Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Beth does not die: the Good News and Bad News of the Trip

Linda was supposed to write this post saying something like “Elizabeth is indisposed” which makes me sound like the queen or Lady El of Isle of Pontendorf. So I insisted before she comes to take me away again. Okay, our shopping trip was a success:

Good News: Cheryl got a corset! And looks fab, like FAB! In fact, we ALL got new corsets! Mine is combo of PCV, lace and velvet. Linda was SO hot in hers we forced her to go out in the store and put back a t-shirt. On the way over a married guy’s head swiveled fast enough to get him the big elbow in the side from the wife, plus a couple 18 to 19 year old guys started hanging around our change room (consider this this picture the intro to the upcoming Yuri post) (We aren’t trolling for guys, it is just guys walking into things are a good judge of ‘how hot’ are you!).

Bad News: We forgot to take a picture at the change room.

Good News: We found REI, even though the weather was AWFUL. (REI is a sporting goods co-op which has many floors, an indoor climbing wall, a mountain bike trail to test your bike on and hires knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Bad News: We got sucked into the REI ‘helpful’ vortex where you are sent to every person in the store who is SO helpful but getting something as simple as GLOVES takes two hours and yet, you don’t get the gloves; “I’m certain they will be here by next week, if you just want to head upstairs…” It was a “Chotto Matte” moment and I never wanted to kill such friendly people so bad in my life.

Good News: We came the day OF the Victoria Secret Semi Annual Sale.

Bad News: People at Victoria Secret seem at times to be hired by the ‘attitude meter’ as the ones who tell you ‘this isn’t the section for you.” Or who told Cheryl and Linda when I told them I wanted something “Really Trashy” in the panties and were looking in X-small that “The large bins are over there.” At the same time, I was being denied sleep-shirts and being told, “The pink line is in the room behind you.” - yeah, but see, I’m not actually 19-23 and if I was, I don’t want to PAY to have “I WANT TO GIVE LOVE” in bling across the ASS of my jogger bottom . Nor a giant bling rhinestone heart on the back of my hoodie. Odd that. I did however find a very New Orleans thong with velvet, lace and a little bit of satin – it was very Alphonse Mucha, if Alphonse Mucha made thongs panties with only 4 inches of material.

Good News: We shopped until we DROPPED.

Bad News: That in my case was literal. The weather was poor (ice and snow) and I was in VERY bad shape leaving Seattle. However we had to make it to Cheryl’s house 90+ miles away or call an ambulence (On the US side, this is EXPENSIVE!).

Good news: Um, I didn’t end up going to a hospital because I didn’t have insurance.

Bad news: Only because I didn’t tell Linda or especially Cheryl how much blood I had lost, or how many systems had shut down.

Good news: I am back home.

Bad news: Well, I had two possible ways I was going to die (and I came within a breath of saying, “We have to go to the hospital or I am going to die” a couple times, and a couple times of Cheryl simply calling the ambulance because she thought the same), and I was incapacitated for about 20 hours. It looks like I will lose today and tomorrow and I really hope I don’t have to go to the hospital over here in Canada. So I am going to try to rest (after writing this..).

Good news: I AM alive, and though on oxygen for all the time, I am converting again (meaning I don’t have blue hands)! Woot! And my fever is gone and I don’t hear voices anymore, or are delirious.

Bad news: I did not get ALL the postcards I wanted to done and posted. I am VERY sorry.

Good news: er..

Bad news: Linda has come for me because my hands ARE blue again. I will try to get her to approve comments, so please let me know how things are (you are my line to the outside world!). And she can read the comments to me in the hospital bed until I am back at...er...my crappy yet almost stable health condition? I hope you had a great holiday time and I learned, Yes, I can go on a trip with my concentrator; just NEVER do it again like this (break all the rules a little (amount of sleep time, amount of rest time, etc), every single day), because ‘how much difference can it make?’)


Abi said...

