Friday, September 12, 2008

Victoria PD condone abuse to disabled: so I go to the park, have intimate squirrel 'encounters'

Today was pretty darn horrid. So I’ll deal with most of that later; just to let you know, abuse of the elderly or disabled in Victoria is A-OKAY according to the police.

Now the police will come for a child left in a car, and domestic abuse, but abuse or neglect of the disabled is NOT a police matter and if you try to ask for clarification, you get told as I did that “I need to answer a REAL 911 call.” (I was connected by switchboard, this wasn’t the 911 line, so I think that was the “you are a nuisance and I don’t want to talk with you!” way the Victoria Police Department deals with things. So, by the by, Thanks to Neil, I made the call and have starting next week an Ombudsperson investigating VIHA. But no-one including the police will regulate Beacon. Though the police did say they would ‘monitor’ the ambulance call in response to a ‘sudden death’ at my residence. (no, I am not making this up, I wrote it down, and no, the officer did not know who Dr. Shipman was: a man who killed in far excess of 215 elderly patients….for being in need of care. By the way, even with a police investigation he killed three more women and was only caught really because he made a forged will from the last victim giving her estate to him). Donald Harvey, an American caregiver only managed to kill (his claim) 87 before being caught. Let’s see if Beacon can DO BETTER! And if Victoria PD can watch.

So, how about another day, like the day I went recently to see the squirrels? That’s always good and they were GLAD to see me, even with the competition from the dogs and the peacocks. As you can see, the Black squirrels were politely lining up to jump on the “Bethmobile” fill up with peanuts (that really does sound quite steamy doesn’t it?). Anyway, the lining up shows that Psycho NOR Dojo was among them today.

The grey squirrels were a little, um, different, they seemed much more tactile, and much more, to put it bluntly, horny. I have to hope that this squirrel sees my leg as a tree branch instead of what it looks like small dogs do to people’s legs at times.

This squirrel quickly got out of the way of what I call Psychotic Aerobic Barbie. I know these women, you know these women: they can’t do anything without showing off how INCREDIBLY limber they are. “Oh, is that a quarter on the ground?” The next thing you know they are doing the splits to retrieve it. So you can see my “humping” squirrel slinking off in front of Barbie here.

So first Barbie does the “limber up” which shows off her defined rib muscles and all around toning.
Then you have the full on, “I bet you other squirrels can’t do this!” stretch! Yes baby, feel the burn, oh yeah. Meanwhile I am sort of just open jawed because, hey Barbie, this is all for a peanut you know…. Except I didn’t know.

Because THIS is what happened next. Okay, first off I want to say, I am pretty sure this is legal in this province, but also it was NON-consensual (Barbie took advantage of me, sob, sob!). And NO, this is not how I know I don’t get clit vibes. Jeez Barbie, just take the damn peanut, oh for the love, stop rooting around...take the peanut and go before we both get arrested!

See, this is what happens when you visit the park. I am sure this will show up on a lot of training videos for children on the dangers of randy squirrels (who cares about rabies!).

All right, move along, the SHOW is OVER people!


yanub said...

I think it is so neat, your rapport with squirrels. Even the randy gray squirrels. You are like Willard, except instead of rats, you have squirrels. And instead of being eeeeevil, you are remarkably good.

What the hell is with your police department? Isn't abuse of the elderly and people with disabilities a crime in Canada? Or is it just a crime after it has happened and the bodies are buried?

Did I tell you I looked for disability resources in Victoria, and to see what people say about them? Apparently, you are the only person with a disability who has dealt with them, because all the other comments about them are self-congratulatory press releases. And, of course, they all use my least favorite term for people with disabilities: "consumer." "Here are some services. Since you are a pathetic cripple, you may use them as long as you are properly grateful. Do not attempt under any circumstances to make your own choices or life path. Professionals have already designed the life that you should consume."

rachelcreative said...

Sometimes I wonder if these people (like the police) would be more willing to do their job and to help you if you sounded more vulnerable and less intelligent.

