is humor! For instance, if I write that I am not going out today because I hear the Pope is visiting and he always runs down people after a bit too much of that sacramental wine; I am NOT (I hope) going to be visited AGAIN because I am withholding information on a drunk driving offence (relating to the Pope!).

The Constables said that I should be aware that certain people are reading my blog(People I think who should be, you know, asking LINDA how to get rid of what is now evidently a rampant departmental upper management bias, discrimination (illegal both federally and provincially!), and harassment due to disability and orientation – my suggestion is to do as with doctors who offend – fire them and list all of their cited offenses so all potential employers can know what type of people they are – with pictures!). And that I should tread lightly.

But also that the assessment was to determine if ‘someone else would carry out the threat on my behalf.’ I asked them if it seemed a large criminal element came to visit me while housebound? They said no, but it was a public blog and I guess you, the readers, those with chronic fatigue and the people in wheelchairs could all band together to form a disability lynch party (sorry, along with the organists and knitters!). The power of blogging is a strange thing when Police are seriously IN YOUR HOME to assess your level as a cult leader (see my army and tremble!). Okay reality check, I am not Madonna, and I am not about to start a Jim Jones thing. I send postcards to people, I care about people, I am a registered pacifist (I had to register since they denied my US citizenship twice until I showed with supreme court cases that I did not HAVE to love killing people to be a US citizen – I kid you not!). I have encouraged people to visit graveyards and at other times to ‘have fun.’ I may have also asked people to do a ‘deliberate act of kindness.’ I am pretty sure, “hurt, maim and threaten” was NOT on the list of favors I asked.

So that was a great deal of the Monday, that and telling Cheryl I was a terrorist (tip to self: try NOT to call US government employee on government line and start with the phrase, “Hey, this is your terrorist friend calling!”). And the fun I have in toying with Fran with why police are visiting me, “Interviewing me on a death threat” was suggested, so that she thinks people are trying to kill me and becomes a nervous wreck.

I did ensure that in the report, I was the person listed as the “person of contact” (or suspect or whatever), and Linda was listed as “other” so that they cannot say that she threatened her boss or any garbage like that. I also think that whoever did this, was VERY, VERY stupid. Because Linda cannot talk about her complaint, and I cannot seek or disclose any information from Linda due to her work as she has signed a loyalty oath to not commit treason OR mutiny (I know, the fun from Government work is GONE!). When a courier delivers a letter to your home though! However, when police question you, in your home, none of the information is confidential. Reasons explained to the police due to questions are no longer confidential, the name of Linda’s supervisor is not confidential because it came out from questioning over who it was I was supposed to be killing (I didn’t know her last name….until now!).

In fact, I was wondering if that nice woman who liked me so much for the BBC interviews down at the CBC would be interested in a pre-election story on how I am, yes, in a wheelchair and with a muscular, vascular degenerative disease, BUT ALSO a suspected potential assassin or current cult leader by Linda’s employers. Because as was pointed out repeatedly, if the previous sentence in the post or any aspect of context had been given, this would not have gone to the police. And that apparently harassing the severely ill and disabled spouse of a disabled government manager by TWO government agencies (we were told several email were involved) is the best use of government resources and salaries.

All that aside. Woo hoo! I mean, during last years' Xmas party Annette SAW me have half my face slide towards the floor and have to be fed by Linda. But NOW, a year later she is concerned about her personal safety from me. Errrr….yeah, we disabled are BAD, (EFM is so bad, she wears gloves so as not to get blood stains on her hands!)we are kind of like a motorcycle gang, and don’t you forget it! You cross one of us, you will have all SORTS of bruises on your shin! Also, love the irony: Waking up and looking for your ‘handler’ to find out who to give the human severed head to is NOT worth Police time, making a joke while doing free postcards to remind people that someone in the world cares about them, does.


Victor Kellar said...

Wow. I really dont't know what to say .. well your army did make me tremble .. but look at the thong at that warrior, it was not in fear ..ahem

I know about EFM .. I didnt know about Elizabeth the kunoici (female ninja) but I am not surprised. Disabled people are scary, isnt that why we keep you all behind walls?

