Monday, September 29, 2008

Illiteracy employment, a WHOLE bunch of seizures, air hockey and anime boy memories

I had a day full of meetings and change and finished with a person on ebay who is holding some items of mine ransom. I paid, and he freaked and is no longer sending me the mouse pad with the girl in the snow that matches my notebook. It is annoying. I was tired, I had to transfer many, many times after they sent AGAIN the woman who could not read, and needed me to instruct her three times how to make a bed (like, “This bottom sheet, that’s usually tucked in.”). Also as she could not read or see that well, she could not make me lunch as written in a note by Linda.

Last time she was sent to shower me and could not decide which was shampoo. As the person who it is to be brain damaged my rule is, “Only one person in the house who may not be able to understand the written word at any one time.” So now after our SECOND complaint of not reading, not seeing and refusing to bring her glasses, she has been taken off my list. By the way, if you WANT to apply for a job where you get $20 and does not require literacy, I recommend hopping a boat to Beacon. As for the woman, she will be sent out to seniors to decide for herself (now that the ‘medical training 1 hour course’ has occurred) what medicines, including “life” pills (pills that can save or kill you) to give her clients….without being able to read or see clearly. See, there IS disability hiring in Victoria!

Anyway, the reason I mention that is because it ‘seems’ I went to badminton and it seems I had a series of somewhere between 3 and 6 seizures AFTER I started bleeding fairly steady out of my nose (to get the exact count I would need to wake up Linda). So I am pretty funky. And have bitten my tongue (oh giant surprise there!). So I thought I would talk about things I could remember, like things from some days ago instead of the brilliant and insightful post I WAS going to write.

First off, I should mention that Linda and Cheryl’s blog and what happens there is not really my thing. They have a screening of information so that I can a) not have OCD about things and b) Can have a normal blog. If you did something nice over there or whatever is going on over there, which I am getting from picked up topics might have something to do with an oxygen concentrator or going to Seattle, thanks. I don’t know what you did so, um, I can’t do much more than that. I hope you understand why the medical team and this blog are separate, even if the people I live with or talk about are mentioned on here?

Okay, back to Air Hockey, because that is what I can remember and an important national sport which I think SHOULD be at the paralympics, except now I am not so great (kinda suck!). I don’t know how to bring up my game, take a stick outside and whack at falling leaves? Anyway, here I am “taking things seriously.”
And the worst part of Air Hockey I have found is that the other person actually FIGHTS BACK. Yeah, just ruins the whole game for me. So when they score, and somehow against all reason, they do, I put on my “fighting face” which I think I inherited from the Scots, or from squirrels, either.
And when I get a score, as my grandparents and parents taught me, “The most important part of the game is good sportspersonship.” Which seemed a load of bull um, afterbits to me since if you can’t chortle in Victory when can you chortle?

Anyway, fear not, the race between Cheryl and I was close, 6-6 before, AS I WAS THINKING, “Hey, I could really win this!” she slammed home the winning puck. Yeah, that thinking will do you in!

To finish up we are returning to pictures of beautiful things and since we got SO MANY comments on the beautiful Uke boy from the boy/boy love book, here he is again! Not only with the big eyes, and great hair, but MORE flowers than I get! Sheesh. Oh well. I have to admit beyond the envy there is sort of a “ahhhhh” like you feel toward a puppy. He’s so cute, and more than just a little gender bendy. Better he stay over in Japan than end up somewhere in North America. A little too fragile for THIS world.

Now, before I here more complaints from the guys about more nightmares and as a special favor to Collette, we have the Anime Bad Boy look. Which is complete with leather jacket AND butterflies! Haha! I think there might be wings on him too. Still silky smooth but a Bad Boy, who probably will do bad things like drive a motorcycle without a helmet.

And in case you thought I went hetero (a very odd sort of hetero), we have girls, of which I have so MANY, many pictures, but here is a nice anime schoolgirl. She seems to be getting a LOT more out of practicing kissing on HER mirror than I ever did on mine! Which is a nice way to finish. I hope that tomorrow after reboot and three more appointments (one with the oxygen people) I will get to rest. Oh, I filled up the Memory 2 week heart monitor again. Wee!


Lisa Moon said...

So many things to comment on here, but... when I was injured (which is what caused my now-disabling, chronic & progressive nerve disease/condition), I was working with adults with developmental & physical disabilities. How freakin' ironic. Anyway, I'm embarassed to say I was making a fair bit less than $20/hr. and it *was* union. Not to brag, but I'm *quite* literate, thanks and am apparently smarter than most of your 'carers' combined. Really, not bragging here... obviously.
I'm sorry you have to put up with this gross incompetence; there's no excuse for this garbage.

desdemona said...

