Saturday, August 30, 2008

Market (with a Schacht Spindle) & Craft Store, plus a little scare

Hey, woke up this morning with some painful heart erratics. So needed to take some meds to sleep. But once Linda got her 10 hours of sleep (Linda is very possessive of her channeled Sloth during long weekends), we were up and off to a Town Market. More pics on that later including our fresh peas and vegetables. While Linda was fresh veg loading, I, however, was talking to this woman and not just because her yarn spindle a Schacht.Turns out Schacht no longer sell spindles having the dark wood inlay but still costs $1,000. But this woman has been spinning yarn for over 30 years. Now in Canada that doesn't make her THAT unique...until she started talking about her SHEEP.

Yes, that’s right, ever since her child got into 4H decades ago she has kept first a flock and now down to just four sheep which she shears in the spring and then makes into yarn. Talk about doing it the old school way. She had lots of terms that went over my head, about double spinning the yarn and how she dyes it but I enjoyed talking to someone who takes such delight in their craft. She likes her Schacht but is in love with a New Zealand Spindle which apparently is the spindle dream machine.

After that we went to a craft store because Cheryl wanted to look at the inks and I wanted to look at the rubber stamps. I only found one company (again) that was up to my quality level but ended up buying a LITTLE bit (Linda says my “mad money” for next two weeks is reducing quickly, sigh (“Go ebay sales go!”)!

Afterward, I had a series of seizures, both taken home and at home and then some serious problems with my heart and my body stopped converting oxygen. That whole problem took up about five hours. There were moments of “Should we go to the hospital” and “Can they even do anything? (Hospitals can't MAKE a person ON oxygen convert it if the body isn't)” Also it seemed that one kidney might be shutting down. So that was like, not great.

But this wasn't MY FAULT! I didn’t actually do anything bad or crazy, it was just started as a punky day, had heart problems before getting up so this is just probably a continuing part of that.

Later I will talk more about the moments of mortality I had when I stared at my hands while they turned purple (fingers, thumb), when my heart was like stabbing ice as it couldn't beat for more than a few seconds without just failing and fluttering. And my blood pressure was so high and my kidney and heart hurt so bad I could only scream. But I am still paralyzed from Seizure number X. That wasn't a great head space.

Either way, I still got out, I had fun, I talked to some people and right now I have to run because I am working on some postcards.

See, a little brush with Mr. D. isn’t going to keep me down.

I hope you are having fun days (and I did have fun parts!). Or if not, giving tomorrow another chance. I'll be back tomorrow with pics and stories. See ya!


Raccoon said...

I have to ask -- because I'm guessing that I'm not the only one that might be curious -- what name do you sell under?

Anna said...

Darling:) still cheating death are you. Good.

I did go out last night, ate a lot of greasy food, got cold, ended up with stomach cramps and on toilet. Not so good. Always a price to pay. Isn't it.

Will post my gift later

Elizabeth McClung said...

Raccoon: We sell under l-bstuff (for Linda and Beth's stuff) - right now I just have a couple ER series, I will put up the new DVD series on Sunday evening probably. Then have a big anime sale in a couple weeks along with some more DVD sets. How is life treating you (I think the wheel is on top of me, but I am waiting for it to TURN). Oh YOUR pressie came today so I just need to find the right setting for it and your package can go out (see, I didn't forget you, it just took longer to arrive!)

Anna: I don't think it was cheating death as scaring it away along with the neighbors with the screaming (I think they must think we do bondage or something).

Sorry that didn't work out, but that was the bad 1/3, so I hope the GREAT 1/3 is tomorrow! Ta!

SharonMV said...

Dear Elizabeth,
sorry you had such a hard day with the heart erratics & seizures. At least you got to see the spinster at work. I always (well since about age 19) wanted to learn to spin, have some sheep & weave. I did build myself a Navajo style loom at one point. And I learned how to dye wool with natural dyes. Used to go out on long nature walks with a friend to collect dye materials. And I took a weaving class at the local community college where I got to use a floor loom & learned many weaving techniques, but never was much good at spinning.

That's the problem with craft stores, they don't have much depth in stock. A really good stamp store is much better. Otherwise, there are great places online to but stamps. But occasionally you can find one or 2 stamps. But sometimes they have inks from good suppliers, paper,adhesives. Also it seems that stamping is not as popular as it was a few years ago. The Joann's I went to used to have much more selection in stamps, inks, paper & supplies.

I spent most of the day fighting a fever & trying to recover from a night of only 4 hours of sleep. But I did get in some stamping with my new stamp (I managed to find one I wanted). And I have lots of components to work with which I can color or cut out on days when I can't do much. Working on several themes now. Then things will be ready for those days when I have time, energy & creative brain power to make a finished product.

Hope you rest well & get some relief. And no more unwelcome visits from the scythe wielding one. Mr D can't have you. You probably scared him off.


