Thursday, December 18, 2008

Beth goes a Begging!

I went begging today. Yes, begging. And in sub-freezing weather, it snowed. I only lasted 20 minutes. I had the permission of the owner. And if you are offended because I am bringing down the image of the disabled or I am giving in to stereotype, then PLEASE point me in some direction where I CAN get a job in this town, or assistance that does accommodate me and give me dignity. I still have dignity here, I am just being blatantly open about how desperate I am.
The sign reads: “Need money Please for an oxygen Concentrator and medicine for kittens in the Japan Cat Project. Thank you and Happy Day.” I emailed with David and found out that his greatest need is for medicine, specifically for Revolution that they can’t get in Japan (an anti-parasite Treatment). If you have any or can get it in bulk to ship, please let me know, or David directly (email me and I’ll give you his email address). He says plainly that medical costs are a huge part of keeping the kittens, and that he also has to treat for Ringworm and cocydium but doesn’t know the best medicines. I put the concentrator on there because we are about to find out today or tomorrow if and how much Blue Cross will cover and will have about 3-4 days to come up with about $1000. That is causing some tension. I, of course, was raising the money for the kittens and was calling, “Save the Kittens.” A woman talked to me and as soon as she found out about the concentrator and how I can’t leave the house for long, she put in a fiver.

“You can use this as you want,” she said, “But I REALLY want you to have a better life.”

I said, “I understand, but I’m sort of wanting the KITTENS to have a better life.”

She left with a “For YOU” statement.

We made $8.76.
I was wearing two pairs of gloves, which I thought would work to keep out the cold even with my poor circulation. As you see, my ears are uncovered. My pain after 20 minutes outside was SO intense, I could not use my hands, I could barely move one thumb. Linda wheeled me into the store. And then out and back home, she had to put on the seat belt, I had my wrists and one thumb. The pain was unbelievable. I know I have a compromised circulation but really….?
I am not sure what to say, there was blood pools but otherwise no circulation in my fingertips or the sides of my fingers, this is FROSTBITE, and not a mild case of it, and it happened in just over 20 minutes.

I at this point, between the “Oh God, Oh God.” And “Look at my HANDS!” I was saying, “Okay, I’m going back tomorrow! Boy those panhandlers have it tough!” I think Linda pointed out they don’t have a disease which makes them have no circulation in their hands!
Linda says she brought a lukewarm bowl of water. My GOD THE PAIN! I screamed and screamed and I don’t know how long except I am hoarse now because all I could feel and see what a red haze of pain. It was bad. At this point, if anyone even TRIED to get me to go back out and pan-handle, I would take an AXE to them…when I could grip it again. I started to realize, “How am I going to wheel myself anywhere?” Going down and back to the Video Store takes longer than that – and this was TWO pairs of gloves, one a super-thermal. Nothing except saving Linda was worth that kind of pain again. Was I to be housebound for the rest of my time?
At this point I am just sobbing, because Linda keeps making me put my hands in the bowl and I can’t scream anymore, I am screamed out so I am sobbing. I begged, very cheerful, for 20 minutes. I screamed and sobbed and lost hand function for about 30 or more. Suck!

David told me that he has gathered 100 postcards for me already! Damn, I will have to work harder. With him going around like that, it just makes me want to help him – this was my genius idea last night as I went to bed. Turns out not so genius. So I will keep putting on DVD’s as I can and I will sell Zed (copies are in, please pay through Linda’s blog if you want one!). And $8.76 Canadian is going to David’s kittens (he has eight right now, he went up to Tokyo earlier this week to take two to new owners and two others went to foster owners so he ONLY has eight). I wish I knew how to help Linda and the Oxygen Concentrator, but I don’t. And so tomorrow I will come up with a plan on how to raise money for that. I know that Linda thinks I am stupid, and that maybe part of this begging is satire, but part of this is the genuine desperation I feel to help Linda and David cover costs. I know people in need, and I don’t know how to help them, I don’t know how to help myself. If it hadn’t been for Linda, I wouldn’t have been able to get home.

Maybe I am so desperate to help David and the kittens because I know they will live on and I will not. That if I save them, some shred of me lives on another 12 years in what I have done. Maybe I am so desperate because I am ashamed I don’t know how to help Linda raise money. That I am the thing in the house which must be fed and taken care of. And now, I am too disabled to beg, what kind of irony is that? I had my Dicken’s Cup and everything! If I could, I would be knocking on doors offering to sweep driveways or shovel walkways for $5, $10, $20. But I can’t.