I totally have to run and get my son from school, just wanted to say I'm totaly the coolest adult in this household because I've moved stuff around and vacuumed and shook out blankets and my daughter finally fell asleep just now (argh) and I will email you sometime very soon, possibly with pictures, because that's how proud I am today!
Oh, in case you don't get why I'm commenting with this "junk": My daughter was so keen on getting to the presents you sent she climbed (!) on a table and then fell off (table was a coffee table about 30-40cm high, so nothing bad happened, but still.)
So, yay to you for making me get my butt into gear ;-)

Devi said...

Nothing against giving opportunities to the illiterate, but - not in jobs where people's well-being and indeed life depends on them, grah! Common sense, it has become a rare commodity.

Your 'fighting face' indeed looks squirrel-like (I mean that in the most affectionate way possible).

And those are lovely pictures - thank you for sharing them.

Caroline said...

I want to SLAP your care agency....

Maggie said...

Hi-it's Maggie checking in. I found my way to a computer with internet. Things are crazy here, and it sounds like they are just as crazy here. Maybe I can rent Sparky out to you as your caregiver once we return to the west coast. I can promise you he can read, and he is a pretty good EMT...not as good as me, but he is a firefighter as well, so you make up for your shortcommings in other departments. He can also do dishes. I also hope Cheryl delivered your presents.
I will send pictures of the wedding which will be on Sunday the 5th. We wish you could be here to enjoy it with us, but we will celebrate when we return west. Love to you.

Queen Slug said...

Is it wrong that I wish I could be a fly on the wall while Beacon decides which interview candidates are the ones they should hire?

Air Hockey rules! I adore it, haven't played in a while.

yanub said...

How is it that Beacon could send that same woman after they had already been warned? Do they have no fear of legal reprisal? How awful!

I like, no, love the picture of you growling during air hockey. Of course, it really shines as part of the series of pictures Linda took of you while playing. She does have a knack for capturing your spirit with the camera. (Not to worry! That little box lets it go right after with no harm done!)

Uke boy is just spooky. Way spooky. He reminds me of the Cow at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe.

wendryn said...

I wish they would screen the people they send out! How stupid.

You look like you are having a lot of fun playing air hockey, and the squirrel look is pretty great.

Pretty pictures... :P

Neil said...

Does the CBC know about Beacon? The police, I believe you mentioned, don't care, whch is unfortunate in possible manslaughter cases involving seniors or people with disabilities. Certainly the local coroner should be aware of their insanity.

To quote young Mr. Rickman's Marvin character: "Unbelievable."

Shame about the seizures. You like badminton and the exercise it gives you, so it's no fun that you can't remember it. On the bright side, you don't have to worry about high blood pressure.

$20 per hour is a not-bad wage for Regina, but I gather the cost of living in Victoria is a bit higher than here; I'm told it's $70 for a ferry ticket for 2 people and a vehicle to Vancouver. That would make it expensive to commute!

As for your uke friend, I'm sorry, but it's crossing a line to call that fictional character a guy. He's showing far more stereotypical feminine features than any female I know. The bad boy's too feminine too.

I'm really going to have to find "Kiki's Delivery Service" to see what it's like. Porco Rosso was very good, even with the English translations inserted.

Now, keep your stick on the ice, and your fingers OFF it. Sure you can grimace and chortle, since it's only a game and you're only doing so in fun.

Love and zen hugs,

Veralidaine said...

The anime boys are lovely!

I can't believe they send you cargivers who can't read. I sympathize with illiteracy as it generally stems from poverty, not someone's personal failing, but knowingly accepting a job where you have to give medications that could kill, knowing you can't read the pill bottle? What? Argh!

You may be losing hair from your condition, but I am losing hair because I tear out another chunk every time I see the word "Beacon" in your blog!

Tayi said...

I am a bit embarrassed to say that I think the Anime Bad Boy is really kind of cute. Not as cute as your war face, though!

All your stories about how awful some of Beacon's employees are make me wonder if I could get a job there. I mean, I can't lift more than about 10 pounds, can't stay awake all day let alone all night, can't always think through the fatigue- but by God I can tell shampoo from conditioner.

cheryl g said...

Beacon strikes again... I still think the city could deal with the homeless problem quickly by getting all the homeless hired by Beacon. I mean really - how much worse could a lady who talks to herself and wears a tinfoil hat be.

I think you learned your battle face from Psycho or Dojo. There's definitely something fiercely squirrelish about it.

The seizures sound bad as does the nosebleed.

Oooh, I like the picture of the girl with the mirror. Very nice...

OneSick said...