Kind of like how the first GP I asked for help with depression wouldn't believe I was depressed because I was so articulate about it. It was only once I got overwhelmed by the idea that I might have to kill myslef because this doctor wasn't listening and I broke down that he relented and prescribed me some anti-depressants. Gee thanks doc. Thankfully I found better people to help me after that.

But do you know what I mean? If you fitted a vulnerable stereotype they might feel good about helping rather than feeling like your making a fuss about "nothing".

I just read another blog full of immense frustration (in the UK) about feeling like she was making a big fuss and it was her own fault for needing access and care.

Grrrr. Avoiding confrontation doesn't seem like something you want from your police force. You so do not need the extra fight when your resources are so limited.

cheryl g said...

Uh Sis, next time insist that the squirrel at least buy you a drink first...

Victoria PD: We protect and serve, if we feel like it...

Anna said...

I know your'e not human, you are a squirrel. At least to the grey one.

Neil said...

The squirrels there are much more accustomed to people than the ones around the building I work in. Either that, or they sense the SuperYuriBeth pheromones. Or maybe they just smell the peanuts.

I'm afraid the police don't listen because they don't have time. They know that things are slipping through the cracks, but the violence, death and destruction just keep them too busy to deal with things that evolve relatively (for the police) slowly.

Maybe if the criminals were subject to the same constraints that the police are, the cops'd be able to catch up on their workload.

I hope you're not upset with me for contacting the ombudsman on your behalf. I just couldn't sit any more and read about what Beacon is doing to their vict - er, clients. Thank you for making the call.

Hugs, hugs and more hugs,

Lene Andersen said...

That stretch Barbie did had me howling! Such a great way to start the day.

Good on yer for calling the Ombudsman. HA!

FridaWrites said...

Uh oh, do they have an adult protective services in your area? The police are often not good for much or as much as they should be. They have a strange mentality.

I like the squirrel pictures, especially where she's all stretched out wondering whether to leap. I used to have one at an old house who would hang upside down from the roof in order to nibble off the bird feeder. Wish I could be outside this weekend, grrr.

Dawn Allenbach said...

So this is what I think.

1. Is there a regulating board that oversees Beacon and VIHA with whom you can make a complaint? Not just in BC, but some BIG regulating agency at a national level?

2. Can you make an appointment with the Victoria police commissioner and ask his/her opinion on what the 911 operator told you? Very calmly and succinctly explain the situation, taking Linda and Cheryl with you as witnesses. Record the conversation.

3. If all else fails, I'll try to start organizing a "Protect the Disabled" action to come protest. (I know nothing about organizing protests, but I'll figure it out.)

Molested by a squirrel. Would the police come to your aid then?

Victor Kellar said...

You had me laughing out loud: Your squirrel adventures; seeing these buff-obsessed gym-women as squirrels is perfect

You had me frustrated: Is there no BC gov't body that oveseas homecare and abuse therein? I'm pretty sure there is here in Ontario but perhaps that is my naivte .. I will have to research that

As for cops: Well,cops are cops. Cops want to chase bad guys. And bad guys are fairly narrowly defined in cop lexicons. Gov't, gov't funded agencies and even big private "providers" are not sexy bad guys. The obudsman sounded like a great idea at the time, surely there must be somebody else ..

But thanks for the laugh

JackP said...

Molested by a squirrel? We're not getting into raped by a wombat territory here I hope...

SharonMV said...

Dear Beth,
I just tried to e-mail you, but something's amiss with our e-mail. As soon as it's working again, you'll be hearing from me.

I love the squirrel pictures and reading about they're different personalities. I should do a little book about Beth's adventures with squirrels. Maybe I will. I have been looking at on-line stamp shops for the perfect squirrel stamp.

I'm sorry the police were no help. There's really no excuse for treating you like that. I'm glad you've got the investigation started. I hope the Ombudsperson will take it seriously. I don't know much about how your city government works. If there's any thing I can do to help, I'll do it. If an impassioned letter from another disabled/sick person could help, I'll write it.

Thank you, Neil, for your efforts to help Beth.

