Thursday, October 02, 2008

Disabled 24/7

I will admit that having jackhammers at 8:00 a.m. tear into the sidewalk outside my apartment, and continue for eight hours has left me less than lucid. Having come from the Dentists office has left me fatigued and frustrated (a cleaning and check-up).

This is the problem I am having and have had for many months: I am disabled 24/7 but the agencies and individuals involved don’t seem to understand that. There is always this line of overlap or expectation that I could pop into a near-able bodied state to sort of tidy things up if I wanted to. Now the more that I become not only disabled in a variety of areas but also with greater inflexibility the more apparent it becomes.

Sure there is this computer, which has been sitting here for months, sent to help me, as a disabled person, maintain a home business. And yet, it took six months to get authorization to hire someone to take the computer out of the box (Because I am not sufficiently physically capable of lifting it around), and the same amount or more for someone to hook it up to all the cables. And now, we still wait on the software, which has the wrong ID code, and the person in charge of it has disappeared, and the new person in charge has not gotten back to me.

Today, Linda parked not in the parking spot closest to the mall entrance, which was reserved for pregnant mothers or mothers with small children (because they can’t walk very far), but in a regular spot near by because the blue badge disability spots were down hill two parking lots away (because people in wheelchairs can walk a lot further?).

In the dentist, the dental technician got upset because I did not recognize him, and though I explained that he should NOT lower my head equal or lower than my torso and was starting to tell him about speaking, he cut me off with a, “let’s get started shall we...” He lowered the table to do my dental cleaning, then more, then until my head was lower than my torso and my main job was a) keeping conscious and b) trying not to breath in my own combo of blood and spittle. He asked me a question, I tried to speak but couldn’t, he went, “I don’t understand you.” Asked another technician, they looked at me like the fish on the floor, as I was trying to say, “Suction the blood out of my mouth and bring me upright before I drown in it!” But decided that he would simply continue. Only now it was with the frenzied haste one gets after people have seen ‘the disability,’ he was hitting my gums so much in his haste and even managed to hit my lip and make that bleed. Linda came. She told him that I couldn’t speak in that position. Yes, would that be the same instructions I gave, but obviously in “Wheelchair English” which is some sub-dialect of able-bodied English.

Yesterday, I am green, I have told the oxygen woman I am heat intolerant and she is TRYING to keep me in the building to finish off convincing me that loud machine for COPD people is what I want. She is trying to tell me, as I am in danger of passing out that she cares about my health.

See, they don’t accept that unlike them, there is no switch I can flick to go into able bodied or ‘I am NOT ill and disabled and thus have lots of resistance” mode. That you keep me there, I pass out. Or as I said to the dental hygienist, “I CAN NOT FLOSS at the end of the day as I do not have digital control, if you WISH to come by and floss for me, please help yourself.” He was very, “Well, no need to get all excited.” And yet went and booked another cleaning in four months. Because since his last cleaning I aspirate, I have seizures, I am constantly on oxygen (and was during the cleaning) and I have a very low threshold for heat so much that Linda not only put a ice-cold break pack down in my bra but jammed one in my groin, during his cleaning. So no, “how about we call and see how you are and then book an appointment?” Just, hey, everyone ELSE gets four months.

We have two VIHA social workers upset at us because we had to cancel appointments. One because she had to leave a voice mail message. We tried to return her call today and got….a voice mail message. The worker who is most miffed is the dietician, who does not seem to care that I am below the minimum body weight that SHE set, but that we had to cancel the first appointment (even though I was in the hospital), as well as a second (because I was in a emergency specialist appointment). It seems she MAY not visit because, I don’t keep my appointments. Welcome to illness, welcome to disability. Do you think my seizures come on appointment? Do you think people’s Lupus flares or EDS dislocations come on appointment? Do you think I fly out of the chair on appointment? Do you think I can’t breath ON APPOINTMENT?

The worker at Recreation and Integration has been talking to me like a six year old. Calling weekly because “I” don’t have a good record for communication (would that be the same RAI that didn’t call me for the deadlines on the sailing program and the summer program and the glider program for two straight years). And that I don’t have a “good record of commitment.” This is because I was a) late because having no other transport I wheeled myself DOWN against traffic to the sailing program and arrived late once and because another time I left early (in an ambulance). Yes. And I am not communicating with my volunteer well. I asked, “Is this the volunteer who can only do activities with me two hours on a Saturday?” Yes. The same one who was gone for a month visiting after she was gone for a month doing exams. I was still doing my boxing then, I was still doing my activities. I was informed that the volunteer ‘might’ be able to do other times, but that if I did not give a firm commitment and keep to it to improve my communication, she would be taken away.” I told her that I exercise Mondays, Wednesday and sometimes Thursdays and if and when the volunteer can help, I will use her, but I had been doing that exercise and will continue without their help, if they are incapable of helping. This went down poorly. I was not appreciative. It seems I was supposed to sit and do nothing until the volunteer could tell me when THEY could be available and then go to the park or something. Lady, I don’t roll that way.