Seriously, this is what I hate; the gov't who we hire,who we pay, who are supposed to support us,acting like bullies. A deliberate miscarriage of power. And this whole complaint based system of law enforcement where he who yells loudest, who makes the most calls, gets the cops to do their biddings. Its really insane.

I'm laughing, but I'm also really pissed off

Veralidaine said...

Oh my lord. Your life gets stranger by the day! Yes, Linda's supervisor had better watch out-- you might run over her toes. So, if she happens to have any vital organs in her toes, her life could really be in danger! However if she, like most people, keeps them lodged safely in her thoracic region, she probably didn't need to get the police after you...

But seriously, what an idiot. She fears for her life even though you know nothing about her but her first name, so she makes a complaint that means now you know her last name and phone number? Doesn't sound like a genuinely terrified person to me.

Hey, Linda's Bosses: If you're reading this, I don't plan to hurt, maim or otherwise harm you, but I think you're among the biggest idiots and most vile individuals of whom I've ever heard! However, if I could get my butt to Canada for anything, it wouldn't be to do harm to a vile boss, it would be to see my cousin Beth and her wife, Linda, whom you treat so poorly.

Michelle said...

Well, I hate to break it to you, but I've always thought you were a dangerous person ...


For heaven's sake, some people really do get paranoid don't they? I'm so glad you can see the humour in it, because you know that bullies like this person who complained only do it to harass their victims.

Don't become one of their victims.

Thinking of you, always.

One Sick Mother said...

Oh. My. God, Elizabeth!

This is hilarious! I mean, I know it is serious harrassment on the part of Linda's employer, and that is unfunny. But the entire surreal situation appeals to my rather black sense of humor.

I mean I can just picture you as Warrior queen, with a bullhorn so you can be heard over the sound of your oxygen concentrator, leading a bunch of crips and sickies to go and give that a bigoted old cow a piece of our minds. Because our minds are probably the best part I know I can't beat a 10-year-old at thumb wrestling.

Interesting and rather worrying point about the meglomania though. I am not sure what protection one would have from such an individual in an organization such as Linda's.

Please be careful


Perpetual Beginner said...

Speaking as a regular reader of your blog who isn't notably disabled and actually uses weaponry - the most violent impulse I've ever had towards anybody you've posted about was the desire to beat my own head repeatedly against the wall.

Linda's bosses should be ashamed of themselves. Unfortunately I doubt they have the self-awareness to manage it.

Lene Andersen said...

You. Are. Shitting. Me!??

More tomorrow when I've absorbed this. Good lord.

p.s. please, oh PLEASE, call taht nice woman at the CBC!

yanub said...

I suppose it is a universal constant that the only person more humorless than a bureaucrat is a bureaucrat with a personal grudge.

Annette, if you are going to behave vindictively and with bad faith, you must simply expect people will grumble about you behind your back. If you make violating employee rights a standard of your supervision, then you must accept that employees will complain about you. Retaliating against the family members of your unhappy, beleaguered employees who never previously ever mentioned you by name or indicated any specifics merely confirms that you habitually abuse your authority.

And, Beth, sad to say, you make a piss-poor cult leader and an even worse terrorist assassin. I'm put in mind of Monster in a Wheelchair (www.monsterinawheelchair.com). Obviously, we have here Part II: Ninja Cult Leader in a Wheelchair, on Oxygen, with Brain Damage.

cheryl g said...

I am proud to be a member of your army but I am requesting a different uniform. These are rather skimpy for winter in the pacific northwest.

OK, Linda's boss has gone completely over the edge into cloud cockoo land. I wonder if she was reading your blog on work time? If she spent half that energy on just doing her job Linda's department would be the most productive in all of government.

I am glad Constables Reasonable and Observing were, well, so reasonable.

Love the picture of you, Linda and I in our sports uniforms!

Linda McClung said...

I couldn't believe it when I got the phone call from the Saanich police. What have we done? We're law abiding citizens. When I heard what the investigation was about it was so absurd.