Turns out I didn't raise much for David, but something, and that is better than not trying at all. Tomorrow the concentrator! And better gloves!


cheryl g said...

Well, I am glad you found a use for the tin cup but I would be happier if you weren’t pushing your luck with the frostbite. Saving the kittens is important but it would be better to do it with ALL your fingers. You made $8.76 in 20 minutes? I think we may need a new plan.

When the tissue starts warming and the blood is circulating it hurts a lot. The only way I know to avoid the pain is to avoid the frostbite. Good for Linda for making you keep your hands in the water. It is the safest way to warm them. You also need to start checking your feet when you have been out in weather like this. The other option you can try is using those chemical hand warmers tucked into mittens. They won’t work in gloves to keep the fingers warm but could do well with mittens. It just means someone else may have to push.

I have added saving the kittens to my list of things to find solutions for. I may come up with all the answers someday – one never knows.

Lene Andersen said...

I am sending money to David tomorrow, so STAY INSIDE! (was going to do it before you got frostbite, just have to organize the cash in the right account, thanks to the asshole who copied my bank card# and PIN). What you do lives on. The Blog Awards have a disability category because of you. The people who read you have changed because of you and because we've changed, we will pass that change on and change others. And the kittens will get food and medication because of you (because I'm not the only one who's sending money, am I??? Who's with me?!).

Mind putting up a link to your ebay page?

By the way... this might sound weird. You have beautiful hands. Yes, I know. Frostbite (and I know how painful that can be - got stuck in the snow in -40 windchill once and my right ear still aches when it gets cold. You have my deep sympathies). As my hands are not, due to deformities since I was a teenager, I've become a bit of a conneiseur of hands and trust me... . Yours are beautiful.

Tom P. said...

When I used to ski, we got these little packets that you shake and they get hot and you stick them in your gloves and socks. Kept our hands and feet nice and warm. Or you could try electric hunting socks and gloves but I think they are a little expensive.

Raccoon said...

First things first: you are not a thing!

You're one your way to being a cat, with the feeding and watering and cuddling, but even a cat is not a thing.

That was in 20 minutes? Hrm. Plus the time to get there and back. 45 minutes total? I can understand the screaming.

Maybe getting out there earlier, on the sun is shining, might be a little warmer? Or was it the wind?

Nice of the lady to donate. Make sure to give that to Linda.

Veralidaine said...

Revolution is available without a prescription at It's an Australian online store and has inexpensive international shipping. I don't know about getting it in bulk because in the USA you need a prescription from a vet to buy it, but in Australia you don't, so maybe David could find a friendly, kitten-loving Aussie to help by ordering Revolution for him?

I'm not going to scold you for bringing the image of people with disabilities down (I think the satire was funny, and if anyone has a right to beg it's you who have been so neglected by your country), but I think next time you want to beg, you should do it indoors out of the cold. How about a book signing? I know it would be hard to plan something in advance with your health changing rapidly, but if you found a friendly book shop, it might raise you some money.

You could bill it as "Your last chance to get a signed copy of the 2006 Canadian book of the year! Get them now before the author's all gone!" Tell people that autographs, like art, usually only become valuable after the person who made them is dead, so this is a great way to make a quick return on their investment...

Morbid, yeah, but maybe it would attract some media, sell some books, raise some money for concentrator and kittens?

Jaimie said...

Could you guys put a chip-in button on the blogs? just somewhere for people to donate $5-10 if they have it...

here's the link :)


yanub said...

Beth, please don't freeze yourself. And if you are going to beg, you will have to scout a better location. Eight and some change is not worth you freezing your fingers. Will the owner of the business let you put a jar with that picture on it next to the register, so people can toss in their spare change? That would be better.

yanub said...

I love Veraladaine's suggestion. "Get 'em before she's all gone" is great.

Jaimie, how is ChipIn different than just putting a Paypal donation button up? I suppose there is an obvious benefit to it that I am just not seeing.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Well originally I wasn't going to do the money thing because it makes me go funny in the head like, I dunno, go begging publically with poor circulation in the extremities. So we could add one of those chip things to Linda's site. But since I AM going on about money and showing you the cup and all I PROMISE if I going begging some more, I will put a little bar showing how much I make.

Yanub: I thought you were supposed to fret, instead of giving me MORE ideas of how to sort of beg while in other locations.