Yay! You are still alive! That is excellent news! Also, successful underwear shopping trips are not to be sneezed at. And I am getting a little twinge of corset jealousy; I imagine you did all look fabulous, and would like to pass on my congratulations. And I also want photos because secretly (not so secretly now, I suppose) I would like to put up corset photos on my blog and if you do it it will somehow make it better. And will make me so much more, erm, attractive to future employers (oh, to be a corset-wearing organ builder. How very Victorian in an utterly twisted and non-Victorian way). Except that I don't have any corset photos yet (no idea where my camera was - perhaps I got given it a year later). Other than that, though, that is an excellent justification for photos that I suspect I will never see. ;-)

When my mum was younger she wore a very short little dress (although it has a high neckline and fairly long sleeves); apparently she used to nearly cause traffic accidents. She had very nice legs, which I did not inherit (although I am very grateful indeed for Nana's sparrow-leg genetics; without them I would have legs so fat they defied belief. There's about 3 inches difference between my thigh measurement and my waits measurement...); I don't wear that dress any more. The baby sister can wear it in three years, when she turns fifteen.

Oh, what a ramble. Yes, I should be in bed; why do you ask? I hope that you are in bed now, doing that weird thing known as "resting", which I am sure you have heard about. Sleep well - I challenge you to have an excellent sleep, in fact. And also to rest. Will you accept my challenge?

Michelle said...

Oh, I dream of the day I can have a successful clothes and underwear shopping trip! You did well! And bonus - you're still alive!

We have the Boxing Day sales here in Australia too - so far I've kept away from most of it. I've been spending all my time swimming laps at the pool, relaxing under the elm tree with a beer, and sewing a little. Oh, and lots of Veronica Mars on DVD ;-)

Thank you for the postcard which arrived today. It's beautiful - and yes, I love the lace photo.

It's NYE here at the moment, so I wish you and Linda and Cheryl a very happy new year!

yanub said...

Now, overall, that sounds like a good trip! Yes, the nearly dying part is not recommended, but that isn't the part you'll remember the next time there's a sale at Victoria's Secret. No, what you'll remember is that the clerks are hired on the basis of bad attitude, so you'll bring an extra load of it yourself.

What have I been doing this lovely weekend? Watching Kamen Rider Kiva in amazement at the bishonen lead. Now to find out if he has to kill his brother.

One Sick Mother said...


Breaking a lot of rules a little bit is the same as breaking a few rules a lot. And -as you found out- that can make you dead.

I'm glad you escaped (albeit barely) with your life. VS Panties are not worth dying for. Corsets... well, that's more debatable, but gloves and panties: Definitely not.

Things have been quiet here. I had a pretty big exacerbation of my symptoms over Christmas; -seizing all over the place. Then I got some respiratory thing. I don't know if these events are related. I suspect not.

It's a pity because the weather was mild, the kids were off and the sales looked good, but I was a good girl and stayed indoors.

Lene Andersen said...

Crap! I just sent you an email I'd written earlier today, all about how much fun you must be having. Which it sounds like you did, but I'd have preferred a little less anxiety, woman!

Glad you're alive, glad you had a great time, did I mention glad you're alive? Go rest, don't come near the blog or your email until you've rested. Betcha can't do it. I dare you!

p.s. so glad you're still here.

Neil said...

Hola! Glad to hear your still among the class of living people. Glad you got clothes; panties are good, but I don't mind your not having photographic proof of purchase. On the other hand, corset photos will be warmly received should you feel disposed to show off.

I hope you don't need the hospital; or that the visit is mercifully short. All we ask is short updates from Lovely Linda, with the odd message passed on as appropriate. Now is Beth's chance to REST!!!

Love and many hugs,

sly civilian said...

it's good to hear news, even if it's mixed.

thinking of you...

Raccoon said...

I remember my first time traveling with the chair. I tried doing everything that I thought I should be able to. I found out, the hard way, that I couldn't.

It wasn't pretty.

I'm glad you didn't go to the hospital, but shame on you guys! No camera?

Yay to new clothes (I guess; I haven't bought any regular clothes for four or five years)! Wait... You did get more than corsets and underwear, didn't you?

