Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Beth & the h.naoto rucksack (I need help!) plus the dark Fairie of the Wood (two Fairy Tales)

Today/Tonight we have two fairy tales, one is called, Beth with OCD who is going crazy and needs your help and the other is called The Dark Fairie of the Woods. Both are sort of goth tales in their own way.

First off, regarding my lovely punk spiderweb backpack by h.naoto: the bad news they are all sold out. I know this because after TWO HUNDRED page clicks of the four brands of h.naoto (which took 2 hours and 19 minutes, did I mention the OCD!), I found it on the Japanese main h.naoto site, right here (see the search line on the left, enter this product code and hit the button: NND1-B052 BK-RD/F). Sigh, sob, sob. Okay that is the bad news.

The GOOD news is that I found a similar back pack which is a little more goth but also in spider web called the Feather wing (at the main site enter the product code: NND2-B019 BK-RD/F) backpack/rucksack. It has the same front to hang over the chair but looks like there are dark angel wings in the back. But as you see, the wings are just for show and inside is the SAME rucksack with pockets, that you just flip back the front wings to access. That is good, that is cool.

But wait, is any story ever so simple? No! Not for our poor Victoria Heroine Elizabeth Eloise McClung of the Western Clan (if you think my middle name is Eloise think again!), BECAUSE while this backpack is in stock FOR NOW in Japan for the same price ($90 – that Beth has saved in her Ossuary Box of Precious things), the company h.naoto and website only sell to people IN JAPAN. So unless you know someone IN JAPAN who can order this for me, I am sort of (Canadian slang here) ‘hooped.’ I have given up on the other backpack after Linda called Japan and talked to the company h.naoto today and they said, no it will NEVER be reissued and I missed it by a couple days (insert scenes of me pathetically trying to throw myself off cliffs here). BUT I have a new backpack for the same price, give or take $5, only….they won’t sell it to me! (Insert more scenes of me pathetically trying to throw myself under the horses drawing a carriage here). So, any ideas? Tune in tomorrow to find out the rest of this epic saga!

Moving on. This next part of the post was one of the more mystical aspects to our trip to the Hoh Rainforest. We had been going quite a while, following the forest path, Linda Cheryl and I. But then, after a time our bearings got turned around, and we were lost, like so many who had come before. All we could see on either side was forest, forest, forest, the trail was gone and only the greenery (beautiful though it was) was to be seen.
At this point, emerging from the forest was my Dark Fairie (This is actually a true story, just let me tell it my way instead of me being a person who suddenly asks a stranger to do a photo shoot for them. And I somehow convince her to do it, all in the middle of the woods). Well, she appeared out of the woods and stood before us, and a path appeared around us. By the images on her skin she was clearly tied to the day. And allowed me to record these wondrous markings. But then, it seemed she had a dark side also, as opposite to those creatures of light were the markings of bats and creatures of the night. What a complicated woodland Fairie this was. We asked her for directions and then before she left, after much persuading she showed us the symbol of the lost king she bore (sorry, I just couldn’t help myself!).

She turned us back to the light and before us a pathway appeared and we continued on our journey. But of her, and her bewitching eyes, hair and colorful patterns, when we turned to thank her, she had vanished back into the green of the forest.
So there you go, a true tale of the Hoh Rainforest, and sadly, I never got her name. But she was very happy but shy by my delight (well Cheryl was breathing pretty heavy too) with her body art. There was some on every limb and many more I guessed where I could NOT see.

So nothing deep today, just some pretty shots and a problem which has me in anguish, to lose ONE backpack by 40 hours is one thing but to find another, HAVE the money but not be able to buy it. This is a new cruelty, is it not? I hope you enjoyed the little fantasy in the woods (and have an idea on solving my problem!!! – Did I mention the over two hours searching pages!). Happy day!


Joan K said...

I might be able to find someone. I've bought knitting books from a woman in Japan. She might help out but I'm not sure. I'll ask her. She's an American on a military base. The worst she can say is no.

