Monday, October 27, 2008

A squirrel, sending e-cards (yuri and hetero) and living

There will be two posts today. I wanted the people who read here to know that life goes on, the bad, but the good too. Which includes the greed of squirrels trying to cram two peanuts into their mouth.

I have to go sleep now, will talk about being a disability advocate in the potential mayor’s office today later. For those looking for a Yuri (girl/girl) love e-card, or a girl/boy anime e-card to send, try HERE. I recommend 2, 5 & 8 for girl/girl – particularly number 2 – and maybe 1 for hetero. No, doesn’t have to be me, I mean, there must be SOMEONE else you know who could use an e-card, right?

I just wanted you to know I am off to sleep, going to badminton to try and restart the body, my goal is August 2009. I’ll make it or die trying! (laugh, please, laugh). That was yesterday, and today is today. And this is my arm and wrist. Reality didn’t go away, but I am not going to JUST lie down and wait, I am going to put myself in pain tonight on the hopes that life changes. We have to hope and try right? Oh, sent out three postcards today. Part II later.


Shea said...

I love your squirrel pics! It never ceases to amaze me that you and I are as different as night and day(but have traveled down many of the same paths), but your blog is one of my favorites. I guess I like that you do not hold anything back. Life is full of pretentious people full of shit, and I never can understand why more people do not keep it real. You have the right to say anything you want on here. You certainly have the right to be angry too. I'm really not a judgmental person, so you'll never get that side from me. Oh, and I meant to say something from a while back. I never meant to imply that you were not a believer. I know that you are. When I asked you to pray, it was something I felt lead to do(and something I do not ask very people to do). I felt that you needed divine help because nothing here on earth was cutting it. I love you very much Elizabeth, as a sister, friend, and Christian. If you ever feel alone, please know I am here. I'll be here to listen to you cry, curse(I do a lot of that myself), and be whatever else you need. Hang in there sweetie. You are never alone.

Neil said...


Not only do I get a card today, but you got outdoors. Huzzah for SuperYuriBeth, the Squirrel Queen!

many hugs!

Lene Andersen said...

Oh, sweetie - you're so damn skinny! All those seizures seem to be burning a shitload of calories (and no wonder). Can you maybe drink some Ensure? I hear it's tastier these days...

Love the squirrel pic! So nice to see you out there corrupting even woodland creatures.

And just because it's all about me (a-hem) - I'd love it if you could make it to my next birthday. August 28 and beyond!!!

Laura said...

Beth dear do have fun at badminton. Please don't try to change your world all in one night. I really do hate it when you are down. Most of the time I don't know what to say except that I am here.

You have been such a gift in my life. I want to keep you there for a while yet.


Joan K said...

Sometimes I really don't know what to say. Nothing I can write seems profound or insightful enough. I am here, reading. I care about you and I sometimes stop during the day and think about you, wondering how you are. I think about the relationship between you and Linda and try to follow that example of love with my wife. I think about my pain and ask myself if I can keep going, seeing your tenacity, when I want to quit.

I admire your honesty and your willingness to share the grim facts of your physical problems and think about the embarrassments and difficulties of middle age, even the ones I hate to admit to myself.

I have no answers; I'm here and I'll keep reading.

As far as the postcards, I've enjoyed them so much and I am really looking forward to sending postcards to you from Asia, returning a little bit of what you have given me. We leave in 2 days.

yanub said...

The squirrel queen rides again. Excellent.

I'm not sure what's going on with your wrist in the picture. Other than it being durn skinny. And, dang, but it is skinny.

I now look forward to the report on the candidate and your attempt at badminton.

Veralidaine said...

Hey Squirrel Queen! I love the black squirrel, but something even cooler caught my eye: That neat lap blanket. I have to admit my attempts at making gloves have been embarrassing failures so far. I'm still trying, but my sewing machine is literally older than my mother and my knowledge of how to use it is all the "inherit sewing machine, figure it out as you go" kind, so some of the instructions baffle me.

The point to that seeming non sequitur is... Gloves are delayed by my incompetence, still coming when I figure it out, but LAP BLANKETS! If you need more, I can make those NOW with no trouble, and I have so much skull and crossbones fleece and even some black Hello Kitty fleece I got for making things for you that it would take me several blankets just to show you all the designs. I collect pirate fleece!

Do you need a few more blankets? If so, what are the dimensions (have Linda measure if you don't know) of a lap blanket so as not to get caught in the wheels? Or, would a larger blanket for bed or naps or sitting in non-wheeling chairs be better?

Thank you for the Yuri card help. You never cease to amaze. I am tempted to wait a few days so you forget that you gave me the link and I seem like a brilliant finder of exactly the yuri e-card Beth wants. However, you have made clear that waiting to show affection is not an option. I will send an e-card now and if you like, lap blankets later, and for sure gloves once I stop sewing my fingers instead of those fiddly little edges!

Veralidaine said...

Oh no! Beth, the card won't send! I think it doesn't like my computer? I don't know but when I click "Click to Proceed" it just goes to a blank page and I get no preview or sent message or anything. I will try again tomorrow. I googled Yuri Ecards again and found a bunch with some astronaut named Yuri. And again YOUR BLOG. You have the "yuri card" space on Google dominated.

Raccoon said...

that reminds me: I found a picture of a squirrel yesterday that I want to send you...

Father Geoffrey Farrow used to work with terminally ill patients. He said that they are "more alive than ever . . . because they realize the futility of fear." He found them all contemplating the same questions.

"Were you true to your conscience? Did you do what you felt was right?"


"What do you have in the end but the love you gave away?"

Elizabeth, if that is true, then you have nothing to fear.

thea said...

Even your SQUIRRELS don't do moderation or pacing themselves!

Oh that is crazy.

Looking forward to hearing about what you can do for/with/to the mayor's office!

wendryn said...

I'm glad you got to visit the squirrels!

I'm looking forward to the update about the mayor's office.

How was badminton?

cheryl g said...

The squirrels are fun but a few of them are little bandits like the one who seemed to want Linda's camera.

I was telling my friends at work about having the squirrel climb up my leg to get peanuts. That was so cool!

SharonMV said...

Dear Beth,
Thank you for sharing the squirrel picture. It makes me realize that I need to get outside more (not just the scenic rides to my medical appointments).

I hope you got the package I sent - that one was for you. I'll be mailing out another package in a day or two - this one will be for the Postcard Project.
Not the best day for me today. Not real bad, just sickly with a fever, aches & pains. And I kept falling asleep all afternoon. So I'll probably be awake till late & will check back here again in the wee hours.

Love, Sharon

JaneB said...

There's a squirrel making the most of the moment! Glad you got out, got some fresh air, fed some squirrels...

Devi said...

Glad that the squirrels are still there... or you are still there for the squirrels!

Abi said...

I love how the colours in your squirrel and blanket co-ordinate with each other. I can't even get my jumper to co-ordinate with my trousers today. Respect!

August 2009? Please don't die trying to reach that goal! The stakes are too high! (Yes, you win at both colour co-ordination and humour ;-)

Meredith said...

Squirrels, yay! I'd like to meet one in person someday, they're cute :)
BTW, I wondered why the card I got from you recently was a bishounen one - I'd expect a yuri one knowing that you know I'm a lesbian as well... so it was a bit of a surprise. But it's nice anyway :)