Linda is going to try and speak to her tomorrow about our “six month review” (again from Rec and Integration) and I asked Linda to include two things. One, to ask if I should put down my volunteers last name when I list them on MY CV as volunteering to assist college students in a course on breaking down ablist attitudes in sports (I know I am just a CV filler for these people, including the person at Rec and Integration). The second thing was to let them know that since they put their ad in the Victoria local Recreation and Sport flier saying, “Are you disabled? Do you want to do anything in this booklet? Rec and Integration will assist you in doing that!” that I will take them up on it. I am thinking Ballet and some martial art. My medical issues? THEIR problem, not mine. They are the ones who promised to assist me, they figure it out; since medical issues ARE part of my disability.

I am tired of GP’s, Specialist and specialized tech for hospital testing who KNOW what level your illness is but then get upset that you are in hospital and didn’t have the politeness to call them in the ambulance (despite being passed out). Or that, no, you couldn’t transfer yourself DOWN to the MRI/CT/insert test here, and oddly after the test is over, you are not able to fly back to your wheelchair, no matter how flummoxed they might be about what to do.

When I went for my Heart Monitor to be put on the doctor was, “Oh let me give you this gown.”

I pulled off my top. I was wearing my bra.

He was very agitated, no, I must put on the gown, and THEN he could lower it to put on the sticky tabs which the leads would be attached to. Well sorry doc (not!), but taking off my top I can do, getting into a damn gown I can’t unless he has two or three people significantly taller than the five foot aid he had with him. Weaker actually makes me HARDER to change, because I can’t help, but it doesn’t make me shorter.

I am trying very hard to do my job, which is a 24 hour job, of keeping myself OUT of hospital, OUT of seizures and if at all possible OUT of the majority of pain or other problems. They need to respect my job as much as I respect theirs and actually fit themselves into my schedule; and make accommodation. It is plainly embarrassing for them when I visit a health clinic or hospital, or my GP and yet again there is no room large enough for the wheelchair, no changing room for people in wheelchairs. I usually say loudly and often, “How lucky you are you don’t get SICK people in here!”

I hope, if I have time tomorrow to expand on this further with one of the more loathsome myths, that David Merrick aka The Elephant Man, died because “he wanted to be normal” and lay down crushing his windpipe. Think on this, there are many people with MD, people on Ventilators, on b-pap machines, on dialysis machines, people who live day in and out with their disability but also the vigilance to KEEP THEMSELVES ALIVE that such a disability requires. I am among probably tens of thousands of people who require that they sleep in an inclined position to stop from aspirating and choking to death. Does anyone really think that they need to call me and the other tens of thousands regularly to ask, “Oh, now you aren’t going to use your electric controls on the hospital bed tonight to put it flat so you can feel NORMAL and die are you?” Or “You aren’t going to just pull out your vent so you can feel NORMAL” Or, hey, why not throw my wheelchair into the ocean on my next Ferry crossing so I can drag myself off to feel NORMAL. Fuck, we have a full time job trying to STOP people killing us off and limiting our lives. The people who can’t accept that we have strong, inflexible and definite limitations, which are built into our disability, are the able bodied people who often run everything from health care to the disability organizations there to ‘help’ you.



yanub said...

This is a great rant! And so on target. Like, I wonder, why does Carapace's neurologist not send reminders for appointments? An entire practice built on people with brain problems, and no reminders? She gave them my cell phone number to leave reminders, but they don't call it. They don't send snailmail reminders, either. But the practice does charge fifty bucks for a missed appointment.

And doctors always want to see us when we are having a particular symptom, but, like you say, we can't exactly schedule them for their convenience. And when symptoms flare, that is when we least are able to actually get out anyway. If we go to the ER with unusual symptoms, we all know that we won't be treated and our doctors will not be showing up. So why leave the house when even going down the hall to pee is an effort?

