Friday, October 10, 2008

Arg! I can't take it anymore (plus spanking!)

I couldn’t take it anymore, so I have gone to Japan! Oh wait, that isn’t an option, so I’ve gone to another country (name undisclosed). Mistress Elizabeth says, take care of yourself for a day, and have fun instead of getting into trouble or she will have to spank you when she gets back (the line starts over to the left – hey, stop getting back in line).

Seriously, had some issues, like a couple seizures and a finger turning black so I am resting up. Tomorrow I will be brilliant, or at least mildly interesting. Cheers.


Lisa Moon said...

Oooh, a spanking! And then, the oral sex!!!

Wheelchair Dancer said...

I'm in line. Can you see me? I'm over here.... on the left!


Diane J Standiford said...

You dirty girl.

Raccoon said...

And I spent a good 2-3 hours today looking over at the Exotic Erotic Ball website, trying to decide if I wanted to go...

If Canada is being like that, as a country, the problems you've been having with Triumph and your doctors and your care agency all of a sudden makes sense. Unfortunately.

Abi said...

Us? Misbehave? Well, normally we wouldn't...

Look after yourself. Enjoy your foreign travel! Don't be too disconcerted by the large line of people waiting outside your apartment when you return!

Olivia said...

Love that photo!
I hope you're in better shape soon.

OneSick said...


I am impressed you could find a "full length" skirt that doesn't end at your knees


cheryl g said...

Mistress Elizabeth is smoking hot! Just saying...

You do realize some people ae goin to deliberately get into trouble just so they can get a spanking...

Lene Andersen said...

Do I have to be bad or good to get spanked??

Rest up, feel better!

Victor Kellar said...

I'm a happily married man ..... but can I video the spankings?

Tammy said...

Mind if I skip the line and just take pictures?? Could be interesting and I'm sure I could get some $$ for the pics. :O
I hope you get to feeling better and I'm glad you posted to at least let us know so I wouldn't worry.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting in line just don't tell Victor....oops I forgot he was the one who is videoing!!!! rest and take care
thinking of you always


wendryn said...

Spanking never did much for me, but that's a great picture!

Hope your day got better. I sent you an email because you made my week! :P

Neil said...

I think my attempt at a comment may have gotten caught in the 'net, so I'll try again.

We didn't enjoy the day particularly, since we had to have the cat euthanized; he had arthritis, and diabetes with too much liver damage to allow any quality of life at all. So he gets to fly.

I also looked at a Japanese mini-truck: a Subaru Sambar that's so small, I couldn't drive it. Pity, since it supposed gets up to 60 miles per gallon.

So I didn't have a good time today; does that mean I get spanked? I'm in line, just in case. Looks like I migth be the token male, too.

Dirty, smokin' hot, beautiful, loved; all good terms for Beth! I hope "healthy enough to blog without pain" is a good description for you too, soon.

And where DID you find a long skirt that really is long on you? Not that I'm going to be wearing one soon (not even for my entirely-too-practical wife), but I am curious.

Zen hugs, dear friend,

Elizabeth McClung said...

Niel: Your other comment was in yesterday's post, I am sorry that your cat had to go so early. I'll be thinking of you tonight.

That's a PVC floor length mermaid cincher skirt which for me is NOT floor length but is cincher, which is good as I lost weight! Thanks!

Lisa: Um, I guess there was a bit reading into the post?

WCD: Oh yes, I see you! I'm getting to you....and soon!

Diane: Yes, I'm SO dirty, and I know just the RIGHT girl can set me, well not STRAIGHT, but better.

Raccoon: I hope this has pushed you towards the Go, Erotic Ball go!

Abi: If there is a line of people from Victoria outside my building I will seriously laugh, that would be fun - but hey, business venture with easy start up!

Olivia: Thanks, me too - I had worse shape today but more fun, so tomorrow I rest I think, or keep going. The problem is that going black hands and fingers and nose on the Coho Ferry is going to get me a medical helicopter or something so I hope that doesn't happen! Love your photo too.

OneSick: yes, no comment on the PVC or the cincher belt or the PVC top, just the length - it was a floor length, and a special tall girl lace shrug.

Cheryl: Well, since you are ALWAYS in trouble, we will have to save up a "special session" just for you! Oh ho, um, er, bwahaha!

Lene: Whatever floats your boat (with my hands, it is more like a caress anyway).

Victor: Have fun, Linda is taking Video's too - um, if you recognize anyone in line, just pretend you didn't!

Tammy: SUre, I think people should do whatever is fun for them, and besides, I will send you pictures if you WANT (well anime ones!). Yeah, I was supposed to get better but then I keep pushing it and getting worse. I am glad I was able to post as well - this community is very important to me.

Collette: Jump right in, I already know you've been bad (or had bad thoughts), an no, that's just someone that LOOKS like Victor.

Wendryn: Sorry, how about caressing tickles on the bottom? No. It is a fun picture. I do hope I get better soon, at least the Coho Ferry staff don't freak during epilepsy anymore.


Neil said...

No sweetie, the kids were on some war game using the Internet, and it slowed down so much that a reply did apparently get lost.

That's okay, no blame to you dear Niece.
Umm, that lineup's getting pretty long. Can I offer to speed things up by helping to provide the spankings?