Are there any newspaper or TV (or internet) journalists who report on stories like this? I'm sure there are others suffering at the hands of Beacon & VIHA.

i like yanbub's idea of you with an army of squirrels. The many thousands of squirrel heroes would rise up, and fight for the sick & disabled. EFM, in appropriate anime outfit, rolling swiftly at the forefront, red hair whipping in the wind, leads the super-powered squirrels. First stop - the Beacon offices.


Thank you Neil

Lisa Moon said...

I'm sorry to say I'm not that surprised by the police's attitude; I've heard about this kind of crap from other people - NOT that it makes it right, of course!

I know you're having a really shitty time right now and my heart goes out. Seriously, if I can help at all, I AM close and would love to at least try.

On a different note, the squirrels are HILARIOUS! I just about fell off my chair when I saw the frisky one who went diving for peanuts! HA!

You look a little stunned; then again, how many people have had a squirrel dive into their crotch?!

You reminded me of this time when my son (now 16) was about 4 and we were at Beacon Hill Park (always a Victoria fave!) with my friend and her daughter, who was around the 4 at the time, too. She had some peanuts that she gave the kids because they wanted to 'feed the squirrel' that was darting around in a nearby tree.

So they busily went to work, and quickly agreed that the best way to lure squirrel out of said tree was to wedge the peanuts into the bark (think they were shelled nuts). So they went around the tree like they were trimming it for Xmas, wedging them in, winding around the girth of the tree...

The kids were so cute, excitedly chatting amongst themselves as they worked.

Meanwhile, sneaky squirrel had snuck down the other side of the trunk from the kids and was busily loading his/her cheeks full of nutty goodness... winding it's way around as the kids, completely unaware, did the same!

TOO funny!
Police: Grr, NOT funny! :(
Ombudsperson: RIGHT FRICKIN' ON!!!

Raccoon said...

ombudsman: good
squirrels: very funny -- I mean, good
police: idiots -- I mean, bad

When is San Francisco?

And thank you thank you for the picture and everything! And an actual hand written letter! I am blessed!

Caroline said...

I actually worked aqlongside Dr. Shipman as a Social Worker in Gtr Manchester and can testify to the shock waves his crimes caused. He was well thought of as a doc and believe me, nobody could have spotted he was a psychopath, including his poor son who was at college with my daughter. Good for you, keep speaking out for the vulnerable.
And I never think of Canada without remembering the black squirrels - we don't have them here - I wanted to smuggle one back with me!

Elizabeth McClung said...

Arg, I never came back and commented. Oh, I am on a break between the race and a picnic (go now before the endorphines wear off).

I don't know, they don't do anything for stalkers (I know several women who haven't been able to get a complaint lodged besides myself), or for forms of abuse, I wonder if they do domestic crimes at all? The oddest comment was the women went, "Why was this woman feeding you opiates?" And I said, "She wasn't supposed to, that's why I'm calling."

Yes, me not evil and I do well with squirrels or they love me.

Rachelcreative: I think you have a point, if you are sobbing and they "discover" the problem they believe you, if you are calm, they don't. Weird.

Yeah, that made me laugh to think of an entire police force scared of confrontation. "Ohhh, if I investigate someone might get mad.....ohhhh!"

Anna: At least I'm a mammal!

Cheryl: Yeah, I want some return on my body use!

Neil: actually on the way to the race today, in my racing wheelchair, a black squirrel ran up and I feed him a peanut. So yeah, I am the squirrel magnet or something.

I appreciate you contacting them Neil, until then I didn't believe that anyone would care - so to know that SOMEONE cared to investigate was good.

Lene: Good, I'm glad I continue to amuse - in both my life and my odd view of events.

Frida: No, no adult protective services. And yeah, squirrels CAN stretch, they just don't usually make such a BIG show of it.

Neil said...

Thank you, Beth, but more importantly, thank you everyone else. I was quite depressed for a few days, and your appreciation helped. At least if I'm useless in person, I can help over the Internet. Well, that's how I was feeling LAST week. Much, MUCH better now, ad not just because y'all seem to wuv me. :)

Thanks again for an ego boost!

Hugs to everyone,

Anonymous said...

You're sexy!