Sunday, August 10, 2008

Reason #7: The Tangible Friendships I have built…with you. Plus my surprise!

Okay, back to the 15 reasons I have for living (if you don't know what I am talking about and just joining, read the previous post - I am going to live, EFM has spoken!).

#7) The physical and tangible relationships I have built up with people around the world.

Having a blog and sending out postcards has had people take a chance, take effort and reach out to me, sometimes sending a postcard back, sending a card, sending a package, a gift, a drawing. There starts and builds a relationship becuase I have parts of them and they have parts of me, things we each made for each other. And I love getting mail as much as the next person. Why would I want to die, when I have to keep waiting for tomorrow, to find out what the post delivery person might bring?

Much, much more on that but first a little aside about me and my health, I thought I would take a picture to show you the “dark patches” I was talking about. Linda took the pictures and said, “Wow, this is great, these ones look TERRIBLE.” I decided not to use those, I mean, I know in real life I look emaciated and such but come-on, I do have some pride. Today I was going to wear a cream colored top when Linda gave me a dark one instead saying, “You look pasty and ill in the other one.” So, uh, goth isn’t just a fashion statement, it is what makes me look the most healthy? How is that for irony? So here is the BEST pic.

As you see, I have lost the hair in the back and top of my head and am using what is left in front to cover. Because I am leaning forward with my shoulders hunched forward you can’t really see the breastbone and the shoulder bones standing up in fine definition. But you can see how even straight on, there is a clear shadow under my cheekbone, from where the flesh has sunk in below it. Yup, just call me SKULL GIRL! (No seriously, please don’t!).

Now, because of my seizures (I worked too hard today as it was Chores Day, and had a big old Grand Mal earlier so I am a bit punked and will be more punk later), as well as that stroke I have what is called my BRAIN BOX. That is a box of all the post/mail I have received in the order I received it so that I have an idea when sending a postcard who has written and what they said, even if I have forgotten it a few times. Of course to MAKE this blog post, I had to scatter bits of MY BRAIN, I mean my brain box all over the table so now the chronological order is all mixed up. Still here are some of the postcards that I have received. The one thing that the postcard project does is that I get post from all over the world (Mexican Hello Kitty?). So the cards are from everywhere (see the Pippi one!). Which is kinda fun, because while I SEND cards all over the world, I actually only live in one town, so getting post from other continents and places is fun.

I want to make clear that this is a SELECTION of what I have received, I didn’t have the time or space to put up all the cards I have gotten. Also, the cards and other items are all anonymous. That means, if you didn’t send me a postcard, this is not a guilt trip, this is just an insight into some of the things which keep me going during the dark times, of which we have to admit there have been many over the last year. Here is another selection of cards (if you look carefully you can see someone noticed my closely guarded secret that I am a lesbian).

What it also means is that if I haven’t thanked you for your card or gift, I am sorry, so let me say, thank you, all the gifts and cards have made an individual, and a daily difference! The fact that I regularly get a mind wipe doesn’t change that! But the anonymous part means I am not going to name individuals behind the gifts, so I hope you understand. You are invited however to pester me by email after seeing you gift in a picture going, “You DID get it and I never heard from you!” and get a groveling email back about how I am truly a grateful person with exceedingly poor social skills like saying “thank you” right away. A few gifts are anonymous, so I would LIKE to know who they are from (gargoyle?) Here is another set of postcards I have received, including one sent from a place I lived for a time, North Battleford (shudder!), even spending minutes there you can feel the poison in the permafrost burning into you....uh, I mean "Thanks, great postcard!).
Also, there have been a few people who have taken it upon themselves to have a postcard project of their own, and I AM the project. They send postcards with a regular intensity that I can’t match. Though I have determined to try and get a few postcards back to them in this war! (When someone sends you a postcard, that’s nice; when someone sends you a postcard a day covered with puns like: “Do bakers with a sense of humor bake wry bread?”, “Hickory Dickory Dock, The elephant ran up the clock, The clock is being repaired.” And “Did you know that people tend to tell worse puns as they get older? That’s why they’re groan-ups!” – that’s war! And I going to get some shots in! What is odd is that Linda and I do call these jokes “groaners!”). So see, if you want more postcards, just keep sending them, I can’t get them out as fast as you, but I try!