I also like how everyone is like, "Well you didn't get enough!" I did smile a lot and said, "Save the kittens!" - if that doesn't work, I don't know what I am doing wrong. I guess I need MORE PRACTICE.

Lisa Moon said...

Oh, gosh, Elizabeth! Your poor hands... but yes, Lene is right; your hands are quite lovely, very stately, if that's the right word?

As a trained and experienced esthetician (worked in fancy spas for a few years), when I saw them my first thought was (after OW! over the frostbite stuff) "Oh, I'd love to give her a nice, soothing manicure - the best part is the massage, of course!"

I'm guessing that a-begging doesn't generally pay well, though I have heard of people making a fair bit. Wonder what their techniques are?

Whatever you do, PLEASE avoid going out again soon - the weather this weekend and into next week is supposed to be minus 10 celcius, but will feel close to minus 20 with the windchill! That's seriously cold, especially for those of us from Vancouver Island south who tend to be a little bit soft with our usual temperate climate...

Oh, and tomorrow, I'm getting someone to take me out FINALLY to a post office so I can send off the little gift I've had for you for some time but haven't been able to get out with all this damn snow to mail it!

I was waffling over practical versus fun and guess which won out? Drat, perhaps I shoulda gone with the more practical... anyway, expect some small bit of fun in the mail - hopefully it won't take too long to go to the US and back to Victoria again! LOL.

WARM, gentle hugs.

yanub said...

Oh, I can fret while still suggesting other ways for you to, um, seek contributors. I'm a good multitasker that way.

Drake said...

Ouch! My poor Beth! pun intended...

Next time, you should come and get some lessons from the guys here ;D They make an absolute fortune through begging. A friend of mine, once got a job for one of these guys but after a week, he was back on the street corner... When my friend asked what happened to the job, he replied that he gets twice the amount that he gets from working...

At winter time, I get an irretating situation with my we call it "Winters Fingers". Your fingers, especially the knuckles gets red, swollen and itches like hell. When you put them in warm water it burns like you placed them in boiling water. I don't know what it's really called...might be something like low-grade frost-nip...can't imagine how yours must have felt!

In summer time, the veigns on the top of my hands start bulging like balloons, especially on very hot days and when I have been doing a lot. For some reason, it gives me a nausiating feeling to look at...but then, fear of blood runs in our family.

My dad, went with my sister when they removed the cast from her feet after trying to surgically straighten her toes (That didn't work, but they also didn't know at that point that we have Marfan's in our family and that connective tissue disorders doesn't go well with surgery like that) Before the doctor knew it, he had two patients on his sis, screaming from the pain caused by the pins in her toes and my dad, lying unconcious on the floor :D

Good thing my dad isn't around when they draw supposed "fluid" from my knee after a fluid isn't quite what doctors expect to come out... I am usually staring at the walls when they do that, lest I find my self barfing all over the nurse and passing out. (and yes, it's from damaged legiments...I apparently have "Button hole" scars on my ... what do you call that thing again? grrr, this memory of mine. At any rate, this makes it even easier for my knee-cap to slide around)

I must agree do have lovely hands. I guess, that's one advantage of having long slender fingers ;D. People with MFS do seem to make for great models, don't they...too bad they are usually not proned to being shallow :P

Tell Linda, if she has trouble with the spanking, she could always enlist the help of Cheryl...but that might just turn into a lesbian sleep-over, instead of a punishment * blush * :D

Lots of love and hugs!

Elizabeth McClung said...

Cheryl: Linda told me you gave me the cup, it was in the black spot in me' 'ead. Well, I did wear TWO gloves, there was like a PLAN! Yes, I think if I had called, "Give me a lung" I might have gotten more - the trick is you look at the people when they go into the store and when they come out they give you change - I just didn't stay long enough for them to come out.

Apparently the water went from lukewarm to cold because of my hands, I couldn't tell. I bet you've had some frostbite - but I've had the burning when I come inside when I lived up north and it was -50 but it was NOTHING like this - OW!

I will check into the handwarmers for mean if I ever decide to go begging for kittens and my oxygen concentrator again - which of course I won't Linda (yeah, so where do I get those hand warmers by tomorrow and they need to cost less than $3.76).

I talked to David and he said the medication Revolution is the highest cost, far more than the food. So if we can find a vet or pet stores who have an extra supply, that is what I think is easiest - then Surface to Japan!