Beth is a pacifist. She's all about showing people she cares, not doing harm. Even if she were violent - which she isn't - Beth can't remember the names of many of the parties involved, nor can she remember the address of where I work and if she figured it out, she'd never get past the lobby into the secure areas. Nor does she know where my bosses live.

It seems like a very retaliatory action to me.

Okay, one comment I need to make - Even though there are ways to find the contact details of my supervisor or other employers, Beth has reassured me she didn't put it up there for you all to use. Please do not approach my employers in any way. That means no emails, phone calls, letters, mischief or violence of any kind.


Tayi said...

Ha! Government power is so strange. I sometimes wish that I could be the person on the inside for once, you know the person who makes these things happen to other people. Not because I want to cause other people distress- I don't- but because I just wonder what it's like when you have enough power to make life easy. It must be really great, right? To be able to call up powerful people in government and ask them to do things, and they do them.

Anyway. That last picture there... is really quite hot. Even though I'm (mostly) straight. ;)

Elizabeth McClung said...

Just to clarify, I knew that if anyone in genuine power wants to call her and ask some questions now they know where she is, but really, once you put someone's full unedited email up there - the spam the receive doubles - She should be swamped with "Do you want your manhood larger and firmer!" emails in a week or two.

Victor: I didn't have time to blog this yesterday because it turns out proving you are a homocidical wheelie is sort of hard but also amusing and quite honestly, having actual police there to see if I was going to kill someone sort of made my week. I mean, how were they going to detain me for public safety, is there a secure hospital unit somewhere? What about all my medication? Did they come prepared to take my wheelchair away too?

I guess I need to find out how I make a complaint to this govt agency: Corporate Security since obviously even with 7 words, I get labelled a threat, no not to prime minister but to a mid level administrator. They actual said that she claim to be in fear of me. Well, I can understand verbally! Or if she lives at the bottom of a BIG hill!

Veralidiane: Yes, next up is the charge that Linda has been inciting Mutiny against the Queen (since that is who you swear your won't commit treason or mutiny against!). I have no idea what else might happen next, for all I know, prank pizza deliveries are about to follow.

Put you have to admit, being considered a threat is a bit of a boost, can I put that on my resume "Considered Security risk and cult leader by BC government"

Michelle: Well since these people only seem to be able to read 6 or 7 words at a time, I am sure your declaration of my threatening aspect will show up in some report. Haha. No, I write all about how I wake up believing and wanting a name of someone to kill with an ice pick and nada. I make a joke after saying that while I am helpless, I can still try and make a difference and I'm lucky they didn't bring the SWAT team!

Thanks Michelle, I do see the humor of it, but it does take up time and energy.

One Sick Mother: I agree that it is funny, I mean when she is sending WRITTEN LETTERS by courier to state AGAIN that SHE (an administrator) not the medical doctor in charge of determining disabilities decides who is disabled or not - I mean, anyone else goes, "Are you insane, you just dug your own grave, why are you giving the person complaining about you more and more written proof that this is some wacky vendetta!" So now instead we have the Police Report, which I can get and probably the emails about the complaint through the freedom of information act (the report I just have to ask for with ID).

Also while for reasons I can't explain, Linda cannot at this time use the office of the Ombudsperson (an office which investigates abuses of admininstrative authority in carrying out executive orders - meaning, if you are supposed to do your job for ministry X and you instead spend time reading a blog and getting the police to go after someone who isn't even an employee of the government - that is an administrative misuse.), I CAN! And will! And the Ombudsperson can request any documents, email, correspondance, the works and reports to the Executive.

Lene: I know, I live in "The Best Place to Live on Earth" - well, does some staff at some ministries do the waccy tabbacy - me thinks YES!

Wheelchair Dancer said...

This is just unbelievable. Unbelievable. Hit 'em with your oxygen tank; run right over their toes. You are formidable, but it is wrong that you should have to be to enjoy the rights of any other citizen


desdemona said...

Hey, is she this woman? http://profile.ak.facebook.com/v227/610/39/n786545286_7061.jpg
Because we could all go to facebook and friend her for a group hug, maybe then she'll feel the love and starts acting like a human being? ;-)

JackP said...

I remember reading the original post, and laughing because the 'promise not to kill boss' was funny after the preceeding line.