Now, some people have gone to the extent of MAKING their own cards in order that I have some post. Which is so labor intensive that I am somewhat guilty receiving them (so pretty!), particularly when they put such craft and even do drawings. Here is a selection of some of the cards I have received, many are hand-made and as you see, feed my inner (and OUTER) goth!
So, that’s a pretty good reason to live right? But wait, that’s not all! “Cliff, show us what is behind door number two!” (sorry, I was channeling Bob Barker there for a moment).

What I want to add is that people, often people who have just been reading and I haven’t even sent a card to just up and send me a gift. Wow! Now, what you may not know is that when I was aged four I made a list of “How to be a good grown-up!” because I thought grown ups forgot what fun was. And I think number one or number two on that list was, “Give Random gifts!” Because there was nothing better than when my father would come home from work with a random gift, didn’t matter really what it was, just that tangible evidence that he had thought of me. So to be getting that with other people, that is a bond, and it is just plain cool!

Here are some of the gifts I have received. As you can see, several people have contributed toward the Postcard Project. One donated more Hello Kitty Stickers (good as I was running out!), another sent me some hand made stationary to use (love stationary, but who doesn’t!), and another send me a card….to show how to fence in high heels and a bra and panty set? Err…I mean, one sent a card combining my love of fencing and red headed women! Then we have the Anarchist Angel cards, and socks for my feet with Reynauds, but socks that have cool skulls on them (another person sent socks with skulls too but I didn’t photograph them because I was wearing them today!). The Butterflies in the center are from the Victoria and Albert, a Chinese art booklet of coloured papercuts Butterfly – wow! One person even sent origami in the post and it arrived perfect! While another sent Hello Kitty Red Hots, and one person sent some anime postcards, blank on the back in order to contribute to the project.

It is a bit like a possible Xmas/Birthday everyday, right, which is why, when I keep alluding to working on the “surprise”, I have been trying to give back by putting together little gift packs for some/most of my readers, at least the ones I know. The problem is that the postcards take time, but to put a gift pack together takes about three to five hours minimum (thats once I FIND and get the stuff shipped to me), so I am having a little problem getting a bunch out. I get some people to do wrapping (not with my hands sorry). And I started ordering things, or finding things on the net, months ago, I guess including the items back from Japan, since April and started my “Summer Surprise” sending about a month ago, but I still am like, half way through the list. Obviously I am not going to show you what I am mostly sending because where is the SURPRISE in that, but here is an example of some unique items, that will likely go out in the next week or two to different people in collective packs. I guess I also wanted you to know I am not sitting up here just sucking down the gifts, I do try to give back, it just works on Disability Time, which means it takes a while. So in this pic we have a reproduction Victorian “Sliding View” card, a Ghibli still brand new puzzle from the film Totoro (if you haven’t seen this, please do so, as it has a CATBUS for one thing). The puzzle has its own little handle. There is also some Japanese candy and a pack of Hello Kitty playing cards (in this case Hello Kitty Angels) and then some Angel Hello Kitty stickers (appearing on a postcard near you!). And in the top middle, all that pack of candy…it isn’t candy, they are erasers, they just look like candy, shipped in from Japan (cool huh?). Do not lick the erasers...they are erasers...not candy.

First off, I LIKE giving, I mean making up the packages, trying to figure out the right gift for the right person is fun, and then hoping they enjoy it when they open it. Plus, so many people have been so generous to me in both time and gifts themselves. For example here is a gift of a drawing I received from a reader from the Anime Chobits (this is Dark Chobit). This person spent the time to draw this for me! I guess that kind of attitude is catching because I want to give things too!

I admit, my gifts aren’t expensive, I get them from around the world, and it often takes a couple months to collect everything even for just one package, but that is also how I save up and afford it, patience and finding unique items or rare items or different items. So here is the Totoro Puzzle again with the velcro opened to put the pieces in, and it shows another scene from the film. Also I have pulled the tab on the Victorian Sliding View card – that is what it is, you pull the tab and it moves from on view to another (cool, sadly I only have ONE!). Here are some of the postcards I got in this week, a series of boys and girls with angel wings. So that will go out soon. And a Hello Kitty Angel Pencil with an attached figure (okay, this just happens to be an Angel themed Picture, I am NOT obsessed with Angels, so please no books on them quite yet!). I also finally found my Goth Lolita Packing Tape, took me over a month and half and a little too much money because the tape and the entire line was discontinued soon after production in 2006 after the creator was arrested for using the “wacky tabaccy” which in Japan is a no-no. So now I can start sending out packages where even the tape to close them will be rare and exotic (goth lolita Hello Kitty is rare and exotic, no?).