Anonymous said...

Hi Beth! I know, it's been forever since I've commented. The holidays have been busy and stressful, but that will all be officially over after tomorrow (New Year's!).
I'm so glad you got to go marathon shopping and are still alive and kickin' despite! I LOVE shopping, too much, in fact, since I don't have a lot of "disposable" income. And one of my favorite things to shop for is UNDERWEAR! I like Victoria's Secret, but have a hard time finding stuff that fits correctly. Where did the corsets come from?
I've found a couple of sweet sticker sets and some more great postcards that I'll get to you once I've got the money together. In the meantime, I'm glad you were able to get out of the house and enjoy yourself recently! And "Hello!" to Linda and Cheryl, too!


thea said...

Oh goodness, sounds like you found a few extremes along the way (like, just lying in the streets waiting for you!).

I love the sound of all 3 of you with corsets. Well done. Linda sounds like she could stop traffic, and I imagine you're all pretty hot in them.

Concerning to hear about the other bits like systems shutting down, and these unpleasant things BUT I am glad you got the shopping done, and made it back in some sort of shape.

Veralidaine said...

I'm glad you're alive! I was beginning to wonder and was a little scared to email you in case you were really unwell and it would make you even more ill to worry about responding to emails and waste your strength writing.

I am glad you got corsets and survived the experience. Please try not to push so hard next Seattle trip, but keep that stubborn streak alive and well, because it's keeping YOU alive.

Defying gravity said...

Great news that you're still alive! Not much to report from here. Christmas has been quiet and I had a totally unsuccessful sales shopping trip yesterday. Today I'm doing some work and tomorrow I might go to see the London New Year's Day Parade. I've never been, which is shameful. Hope you get some rest, and that New Year isn't spent in the hospital.

SharonMV said...

Very happy to hear that you're alive & made it back home. And managed to stay out of the hospital, even if only by the skin of your teeth. I hope rest & keeping warm, sleeping a lot will help you to feel better. Good for Linda for taking you away to rest.

Sounds like lots of shopping fun. Beautiful women in pretty corsets. Lovely bosoms & cinched in waists - whats' not to like. Do we get to see any pictures?

I know it's so tempting, to bend (break) the rules, but it does add up & take a tole on the body, drains your strength &lengthens recovery period. So try to stop before you drop.

Thank you for another great postcard. The beach & water are amazing. And I loved the stamp of the wild cat cub.

I hope you got the envelope I sent a week or so ago. I'll have another & bigger package in the mail to you by Friday.


kathz said...

I'm glad you're alive and glad about the corsets, which sound fabulous. I hope you are able to rest and recover at home.

And many thanks for the postcard, which amused me, and the lovely stamps, stickers and messages.

desdemona said...

Hey! No pictures?! ;-)

Well, we got both postcards, so thank you very much for them, I laughed so hard at mine!

We did some shopping on Monday, too. IKEA! 105€ later... I have no idea why I spend more than I think I will _every single time_ even though I really can't afford it. But, good news: MY living room is now a lot less romantic! YAY! Lights! Seriously, romantic is way overrated when you end up falling over furniture on your way to the bathroom.
Bonus: I finally caved and bought a sheepskin. We love it. Currently my son has claimed it for his bed but I'm planning on a counterstrike to get it back on my computer chair.

Well, I'll have to go and clean the other half of my living room. We did the first half last night including vaccuuming and wet mopping the floor and redecorating the "radiatorsill" (Like a windowsill except no window above but a radiator underneath) with two pictures and candles and my new little bowl-of-change (yeah, loose change, like I ever have any...) So, more YAY!

I wish you a very happy start to the new year and no hospital visit or other emergent care situations and similar. I'm with the other's who challenge you to go and rest. I bet I can do that a _lot_ better than you. Come on, Neer ner ner neeeer ner, I can sleep much longer than youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu *sticks tongue out* :-P (Seriously, floor wax, not good for me. Ahem. I have to go.....)

Dawn Allenbach said...

YAY for corset and underwear hotness. BOO for running yourself into the ground.