As to the jackhammers--is there an undiscovered physical law that any loud work to be done outside our homes be done when we are most desperate for sleep?

Oh, and your dentist? He doesn't have a hygienist named Audrey, does he? Or an adopted son with a large carnivorous plant?

OneSick said...

You make some very excellent points. AB people don't get it. Period. They particularly don't get neuro symptoms, and how one's cognitive functioning levels can change depending on how many seizures one has had in the past day (hour) or two.

Because this stuff is invisible to the naked eye, it is assumed not to exist. And even if visible -like turning green, (quite considerate of you to produce such a strong indicator that something is seriously wrong), it is usually not noticed or ignored.

People don't get it and most never will. I don't know how to change this; -short of slapping them, which may be effective, but there is probably some law against it.

That's what we need! a "slap some
sense into them" law, which will allow a disabled person to smack an AB person upside the head if they are being particularly stupid about the disability. Now there's a practical solution! :P

One Sick Mother

Victor Kellar said...

So many things in this post just have me shaking my head, feeling angry and feeling frustrated

What's up with the disabled parking .. down a hill in another lot? Isn't the point to have them closer to the building? Isn't that the law? I'm pretty sure that in Ontario that is the law, perhaps somebody can correct me on that. At any rate, the disabled parking always seems close to the building .. duh.

I want to say I am shocked at the attitude displayed by these people who are supposed to "help" you but I am really not. Certain people enter certain professions soely for the paycheck, the hours and the benefits ... sometimes I feel they don't even care what the job is, that they are there to support people, all they want is that holiday time ... how annyoing that they actually have to do these complex things like... deal with someone. Come on, don't ask them to actually think about your needs .. it's almos their lunch time

Perpetual Beginner said...

Nobody rants like EFM!

During my time as a PCA, I was floored by how often my clients had to use me as a prop, or as an assistant for one of their medical people. I've acted as human stirrups for a gynecologist, a backrest, straps, lift, and even earplugs. Why on earth wouldn't people who treat sick and disabled people have these things in suitable forms already? I'm always flabbergasted when MRI's, X-rays or other scanning equipment have no way to get people in wheelchairs anywhere near - hello? People tend to need these things most when less than perfectly mobile, right? Anybody?

But somehow expecting hypercompetence from sick and disabled people, while accepting ignorance and incompetence from the supposed specialists has become the norm. Grrr.

Anonymous said...

Dear God! I hope that I will not meet too many doctors/staff/people like that, and don't let me
be that way in my proffession.

At work sometimes (mostly men) people don't trust me when I tell them something like "this computer won't work because." then a MALE staffmember comes and says the same thing, and they believe him. WHY? The older femalelibrians says this will end when I get older. (I am old already...)HA, ha, when I get old and sick people won't listen to me because of that:)

Honestly I think we should be better at respecting each other. and listening to people who have difficulties becuase they are the experts. I spent years of trying to get help for my PCOS and the doctor didn't listen until he got sick himself.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering...for someone who just said that you are disabled 24/7, how do you manage to get out to play badmitten and do races on the weekends? or wheel yourself to the video store? Just may want to condider that before you jump all over agencies who question that.

FridaWrites said...

On the parking issue, there's a mall in Colo. like that, where all the disabled parking is in the next lot over. Because I could walk further!?!

On the dentist issue, I hate it when I tell a medical professional something, they won't listen, and then the inevitable consequence occurs.

I've also had to cancel appointments because of being too sick and have learned it's dangerous not to when anesthesia's involved (I didn't change it because they were getting a little agitated with the changes). I wish my illness and disability would fit a schedule so I could block around it, but it doesn't.

Yanub, I think it's great when offices give reminders. I've had them give a couple of reminders by accident, and usually I remember, but it saves everyone time and money to do so. And I agree with you--at my worst, I am unable to go to the doctor.

Lene Andersen said...

Amen and pass the bucket!!

Wait, I just grossed myself out...

Last time I went to the dermatologist for a mole check (important, as the meds I take come with an increased risk of cancer), he got completely thrown and rather cranky when I indicated I needed help to disrobe.

Back on track: it's unbelievable the way agencies designed to make life easier for people with disabilities - mandated to do so BECAUSE of the barriers on place - require that we do everything within their narrow parameters.

Excellent rant. Wish some newspaper would publish it.

Abi said...

The closest I have got to people making me ill by their actions is after giving blood one time - the lady making the tea while I stood and waited was taking for ever and I could feel myself getting progressively more light headed. Then I fainted. Now I am not allowed tea after giving blood.