Lene Andersen said...

A "little scare"?? I don't think that word means what you think it means, woman! So glad you're still here.

I, too, wouldn't mind a link or something to your eBay thingie - I've been aso good with not spending money for so long, I feel a snap coming on and it might as well be you who benefits from my foray into irresponsible spending!

I went to the Farmer's Market yesterday, got the most fantastic blackberries, had friends over (to whom I served the blackberries) and seem to have met your challenge already. Plan to go out again today, read in the park and take in the part of the airshow that comes this way.

Gaina said...

If you've ever read Terry Pratchett you'll know that Death is partial to a hot curry, so I suggest that as a good distraction. ;-)

Those shelves of stamps actually made squeal a little bit. Haha.

Anna said...

Ta ta

Well I suppose I did the 2/3 up until midnight then the bad 1/3 came. Today has been a chilling out day. I 've been down to the small lake where I live.

Well the neighbours must considering serious bondage especially with all the people and strange equipment coming and going of your appartment. (Like oxygen tubes.) (God, forgive me I seem to be in a strange mood:))

good night

cheryl g said...

I am wondering if the wheel pressing so hard on you is because your mind, emotions and body have been through so much this last week.

Drink lots, rest lots, and we will reassess. If I could give you strength and rest from pain I would do it.

The spinning lady was wonderful to talk with. Her joy in her craft was tangible and wonderful to share!

Whee, craft stores! I got treasures and treasure at the market.

Neil said...

Ooh, ooh, I know! The spinner's in lust with a wheel made by Ashford! I haven't actually used one, since I only spin with a drop spindle, but I've seen them in use at work, and the owners love them.

And now, since spinning was a medieval pastime for some and occupation for others, you are fitting right in with the SCA! :)

And it's not just you today, dear; the Astronomy Picture of the Day ( ) also has a medieval reference in their photo of a solar eclipse from the Great Wall. The description mentions the Silk Road, and has a link to a description of the history of the Silk Road.

Raccoon: thanks for asking her first; now I'm headed over to eBay.

Zen hugs, Dahlingss :)


Maggie said...

Hi-looks like you had a good time at the market, even if you didn't have such a fun time the rest of the day. Too bad I guessed wrong on the weather for a visit. Glad to be here today though and I hope you enjoy your presents I brought with me. Looking forward to seeing you, sleeping beauty!

Donimo said...

I did get out to see the Superdogs yesterday! The show is so over-the-top with the music and the lights, and quite corny with the cheering you're supposed to do, but it was SO much fun. The dogs are having such a good time and there were even two Papillons. It's good to be goofy now and again, for example: loudly cheering for Team Bow Wow in the agility-based baseball game. We also watched the crowds whilst eating our warm, mini donuts. It was a good outing.

The sun is shining today and I'm going to try to get out there. I am indeed paying for the mini donuts, but they were worth it. I'm glad you got out for a bit and I hope that you're able to squeeze a bit more out of this long weekend. We do have to LABOUR at our long weekends, don't we?

(for non-Canadians, this weekend is called The Labour Day long weekend)

Perpetual Beginner said...

I have an Ashford wheel, though one of the low-end ones. I think your Schacht lady and I are lusting after the same wheel.

Truthfully, your neighbors thinking you're into bondage probably scares them less than if they actually knew what was going on.

Rest and fluids for you, Beth. Here's hoping your heart gives you a break by doing it's job properly for a while.

My weekend has mostly consisted of the excitement of managing to grind a big sliver of glass into the heel of my hand by accident, and then having my husband have to dig it out with an exacto knife and tweezers (which took almost an hour). No pushups for me for a bit!

FridaWrites said...

Sharon, you might try these stamps:
You might be able to order direct. They're very well made. I haven't used them much, but a friend who does paper and craft products swears by them.

I love beautiful yarns, but unfortunately I'm not good at knitting/crocheting. Someday.

Abi said...

I don't like the sound of this 'little scare'. I'm not convinced that your idea of 'little' necessarily tallies with mine... I'm glad it was just a scare, though - much preferable to the alternative!

This weekend I hardly spent any time in the house, so I succeeded at that. I did give a gift to somebody, but I was going to do that anyway so I'm not sure it counts.

I played for my first ever wedding yesterday morning, and very little came crashing down around me! Yay! I then went shopping, then went out for dinner with friends. I then stayed overnight with one of them, as she lives near church and I do not.

On Sunday the vicar left. I bought him a bottle of wine (couldn't think of anything meaningful, so I thought disposable would be a good substitute) and played some beautiful music on the organ.

One of the postcards at the front of the notebook you sent to me has been given to him by my friend, though - it's the perfect backing for a pewter plaque she made for him. It adds rigidity, has a cat on a piano on, and has a message on the back. Who knew it could be so useful and wonderful? Thank you!

