Sunday, September 07, 2008

Pedophiles, seizures, ripped muscles, and another hot disability sex pic...or two!

I know when my day opens with a person who openly says they are a pedophile and has naked sexual images of children and has a rant about sex between adults and children isn’t wrong! And want me to put that on my blog, that this isn’t going to be the greatest day. And THAT is why I have comment moderation – because I don’t my blog closed down so one person can stand up for their right to have sex with 10 years olds in the comments (they did sign their name however). Hey dude, what you talk about is illegal under EU regulations, recheck your laws!

I had several clonic-tonic seizures or “Grand Mal’s” the night before which caused extreme pain today – extreme pain last night. See, ripped muscles in your arms, and ripped shoulders hurt and don’t get solved by a nerve pain blocker. So today, I could hardly move, much less use my hands much. Which is why I worked for….8 hours straight on postcards! Because I am an idiot! No, I mean “I am I am plucky and determined” (No! I am an idiot! And determined!). So I can barely type. Which means there will be a brief break while I try not to scream for the next eight to ten hours.

Then I will write a nice morning blog, and maybe put up the ‘other pictures’ from our dress up – yup, we wheeled upstairs, changed and then did it again. Or maybe I will include one here just as a “I’m sorry” (the truth is, as time goes on, I will keep blogging but I will also be more and more damaged or in pain, sorry!).

If you don’t see the pic, wait a few minutes as it is being processed. Thank you for all the positive comments on my hair and that (not so sure about the overwhelming support for me going into sex work but um, thanks for supporting my choices….but not quite yet, eh?). Okay, this is consentual sex between adults, or consentual sexy poses done for the amusement of myself and my sister Cheryl and Linda ("Those pictures are MINE!"), not like the guy who started my morning, Mr. "What is so wrong with me having sex looking at naked children?" (Shudder!)

Okay, if you look closely I am being supported by the tree behind me and a stool, which I am covering mostly, so it looks like I am just STANDING, au natural, but I am actually held up in two directions. So this is still "disability sexy" just without the chair. First we have the poor, demure and innocent schoolgirl (with her hint of thong showing!). Does anyone believe that?
The problem is when your sis (Cheryl) is saying things like, "Hey that guy just walked into a pole!" or "Is is wrong to feel kinda tingly about your own sis?" it is hard to keep in "character" so Linda caught me when I almost fell off the stool and tree laughing. It does make a nice picture though, and they were there to steady me before continuing'project'. (Donations for further pictures accepted in discreet envelopes - that includes pictures of the PVC outfit! Go Anime girl go!)

If you have no idea what I am talking about, look at the last post. Apparently when they did my hair, the chemicals sat on my head too long, making me do things like public!


kathz said...

Great to see you laughing!

I hope your day improves - and fast.

love and best wishes

desdemona said...

Yeah, consenting sex with children, don't even get me started.... ARGH!
The pictures are awesome. Your hair! I am _so_ jealous. I had pink hair the year before last year. Bright magenta. My son loved it and he was totally disappointed (think hissy fit at the hairdressers when he and my brother picked me up) when I got it dyed brown again during my pregnancy...

SharonMV said...

Yes, I agree - great to see you laughing. Like the red & black color combo. The stockings - the tops are so pretty. Wish I had long legs- to look good in such stockings. Now my Teddy bears are much to innocent to even see this picture, let alone be in it. Love the laced-up glove things.

Hope you feel better & get a break from the seizures. Muscle pain is, well, a pain. Hope it eases soon.


Lene Andersen said...

Would that be a determined idiot???

Great pics. I love you laughing so hard you're almost literally falling on yer arse.

Ice is good for aching muscles. I've been wearing icepacks on my shoulder all weekend - very fetching! And it enables you to give unwanted oglers the cold shoulder! (is it just the masses of painkillers that makes the last statement hysterically funny?)

Anna said...

Dangerous pictures. Think how many new strange readers of your blog you will get.

Did he think you were ten or how did the person suddenly switch from wheelchairanimegirl to children?