It was very frustrating indeed, and I imagine that it is much, much worse for you having to experience it so frequently (now that I have orange juice instead it takes less time to prepare - fewer stages. They are probably not going to catch me out again. And I wiggle my toes to make the blood flow round more).

So nothing profound or even directly relevant to say, but I am once again very frustrated on your behalf. Also, who is organising these people? They clearly cannot organise. Or think. Grrrr.

Veralidaine said...

Man. I just don't know what to say. That dentist. What a remarkable thing denial is, to make him capable of pretending even as he nearly kills you with your own blood and saliva that in four months you'll be popping right back in for more of the same.

And the jackoffs with jackhammers back again? I can think of a few places they can put their jackhammers.

Neil said...

Okay, even I understand this one. I've had a skin rash that no doctor has ever seen. By the time I get to the doctor's appointment, the rash is gone. They give me sedatives for it, because I'm obviously sharing your case of vapours.

If I'm working with you and you're "different" from most patients, I might not understand - the first time - because I simply haven't encountered that particular symptom or problem before. But I would at least remember when you reminded me the second time.

But I'm sure you'd be patient and appreciative if the technician said, "Please help me to understand what I'm doing wrong so I can do it right next time."

As for the disabled parking, I can't understand why so many people can walk so easily after they've parked. Especially when they appear to have forgotten the proper sticker/card/placard at home.

Oh, wait, I get it! When it comes to parking stalls, not all disabilities are physical. (Um, that's supposed to be a slam to the AB idiots who use the wrong parking spot.)

Some of your rants should be on CBC's Fifth Estate.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Anon: This is sort of like me asking, "Well since you did 30 minutes of jogging, why aren't you doing the marathon this weekend." You CAN get the concept that people have limitations right? That becuase I see you playing basketball, I shouldn't assume you are an olympic athlete and exercise 30-40 hours a week. Or should I?

I wheel to the video store, and have I think twice this week. That's two 25 minute wheelings, so 50 minutes out of 10,080 minutes. So, if I can wheel myself for 50 minutes out of 10 THOUSAND plus minutes in a week, wheel myself on the times I feel good enough to do so, picking out of those 10 THOUSAND minutes, then I must be able to wheel around ALL THE TIME? I must not be THAT DISABLED? Because I'm not really DISABLED and you ARE an OLYMPIC ATHLETE. If you read here you will know a) I don't do races every week and b) how long is a race - why is is 59-70 minutes. So wait, I am wheeling 60 minutes out of 10 THOUSAND, and because I do that I can't be disabled?

What you have a problem with is called "Ablist block" which means, you have a preconcieved notion of what people should or should not be able to do, likely based on your own experience. There is no way in hell you would put yourself through so much pain that you would be crying just to go outside and return a video so there is no way anyone would do that. There is no way you would do something that you knew put you in so much pain you can't sleep for a couple days and can't move as well as you usually can for a week so no one would.

Well, someone does. Get over it. That's why some people are at the Olympics, and you aren't. That's why some people have doctorates and you don't. Becuase they have a different set of values. That doesn't go away when you get disabled. Sure, there are people who are tired of butting against the pain and stop. Then there are people who say, fuck the pain, I am MORE than what this pain or my disability will limit me. Doesn't make the disability go away, doesn't make it have aspects which pop up and have to be dealt with THAT MINUTE, doesn't mean I don't pass out during things, like BADMINTON for example. But by your logic, Terry Fox wasn't disabled, yes, yes, I know it LOOKS like he only had one full leg and an amputation, but gee, the guy couldn't have been disabled and actually run that far, ergo, not disabled. And probably shouldn't be a symbol for these different disability agencies.

Maybe you should think through some of your abilist assumptions, read more, of this or the many disability blogs linked on the sidebar before giving me a gem of wisdom that basically means: "Just becuase I am plumb ignorant and unwilling to learn about disabilities and thus clutch at the quickest stereotype, you should expect everyone to do that as well, including people paid NOT to act that way, like disability organizations."

Anonymous said...

Yeah but Terry Fox didn't have to shove his diability in everyones face everytime they turn around. All I'm saying is if you are so disabled that you can't park farther away then you should not be out doing 30 minutes of activity. You can't have it both ways and that is exactyly what you want. You want to be treated like everyone else and have everyone elses rights, but you also want to be treated special and have everyone cater to you as well. Weather it be close flat parking before a pregnat women or health care workers at your house exactly how you want them to be one minute telling them not to let you sleep and the next complaining about jackhammers that won't let you sleep. Look my whole point is you can't have if both ways.