Feel better soon, and post pics!

Donimo said...

People (men can wear them, too) are supposed to suffer a little bit in corsets, not suffer this much to get a corset! I'm glad your portable concentrator worked, but hope that a better paced trip is planned for the future. What a frightening edge to walk on. F@#k. I'm relieved that you made it home.

I'm sad I haven't been able to be around much: our office is super toxic from the new carpet. Who knew all natural wool carpet could make one feel so sick? Wool carpet treated with f'ing moth repellent. They didn't warn us about that. Hard to air a place out in this weather! I don't feel so hot in here so my computer time is super limited. Here's to much more contact in the New Year!

Have a good rest.

JaneB said...

Very glad to hear you're still with us, and hope to hear (via Linda or via SHORT, BRIEF updates) that you manage to get plenty of rest over the next couple of days - and enjoy all the new undies.

And thank you for my postcards! The one with all the guys and the 'to get your libido going' message arrived whilst my parents were visiting... fortunately I was the one who picked up the post that morning, my poor Dad probably would NOT have coped well with the lovely pictures of handsome men getting friendly, especially before he had had his morning coffee... I am appreciating it thoroughly though!

cheryl g said...

Hurrah for new corsets all around. You looked great in yours and it was fun watching Linda shut down the higher thought processes of every male in the area.

REI is a great store but there is definitely a point where you just want out…

We did find that Japanese store where you got melon soda…

The literal shop until you drop for you was/is more than a bit worrisome. We have to figure out a way to take more bullets out of the gun if we are going to play Russian roulette like that again. I hope your fever is still gone and your ability to convert oxygen is improving.

Drink, eat, rest – get stronger.

Maggie said...

Glad you guys had a rockin' good time. I wish I could have been there when the secret sales lady told Cheryl and Linda to find the "correct" size. I would have come back with some smart ass answer like, I'm sorry, I use them to warm my ears or the like and walked away.
Oh well...you should rest, I need to go do dishes, and you need to have a happy new years celebration with Linda.
Lots of love-Maggie

Neil said...

Donimo: I’m no authority, but I’m led to believe that a properly fitted corset is NOT supposed to cause suffering. See http://www.luxtenebrae.com/corsets-mars.html for a hot, hot, hot example.

Michelle: we’re don’t have to mow the grass until May, so I’m not jealous of your drinking beer in the hot sun. Oh, and we’re enjoying another blizzard tonight; if the New Year comes in like a lion, will it go out like a lamb?

To all who are challenging Beth to beat them at resting (and Beth too): ye'er all pikers. My teenager can outrest ANY of you, and most likely all of youse put together! C’mon Beth, I DARE you to try to prove me wrong.

I ran out yesterday and bought a CD by the band Within Temptation. (um, speaking of hot corsets...). I did it partly because they sound good to me, and mostly to bug the aforementioned teen, who just can’t get his head around an olde pharte liking music that I’m not supposed to like. Hee hee! And my Beloved has an Avrile Lavigne disc that she likes. But don’t worry, she told the Teen one day that she was listening to Fogey music: Pat Benatar.

Rest lots, Beth, but feel free to photograph Linda in her corset from your chair. But don’t let that stop the “rest” part of resting.

Happy New Year everyone!

Love and Zen Hugs,

Tammy said...

it sounds like you had a wonderful time up until the health crash. you DID take pictures of pj party right? i hope you are recovering. sorry. one handed typing for me.i will comment more later.
please feel better soon.

Donimo said...

I should have put "suffer" in quotes, Neil. I meant just the right amount of "awareness" brought on by just the right amount of corseted confinement. I don't think they fit right if someone is unaware of wearing it!

Raccoon said...

Neil, I have to say: Very Nice!

I'm familiar with Dark Gardens, as they are relatively local and I've seen a lot of people I know wearing them. Stormy Leather used to be a good brand, but I haven't seen them around a lot over the past few years.

I go to a fancy dress ball every few months, and there's normally quite a few viewable; a lot of the women's bodices give hint to the corsets underneath, as well.