I still got brownish hair instead of blue.

hakalax said...

Sweet Elisabeth, you look absolutely fabulous, you're hot and pretty and your hair is gorgeous... Me like.

cheryl g said...

That photo shoot was really fun and I know I saw a couple of those vehicles circle the block a few times...

I hated the seizures later cause I knew how much you were going to hurt when you woke up.

The hair looks so amazing! I really can't wait to see how the other pictures look. I know we got some great, sexy shots.

Dawn Allenbach said...

Huh. I enabled comment moderation so I wouldn't get any spam religious rants that make no sense but go on for dozens of pages.

Stupid pedophile. That kind of talk will put an extra star next to your name on the Homeland Security watch list if you're in the US -- and NOT for good behavior or eloquence in arguing your point.

Nice pictures, and I'm glad Linda and Cheryl caught you.

PVC pics???

Raccoon said...

sounds like somebody from NAMBLA. Something wrong with those folks.

I like how you are all color-coordinated. Me, I'm the type that would wear Paisley & polka dots & stripes all on the same outfit. But did it have to be plaid?

Neil, you'll understand this: my brother and I were both peripherally attached to SCA clans. My brother was Scottish and I was Irish. I hate the Scots. And not just because my brother played Scottish...

yanub said...

Comment moderation is the only way to go, but it must be dreadfully time consuming for you, since you get a lot of comments. Still, it does let you make sure that creeps don't get to hijack your blog for their twisted purposes.

I remember back when Carapace was a teen, walking down the street with her a little ahead of me. A few college athletes jogged on past her, and ran into each other as they each rubbernecked to get a second look. Oh, men! You are hilarious! Thanks for the entertainment.

I'm glad you got out and had such fun posing. Your enjoyment of the day really shines through the pictures!

Abi said...

I prefer the second photo (in my opinion, falling over laughing is very sexy under many circumstances). I also like your cunning use of props

I don't think that innocent schoolgirls usually wear corsets and gauntlets, though. Some schoolgirls may do, but I don't think they tend to be the innocent ones...

Veralidaine said...

The hair is gorgeous! You look great. Does Blogspot let you find out what keywords people use to find your site? Because after the last two posts it should be pretty interesting what Google sends to you.

"Wheelchair devotee sex with pvc teddy bear" search terms, anyone?

Caroline said...

Whoa! maybe I need to get comment moderation! That laugh is priceless, hope your day improved and I wish I looked like that in stockings!

Lisa Moon said...

Aha! First saw this post not long after it went up, but still no photos!

Now I see 'em just fine - they're great! Very naughty/fun.

I love the one where you're starting to fall - it's great to see you laugh. :)

Shea said...

I love the pics, and I love to see you smiling in them. The outfit is pretty cute too!

Elizabeth McClung said...

Kathz: well, try standing out on a street corner with your thong showing and your partner and sister making innuendo as guys drive slowly by and it gets you a Oh, didn't improve, but still going.

Sharonmv: Yes, thanks. The stockings were a combo decision, everyone said, "Go with the bows!"

I am glad some teddy's are too innocent, my bear still isn't speaking to me.

Yeah, my hands were shaking BAD, and last night was one of those endless nights. Ow. But I guess if I am still stupid enough to say, "But I really have to get this done!" then I still have a fighting chance to not absorb my disability as my identity totally.

Lene: Yeah, a determined idiot!

Luckily I was steadied and restabilized or I would have been sprawled - the problem with playing "Sex slut barbie" is when you fall down.

Oh yeah, I had ice on my back and neck yesterday too. Hope your muscles improve.

Anna: Oh well, if I can't enjoy and have fun about a new haircut, what's the point; a terminal condition isn't always doom and gloom.....sometimes it is doing things you never did becuase what would people think - now I don't have to worry about that - oh no, me with even LESS inhibitions - that is something to worry about!

Haxalax: thanks, I'm glad you like - I liked it too - it was fun.

CHeryl: yes, I haven't done the PVC or the Coffin shots, only a small portion. I did pay but like things that matter, it was worth it - I would say we were making memories, and I hope that is true, but if it is you two making memories at least I will be shocked every week by going, "I did what!?"

