Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Psycho Returns! Cheryl the Squirrel Whisperer

Warning: Do you recognize this face? That’s right, Psycho came back and tried to steal Linda’s camera AGAIN (third attempt now!). And then when he wanted peanuts, he didn’t bother climbing up my wheelchair, no, far TOO MUCH effort for Psycho, he merely LEAPT right into my lap, usually eating partially there and leaving all sorts of shell bits before heading off.

But I want to point out that my park is Disability friendly to all forms of impairments. First, Cheryl needed to practice HER powers as Squirrel Whisperer to tell the squirrels that 'hey, got a bad back, can’t be bending down for you, as that hurts me.'
Evidently the word got around and soon Cheryl had squirrels accommodating her impairment by climbing up her leg and sitting there to take and sometimes eat part of the peanut. Not just once but several times. This is actually a different time when the squirrel decided to hang around LITERALLY on Cheryl’s leg, and check the peanut for perfection. So obviously she has very good Squirrel Whispering Powers. And not only that, as she said, “This is the most intimate action I’ve had in a long time.” Shhhhhh, not so loud Cheryl, the Parks Service Canada frowns on interspecies intimate fraternization!

Cheryl is heading off for a bit and I wanted to make sure these pics were up for her to see before she left. I will be doing another blog tonight as well, about badminton, me talking to the potential mayor and then stuffing envelopes (wow, now I’m an official political volunteer…), seeing Raccoons last night, an Owl and other stuff. See how I am taking it easy, only two posts a day!

Tourism McClung - come to Victoria and test your Squirrel Whisperer powers!


Rachael said...

I am green with envy about the squirrels! There are no squirrels in NZ (well, maybe in zoos, but not to try whispering techniques on). We have lots of sheep, but, yeah, just not as endearing as squirrels - even psycho squirrels. Have you seen the (NZ of course) movie about psycho sheep? No really, I'm not having you on, it's for real!

Veralidaine said...

PSYCHO! OMG PSYCHO IS BACK! That is so awesome!

Believe me, if I had the ability to do so right now I would totally be rushing to Victoria to see you and play with the squirrels. Go squirrels! Maybe you should capture a few and take them to neurologist appointments and political people's offices so they can demonstrate how one can accomodate disability easily?

Anna said...


They do. They can follow you and throw shells at you.

Glad yo got some outdoor animalentertainment though:)

Devi said...

Those squirrels are amazing. Thanks for sharing!

FridaWrites said...

My question is, what does that squirrel want with that camera anyway? What kind of evidence does he want to bring back?

rachelcreative said...

He doesn't stand on ceremony that squirrel. You always know where you stand with him!

thea said...

Is climbing a person's leg in search of sustenance an example of reasonable adjustment then... I suppose so.

Parks Service would probably NOT like to advertise their parks with a squirrel heading for...

Laura said...

It is a wonder what the squirrels can do for ones blue days! I don't have squirrels around the house but I do have ground squirrels. They are much smaller and live in the ground but I wonder... They play hide and seek with me when I am on the mower so maybe I could get some corn from the empty field across the road and maybe tempt them.

I am so glad that Psycho is back and found you. He obiviously recognizes you and considers you safe. I think his bounding into your lap to be an exuberent "HI I know you and I am glad to see you!" See Beth, even the squirrels need you in their life! They care about you too even if you think that they only want the peanuts.

Looking forward to the second installment of your blog!


Lisa Moon said...

Ohhh, I'm SO bowled over at those pictures! Adorable!

I am SO tired of waiting forever to get some sort of wheeled transportation so I can get out, not just wait for my one friend with access to a car to be able to give me the odd lift to the doctor... or having a 'good enough' day that I'm able to take a short bus trip somewhere.

As soon as I'm more mobile, I WILL be down at Beacon Hill Park, looking for those squirrels!

But since my nerve disease leaves my one leg hypersensitive, I now am forewarned that the little buggers might climb me - which, while convenient, would be unbearably painful. I'll be sure to come with some armour, perhaps a shin guard or something?!

AWESOME pictures!

Cheryl: I hear you on the intimate action and laughed heartily with you on that one! :)

OneSick said...

I still maintain that squirrels, although cute, are sneaky buggers who would kill their granny for a nut. Or for her wheelchair.

And psycho is clearly quite advanced among squirrels. While other squirrels concentrate on trying to steal mobility aids, such as Cheryl's cane (to sell to the magpies), he has obviously figured out that it is far more profitable to flog a digital camera on eBay.

Or maybe he just wants to make some squirrel porn...

One Sick Mother.

Lene Andersen said...

That's positively relaxed for you!

I'm envious, too. I've tried getting close enough to a squirrel up near a lovely 18th century garden nearby, but the blasted beastie gets all aggressive and I wimp out. Maybe I should bring peanuts next time?

Neil said...

I knew the squirrels would help you out of your dark place!

Seriously, I am happy that you do seem to be in a better mood. Squirrel-whispering 101 could be your course at U Vic.

The squirrels here are more elusive and less trusting. And we've only had squirrels in Regina for about 10 years. They've moved in, and are taking over, 'cause they don't have much competition.

And you;re stuffing envelopes for a political campaign. Useful, gets you out of the house, keeps you and your mind busy, all good things.

Love and hugs,

Tammy said...

Psycho is back...that is just WILD! Hoooray.
Fabulous pictures!!!
We fostered a baby squirrel at work this year. He came in as a naked little thing, and now will run around and terrorize everyone. They make the most adorable sounds when they want their bottle. But oh..does boy squirrel pee reek!
I LOVE bottle feeding the little brat.

Tammy said...

I think I forgot to say that they are fantastic pictures!

Neil said...

If you would like a Hello Kitty smile, see today's (Oct 28) Bizarro at http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/fun/bizarro.asp

Sorry, couldn't resist.

*Zen hugs*

yanub said...

Yay! Squirrels! It is so cool that you have a park full of friendly, near-tame squirrels.

And now you are an official volunteer in a political campaign. Excellent! The guy must have impressed you. I look forward to reading about it.

cheryl g said...

I had squirrels running up my leg for peanuts - how cool is that?!

I showed the pictures to people at work and mostly they got a kickmout of it. There was one woman who lectured me on how squirrels carry disease and how I could have been bitten.

I pointed out that (1) humans carry more diseases and (2) I have been bitten by a squirrel at age 14 and had to have the rabies shot series. Bottom line - it's my choice to let squirrels climb on me so I can hand feed them peanuts.

I do wonder how many cameras Psycho has stolen from tourists already. He might have quite the little operation going.

SharonMV said...

yay! Psycho's back! Loved the pictures & the commentary, especially Cheryl's remark. Made me laugh. Thank you!


tornwordo said...

I love psycho and cheryl. I ran into a black squirrel at the old port the other day and asked, "Hey, do you know psycho from Victoria?" It was like when people hear I'm from California and say, "Say do you know so and so?" Pretty lame actually.

Drake said...

Hehe, maybe it saw the skull & crossbone blanket and thought you were a pirate ship! Aargh! Me Matey!

JaneB said...

Lovely to see Psycho again. Like 'onesick' my first thought was that he wants that camera for a line of squirrel porn... maybe because I once had to stop a lecture 5 minutes early because of squirrel nookie going on in the tree outside the window which was so distracting for the students... they really don't care about other species, or even other squirrels, getting a good view when they're in the mood.

A Bear in the Woods said...

Psycho knows good people when he meets them!
Psycho is one of my favorite characters in your story.

Dawn Allenbach said...

Victoria's squirrels are FAR more accomodating than her humans. Maybe Psycho should run for mayor.

Anonymous said...

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