Anna said...

Ha, ha lesbians stalking innocent wood she did have great tatoos

Neil said...

You see? With patience, another pack appears. Somewhere on the 'net I found a little 13" x 9" coffin-shaped pack with a spider web on it. But it's not as useful as the H.Naoto pack.

My beloved once told Youngest Son that he was being compulsive obsessive about his Lego. Without missing a eat, Son said, "That's obsessive compulsive!"

Many thanks to your dark fairie saviour (I hope you're here among us, Miss Fairie). She must be a very special fairie to have so many butterflies sleeping on her arm!

Love and hugs,

Lene Andersen said...

Beautiful. Love this backpack even more (I mean, it's got wings!) and the mystery sprite is gorgeous. Love the arm tattoos.

Am sending blocking vibes so no one else buys the backpack until you can get it.

Dawn Allenbach said...

Most of my friend's family live in Japan. I can ask her to ask them.

Great story! The writer part of your brain was still working in that moment. The lost king indeed.

yanub said...

I hope someone will be able to get you in contact with a buyer in Japan, because this bag is even better than the last one.

I love your take on your encounter with the Fairie of the Wood. That really did add to the charm of the day.

Victor Kellar said...

I am as I type trying to contact my nephew who lives here but lived in Japan for three years, I know he has connections there so let me see what I can do

... oh, and what a lovely encounter, thanks for sharing

cheryl g said...

Cool rucksack! I hope you can find a Japanese connection to get it.

Ah yes, the dark faerie... the Hoh is a magical and mysterious place.

rachelcreative said...

Argh! I hope you can find someone. I have zero contacts. Ah well. Good luck!

Queen Slug said...

Hopefully someone in Japan can help you out. I got no one there, darn.

FridaWrites said...

Best wishes for a new backpack soon--channeling my energies for a new and perfect awesome backpack to you. I saw some butterfly wings at the Halloween store last night that might work for me in the scooter--because the base of the wings are really small. Would prob. have to put armrests up, but might be worth it! I'd like to find a cool backpack or underseat bag or soemthing.

Those butterfly tattoos are beautiful!!

Gaina said...

I think the second backpack us cuter, actually :).

Those tattoos were lovely, weren't they? :). Sometimes I wonder if we meet people when we are in need of cheering up or assistance that don't really exist, but for that moment when we need them then they evaporate. Call it Angels, Spirit Guides or whatever but you get my drift :).

Tammy said...

Love the back pack! It is very much you. I hope you can find someone to help you fill that order.
Your Dark Faerie is a gorgeous girl. Love the tats. What fun.

Neil said...

No packs here, but I have a small package for you; it will be in the mail tomorrow.

Cheryl: you live close to that magical, mysterious forest? I am JEALOUS!


Joan K said...

My friend thinks she can have a friend in Japan get it for her and even if she can't she can point you in the direction of companies in Japan that will get it and forward it to you for about $10 canadian. I'll email you about it.

OneSick said...

I think the second backpack is more fitting than the original.

And as for whither the Faerie went... The squirrels may have had something to do with her disappearance. Did you happen to find any squirrel ransom notes anywhere?

One Sick Mother

Ms.Pet said...

Great storyteling!

Elizabeth McClung said...

The Company h.naoto says they may move the backpack over tonight (in Japan) so I will try tonight and tomorrow and see if I can find it on the site. Thanks for trying to find a connection.

Joan K: Thanks for all your help, I am sorry I am so obsessed about this, I really wish I could just go, "Ah, it doesn't matter." But to me it does, and I can't lie about that. AND I have my money saved!

Anna: Well she appeared more than us stalking her but when she appeared there was a collective intake of breath - dark hair and covered in tattoos, hmmmm the start of a good story, or film.

Neil: I agree, I didn't think there would be another pack that was big enough to be useful, instead of the dainty little goth loli ones they sell. I think Demonia sells great looking bags and backpacks but they need to be worn, while this one looks like it could easily hang off the back of a chair, nice long straps.