Kate J said...

Hope the trip was worth it! I've never been one for corsets and the like, but hey if it's your thing then go for it.
Sorry to hear you had another health emergency, though, and in the US that could prove very expensive I guess...
Thank you for TWO beautiful postcards one just before Xmas and one just after... I've got a great one to send you too.
Wishing you all the best for 2009, and to Linda and Cheryl too.

Elizabeth McClung said...

I am supposed to be reading a lesbian romance, so I am doing comments instead. Is Linda decieved, probably not!

Abi: Yes, yeah! I am pretty happy as I now have more than three underwear, I have like nine which means I can go a LONG time without laundry! The bad news is that Linda threw out in a clean up, all my old underwear/panties so I can't go to the 'old and nasty' panties if I am avoiding doing the laundry. Which is a bit mean, as I've known linda to wear a thong to avoid doing laundry!

Oh, no worries, there will be photos - did you see the photo of me in the green corset feeding the squirrels. That was a new(ish) corset and am trying to find reason to put it on again, like wheeling out to get newspaper?

I think corsets on your blog will do much to improve your image with creepy employeers who google you - I mean if they think cyber stalking is okay, they will probably read your emails from work too and that's always a dodgy business.

Yes, to be a corset wearing organ builder, you could be on the cover of Organ builders monthly (since this is the UK, I am SURE some sort of anorak group actually does have a list of all the organ builders and you are probably on their list already.

I love how you say, "I don't have any pictures of me in corsets" becuase you don't know where your CAMERA is -so how many corsets do you HAVE exactly?

Michelle: Well since you can swim and drink beer, I think there is a story there about what happened on the OTHER underwear and clothes shopping trip - I smell a great disaster story!

Veronica Mars - life is so unjust, why this was cancelled for real life TV show is staggering, and also sort of depressing for those of us who like plot, climax, characters, anti-climax, themes, etc.

I'm really glad you liked the postcard. In Venice they hand make the lace. I don't know how but they do. Actually there are many things which I assumed just were sort of THERE (see Abi and her progression toward building actual pipe organs above) but it turns out people make them. Who buys a pipe organ these days? And can you pay with paypal?

Yanub: So right! Sadly Victoria Secret is NOT in Canada (probably refuses to have bilinqual signs or something) and so the only GREAT lingerie store I found was in Montreal oddly, now the French know about lingerie, but my GOD the price, I was like, "how much for this bra and panty set?" and they told me and I said, "No, just the one set, not like the whole rack!"

I had to google that show and am sort of amazed as it is a 2008 show so either it is on like Anime network or you speak Japanese - or you REALLY like the original. Yanub surprises me again with her deep and twisty hobbies.

One Sick Mother: Yes, I am finally figuring out this, I am ACTUALLY SICK. And if I screw it up, I am actually DEAD. So I should stop trying to use the exact same tools I used previously: do what you want, do it twice as hard as planned and hey, it turns out you get stronger. This doesn't work, this makes me stop breathing.

The corset is smoking! And Linda has the curves I used to have (give them back!).

I am very sorry about the seizing, I hate it, I hate that I am helpless to help myself or others. I know that sometimes I keep saying, "Help me" to Linda or others before I seize, but I can not believe that such a thing can keep happening and NO ONE has a way to stop it, I mean, it is hell, and no one has a way to stop it? I don't know if that makes any sense to you.

That is bad about the respiratory thing. But you followed the rules to avoid it getting worse. That sounds smart. Teach me Sensei!

Lene: I did have fun and we should talk soon, but sometimes I can't talk so that is a bit dodgy, how good are you at morris code - I use that sometimes because Cheryl is a ranger and I was obsessed with memorizing it for some reason.

It was good, I got stuff, I have loot! I am now wearing my oh so soft VS sleep shirt (on sale $9.99), and my Victoria secret extra long sleeve hoodie! Ahhhhh....there is a softer cotten, I don't know where they find it but it is nice.