Lene: I know David and all the kittens, Silvie and Cloe, Ewok, Fantastia, Choco, Cookie, Daisy and the others thank you. Very sorry about your card and pin number thing - by the way, it is SUCH an honor to have a celebrity visit - this is Lene, the NUMBER ONE DISABILITY BLOGGER (in Canada) (clapping). Hey, milk it!

Okay, I just sell under my name but maybe I can figure out a way to do that. I didn't put up any today becuase I did my um, special "freeze my hands" project. Linda is very good as a journalist, she doesn't hug me but is snapping away with the camera - "Why?" - "For honesty" she says, knowing I will put them up - yup, reality blog!

Thank you, I said to linda, "I just aged my hands 10 years with that little episode!"

Tom P: The shake and stick in your gloves, will do - and will switch to mittens to keep the extremities warm - thanks. Oh, I hope you get you um, little present soon - I did send it out! I think this city is going to be using them a lot - I dunno, when I left 10 years go, it never snowed, now we have what, months of it? Linda goes, "Global Warming!"

I stare at her, "That seems to go against...the SNOW!"

Raccoon: Yes, not a thing, just feeling very frustrated and down just then because when you fail at begging, that's pretty bad. But you know, try, try again!

That's true, I want to learn how to purr, that would be sweet! And no, a cat is not a thing.

I've thought of that for tomorro....I mean theoretically, you know, getting there when the sun shines, see how that works?

I gave Linda the whole tin cup, she can get the money exchanged for what part we give to David, and what part goes towards my portable lung.

Veralidaine: Thank you, I knew that you would come through with some good info, I have emailed that to David as Australia is much less expensive is shipping and he might find a good rate there.

I think we HAVE kitten loving Aussies here, we just need to do a knitting blog to bring them out.

That is true, I could try a local bookshop, the place where I did my begging, the local Video store, has a person who opened a used book shop so maybe (not this week but after) he would let me advertise a book sell/signing there?

The irony, Linda was inside reading a 4 page article that I was interviewed for on "accessiblity in Victoria" - and there are pics of me - the paper was available outside the store so maybe next time people would go - "Look mummy, it's the crippled lady from the pictures!"

And it was actually the North American book of the Year as voted by Librarians, critics and readers, it was only the Canadian book of the year for 2006 in the catagory of Debut authors. But yes, get me now, before I'm all gone, limited time offer!

Yes, sell books, raise kitten money and get money to breathe - since I would need oxygen for the signing. A vicious circle. By the way, I'm STILL doing the postcard project, this is just sort of, "We will overcome! Will will overcome!" - once I get it set up so that people are helping David and spreading the word my job is done, but the postcards must always go on!

Jamie: thank you for the link, I think it might be good to use the chip in button because people can see how the red bar gets bigger toward the goal. Which isn't good for the oxygen concentrator becuase does it go black if I don't get it? But maybe for medicine for Silvie or Ewok, there is a set amount (I can find out) and when that is raised, then it would go read and people can see the success.

Or course, personally I would love to have one for "Elizabeth saves enough money to buy the art book she is lusting after (it is $110 comes with its own case and pencil board and I don't know a bunch of other things but I am in lust, big time, I am sure people know that feeling, the object that so far out of reach, and yet, so fantastic looking!).


Yanub: Okay, well, I will dig around for some Jars, the owner did say she would collect Revolution for the cats and I could pick it up and then send it to David. She says she doesn't know a lot of cat people but I think with the number of people who come in, that would be cool. As for like jars with pictures, oddly, while that works in places in the US - Canadians are like too British in this city, they would probably steal and destroy it (sorry, maybe that is my aquired cynicism getting to me after I found out that my pharmacy would give me pain meds until the last day, as they were covering themselves - I said, "So WHO in all the people covering their butts is covering ME?"

Lisa: Thank you , I don't moisturize enough but I guess marfans gave me 'stately' hands. Cool. I would LOVE a manicure.

I think it pays very well if you stay more than 20 minutes. I mean I made $8.76 - and the minimum wage is $7 an hour, so I was making like $30 an hour, if I could have STAYED an hour. But those other people have something I don't, staying power.

I thought Cheryl or Linda wrote you that they were going to meet you? Oh dear, this is one group deciding and not contacting. The problem right now is getting me outside and using the pavement (where there is some without hand damage - which I can't do, as yet). So they were going to meet you if that was cool. And that way you save the money you would spend on sending it and can get yourself a hot apple. I asked Linda to go contact you about where you want to meet.