Here is another picture of some of the gifts I have been fortunate enough to receive, which range from the Goth Lolita bible (Ahhh, swoon!), to a gargoyle (how well people know me!), to wine jelly and spa products (love the skin and the skin will love you!). There are carved skulls and in the lower right corner, a HELLO KITTY GRAVEYARD (Squeee! Oh to die for!). No, not a place to bury Hello Kitty head down you Hello Kitty haters, but Hello Kitty in her own graveyard dressed up as a vampire or a witch in a 3-D diorama card. Sweet!

And to finish off the selection of gift I have gotten here are these two, one is an original art piece of me (sort of ME channeling someone from the planet Wonder Woman came from I think, but interesting because I did MAKE myself a bow when I was like 10 or 11 – and have been good at archery!). And the other is feeding my anime Otaku side, a figurine from the Anime Read or Die OVA – a classic and called, “Better than James Bond” (Because it has lots of women with guns for one thing and it has my favorite character, a female obsessed with books who is a secret agent called, The PAPER! Hey, not a lot of times do women who spend way too much time and money on books get to be superheroes!)

So you can see now why this is a pretty strong reason to live. I mean I have this thing going on, I send out cards, people send me cards, I get gifts, I send out gifts. I am making friends. Real friends. Probably more friends than I have ever had in my life. People I feel very deeply about, think about. And just because that may be 30 or 40 different people doesn’t mean I don’t think about them, wonder how they are doing, see something and wonder if they might like that. I love the relationship I have with the people that have developed through this blog. And that is part of what keeps me writing. I want to talk to my friends.

Now here are some OTHER of the postcards I got this week. Hey, how come I never looked this good on the beach? Oh well, that is why anime land is a wonder land, they can wear clothes that never have your breast pop out of, and they have giant eyes. Believe me I have tried and tried in front of the mirror to get those anime eyes but NO GO. Darn it. But a lot of people seem to like the anime girls (ME! ME! ME!) and they are hard to get so I spend some time every week searching for more, as for example this weeks total of cards is 24. Whew, if only 50% of those are anime, that is still a lot to find.

And finally here are some Pencil Boards, and a folder. I wanted to finish with this because, well I think they are really pretty (okay, I used to have this ballet fantasy, except I wasn’t the right ‘build’ (tall, more than 79 lbs!) if you know what I mean – but now I want to go back in time and be a SHRINE MAIDEN!). Also, if you look at the pencil board on the left, you will notice the fan in her hand. A couple of you HAVE that fan (or one like it). See, the 'summer surprise' bringing the goodness of Japan right to your summer! Also those two girls are wearing Yukata’s and this week I have been asked by three people INCLUDING the gentleman from Japan who helped me with the information on disability access, on WHEN am I going to wear my purple and black Yukata? Summer is here and so time to break out the Yukata and Obi, right? Well, that will have to be one of my next projects.

I hoped you liked that tour, and thank you again for everyone who sent me a postcard, a card, a hand made card, a gift and an email or picture (which I didn’t show here). Those tangible expressions of one human being to another, those things which I can hold in my hand and know that someone out there actually cares and cared enough about me to spend the time making, writing, sending this. And that’s my number seven reason on why I want to live. Because those relationship are too precious to give up, and besides, I haven’t finished sending out all my gift packets yet (some of you are REALLY hard to shop for!).

As an aside, the reason I did a “Summer Surprise” was two fold; first, for people like me, often people with chronic conditions, summer is a time when everyone goes away (like a lot of people are away right now!), and those of us who are indoors, who are going still to doctor’s appointments or making it through the day of our chronic conditions… can get lonely. That is a good time for a package.

The second reason, to be honest, was I was getting a lot of bad news the last month or two, developing a lot of pain, a lot of things like seizures and passing out and not breathing. Plus there were a few times when it seemed that I would not make it (as in be alive), or was told later that some people thought I might not make it. So I felt the clock was ticking. I wasn’t going to wait for a traditional time for Xmas. Because for me, if I wanted to show someone how I felt, I needed to do it NOW, before it was too late. Xmas in summer.

But now that I am going to keep living regardless (yeah, even as zombie if that is what it takes!), what will I do when Xmas comes?

Anyway, that is reason number seven.


yanub said...

Yikes! That's a lot of mail. You don't have to have had a stroke or seizures every day to have trouble keeping that treasure horde organized! Yet you still manage to get everything set up in interesting groupings for the pictures.