Neil: I will dutifully try to take pictures of ALL my purchases, or many, like some of the thong bikini's - I think I have new leopard ones! And my sexy ones. which are lace and...um...space! And the corsets of course from all three of us.

Sly Civilian: Great to hear from you, I hope you are doing well. I keep having to go to sleep, which I feel is unfair since I pass out often and THAT should be counted as sleep time!

Raccoon: Well, I tried to shop like I did last year - same stores but slightly different condition. Also completely different size.

Um, as to getting more than corsets, underwear and tops that have no back (for the heat intolerance, of course, no vanity here!), I did get....one pair of jeans so now I have TWO! But you should get yourself some new clothes too. The jeans are boring, I can't do much about that - but I do need some new mini skirts - now that I REALLY have those model like legs (the one that look like they will break if they try to stand you up!).

Sasha: I am sorry, I had some brain injury again but I still know CATS so sorry, one day I will know more about you - for some reason my brain is saying "Sasha: Cats, kitties, and France" - does that make ANY sense to you because it doesn't really to me.

I love shopping Victoria Secret and Hot topic - the Corsets came from hot topic who EXPANDED to women's sizes so the clearance rack was $20 corsets for my size and Linda! then we went to Torrid which is Hot Topic in larger sizes, like I am a 0 there (yes, yes, kill me), and I am not saying anything else. Lets just say last year, you couldn't get a corset with a C cup at hot topic and this year, with Linda's um, well, DD in PVC and velvet glory it was no wonder she turned heads. She goes, "But I have curves" and we are like, "Oh YEAH, we know! See, that's the POINT!" - and she bought it at hot topic - and there were t-shits her size too. So try them.

Linda read this to me and I will tell Cheryl. We had some money set aside and I managed to keep in budget, by only buying a corset and underwear!

Thea: I can't wait for a bit of sun and spring and go all in our corsets to the cemetary for pictures (it is a lot easier to act like a slut around dead people -wait....that sounded dodgy)

We always go to Seattle and now I did that too and proved I can take a trip to the states and be just as STUPID there regarding my health as here - but I lived, so next time, much like taking the Coho - we plan for that, the worst and then it goes better from there, as our health consult should be soon, I think we have all the tests sent to them or there is a brain MRI up here we are waiting on.

Veralidaine: I love emails, and yes, I was not well, I was not well enough to be upright, or even transfer. So that was not good. In the very not good catagory. But I did get a shopping trip and out of the house!

I hope you are okay and things are better. Yes, I decided I CAN live for many years, I just haven't figured out how to convince other people (like doctors and specialists) to do what I want to help me stay alive (see this whole, IF I WAS IN CONTROL.....)

Defying Gravity: I am glad to hear from you, I hope you like the new years parade, I can tell you here people just get drunk and then fall down in the snow - this is a BIG time of year for ambulence drivers.

SharonMV: I am very glad to be back where going to the hospital not to die is a choice. I WANTED to go to the hospital but we just didn't have the money. And only if I knew for absolutely certain I was going to die, could I go. If it had not been for Cheryl being there and Linda to literally lift me around, and Cheryl's medical equipment, I have no idea what would have happened, I had a fever off and on for a few days but it seems gone tonight, thankfully!

I had a brain boom but suddenly I saw the postcard, yes, I am glad you liked it - so are you going to join me - as all my energies are going to be going toward that and postcards (and blogging) - Thank you for helping me remember! Yes, the right beach for us. And this time I will rest.

Sharon, I have a package of things to send YOU - to see what you can make of them, haha - I am very excited, I haven't been able to send you a package like this ever!

Kathz: Please do not take the postcard literally if it is the one I am thinking of but I am glad it amused. Thanks for the wishes of good health, I hope E. got her postcard and enjoyed it?

Desdemonia: Thanks, I am glad you enjoyed the postcard (okay time to go and remember what it was?).

I love your description of your 'romantic' place, as it sounds like a place I squatted in for a while. And if you can change that around for 105 euros, that's pretty good. Oh, if I pay you some euros can you send me on of those german 53 postcard picture calenders of South Africa - I am lusting for one! and New Zealand! I think I still have euros left over from a trip!