I go for fun, practical these days seems very expensive - Linda says that I am to go back to being in a haze and stop trying to save the world, the kittens, and our financies by myself, as I tend to end up in a shape she has to clean off the floor.

Yanub: Never doubted it - has Carapace gotten her um, thing yet? Never mind, just let her know something cometh. And thanks for multitasking for me.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Drake: back to you later but I am not only planning the GREAT lesbian sleepover but planning a Yuri themed blog - we need to give some equal time - since we have had some Yaoi, time for Yuri, yes?

More later.

SharonMV said...

Dear Beth,
please, no more sitting outside in the cold! You go through enough pain already, please try to avoid frostbitten fingers. yes, try to find a nice indoor place & sign books to make money for the kittens. Maybe some veterinarians would be willing to donate some meds or money, or at least put up a sign or flyer about David's website.

I hope you get good news about the concentrator,that Blue Cross will cover most of it.


Gaina said...

You have a need and you saw a possible way to meet it. I think that took a rather large set of balls actually! Haha.

What are people from charities doing when they stand in the street shaking a tin, if not begging? I reckon if we could train some of those squirrels to do some tricks and pass a hat around, it won't look so much like begging an more like 'Beths' 3-ring, 4-wheeled Circus'.

I'm starting to suspect I have Raynaud's because I look at your hands and they seem 'normal' for me (currently a fetching mottled lilac).

Ann said...

Finally de-lurking to tell you that mittens are so much better than gloves! I now live in a warmish state, but grew up in Minnesota, so cold weather gear is a bit of an obsession for me. The mittens allow your fingers to cuddle with each other and share their warmth, even for someone with poor circulation. If you don't have any, send me an email - I think I have some extra fleece and could be convinced to sew you a pair :)

Abi said...

Work is finished, and I have time to breathe again (and shall be getting the ability to breathe, or lack thereof, assessed in the next few days). It is good to be able to comment again!

You do appear to have a talent for begging - that could generate a sizeable income. Why didn't you think of that when the weather was suitable for you? ;-)

I hate warming hands up when they have been cold, though, and I get the distinct impression that yours hurt more than mine usually do. Please don't get them so cold again!

You need battery-powered gloves, I think! If I were an electrical engineer I would make you a pair, but I think that they might cause more damage than they would prevent. Imagine how useful they would be, though!

Oh. I see. Tom P has already suggested that such an item exists already. Bugger. And yet not at all - things which exist are easier to get hold of than things which do not...

JaneB said...

Hi Beth, oh your poor hands! Stay inside when it's that cold! Maybe Linda should post a copy of the hands picture by the door to remind you...

Lene, I'm with you, donated to kittens yesterday.

And when you know about the concentrator, LET US KNOW. Some of us will surely be able to chip in and help if it turns out to be bad news.

Maggie said...

Beth, you are a good, funny, I love you sort of way.
I will look and see if I can find my reusable hand warmers. You can microwave them and then pop the disk which causes a chemical reaction.
Beth, you must take care of yourself. While I realize the need to do something is what drove you to sit outside the store, you must also have the drive to preserve yourself as well. You can't hold your cup if you don't have fingers. And who will take care of sending the kittens in Japan usefull things if you are not there to do such useful things?
Lots of love.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Drake: yes, well maybe I should be a hand model - isn't that the thing in Zoolander, the guy was famous for being a hand model?

Interestingly only three phobias of the hundreds have a vago-vascular response, and the sight of blood is one of them - I have theorized that it is an ancient almost genetic self preservation technique so people, if they have an accident faint, which lowers the heart rate and blood pressure and increases the chance of the wound closing and thus survival. Of course today, in modern medicine it is just well annoying (as to be honest is much of modern medicine, I constantly say, "And so after decades of high tech equipment THIS is what you came up with?" - gee, why don't doctors love me more?).

Sharon: I invited Linda down to Starbucks, and she was like, "Great Idea!" and I said, "Yes, you can go inside and I'll come inside in just a little while!"

And she was, "Oh no you DON'T - you are NOT going begging today, the wind chill makes it -20 degrees" - so I ALMOST had her tricked into letting me beg some more. I figured, hey, with all these tips from people, I should try it again and see how it goes?

Gaina: Well if they look normal, I am suspecting you might have primary Reynauds - many people do.

Well, I had Big um, GUMPTION in going for it, one of the late night plans I actually went through on. And it wasn't the worse thing to do. I didn't hurt anyone (well me! But that hardly counts). And today is postcard project day so I am working on that.