My, but you are gaunt indeed. I can tell because you are officially skinny enough to be a model. Your collar bones have become quite prominent. Maybe now that you have some pain control, you'll be able to put a bit of weight back on. Being wracked with pain is extremely calorie-intensive.

Carapace said...

Hurrah, it got there!

There's nothing like a bit of pain relief to allow for clarity of thought,is there?

I'm amazed, as always, that you look so good. I mean, you're too skinny, sure, but that's what I think about girls who are supposed to be attractive. But your face muscles are all working, and your hair..looks almost normal in your pictures. it must be your photographer's love of the subject polishing you up for us.

I've decided I don't believe you need to die. Nope, nope, nope. You ain't got anything I haven't had. (Well,ok, hair and weight loss). I've had the blue fingers and lips, the nerve damage, massive stroke style events and nerve damage and more seizures in a day than I can count on fingers that no longer appear to be mine. Sometimes I still do. Raynaud's? Kind of the opposite of my issues, but dagnabit, I worked with a woman who had Raynaud's for twenty five years, and she was fabulous. And I'm doing SO well now, provided I take my pills and...ulp...drink my olive oil.

The difference is proper treatment. That's all. I'm not saying you won't die,you could get hit by a bus, but I will not believe you have to. Your GP could also get hit by a bus. So I approve of your new conviction.

Also, the Victorian sliding postcard. Where the pants did that come from?

SharonMV said...

great gifts Beth! Getting good mail is a big thing when you're stuck at home. Having the little tokens of friendship that you can see & touch every day really helps.


Wendryn said...

It's good to have reasons to live. :) I'm glad you are pain-free enough to be able to enjoy them more.

Hopefully the pain meds will keep working. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Neil said...

I am truly amazed that you can keep us all straight (so to speak), and that you are sepnding so much time finding gifts for people. Honestly, dear, I think I rather see you using what money you have getting yourself to a real doctor or two; in the USA if necessary.

Do NOT come to Regina looking for a neurologist: I heard a story from a friend yesterday that makes our doctors sound as bad as She Who Must Not Be Named (the "doctor with the, uh, Christian? name, and the complaint against her).

DO come to Regina, though, if you wish to, because I'd love to meet you. Gaunt or not, you're wonderful, and you're still Beth. And that's good.

Zen hugs,

Meredith said...

Um, speaking about friendships; I'm still there, and the lack of commentage from me is caused by the transition I'm going through and I have a lot else going on in forums as well, fending off flame attacks and such, so yeah - I read, I lurk, but no energy or time to comment, sorry.

As for postcards, I really want to figure out how to send a postcard overseas AND get my ass off to the post office but things like that have always been hard with the mild exec. dysfunction that came with my package of life; but next time I get hyper-energized I'll draw something and send it to you :-)

Also, I agree with yanub on the relationship between pain and skinniness. Glad you got better a little!

You know what's ironic? I recently made a post on my Hungarian blog about those "why do I wanna live" lists and such, and how these are connected to the moral obligation of a transhumanist to help humanity reach immortality (as only immortality, with a lack of nutritional needs, can enable a person to truly enjoy life - otherwise the whole life is wasted on working [acquiring the things to fulfill nutritional needs]) - but besuides lack of time, the translation is hindered by the fact that the sentences would sound rather different in meaning than in the original article, and that can be VERY annyoing... but I'll think about it.


FridaWrites said...

With a mailbox full of goodies like that, I'd always want to see what's there the next day too. What beautiful goodies people send--love the butterflies.

Dawn Allenbach said...

I'm excited to get my postcard!

I didn't get your present done before having to go back to NO despite having the stuff for it for two months. There's a major part with which I need help, and Mom's been very busy getting things in order before having a total knee replacement on the 18th. So, when I get back to NO tonight and get rested, I will think about something else to do and then finish the other in December.

You've received some pretty groovy stuff. There's nothing better than receiving some love in the mailbox.

abi said...

I think that you look quite good in that photo, albeit a little thin. I am rather jealous of your boobs though - they appear to be slightly more impressive than mine. (Did I just cross a line? Sorry about that.) Reason #8 for living?

Anyway, cheekbones are in. Just make sure the lighting's good.

You get an impressive amount of post. Mind you, you do generate quite a bit. Also, you must remember that your blog counts towards post that you generate - we get to read something every day without even having to walk to the letterbox. Which in my case is all of 2 metres away from my settee.