Sadly, it appears people will look to take something out of context just to cause trouble.

But most importantly, does this mean you are no longer available for special 'work'?

Raccoon said...

Oh, this is hilarious! Absolutely fantastic!

Wait, this really happened?

Okay, it's still hilarious. Ridiculous, but hilarious. Who does she think she is -- the president of the United States, sending out the Secret Service?

I love the picture of your army...

rachelcreative said...

Yanub - that monster in a wheelchair is hilarious and very fitting!!

Beth - Well there was something neither you nor Linda really needed to deal with!

The word "malicious" springs to mind about whoever made that report. As well as "petty" and "small minded".

As for this flunkey (with M.E.) I'd confirm that exhausted tutting and expressions of outrage with sighing is about the biggest threat offered around here!

I think those who set in motion cowardly malicious attacks will reap what they sow without any intervention from those who love the target(s) of said malice and spite.

Hoping you and Linda aren't left feeling too wiped after this ridiculous and hurtful episode.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Perpetual Beginner: Sorry, I somehow missed commenting back, but I read it and honestly, while I may have felt things like, strangling the tech who is told "Don't lay her down or put her in a verticle position as she can't breathe or talk" and then lays me down and later goes, "What's wrong with you? Why aren't you speaking? Why are you that colour?" - I am never have the ability to follow through. Also, beating up on Linda is not nice. But yes, I have literally done far more damage to myself in self harm than I have to anyone else. As Cheryl says, "Everyone before you for everything, everyone more important than you in needing love/caring/etc" - she sees this as my character flaw (or as ONE of my character flaws!).

Yanub: Yeah, it was sort of like; "The police are REALLY here to see if I am going to hurt someone ELSE?" It just seemed so, unreal. I mean, does this mean I am on the "no fly" list now?

Yes, I don't know why it vexes Annette not to be able to control every aspect of people but those who manager or supervise should learn that if you show that the buck stops here and people can be responsible for themselves, it works a LOT better than back and forth micro-management blaming (Yes, no one else is as good as you or does it your way because....THEY AREN'T YOU - humans are made different, that's why we don't come from factories!)

Hey, I think I would make a very reasonable Cult Leader. I just to need to offer a bit more of "One Truth" lie.

Cheryl: Well, the uniform is not so much as to create comfort but as to create an army of supporters, BEHIND us, big beefy guys staying with us whereever we go, growing all the time. It is sort of, "Thong them, and they will come!"

I know, what with all of trying to manipulate Linda there must be some client not getting full time over there. I like our uniforms too, however, they seem to be missing a few buttons. It would be cool if we could all play softball (okay, right now I'd settle for T-ball).

Linda: No mischief of any kind - oh come on, when a teacher says that they are virtually BEGGING people for mischief to occur!

Tayi: Yeah, that last woman is definately capable, and sexy.

I also agree that it must be amazing to have the power to do these things - why do not more managers use them for good? What happens so that they decided to only use the obscure parts of the rule book or bend the rules, or ignore them for the detriment of others (for me that was the Immigration officer whose flag was decorated solely with a giant USA flag; "Are you ready to support our troops?" Me: "No, that isn't a requirement of a citizen, as case blah, blah demonstrates, and as a pacifist I cannot support violent action in any national interest." Officer: "We don't need another weak belly in a time of war. Denied." ?????

So I can only imagine how often that occurs (hey most border guards seem a little hazy on thier official duties as well at times).

Drake said...

Sheesh! Weird to say the least. My Brother in law used to be in the flying squad and they didn't take too kindly to prank's like that.

The person that claimed this is either really disturbed or REALLY DISTURBED.

I can not fathom the people of today... have they no compassion?! Companies and Bussinesses...heck, you know my opinion on that, so I'm not going to elaborate and take over your blog. Suffice it to say, my heart goes out to you and Linda. With all the worries you have and now with Linda's difficulties...you certainly deserve a "break" somewhere...

On the topic of assassin's... If you ever find your self with the energy, and I know that it is not a cheap commodity for you, would you be interested in taking a look at my latest blog-site that I started...