And you are right, what is the difference between me and the salvation army, except I don't use a bell, because that can be annoying.

Ann: Thank you so much for commenting. I think you are right on that. I need the gloves to move the wheelchair but once I am in position I should switch to mittens and those warmers, truth is that with my long fingers, I am one of those kittens who has no mittens.

Abi: Horray! You return and with a great picture as well! Seriously, you are getting a respitory assessment? - is it the one that is nuclear and uses radioactive isotopes or the other one?

I don't know why I didn't think of this when the weather was good, probably becuase I was busy being foolish and doing odd things that came into my head in other ways.

Um, I have a tendancy to avoid home made gifts which involve electricity, just a person thing since electrical charges really mess up my heart and while my fingers may be warm (hey they may be smoldering and I might not notice) I worry about about the voltage. Hey, this must mean I have some nerve endings down there to hurt so bad, they just aren't on the surface anymore.

Jane B: Thank you so much for your donation to the kittens, I know David can use the help. I could suggest you buy things at his specialized store for Shitajiki boards but since I am the only rabid collector type and will try to find things FOR people at his shop and then frame and post them - I think it works better that way!

Regarding the concentrator, we have the news, and it is pretty good, so I will blog about that today!

Maggie: I am glad I made you laugh. Yes, please enable my craziness, I still have permission to beg in front of that store so once I get the hand issue sorted I can go back (I still have the sign, on wood!).

This is true - have you heard of this medicine Revolution? Have you any of it lying around?

Neil said...

Hi Beth: Mitts: three weekends ago, a nice young fellow in Calgary's Mountain Equipment Coop showed me their electrically heated mitts: they sell for $259.95 per pair.

Instead, I spent $25 on a pair of liners for my old Goretex mitten shells; the new liners have insulation of thinsulate-like material.

I get cold hands very easily, and since I walk to work even when the tempertaure in -40C, I have to be very careful not to let my hands freeze. Mitts are the only way to go, and I fold the thumb inside the curled fingers, then wiglle all fingers constantly to keep warm.

I first noticed my purple hands in a special summer school at the end of grade 5. Some of us were comparing the colour of our hands, and I realized what an odd colour mine were. Tonight at supper with my coworkers, I noticed again: the backs are purple, and the veins are bulging. Not fun, and I have had to run warm water on my hands to warm them up, and it HURTS!!!

You do have long hands and fingers, don't you? Yes, they'd be lovely if they were the right colour.

Now, I see snow in the begging photo. It's cold here, but we halfway expect it. YOU on the other hand do not normally experience so much cold and snow, and it's supposed to be nasty weather for a few days there. So please, no outdoor begging, Beth. Book signings inside stores would be allowed, and maybe seek permission to set up in a mall for signings?

Eww, no flames outdoors, Beth. Consider the street woman who burned to death yesterday or today.

take care and look after each other, Beth and Linda. We're thinking of you!

Love and hugs,

Anna said...

begging online seems like a better idea.....not so cold.

I know that pain, I damaged my hand in some way when working in a kitchen doing a lot handling things in cold water. When my hands are exposed to cold thing, like water peeling potatoes ohhhhh the painl. I´ll always does that in lukewarm water. Or if they get cold and then "deforst". Lovely pain..not......honestly. If you can avoid frostbite, take Cheryls advice and do.

take care

Linda McClung said...

Neil: I with you on the $259 for mittens??? But I will have to try different things, I am not sure but I think actually my doubling the gloves might have accelerated the frostbite by compressing much of the blood out of the fingers. So mittens, if I can find them.

I am also with you, no burning myself to death unless the prime minister comes and I can do something to help get disability rights. I am just thinking that me burning in a wheelchair (don't worry, it's titanium, the wheelchair will be fine!), with a sign: "Harper, after 21 years in committee, pass the Canadian Disabilities Act" and that might play over, and over, and over again on nightly news. But then someone will have puppies and name one Santa and the other Claus and I will be preempted.

Anna: Yes, it hurts and I actually like most parts of my hands, so I don't like them turning black on me or odd grape colors. I will take your advice and take care.

You take care too!

JackP said...

I'm not sure about this begging thing, mind you.

If I saw you with a sign like that begging for money, I might have a sneaking suspicion that you would waste the money on stuff like an oxygen concentrator, instead of spending it on necessities like cheap cider and crack*. You look too cheerful - and despite what the police might think - not nearly homicidal enough.

*or whatever other stereotype is applied to beggars in your vicinity, as appropriate.