Veralidaine said...

I think I need to reply to all three of your last posts here (I have no internet on the weekend most times, in case your brain going boom erased that bit of knowledge, that is why I didn't comment on those-- though I did get some internet time last night at my SO's house to reply to your email). First things first-- HURRAY FOR LYRICA! You have positive thoughts, they do not involve homicide, and you have PLANS FOR THE FUTURE. And see? What did I tell you months ago when talking about flying-- you should do the glider! I want pictures. Then maybe I will be brave enough to glide.

Next thing, I want to try to add another reason to your list: You are training a flock of minions-- EFManiacs or EFMinions, we could call ourselves. There was the "weekend of go have fun and take pictures," and then when you had your spring cleaning weekend I (gasp) broke out a vacuum! I am NOT a domestic type, mmkay? That's unusual for me. Animal cages are clean, house is filthy, is my usual MO. And then this past week with the quote of "If you call for a beginner lesson tomorrow, in five years you can say you have been doing it for five years," I am now considering a hobby.

I got a rec center catalog in the mail with fall class schedules and lo and behold... there is boxing. It is not too far from my evening commute. It is with everyone from six-year-olds (who, realistically, could probably kick my butt as of now) to beginner adults, and maybe... maybe.

I have funny hips that like to become dislocated at odd times because my pelvis is twisted, so I am not able to kick easily, which has intimidated me away from doing tae kwon do or kickboxing... but just maybe I could start with regular boxing and if improving my fitness and balance improves my luck with keeping my hips in place, then I could try kickboxing which sounds more fun and perhaps being kicked in the head would be a nice change from being punched in the head.

And in five years, I would have been kickboxing for five years...

Oh, and I am still working on a surprise for you, though it is not because it is a big impressive surprise that it takes so long, it is just because I am terrible about procrastination and also there is one thing I need to finish it that I cannot seem to find at any of the stores that used to carry the product of which I'm thinking!

Also I have some fabric (sssh, I sew a little, but don't tell anyone, it'll ruin my tomboy cred) that you would LOVE but I have no idea what to make with it for you. There is a fleece that is great, and then the other is just a thin cotton fabric and was limited-time-only so I only have about a yard of it, and neither is much good for socks. Perhaps slippers but I have no idea how one would make slippers. I do not suppose you have much need for fleece hoodies with heat intolerance, nor am I sure I could make those. Perhaps I could make some fleece pajama pants with a drawstring waist? To tell the truth mostly I sew things for my rats-- no, not clothes, just hammocks and little cubes for them to cuddle up in-- but sometimes I make human things. Or perhaps some fingerless gloves, if I can find something or other to put on the palms to stop you wearing them through...

Neil said...

What goes around comes around... I was just reminded of something that happened here at work:

I happen to remember my grade 5 teacher, Miss Knowles, with great fondness. I had given her a small pendant made from a rock I had tumbled.

About 2 years ago, I was talking with one of our clients, who's a rug-hooker and retired teacher, and I mentioned a grade 2 teacher whom I do NOT remember fondly. The client, a rug hooker, said she had worked with that teacher in her first couple of years teaching. So we started comparing notes and memories, and I realized that the rug-hooking client was the former Miss Knowles, and she remembered (reminded me, actually - I had forgotten it) and still has the pendant I gave her in 1965.

And I cannot imagine better reason to exchange cards and gifts, if not to tell people how much they're appreciated.

I hope you appreciated the memories of living in North Battleford, dear Beth. I can't imagine a better place to have have lived previously.

Zen hugs,

Anna said...

snugging, snugging, snugging

(Love my intelligent christian remark)

cheryl g said...

Veralidaine - I am happily imagining you tailoring little rat suits and making tiny anime costumes for them.

Hey Sis - that is some pretty impressive mail. What a talented and thoughtful group of friends.

I am glad the Lyrica is helping. Now remember you still need to use mobility aids so you don't exhaust your reserves faster than you can build them.

OK, the weight loss is progressing quicker than I care for. Guess I will have to come over and get you to snack on high calorie goodness all day.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Yanub: Well it is over a years worth, and that's why I keep it in a box in order, becuase I try, some times to go through and gift back to everyone. I try!

Does pain make you lose weight, something is. My caregiver found out about my pain med and said, "So you aren't in pain now!" and I said, "No, I am in constant pain." She was really surprised, but for me this is like pain from after training or 'normal' constant pain instead of excessive, I did have that seizure yesterday so I should expect to be a bit punked.