Sending an illiterate caregiver is bordering on criminal, if you ask me.

It reminds me of my cousin's comment when my uncle had cardiac surgery in Ireland. For dinner, the hospital sent Uncle a big old-fashioned English-style fry-up.

Cousin: "That's not dinner! That's attempted murder!"

Illiterate caregiver in charge of a pill bottle and lunch instructions amounts to much of the same thing if you ask me. While maybe not attempted murder: that situation with you bypasses negligence entirely and is far into reckless endangerment territory.

Flower boy is kind of wantonly scary. ITA with Yanub about the cow (lol). However I did like the bad-boy. Oh the symbolism! Love it! Even down to the butterflies on his Big Pink Weapon...

One Sick Mother.

JaneB said...

Thanks for the pretty pictures! The uke boy is a little too... young-looking. And bambi eyes expressions like that tend to mean I'm about to be told a long sob story followed by a request for an essay extension (I am a mean lecturer when it comes to long excuses...). But the bad boy looks very cute.... might you one day make some reading/viewing suggestions for people who've never seen an anime/read a manga?

FridaWrites said...

Hi, I haven't commented in a few days but just wanted to let you know I am still here and reading. Much love to you. Great air hockey photos. Finally got to that museum on Sunday!! :) :)

Elizabeth McClung said...

Lisa: Yes, I have yet to figure out how they get paid SO MUCH and yet don't have to lift or have a degree or do anything except a six week course (which they get paid $8-10 dollars an hour to attend!). I hope that by the time you might need a bit of care, if you disease progresses that much that Beacon is in the Hague for Crimes against Humanity and someone else is in charge! On the other hand, why not apply for a job? I did (they turned me down saying a) conflict of interest and b) I wouldn't pass the physical - I said, "What, I can dial 911, you mean care givers have to do MORE than that?")

Desdemona: I am glad you are the coolest adult, I am not sure that my gift causing your children accidents is really what I hoped for (honest, I like children - oh gosh that makes me sound creepy!). I'm glad your daughter isn't hurt and that you got some fall cleaning out of it (no, I didn't mean that as a pun, some autumn cleaning?).

Devi: Yes, I was a bit puzzled because the first time I called they didn't seem that bothered and said the X course would help them. Why not help them with a reading course or something but seriously, if you can't TELL when the dishes are clean (and 1/4th were not), then it defeats the purpose a bit.

Arrr! I know the squirrel secret combat techniques!

Caroline: And I WANT you to slap them too! Please, let us fund raise for her to slap my care agency!

Maggie: I am glad you are safe, and sane and on the road or two out of three. Thank you for your presents. I really, really liked the sepia, Linda took it to work so I may never see it again! I don't know if that means you are married or are getting married but congrats - is it the 5th soon, or was soon?

Queen Slug: I sort of assumed they just checked to see if there was a pulse and if they could punch in a timecard. Do you think there IS an interview - they advertise in the paper and say, "Make money while you learn your career! - be a certified care giver in 6 weeks!"

Air hockey does rule, it just seems to rule a little better for AB people with good nerve function (arg!).

Yanub: There are a few times this year I have wished SO hard that I lived in a country like the USA a country where I COULD get a bulldog lawyer by just getting a name off a billboard. And let him or her do all the fighting becuase there is MONEY in that sort of action - and I take lots of pictures. (actually after a while I gave up, how many pictures of "can't make a bed" do you need - I learned how to make a hospital bed at 12 at camp).

Linda is very good with the Camera, I will admit. I will put up some of her too.

Uke boy is a little TOO thorn and tender if you know what I mean, and with cow references, that is taking my mind in strange places.

Wendryn: I did have a good time at Air Hockey, it was the good 2/3rds of the day. They say they can't descriminate against thier workers by asking them questions before sending them out. So while a worker can choose not to come to me because: I smoke or not, I am a lesbian, my religion, that I have seizures and (many don't want me for this) becuase I am under 50 years of age and they only work with "elderly" - I cannot know if my worker can even SEE the food they are supposed to prepare for me to eat. Odd that.

Neil: I keep waiting for the right and easy case to go to beacon, I did think, "Worker keeps giving opiates every 2 hours against instruction" and the agency blamed ME - was good, but see, every week brings a new story, a new horrific aspect. Apparently there are two or three ombudsperson investigations against them AND on the resident house from 6 months ago that was taken out of Beacon and VIHA hands I believe over 400 complaints and 11 deaths - it got a mild headline and then they was the next day's news.

Yes, it is an expensive city but with the overtime, a lot of single mothers survive as home care workers.

See, the girls disagree about the 'Bad Boy', so does that mean there is waxing in your future?