Elizabeth McClung said...

"but Terry Fox didn't have to shove his diability in everyones face everytime they turn around."

Um, Terry was running to GET media attention. He shoved his disability in more people's faces than anyone in Canadian history before him. Do you know who Terry Fox was? I take it you did not read those other blogs like I recommended.

"All I'm saying is if you are so disabled that you can't park farther away then you should not be out doing 30 minutes of activity. You can't have it both ways and that is exactyly what you want. You want to be treated like everyone else and have everyone elses rights, but you also want to be treated special and have everyone cater to you as well."

Well, I am going to assume you aren't a member of the KKK, or some sort of White Male only group even though you don't seem to understand the nature of a multicultural society must less an impairment integrated society. Because I think the blue parking zones should be near the doors, then I shouldn't be treated as an equal human being. That's what you just said. Well, I also took off from Friday evening until Saturday evening in my jobs to keep the Sabbath for the majority of my life. So, going by your logic does that mean that Jews also, by asking for accomodation, not to be treated equally; that Muslims who pray and have accomodation for that should not be treated equally.

It is not "having it both ways" - it is recognizing that all humans do not come identical and a culture is made to accomodate that. I am legal married to someone of the same sex; that is what an accomodating multicultural society does, it recognizes where there are people who do not fit the assumed stereotypical mold and accomodate for them. It was the reason that here in Canada the "Lord's Day Act" (which stopped stores from opening on Sunday) was abolished, becuase for those whose weekly religious day was another day, it was an imposing of a standard that was unfair.

You statement boils down to this: If I can't walk and do everything that a able bodied person can do, then I shouldn't expect to have the same treatment and rights as one. It is an old arguement used against blacks, against Jews, against every minority. The reason the wheelchair parking spots are near the door is because society understands and accomodates the various disabilities from wheelchair to people who use canes, or crutches. That you see these people, by using those spots as sub-human to yourself is saddening, and the very reason I have to write frustrated people like this. My suggestion is to educate yourself so that you don't sound like a bigot (at least not so openly) and then you can choose: either assist the move for an integrated society or at least not longer a problem and CAN get out of the way of those who are doing something useful.

"health care workers at your house exactly how you want them to be one minute telling them not to let you sleep and the next complaining about jackhammers that won't let you sleep. Look my whole point is you can't have if both ways."

First, I can't ever remember complaining that I can't find people to keep me awake, I have no lack of people keeping me awake (this morning a guy with a hedge trimmer clearing undergrowth across the street for EIGHT HOURS!), second, Do I blame the city for replacing the sidewalk? No, it was a venting about events out of my control, since I was sleep deprived when that happened and has nothing to do with the post (You DID GET beyond the FIRST or SECOND paragraph right?).

What I was pointing out is that when you have essentially a group of people (people with disabilities) who have fixed and unchangable situations, it is absurd to have the very agencies created to assist them not understanding that. To get upset because as a dietician you hear a client is very ill and then to get miffed because your appointment was moved because they were in the hospital is absurd (see, if your job is to CARE about a person's health and you hear they had to go to the hospital, that should make you care MORE, not LESS).

Your whole point is that YOU don't want to make any change. And it is an attitude that people had when women said, "We should get the vote", when Chinese said they should get the vote, when Native peoples said they should get the vote. And now yes, it is acknowledged that life is NOT a level playing field and that instead of taking a person with Dylexia and giving them tests on paper and then failing them, it is more useful to everyone to give them options like a verbal test. Does that mean the "we" you are a part of gets to view them as a lesser human than you? No. And quite honestly, this isn't Fox news or some political show where you can say, "You can't have it both ways" - the world has colors, and society has differences. I believe you have some issues to work through, becuase if your views on people with disabilities are so profoundly intolerant, I dread to think what you think of LGBTQI individuals much less those of a different race or religion than you.

You have just attacked most of my friends and adopted family when you state that having rights and being treated equally to having some level of accomodation is incompatable in your world view, that thus those who are disabled and WANT to be equal must meet your ablist bar.

It is with thankfulness that one day, you will be an ally. As age leaves no one alone and when you are using a walker, try to remember when someone slams a door you are currently too frail to open in your face the words that you said so ignorantly, that you couldn't have it both ways, to be an equal human being and to be in a world where there is a button to open the door for you.

Veralidaine said...