Carapace: Yeah, it did but shhh, no one will know what we are referring to - thanks. Pain relief is a good thing.

Well, actually not all my face muscles are working but this was taken in the morning when I have the most facial control. About 20% of my face is dead but most of that is my chin or under or the sides of my lip, and part of the skin above my jawline. And yeah, when I put on make up, I can hide a lot of the other little issues. I guess thanks! Linda is worried becuase I am changing so quickly, but objectively, hey, makes me look young, I guess, which isn't bad.

I also believe that if I recieve treatment and the correct autoimmune disease/diseases are found, then there is no reason I shouldn't stabilize. I just happen to have a few more "possible terminals" than other people - like for Linda she rides to work, so getting hit by a car is her possible terminal while mine are: not being around oxygen when I stop converting (which happens almost every day), having an extended Grand Mal and not getting hospital treatment, pushing myself to an extreme and having a stroke, becoming too exhausted, having a series or seizures and stop breathing (without assistance being around) and being somewhere that is warm/hot without assistance around and I get heat stroke, pass out and then my brain cooks. We avoid those situations, get my weight loss under control and the rest I can live with.

I actually found that in an antique shop that was going out of business, or Linda showed it to me and I was like, "I have to have that, it wil make a GREAT gift!"

Sharon: Totally, for me having the post from people reminds me that I am not alone, no matter how phsycially isolated I may be. Which is why my desk has about a dozen gifts (and one vibrator - Linda put it there so I don't have to exhaust myself finding one if I get in the mood!), becuase they are my memory in a way.

Wendyrn: Yes, I am going to go two weeks before I tell the GP about the meds, to make sure that they keep working, but this is the first "remission" of any kind I have had since this started, so I am taking advantage of it!

Neil: Well, as you know, sometimes I don't keep it ALL straight (was that sex joke?), Yes, I will find a doctor, that is Linda's job and her team, to fundraise for that. There is no point finding a neurologist if the weeks and months leading up to that, I have no purpose, no way to hold on; yes, it costs money but I held on in tremendous, overwhelming pain because I had a purpose. I had thoughts of suicide, becuase of the pain but I needed to get those postcards done. So in a way, because I had no treatment, this is and continues to be my treatment, and as medical costs go, this is pretty mild. And a great deal of it comes from what I earn selling things off or my "go mad" money I get twice a month. I am a person who has very little to collect, so I collect relationships and gifts and wanting to make people happy - it isn't the worst hobby I think.

Meredith: well, you were talking about all those forms for school you had to fill out so I thought you might be occupied with that (besides, a lot of people go off in August it seems on this thing people call a "holiday" - can't figure out what that word means).

Well I am more spartan than epicurian, or more into intellect and engaging than food (since I don't get hungry). But I think for me, this list is an affirmation of resistance; not against a disease, but against the acceptance in my mind of my own immenent mortality. Which yes, still exists, but now, like all interesting things in life, exists in this paradox with my awareness of my desire to life fully.

Frida: the butterflies are amazing, great book. Well, spread out over a year it is not always something every day but I think as I post and post and some of that like those little laterns on the water come back to me. Which I am grateful for. And besides that, I think it is fun for both people - sending and recieving.

DAwn: December! Everyone is an optimist now! Okay, I have to wait until december. Your postcard is already two post days towards you. The package for you I am working on this week. And yes, getting MAIL instead of medical bills is fun.

Abi: Help yourself, I think you are the first person ever to be impressed with my boobs so I will remember you forever (and this day). Even linda says, "Yeah, they're nice, but I like all of you" (ouch!). So, woo hoo, I have big boobs!

Well, I do generate a lot, I admit, in that last month I have sent out 35 packages and about 85-110 postcards. So this is the post I recieved over the last year or so (there are a lot more postcards). I don't think it is about parity or anything though but knowing that people are getting things and that they know I am thinking of them. There are lots of people who get postcards and never say anything, and that is fine. Some send some back, some we start gifting. I think it is just a "lets see where this goes" thing. I didn't start this to get post, but I am glad I do get post - even the PUNS!

Veralidaine: oh no worries, if I go in a glider there will definately be pictures...and oxygen.

Interesting I was looking throught the community lessons too looking for something and I think if you TELL the instructor you have EDS or your dislocation issues, they will adapt (unless they are a jerk). So that will be cool, kickboxing!