I am curious, are you waxing the floor or just keeping it out to sniff? But yes, you beat me in relaxing, I did however get out MANY emails I needed to do today!

Dawn: I agree, corsets good, feeling bad is um...bad? Yes, bad, hearing the voice of God making deals as you scream in pain is not a good sign. Auditory hallucinations. did the postcard arrive yet?

Donimo: That's what I like about Tripp corsets, the 3-4% spandex makes the suffering about 2 minutes and then it adjusts, and hey guys too, as well. A boned corset is supposed to be like a hug after a while.

Yes, well, when things went south, they REALLY went south so um, yeah, not going to do that again. Probably will be feeling the effects for several weeks due to blood loss (21 days to replace!).

I'm really sad and sorry that what was supposed to be good - you being home and with new things like carpets - is bad. That is like disaster part II - when will it END?

Jane B: Um yes, still with you and still breaking the rules as um, I COULD ask linda for updates, I hadn't actually thought about that. She says that if I am good, she will help me with emails tomorrow. Oh, better not tell her about the 22 I did today then!

I am glad you liked the postcard but yes, not exactly what you want Dad getting first thing in the morning, raises too many questions or depending on the household, absolutely NO QUESTIONS at all and the pretending that the postcard DID NOT EXIST! haha. Well, will have to send another, please tell me when parental will be GONE.

Cheryl: Thanks, you looked really, really fabulous in yours I can't wait to get pictures it is so YOU and looks great. Thanks for saying I look good but we both know I look like a 14 year old about now while Linda, well, va-va-voom!

Yes, I now have my melon soda - huzzah - didn't find some other stuff but that was a nice surprise, thanks for reminding me.

I did have fever this afternoon but okay now and yesterday I got the fever about now so I am seeing if I can go to bed without the fever and it means my body can regulate my temp again, which is good. The pain is still EXTREME and seizures on the boat and here, daily. But getting better.

I think of the trip to seattle like the Coho - first we thought, "This will be like any other trip" - and we learned the hard way it wasn't. So we left room to recover at the end of the trip over and we just created a 'new' pattern, I think trips to seattle will be like that. If I know now and could use it then, I would have probably skipped REI when I found out no big sales and gone to Torrid, which was my favorite or second favorite shopping experience! All three of us together going back and forth in change rooms, that was pretty rockin'. I hope that is a memory that is so good it stays a long, long time.

Maggie: believe me, in that store, we could have used someone with comeback. It was definately the 'tude brigade. Some of the things that were said to me about my wheelchair. At REI AFTER a woman starts telling me about her 'condition' called Raynaud's and I pull of my glove (I have to wear gloves indoors or I get frostbite) and she goes "Oh my GOD! Wow, is that like the same condition as mine!" Okay, way to NOT feel like a monster from a B-movie. Then later asks, "So are you.....wheelchair BOUND?" - I was first thinking, "Well, no, I took the chains off." but it was like, "No, actually, I just get tired of walking and got a $5000 wheelchair" - maybe she though it was from Raynauds and was worried it would happen to her, I have no idea. Are you BOUND?!

Neil: it snowed so we are inside, when we get sorted I will take pictures again, no worries!

Glad you got some shopping of your own in.

Tammy: I hope you are okay? Frostbite? I am recovering which is nice, but has ups and downs, I guess you know about that too. But I am glad I got some shopping in.

Raccoon: I like dark gardens but I can't afford them, but I do have lip service and Darque and a few other brands, including one from alaska which does only mail order (why they don't sell online is beyond me!). I want to go to the dances you go to!

yanub said...

When asked if you are wheelchair bound, the only sensible reply is to look at them like they left their better sense at home and say, "No, silly, I'm already using a wheelchair. Why do you ask? Are you bound to get one, too?"

Henshinjustice.com pretty much translates the rubber suit shows as they air, so there's like a two day delay--though I just started watching it a couple weeks ago. Ah, the international network of geeks.

SharonMV said...