Do I still get another day to finish this? If so, I must get a move on with more gift stuff tomorrow - things need posting!

Elizabeth McClung said...

Sharon: Wow, I thought the lady with the sheep was hard core but I don't think she goes out and collects the material from rocks and stuff.

Cheryl recommended some good stores, but both are now online, I will try to look them up and find them for you later - the one I use is from Salt Spring, it does a great job on any surface, no matter how slick (like some Japanese postcards).

Well, I am hoping to start a comeback in stamping as it allows me to be creative with very little hand control - and the store I went into, a woman in an electric wheelchair came out, I asked if they get a lot of wheelchair customers and they said they did.

I am glad you got a new stamp - I am disappointed but also happy I got only a few stamps as I can't afford more. The problems of crafting, I guess (even the sheep cost to feed, right?).

This is the thing I now hate the most from getting the Whammo healthwise - a bad day and the next two days are domino effects of trying to catch up, trying to get back to ground zero, much less getting some reserves. Then like you say, a morning with a clear brain - use it or lose it!

Lene: I will see if I can set it up for when I put up my new DVD sets. Most of them are REgion 2 however so are not available in the US and need a multiregion DVD or to be played on a computer.

Yeah, well that 'little scare' sort of changed my viewpoint for a while, I mean, any day when ONLY your lips are blue in the morning and your heart continuously erratic means that the previous day was not so hot.

Great on Blackberries, and great that you had friends over to enjoy them. This is the blackberry season - we had FRESH PEAS!

Gaina: Yes, and that was only part of one of seven rows, I even found one stamp in the "discounted and discount section" - woot!

Well, the problem is once you are paralyzed it becomes difficult to have a hot curry standing by, but I will think about it, maybe leave some take out menus scattered by my desk.

Anna: Oh, I want to go to the lake! Yes, we are into some HARD core kink here! All sorts of hardware and noises late into the night include steam punk machines humming and hissing (my oxygen concentrator).

Cheryl: I'll be happy, I'll be happy, just don't let that happen again, I'll be good!

I really did enjoy talking to that lady who loved her craft and loved her spinning wheels (and her sheep...but let's not go down that road).

As for the drinking I notice I was the one having 1.6 litres of drink but YOU were the one going to the loo. So what is up with that?

Neil: Thank you - it WAS an Ashford, we remembered as soon as you said it. Yes, apparently it reverses so you can double spin the thread automatically and stuff like that.

Oh no worries, I would tell you if I thought I had something you were interested in - then again you have some rather ecclectic tastes. As for me, I don't want to spin, I want to be a Relic seller and travel from church to church offering the knuckle bone of St. Anthony, or the dice used at the base of the cross (this was an actual occupation!).

Maggie: thanks for the presents, see todays blog about how your gifts will keep on giving, particularly that NY bling kitty! Yes, I heard it was horrid in PA but sunny here - that's the way of it. Sorry, I heard you had a rather horrid night/morning - though more getting to the ferry than chest exploding with an acid spitting alien erupting out of it.

Donimo: That's great, you got to the PNE, I wish it would come here. And you saw the superdogs!

Mmmmmm...donuts! Go team Bow wow! Yeah, it is true, Labour day weekends allow us to do something THEN have time to recover with someone to watch over us. Why aren't things easy? I guess because they aren't. In disgusting news, down the block someone has a new tricked out 18 year old style hot rod car with the personalized licence plate that says 6/49 (meaning they won the lotto) - somehow that just depresses me even more - whether it was them winning the lotto or them buying what is basically a giant matchbox car for 8 year olds.

Perpetual Beginner: Oh you HAVE an Ashford, but you are willing to Trade up? Have you used her wheel, it was very nice with the deep inlay wood.

Everyone tells me rest and fluids - It isn't like I am doing jumping jacks - why can't anyone tell me; go to a movie and eat a LOT of donuts - huh, we need more doctors like that! Sorry, I am just getting that feeling when you do everything RIGHT and still feel like someone is stomping on your heart, you are dizzy, etc, and there is no complaint desk (well there might be if I follow that blinding light I see sometimes).

Ow on the glass and double OW! Though I have to say, since you are such a bad-girl martial artist and I am far enough away I can say this without having to run: "What? No one arm pushups?"

Abi: I decided to go with "undertone" as opposed to: "I went to the market and later, I screamed a long time and almost died" - see, all those years in Britian are rubbing off on me. Now all that is, "Oh I had a wee touch of something."

Congrats on playing your wedding and gifting and I am sure it does count! I am glad that I got you the right kitty notepad (I mean kitty and keyboard, how could I go wrong....well, you could be a dog person?).

Sure, we all have Monday off so I think that should apply to the rest of the world, though I hear most people don't find thier best JOY on Mondays. Good luck!