Oh look, the anonymous trolls are coming back out from under the bridge!

Beth, don't waste your spoons on this pond scum. Karma will get him when he acquires a disability, as well all do eventually if we're blessed to live that long, and finds himself oweing a debt of gratitude to every disabled person who "shoved her disability in everyone's face" every time she turned around, because it's people like you who got even the modicum of accessibility Victoria has now, and people like you will eventually force Victoria to truly be an integrated city.

Lene Andersen said...

Dear Anonymous,

Have you somehow not read a paper or watched TV for the past 30 years? Really? So sorry - let me catch you up.

See, people with disabilities are no longer automatically institutionalized and kept away from view. Indeed, they are considered actual, y'know, people and many programs exist to assist a process called integration. It's this weird idea that since society are considering cripples to be human on an equal level to other people (I know, strange concept, but what can you do), they have a right to do things that humans do, to the best of their ability. Including things like going out on the street unescorted - just imagine! - renting a video, going dancing, having children (yech! They're not just having sex, but actually procreating!), getting an education, working and participating in sports - there's even this thing called the Paralympic Games for them! And some seem to believe themselves real athletes - isn't that precious??

But here's the thing... all these agencies who help the poors dears attempt this "integration" tend to be aware of the limitations the drooling darlings have - some of the personnel even have special degrees in which they learn about such things. Personally, I think the world should focus on more important things than encouraging the weirdos to believe they have a right to insert themselves in all these activities, slowing the rest of society down with their special considerations, but what can you do? The cripples somehow managed to get it in the Charter of Rights, so thee's nothing for it. Sigh.

cheryl g said...

Anonymous you don't get it. No matter how many times it is explained to you you will not get it but I am going to try again.

A person with a disability always has that disability - they are disabled 24/7. That doesn't mean that there aren't periods in that 24/7 where they are stronger and able to do more like play badminton for instance.

You say you take exception to Beth shoving her disability in your face constantly.

1. This is her blog and she has always plainly stated that it is her place to put her thoughts, feelings and beliefs as she continues to deal with her changing health.

2. If you had truly read through the entire blog you would see that other topics are also covered.

3. If you choose to come read a blog written by a person with a disability then don't complain about having that disability be a regular topic.

In short - if you don't want it "shoved in your face" then quit reading, quit commenting and GO AWAY...

cheryl g said...

Sis, I have often wondered why those in the health care professional seem the most inflexible about rescheduling or making accomodations to a patients needs. It is completely unreasonable to assume that an extrememly ill client can show up at an appointment with a day or less notice and yet that assumption is regularly made. I don't know how to change that other than continuing to be vocal about your needs each time.

I wonder if it is a result of the focus in medicine moving from helping people to making money. After all most hospitals, clinics, etc. are part of large medical corporations now and the profit margin is the focus.

Raccoon said...

not having a good day, are you? Rather, did you?

Yeah, stuff like that is common down here, too, even with the ADA. The exam rooms for my GP are 10 x 10, and that fits the computer terminal, the cabinets, the exam table, a chair and a stool. And my wheelchair. There is no patient lift in the building.

My surgeon (I've had too many bedsores) -- it takes a lot less time to roll me on to the exam table and then to wait for a "lift team" -- again, no patient list of available.

at least my dentist is good. When your power chair gets there, with the tilt feature, that should make it easier. That, and finding a dentist that won't force you to use their chair...

Joan K said...

I say park in the moms w/ kids and pregnant women spots. IMHO handicapped trumps all of the above. I've even parked in a few senior citizen spots when I felt bad enough physically.

I am currently attempting to get enough pain medication for 50 days since I will be out of the country. Damned doctors are being resistant to the idea. Sigh...

They don't make it easy. Yesterday a dentist was cleaning my teeth and caused a lot of pain. She blamed me and my teeth, rather than slowing down. She did spend a lot of time touting various expensive procedures though, what greed...

FridaWrites said...

Dear anonymous: Evolve.

Marla said...

This is so frustrating that the building is still such a pain in the butt. Lordy! What the hell are people thinking?

A doctor I have had me waiting to be seen when I was at my sickest for three hours in the room. It was hell. When I complained she said, "If you want to see me you wait. If not. Go somewhere else." Ugh! Can you believe I stayed with her? She was the only doctor I had that was trying very hard to get to the bottom of my health problems. She has a bit of a God complex though.

M. said...

In Finnish the word "viha" means hate. Quite appropriate, isn't it?