Dawn: I put on moderation to eliminate spam but also so people didn't have to do that "test your dyslexia" thing - which if I CAN'T do on my own blog, seemed unfair to others!

Yeah, I have a whole PVC outfit from lip service, disability brought out the kink in me - or rather my solution to limitations was to spend money on clothes I never would have bought before! (on sale).

As for the Pedo, sigh, whatever, send the letter into the NAMBLA mag or whatever, just leave me be.

Raccoon: Just what I thought. I am into whatever people want, friends with benifits, poly relationships, anonymous sex, monogomy, even consentual paid sex trade, but you get a child who is 9 or 10 and sexualize them, make movies of them - even if there isn't 'penetration' that is just wrong becuase of what it does to the kid - we teach children things, so what does that teach them? They are an object of desire, of use? Sigh.

Thanks, I do color coordinate (see the headband!) but the plaid was more for the fetish mini schoolgirl than any serious clan aspect - I really don't think those are any clan colours, because I've been to scotland and I think the "schoolgirl plaid miniskirt" is a catagory all its own.

Yanub: Most of the comments are no problem at all, I just do it so people don't have to pass the "Type XYLFFGHJKXTYUV" test. And so that I don't get spammed as I did one morning with over 50 spam messages. But the comments are no problem, maybe one a week where someone has put on too much info (like forgotten the internet has a search engine) so I hold it back to keep thier information private and email them to say to write another message.

I did enjoy it, though it was Cheryl who got to watch the guys doing odd things, becuase Linda was in "photography mode" making sure everything was matched up and symetrical. I was shaking towards the end, but still enjoyed it.

Abi: I put the first photo to show that I was going for demure and innocent and then put the second to show what my life is REALLY like - Bwahahaha....thud!

Thank you for noticing my use of props - as Pink said of THAT type of 'innocent schoolgirl': "Parents hated me, Teacher dated me..."

Veralidaine: you really don't want to know the strange seaches that get people here - I used to be #1 Dolphin orgies for so long, I only HOPE someone else has taken over.

I was pleased - it had been so many months to go to the salon and with a fresh waxing and hair in anime color what to do but do some Cosplay - or sexy dress up!

Caroline: no it was for an article I wrote years ago about how ebay makes money off child porn rings. That made me listed on three different countries Wilkipedia sites for expert in how to find child porn films. Sigh.

The day is not so great but I do get to look at that and remember, it was a good laugh, I just wished I remember Cheryl's dirty joke that preceded it! The legs, well, a little atrophy does wonders for giving you that "model" look.

Lisa: yeah, it took about 20-25 minutes to process the photos and resize them (they are taken in supersize - like to fill a wall, so I have to shrink them so people with dail up can see them).

Very naughty fun, even bear, looking so grouchy is having fun deep inside I think - except when I am falling (then he has this, "OMG! What am I doing here!" look. Sorry, I tend to anthropamorphize everything!

Neil said...

Beth, you look lovely! In both shots.

Raccoon: I take it this would not be a good time to admit that I was born in Edinburgh? 'Tis true, though. English parents who went north for the golf, then decided to sail west and fell off the edge...

Zen hugs for you, Beth, and everyone else, an a prayer for Dawn that Ike turns LEFT now.

Dawn Allenbach said...

You know, I really need to get back to work on improving my self-image. I sometimes think some terrible things about my body, and I need to stop. I had started working on it a LONG time ago (before Hurricane Katrina, for those able to tim reference), but that hurricane took a lot of wind out of my sails, and I fell back into old habits of beating myelf up.

Neil -- Thanks! I'm also hoping it doesn't hit Houston because I HATE flying back to New Orleans through Dallas.

cheryl g said...

You know, what I love about those pictures is how strong you look and how happy. I was there and I know what pain you were in before, during and after but I look at those pictures and I see a strong, vibrant, beautiful woman.

It is amazing how your inner spirit shines through and transforms you when you are tired and hurting.