I think they start you off with leg sweeps and stuff before you go right into kicking people in the head, but hey, maybe you have the instructor who starts with head strikes. They also teach you basic boxing and elbow blows.

I know the feeling (about not being able to complete the surprise), there are things I just can't seem to find, or I buy it online and then, the person never posts it and I ask, "Did you post it?" and they go, "Oh, it is still here." (ahhhhhh!)

With my proclivity to frost bite I need gloves with fingers, do you want me to send you a hand outline since with Marfans I have VERY long fingers.

Actually, if you make a hammock for my bear (my plushie) that would cool too!

Neil: Wow, great story, see how she remembed it after so many years. It is the gift that keeps giving, even back to you after all this time. Cool.

Wow, if you can't imagine anyplace better than North Battleford, I should show you some of the other places on my father's circuit (travelling minister) like Meadow lake (using an ice road) or down in Montana. What freaks me out the most about Battleford is they have a summer that is two months long, and yet there is a water slide park. How can it POSSIBLY stay in business? Mostly the resturants are on the highway for truckers heading the northern route from/to Edmonton, woo hoo!

Anna: I have NO idea what you are talking about but you seem happy and that makes me happy. Cheers!

Neil said...

Oh, You misunderstand, dear. The Battlefords are a great place to have moved away from; is that more clear?Or how about, they're a great place not to be living any more. It was a nice way to say that it's a crap town...

And the Tim Horton's there was so busy on August 1 that we used the washrooms and left. We did brave the crowds on Monday for lunch on the way home, though.

And, me? Joke about sex? Surely you jest, dear niece! Okay, take it any way you want it. Hmm. That statement too.

Laughing and loving you,

cheryl g said...

I love the Hello Kitty graveyard card - it is too cool!

More importantly than that... I got a package today! Thank you, thank you, thank you, I love it, thank you! Punk Hello Kitty is awesome and I will be spending much time looking at the anime cards of pretty girls.

You rock EFM!

Tammy said...

" Do not lick the erasers...they are erasers...not candy." I giggled so hard at this. For some reason, I feel like you were talking directly to me! I'm a dork! ;)
Beautiful gift, beautiful cards. I tell ya, it's just plain fun. I like reason #7.

Veralidaine said...

Oh my goodness YAY! I got a surprise in the mail today! It is fantastic, thank you. I took some pictures for my own blog-- my cat decided to steal the fabulous skull and crossbones tape on the package and play with it, so there's a picture of that too.

The boy/boy love notebook is great, too, and the sushi stickers and Hello Kitty origami... hurray!

So, I got a pattern for glovemitten thingies at the fabric store today, as well as the last piece I needed to finish my other surprise for you. The glovemitten thingies are like fingerless gloves that you used to have, except you also have a piece that folds over to turn them into mittens so they can be worn either way. Could not find a pattern for regular gloves in fleece, and I'm not sure faux suede or spandex would be warm enough (which seem to be the fabrics used for the "fashion" glove patterns) but I think with the addition of some velcro to pin the mitten part either back or down, these will be nice-- what do you think? I'm going to sew some up and see how they come out in one of the fleeces I have way too much of. If it looks wearable, I'll make you some in the neat fleece that you would like. I don't think I need a hand tracing for this pattern-- I'll just make them in the large glove size. I'll make your teddy bear something nice, too!

Anna said...


About my snugging, snugging I discovered that I was trying to respond to a comment you've made about "making out" with Linda.

Hm I will now check out what snugging means.....really crappy english mine.....thought it meant making out.... now I see that it doesn't really equal that, sorry.

So what I meant was: Go paincontrol! That gives you ability to make out!
(see it's just my dirty mind)
See below:

"One of the first things I did yesterday was make out with Linda, because for the first time in a LONG time, it wasn't total agony to be touched. And I wasn't going

Sorry I was confusing:)

Dawn Allenbach said...

The postcard was in my mailbox when I arrived on campus today! Can't wait to get home and fully appreciate it.

Yes, I'm an optimist! December!

Tom P. said...

I recognize that one! I sent that. And Beth sent that one! Woo hoo!

I am so glad that the Lyrica is helping. At least now you know where to go to find a doctor that will actually help you.

A Bear in the Woods said...

I would kill to have those smudges under my cheek bones. But I realize, albeit grudgingly, that may not perk you up.

Your mail box is marvelous. All I get is bills and sales pitches from AARP.