Yeah, I was going to say, I wouldn't call it patience as much as obsessive compulsive that lead me to the pack, I am glad I found it but to lose it twice......oh well, they say patience to see if I can get a contact there is a virtue (and virtue is a grace, and Grace is a naught girl who wouldn't wash her face!).

She is a very nice Fairie girl but I didn't get her name and she didn't get ours, it was literally one of those chance encounters in the woods.

Lene: Thank you, I would hate to have history repeat itself so try to channel the blocking vibes at OTHER people because I historically have a lot of blocking vibes.

I do like this backpack, I know it is silly to get attached to something you buy or are planning to buy before you even own it but it does suit me, and the anime hair!

Dawn: I couldn't resist that lost king bit, I was in a gothy mood and I've read WAY to many victorian novels, the problem will be to a) find someone with that vial of stuff they put under my nose when I faint of 'the vapours' from the shock of getting or not getting the pack and b) where does one find a team of horses to throw yourself under like good old victorian damsels could attempt to be saved at the last minute in these days and age, because honestly, in some states I think if you threw yourself at a car, they might speed up!

Yanub: Me too, and after all the obsessing I wanted something light and whimsy to try and get me back to normal land (still haven't found it, how about you?).

Victor: thanks, and I am glad you liked the encounter, she does have some art (if you look closely between short shorts and top you can see a bit of a tattoo peeking out there too!)

Cheryl: Linda is very patient with my obsessions and I think we will this time get fortunate and THEN I will have to be good and quiet and be nice and not crazy for like a WHOLE WEEK (maybe more!).

The Hoh was a magical place, and I still have bits of it embedded into me, so I guess that makes me magical too!

RachelCreative: I emailed the company and they replied that they are going to try to put it on the english site so...ONCE I BUY MINE! Everyone is free if they have a fancy for one on THEIR wheelchair - I think we live far enough apart that no one will notice!

Queen Slug: Thanks for the thought, the problem is neither do I, oh well, must thing of other things before I go insane. Oh wait too late!

Frida: Thanks and I really thing you should go with the inner being that wants to wear the wings, it is really fun, and then you get the odd person as I had who goes, "Are those real?" - which leaves you speechless. Um, yeah, I AM a giant butterfly - when I four year old does it, that is cute, when a 23 year old does it....

I have a sling that I use under my chair, do you want me to take a picture of it for you?

Gaina: I didn't think I would ever leave the love of the first backpack but I do think the second one would look awesome on my chair as I am winging down the hill toward the village.

She was very lovely with very nice tattoos and was shy but proud that we admired them so and yes, I do think sometimes it is too coincidental that the right stranger is there at the right time.

Tammy: yes, come out and join me and we can find some more Dark Fairie together! I do like this backpack so when/if I get it will update on that.

Neil: See what you could see BESIDES Linda and I if you but visited. Sweet - postage stuff! I like getting mail, but who doesn't, that's is what the postcard project is about, which reminds me, you are overdue so postcard to Neil (note to self).

Joan K: Sweet, that would be perfect!

One Sick: Thanks - I am starting to think that too - it does have more ME - particularly if I go feed the squirrels in my black wings and a corset - that would be the perfect wheelchair pack!

Actually, I should ask the rangers, when we went to the Ranger station we told them about the black teenage squirrels swinging from the moss like....well teenagers and they said we were lucky as they had been getting bombarded with pine cones, which young black squirrels think is amusing to play "Can we hit the human?" Well, that is turnabout from all the squirrels chased over the years.

cheryl g said...


I am unbelievably fortunate in where I live and work. This morning a small herd of deer wandered past my office window. I just watched a couple of raccoons lumber into the woods. I have the best view.

Sis, one of the Hoh rangers was in my office yesterday and he said the squirrels have been having a merry time pelting hikers of late.

Neil said...

Cheryl: Yup: Jealous. Definitely jealous. :)

Beth, you ARE the squirrel whisperer!!!

Laughs and hugs,