I have a little something I am working on and you might be able to help me with it as you have experience with this sort of thing. You can be as critical as you like...just be gentle as this is the first time I attempt something like this ;D


Mind you, I had that eerie feeling again when I read your post...strikes a little close..., so I hope I don't get any police knocking on my door over my latest blog ;D

Keep well and apologies if I at times say the wrong things ... The depression Gremlins sometimes has a will of their own.

Keep well

thea said...

Wow your life really doesn't happen by halves. I would call that a rough time, even if the police were nice (small mercies, eh?).

(shouts) Hey Canadian taxpayers, is this a good use of your tax dollars?

Olivia said...

"could all band together to form a disability lynch party (sorry, along with the organists and knitters!)"

Hee - you included knitters! Well I have a stash of many pointy sticks, some of them bamboo/wood therefore useful against vampires... not sure what I can offer against a nasty boss.

SharonMV said...

I guess I can confess now that SharonMV, woman with CVID, Lupus, several other autoimmune diseases and assorted medical conditions is really my cleverly constructed Secret Identity to hide my true identity of diabolical evil Super villain. And since I'm housebound, no one wonders why the two of us are never seen together.

What a surreal situation. So sorry that you & Linda had to use up time & energy dealing with it. But your description of the whole thing is very funny. And now I can think of you as EFFM - Elizabeth F*cking Formidable McClung.


JaneB said...

Well, at least they seem to have been nice policemen with a sense of humour! See, you still have power in the world...

How frustrating! But you found some great pictures to accompany the post

Maggie said...

Beth, I knew you always had secret powers. This just proves it. I'm proud to be a member of the EFM secret army. See,it's so secret, I didn't even know I was a member till now, but I'm glad I'm a member all the same.
God people, get a sense of humor!

Anna said...

I have actually met bad bad bad disabled criminals....but I don't think that's you......

I hope you have managed to get some relaxation. Honestly, your life seems somewhat absurd or more absurd than before. Lindas boss.....well have no words.......

FridaWrites said...

I'd start making jokes myself and am strongly resisting doing so, but then I could as well have the humorless coming after me.

This does make me wonder who your anonymous harasser is, not necessarily the needs-a-psychiatrist-lady, but someone there.

I can't work or take care of myself, but sure, I have enough energy for criminal activities on the side, lol. I need a magic cape!

I hope Linda is okay, recovering, and will be better soon.

Devi said...

Absurd indeed (though sometimes I wish there was a scary wheelchair sword maiden army - or something).

With you in rage at Linda's supervisor(s) (which is not a serious death threat in case someone reads this, sheesh!)

Lisa said...

OK, I'll meet you with my WALKER and cane, TOO and we can... corner her and say BAD BAD ANNETTE?!


OMG, when I said I know someone who works for LCS and maybe they had ideas on how to proceed, this turns out to go LEAGUES farther than I could have imagined!

BOO, Annette! Sounds indeed like someone is a homophobe and a generally cruel, unwell person. Do you think it's FUN to take all this (clearly recreational) time off to care for your terminally ill spouse?!

If I wasn't so incredibly disgusted, I'd be laughing. Yes, EFM has just electronically slipped us all a little Special KoolAid and we're gonna go nuts and track down random government IDIOTS... PLEASE.

Well, sounds like stupid Annette has tripped her own stupid self up, saving me the effort of trying to figure out if I can do it with my cane, while I sit on my walker's seat...

Elizabeth the kunoici?! That sounds pretty cool; I never knew that! Assasin terrorist? Cult leader? I mean, I try to read between the lines but I never noticed that before...

Funny, I thought the whole point of this was to, you know, let Elizabeth write about her life, vent a little and have people listen supportively.

Did anyone other than me miss the memo about joining some terrorist disabled person faction of the cult I also glossed-over?

Seriously, I'm incredibly sorry that you had to withstand this serious mockery of security and justice systems. I've had my own run-in with the Saanich Police, provoked by an obviously sick individual with serious homophobia issues... I guess they're just doing their jobs, and often they do it well, but really!