I don't know about the Uke, I do think you are right in that they are playing the femme stereotypes to the hilt.

Yes, please go see Kiki - it is very good, even in English (ack!) but if you can't get the sub, the dub is not the worst.

Veralidaine: Horaay, more anime boys! I am with you, the problem is that this woman CAN see if she uses her glasses but refuses to do so, so it is partially her own decision NOT to see.

Okay, no more Beacon for a while, how about more anime boys instead (look to thy mailbox for goodness!).

Taki: I think Bad boy is sort of appealing, not to me, but I can appreciate him. He is not part of the gay Seme and Uke, he is from a Series where demons and angels try to find a place they can coexist with some back stabbing of course - so he really is a Bad Boy who may have a good heart ("I just know I can change him!").

Please, PLEASE come over and apply for Beacon, I am sure they would take you, I would be happy to have you take care of me, you just need to carry a gatorade bottle to me (1 lb) and my oxygen. You get to sit down when you want and just hand me my shampoo while I am on my bench and you are sitting on the toilet. Go for it!

Cheryl: Yes, I think instead of advertising the paper which is for people who have money for a subscription they could hire someone to go FIND workers. And yes, Dojo has taught me many tricks, didn't you notice the way I kept pouncing on the puck!

I like her too - show you the book later, I got it from Wales of all places.

Victor Kellar said...

Love the squirrel warrior face; very fierce indeed.

Maybe you should turn all rabid squirrel warrior on illiterate care workers. You know, wear a shirt that reads: WARNING: WARRIOR SQUIRREL ... SHE BITES! And if that can't read it, oh well. I am often frustrated here with city workers or other officials who can't speak English .. not have an accent but really can't speak English .. and I feel my essential services spiralling down a drain

As for the Bad Boy postcard: Collette say "Woohoo!" Now, as long as she doesn't expect me to look like that ...

Neil said...

Jeez, no, O Squirrel Whisperer, no waxing plans here! But I do see a carnival barker outside Beacon's office...

"Get your tickets here!! $5.00 to slap the head of Beacon!! (Sorry kid, no more than three tickets per person.) $5 to slap the head of Beacon!! Tickets here!!! (Line up to the left please ladies.) $5 per ticket! Proceeds to the Get Beth to the USA Fund!!"

Maggie: congratulations again. Gonna do a Goth wedding in honour of Beth?

Beth, if you need a tenacious lawyer, call Tony merchant here in Regina. He specializes in class action suits; he's the one who got $35 million for pursuing the Indian Residential Shool case, and he's started another against the cell phone industry - he claimes they're overcharging. He's also a complete jerk.

I'd apply for Beacon, but I'm hoping they'll be out of business soon and someone with two functioning neurons will take over.

Love and hugs,

Laura said...

I got an idea... train your squirrel friends to take care of you! They will work for peanuts. Sure, they don't read either. I am not too sure they can make a bed on the ground and it would be more of a nest anyway. It would take their little army to lift more than ten pounds. The good points in their favor is that they love you. You would be eating a vegan diet. They are very clever little dudes.

I imagine if you would outfit them with tiny helmets and pads, they would be good at guarding the air hockey goal.

Now I hope that left an image in your mind. It did in mine as I was writing it.

Beacon, Beacon, Beacon I just wish they would blow up. It discusts me even more thinking about the salary that the people sitting on their arses make while you are getting non-care. Those are the fug ruckers who are responsible.

Love you Beth

I got really good news today. There were some question of who owned the copyright of the design that is on the back of your pit crew t-shirts. It is finally decided that I do. So, for everyone who is interested in getting a t-shirt, please jump over to httw:// and let me know what kind of shirt that you would like. I will be selecting the final shirt styles and ink colors from your suggestions. I am hoping that by Monday of next week I will have the selections made and posted there.

FridaWrites said...

Neil, the squirrel whisperer? Elizabeth, I think you need a T-shirt that says "The Squirrel Whisperer!"

Raccoon said...

they won't let me send flowers to a P.O. Box.

I don't think that's a mirror. I think it's a gateway. Or maybe it's Alice's mirror.

Ask for the illiterate's caregivers license and mail it to the province's health and welfare Department (human services Department?), with a note that person can't read and has tried to kill you... I don't remember, does Canada have an euthanasia law?

Anna said...

Hello beacon is crazy. Sorry you can't get a PA or somethning. I understand if people want's to choose their caregivers themself. But as said before, I've been that kind of caregiver. Stopped. The problem is that the job probably is underestimated and that they don't get qualified people.

Honestly even I can read on a schampoo bottle. Then I would probably kill you by dropping you or something but hey.....

