Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I pursue taboo love, reasons to wear corsets and girls with knives

First off, I have to say that I have been cheating on Linda, I have fallen in love. Admittedly, it is taboo love that has already gotten some harassment, as ALL taboo love does.

And yes, it involves shopping (I have an addiction, I am a shopaholic; I don’t even need to see to feel the shopping lust, just know it exists makes me want to own it!). Which is why when I found out about the Hello Kitty Pour Lolita Line, which was made by my favorite author of Kamikaze Girls (about a Goth Lolita and a Street Biker girl who sort of fight their way into love – that Goth Loli can swing a mean bat!). However his use of Waccy Tobaccy closed his line two years ago, and after only a few months of production. There was the “Sweet Loli” line in pink (not me!), the Punk loli line, which I scored some washcloths from and sent them all out as gifts (hey they were super cool!). But for me, the Goth loli was the lodestone, and I finally found a brand new, tags still attached, clutch purse from the Pour Lolita line (admittedly had to communicate with a country literally on the other side of the world and then wait a month or two). Sigh, look at it, isn’t it the grandest.

When I received it I opened it and sniffed then said with a smile, “ahh, the new purse smell!” This is when I started getting some ribbing and outright mockery from the Butch portion of the audience (Cheryl), it is amazing how sarcastic she can make the phrase “new purse smell” to sound. Hey, you femmes and shoppers know what I am talking about! The odor of new and fresh and all mine, and in this case, probably unique to this coast, this province, who knows? Admittedly, after a day or two I started kissing Linda more, but that deep love is still there.

And to continue the Goth theme, while doing a bit of clean out to help the tech guy to come and get me up and running on Dragonspeak 9 (The new computer is set up just to run Dragon speak, and I talk and it responds immediately, I started with numbers in the 20’s – which is great, I am starting to love Dragon instead of the one on my old computer who used just to crash it) I found a picture. Here is the picture someone (who will remain nameless) drew of me visiting the graveyard. I really like it. Only it makes me both miss my black wings, oh those were the days, but also reminds that I need to wear corsets frequently, particularly as I can use the cinching aspect now!

I am working right now on another three postcards I will be sending out tomorrow, I thought you might like a look at some of the Postcards that are heading out across the world. Here are some of the covers and you have to admit, they are pretty (they look pretty to me!). I mean if I am not envious of the almost every card I send out then I don’t think I am doing my job correctly. Who honestly wouldn’t love to get a card of a nice girl in that outfit with a big reaper scythe?

As to this group, there is a bit of a theme with having a cuppa; you know, tea time! We have the wicca tea party as well as the card of tea between friends. But what really intrigues me is that woman with all her knives because she seems to need a LOT and also seems to know what to do with them (Two groups of postcards and I am drawn to the women with knives what does that say? Does it say, "You have good taste?" or "You like the wild side?"). Anyway, that postcard makes we want to see her in casual clothes and then we can retire inside and play the “how many of your knives can I find?” game. What, come on, I know you couples out there have played this! Admittedly for the tamer couples there is, “How many tattoos can you find?”

Here is a picture of the decoration, as you can see, SharonMV’s art still goes out, but I won’t say to where. Also some goth fun. I admit it, I really enjoy doing these cards and while it may take weeks to find to the stickers, weeks of waiting to get them, I can wait to start using them.

After all isn’t that fun, trying to reflect a bit of my personality, a bit of their personality (my personality is twisted so that part is easy, theirs is harder!) and make a bit of unique decoration. I do like the goth Hello Kitty in Profile at the lower left and the one of the a kind, only order from Japan Hello Kitty in a Sundae, oh the trouble that Kitty gets into, honestly you would things sometimes she does it deliberately. But of course we know that is completely NOT Cat-like behavior at all. I can’t tell why but the Hello Kitty angels are calling to me, maybe it is just the girl with wings things. I just can’t say no to a girl with wings; just ask my first two dates. Oh, she may have left my heart crushed but we sure did fly!

I had two big meetings today, got picked up by a guy (including a number – woo hoo….oh wait, that wasn’t a girl. Darn it!). So I am a bit knackered. Up at dawn for the prep for another medical and I’ve had two seizures, so sort of a full day. I tell you, this being disabled thing doesn’t seem to get any easier. So come on, some one give me the booklet which outlines when we get our vacations and our bonuses and rights. Like, I have been doing this for over a year and I haven’t even gotten one coffee break from my disability yet, much less a lunch break. I know being disabled can be a full time job, but….where are MY rights?