Can't they be out there cracking down on those illegal secondary suites where people are trying to find affordable housing in the municipality? Perhaps patrol the park behind my old house a little more where tons of law-breakers regularly run their dogs - OFF LEASH?!

Anna said...

Go with Linda. Please don't do any mischiefs at boss......I wouldn't play with fire. Just leave it.
Good night again.
Sometimes it is just best to stay out of peoples radar...

Donimo said...

Whoah, this is surreal. I'm glad you got some decent cops who weren't power hungry and bored (a horrible and common combination with the police) and who understand sarcasm and wit. Bureaucrats are stiff people who lack in the subtler graces like understanding humour with an edge. What they do know about is power and how to try to intimidate people. I know that you and Linda are strong and won't be put off by what they throw at you.. but I'm sad that they have to fling such sh*t your way.

Getting that gold stamp of disability certification is a fight no matter if you have to go through a private employer, a union or the government and, always, the game they play is attrition: they hope that people who are already struggling with managing the day-to-day stuff will not have the stamina to fight their systems and get what they are due. I'm glad Linda has doctors on her side, but her employer will still fight against what is patently obvious. It's what they do and it tends to pay off for them. I wish you both the patience and strength needed to get to the end of this.

But gawd, this is f'ing absurd. The EFM Army has your back! (I agree we might need some variation in uniform for the butch ones here!)

Lene Andersen said...

I've still got nutthin' but "you are shitting me". Well, that and laughing - best story of the year!

And I'd like to be a member of your cult as well. Probably already am, but if there're uniforms, secret code words and plots to ridicule those who deserve it, I'd like to make it official!

chris and rusty said...

We dont care which one you are, we love you.
Christine & Rusty

Neil said...

My dear Ms. Jane Bond:

Beth a threat? Don't be so bloody ridiculous. I read that post too, and I heard a whole LOT of pain, disgust at your condition, and guilt for still being alive. Not a lot of joy, NO humour (to me), but I didn't take it to mean Linda's supervisor was in trouble. Rather, the opposite: Linda's supervisor is SAFE FROM EFM!! (Thank the gods, and have Miss Moneypenny send a report to M. about Ms. Bond wasting government resources).

Hopefully there will be a mark in a file about someone being so vindictive as to send the police on such an asinine wild goose chase. It will be a popular topic at the police station, though, I imagine.

Did you happen to mention that Linda's supervisor is the head of the anti-harassment team in the workplace?

id you happen to mention that the stress of dealing with her supervisor is a threat to Linda's health, both mental and physical?

Did the police happen to notice the evidence of your Minions, the squirrel horde, who plan to do your bidding and help you take over the world? You'd have to wear gloves to handle the squirrels, I imagine. But fasten the fly in your pants, or they'll fall down and you'll be at risk of an attack from Linda!

Seriously, it sounds like Linda's supervisor should seek a psychiatric assessment for her paranoid delusions.

Watching carefully for your Squirrels of Doom, and sending much love and many hugs for you and Linda,

Neil said...

Um, Cheryl, that was a perfectly good keyboard in front of me until I read your comment with a cup of tea too close.

Beth, If I'm to be in your cult/army, might I too have a different uniform? As a male, I just can't fill it properly.

Laughing at the absurdity and sme of the wonderful comments,

Tom P. said...

Doesn't Annette know you have lots of American friends and all of us Americans pack a rod? ;-)

Stephanie said...

Yeah! Us knitters with our pointy sticks will totally join your army!

(Though I seriously doubt it'd be possible to use a knitting needle to stab something bad. Fingers and hands, yes, some of them, but it couldn't be used as like a stake through which to kill vampires. Or other people's hearts. Seriously, why do people think knitting needles are dangerous?)

VK said...

Best post ever.

We should get you a "dangerous terrorist" t-shirt. :)

Andrew said...

I can just picture you as Warrior queen, with a bullhorn so you can be heard over the sound of your oxygen concentrator, leading a bunch of crips and sickies to go and give that a bigoted old cow a piece of our minds.

Sachin said...

This is hilarious! I mean, I know it is serious harrassment on the part of Linda's employer, and that is unfunny. But the entire surreal situation appeals to my rather black sense of humor.