Elizabeth McClung said...

Onesick: I agree and they are skirting the edges of criminal or class action prosecution, I think, if this was a different city or a different police chief, a few citations would work wonders on them being more vigilant on thier workers against elder and care abuse (I know they haven't even monitored the workers to see how they treat the clients in over a year, and with all the new hires, that is something they SHOULD be checking - but everyone is doing, "Not our problem!").

I am worried for my future becuase if they come after a seizure or TIA, I am confused and have to rely on THEM, that concerns me.

I hadn't noticed the big pink weapon, yes, it is a bit Freud isn't it!

Jane B: Wow, for some reason, my class was KNOWN as "The bitch class" so people didn't ask me for extensions. But people would transfer in becuase they wanted to be challeneged (and others transfered out because they didn't). But yes, I know the look, the "My housemate has gone insane and locked herself into the bathroom and I have been sleeping in the bus station and just need three more days" look.

I will email you with a suggest of good series to start for a heterosexual female who wants a bit of popcorn but a bit of thinking too. If you want find some non explicit boy love, "Day I became a butterfly" is good, it is a collection of stories, two boy love, one female, female love and one hetero love. The artist is amazing and has won awards. For sheer laughter I think Family Complex is good - famous writer, shows in different chapters the different points of view from a family which is beautiful except for one child who is normal. My and my brothers is one that Linda likes a lot (if you had an older brother you will be able to relate) about a young girl whose mother dies and her step-brothers determine to take care of her. I will send you a list.

Fridawrites: Thanks for commenting, and I am really glad you got to that museum. I am glad I got to air hockey, even if it took three tries over two week, doing things is good.

Victor: I would be worried too with officials who couldn't speak any english, it IS an official language of our country isn't it? I sometimes try out my german or French on my workers, and one worker I have constantly mixs pronouns which is sort of jolting for a bit: "This lady you with, he is nice, yes, you been with he a long time, very pretty?"

I am glad Collette is happy with the pic, I wanted her to see it. And I think you would look good in a leather jacket (who doesn't look better in a leather jacket) - as for chest waxing, no, I think you are who you are, but hey, a leather jacket?

Neil: I think there would be thousands of family members considering Beacon owns ALL the caregiving in Victoria and Sidney, Western Communities, Sooke and Sannich, also Meals on Wheels AND a series of thrift stores.

Frida: I am good but I have never feed a white squirrel, over at Tornwordo's blog he has a video of him feeding a WHITE squirrel (never knew they existed!).

Raccoon: I will try to email you if you need a street address, as there are street address you can send to, friends who will get stuff for me.

Ah, true, Alice's gateway, I think so, the classic opening isn't it, another world, another place, only through the mirror.

I don't know if they do or don't but our province just freed a man who killed his daughter who had Cerebral Palsy I believe - which isn't really a incapacitating disease but the population believed he was "freeing her from a lifetime of pain" and let him go. GAG!

Laura: It is a good idea, the problem is that I find most squirrels suffer from ADHD and I am not sure if they went for my lunch, would they ever come back or just get distracted. It is like how I have been trying to find a place that has "assitive animals" (which I could get) but with an assistive cat - it seems they don't train well, which I say, "Good for you!" except I WANT a cat!

Thanks Laura, it does depress me a bit to think how many people I support but being incapable or whatever; but over in Britian some Lady W. has published articles on how it is the duty of people like me to kill myself becuase I am a drain on my family, the community and the limited health services. I say, Lady W, put your money where your mouth is - or rather, you first!

Anna: I agree that until you need a caregiver most people think that it is an 'unskilled' job - when dealing with the various needs of people with many different illnesses or in many different aspects of dependancy is quite difficult and only the truely dedicated are good at it - they however burn out quickly as the ones who don't care, or do it badly get paid the same.

Dawn Allenbach said...

Beacon is seriously trying to make me come up there and crack some heads.

Lovely pictures. I never got any action from mirrors or ANYTHING.

thea said...

Want to pick up on your comment about being drain on resources - society is never equal. People give and receive. You are a very giving person both now and previously. Not only right that you should receive, not only justice, but in fact fair; sounds like you have spent a long time and lot of effort contributing to world in some important ways.

So people can go put that, er, in some appropriate place!

So disgusted about this Beacon business. One of my family members uses casual care staff on occasions and they have all been lovely, seemed trustworthy and ABLE TO READ AND LEAVE NOTES. I know someone who supervises agency, had to tell someone they needed to improve their reading and skills before they could continue work... they had a choice to lose job or night school. Important! Want to send you some staff.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Which is this anime? I'm looking for anime girls with light blue hair and I like this one ^^