Dear Beth,
I'm so glad you are doing better. I know it must have been bad if you actually wanted to go to the hospital. Being sick in the USA is pretty expensive even for us citizens with insurance.

I'm very excited about this new mystery package you're planning to send.

Happy New Year to you, Linda, Cheryl & all the faithful readers.


Neil said...

Donimo: "I should have put "suffer" in quotes, Neil. I meant just the right amount of "awareness" brought on by just the right amount of corseted confinement. I don't think they fit right if someone is unaware of wearing it!"

If it's not noticeable by others while you wear it, then why bother? NO it HAS to be noticeable!! Perhaps the suffering would be one the part of observers who, upon seeing a well-fitted corset, would walk into posts. You'd definitely be aware of it on your own bod, but Elizabethan corsets were not uncomfortable - they left that trait to the Victorian ones, my Beloved says. Modern corsets, I'm told, should shape the figure gently, redirecting the shape without constricting breathing.

Now, if I were female and could afford such fun, I would definitely be in corsets. Frequently.

Beth: wheelchair bound in winter should not involve chains; they get too cold in the snow, and create more frostbite. Try using braided rope instead - it won't transmit the cold and you can stay bound longer. Oops, did I misunderstand the question? :)

As for photos of Linda in hot corsets, I understand the need for tact, since her supervisor runs the danger of getting in touch with her own feminine side if she reads here too much. Seriously, yes, professional image CAN be damaged on the 'net by what's supposed to be a fun, mostly innocent photo. So post if you are willing, Linda, but as tastefully s you wish.

I'm glad you made it to another year, Beth. Happy new year to you and Linda, and to everyone else!

Love and hugs,

rachelcreative said...

Oooh corsets ... ace! My boobs are too big to buy a corset which seems a little ridiculous to me.

Christmas was good and pretty relaxed but enough to leave me a little jaded this week.

And it WAS sunny in South Wales! Unbelievable!

Am a little hormonal and thus grumpy but I did get lunch out today with my brother and his girlfriend. Then my husband took me a wheelie walk around the city in the frost and I got to take some photos. Our city has many historical buildings dating back to Tudor times so it's very pretty.

The two large open ponds/pools were frozen over so I had fun watching the ducks. They always cheer me up.

Dawn Allenbach said...

Oh, yes, the postcard arrived. I love the little surprises. I never know what you're going to send me, but it's always wonderful.

yanub said...

Rachelc, my daughter is, um, generously endowed, and wears a full Victorian corset. The key is to find a corset maker. You can't just get a ready-made one if any of your measurements are much off the norm. If you want, you can email me, and I'll get the info from my daughter about who made hers. The maker is even in the UK, so that makes the shipping charges more reasonable right there.

Oh, Neil and Donimo, she also says it is in no way uncomfortable, which is why she wears it most of the time. Yes, there are many lamp post injuries in her vicinity.

Lisa Moon said...

VERY glad to hear you made it back alive, Elizabeth!

Whoohoo for panties and OMG, I'm rather... intrigued with the thought of y'all in corsets, I have to say! WOW!

Had to laugh about the bling-bottomed joggers. Good choice to avoid at all costs.

Soo, back to those corsets... don't suppose yours might go with the wee gift I sent through your beloved and sister?! (HOPING you liked it).

Hoping you're now getting some rest and re-energising... and that Linda is prancing about in her new corset as inspiration!!!

Oh, yes, please DO post pictures, all of you, if you would! Now that would take away some winter chill!

Lisa Moon said...

Oh, and what's with this REI place? MEC isn't good enough?! I've found them helpful but not, like, psychotic or anything. :) Also, Canadian!

PS Am super-jealous that Linda and Cheryl found corsets and stuff to fit their curves; a challenge for those of us on the rounder side all too often. Heck, maybe I should get my newly-wheeled self down there!

rachelcreative said...

Yanub - That's interesting thanks :o) With me it's more an impulse buy thing than a setting out on a corset mission. Maybe one day I may have an unstoppable corset yearning ;o)