If you bought anything you fell in love with, or just want to tell me how exceedingly cool that purse is, please don’t feel the need to hold back AT ALL. Oh, and if you don’t know about the postcards then it goes like this: send me an email with the title postcard at my email at mpshiel at hotmail.com and you will get one and then MORE of these exceedingly cool cards. In fact, remember that card we did the “which schoolgirl were you?” remembrance on. Whoever got it, I would hold on to it as it turns out that it is a rare collectable postcard from a very famous artist and very few postards were made and it is worth about $15 minimum. I found that out today by accident (when I tried to get another card by the same artist). See, I just find them, and then send them on; you want to sell them for money toward meds, or a new Wii game, help yourself. Still, bit of a shock, might have held on to it – except that girl in the middle, oh, she was just ASKING for a poke in the nose (because I know she was responsible for half the stuff I got blamed for). So probably best out of my hands.

Remember, share the feelings, share the shopping joy, particularly your own. And it IS true, there is a “new purse” smell.


Raccoon said...

You are kind of bouncing around tonight, aren't you?

I think I'll pass on the clutch purse. Just not my style.

But a nice handful of cards! Yes, the girl with the scythe is nice. Reminds me a little bit of how I always envisioned Death.

And the girl with all the knives... for some reason that reminds me of a friend of mine...

Carapace said...

Because I know you will like this..

I just plunked down the money for a brand new custom heavy-use corset, over here:


The Tulipa, in green crash taffeta. Holy cow. I do not like spending so much money on things in one go, but it's really very reasonable for what it is. And I, unlike some, need to wear a corset almost every day to make myself function. A custom corset should last 3-5 years. So it is an investment. An investment that will also make me look super fine.

On the opposite end of the buying scale: I got a pair of plastic shoes from the dollar store, for six bucks, that are possibly the most supportive shoes I own now. They look like canvas sneakers, but made out of crocs material, and they were SIX DOLLARS. Win!

Anna said...


I am addicted to mailorder catalouges. I Have four, I use them as valium in the evening to relax. I browse through them, mark things I want to buy, dream about what I will look like, and....don't post the order.
Internet is REALLY dangerous since it is som much easier to order at any time.

I confess, I am a total shoppoholic. I doesn't matter how small it is, how cheap, for me or someone else, I just get a kick from buying.

About no vacation from disabilities. I suppose that is what happens when myself and others go into denial, "I am not sick I can eat what I want and won't throw up"....I think denial to some extent is god for the soul.

My dad has diabetes, he was old when he got it but it was the kind that usually younger people get. He quickly learned how to deal with it, and is extremely god at that. But after a couple of months he said. "Well, now I am fed up with playing the diabetes game. Time to go back to normal."

Bye for now

Abby said...

Shopping good - like shopping. That's one of the reasons it's nice to have another 'post-buddy' who I can send daft things to!

And its good to be surrounded by things which you can look at for a little instant lift - even if the lift is just 'oooh, someone is going to *love* that when they get it...

Neil said...

Hello dear: you sound like you're feeling less pain,which would be good. As for the purse, well, Raccoon's right. Nt my stye, and I admit that I am surprised that it IS your style.

The girl with the scythe, though... yes, she is yummy isn't she? I also like the one with white wings and sword.

And you've got a stamp of a brain??? You really are special! :)

As for knives; I met a lady recently who crocheted her own purse, teaches children's art classes, and carries a Kershaw knife like the one here: http://www.knifecenter.com/knifecenter/kershaw/images/1900n.jpg

Yes, you have good taste in cards.

You're STILL just getting Dragon Speak installed? I thought that would have nee dealt with months ago. Ah, tempus fugit.

I hope today turns out to be at least as good as your yesterday sounds.

Zen hugs for you both - and for your bear too, of course.

FridaWrites said...

No making fun of the new purse smell, Cheryl! :)

The benefits booklet made me laugh in the coffee. I need 3 weeks of vacation a year, plus the week between Christmas and New Year off. I'd also like flextime and to be able to schedule my disability around my family life. I start at 9, will occasionally do overtime, but no Monday nights. I need full benefits, including specialized DME, my own personal assistant, and, and, and...

I don't have that postcard, but I have another of 3 girls. No postcard selling around here, no sirree.

Lene Andersen said...

You can get high off that new purse smell. Or books. New old books. Like, older than 20 years at least. Love the smell of those. Would happily live my life surrounded by that smell (oh wait, I do... sort of. They're just on a shelf where I can't reach them to inhale. Must change that).

Where was I? Haven't bought anything with that kind of bliss for a while. A long while. Hmm. Maybe I should remedy that, too?

And yes. Even though it's a Hello Kitty bag, it rocks!

(I just say that about the HK thing to bug you ;))

Gaina said...

My laptop is my 'nerdy' purchase that I'm most in love with.

My girlie weakness is anything from LUSH cosmetics (that's the Canadian link I've given you). I get myself a nice big box of goodies every few weeks and that's my indulgence. They have a 'sister shop' called 'B Never To busy to B Beautiful' and I recently got a selection of their perfumes, which are glorious :)

Nancy said...

I was just at a wedding with some friends, and (after a few drinks) we realized that one of them had a Coach purse, and one had a fake Coach purse. So we tried to figure out what the difference is, and they definitely do smell different. Strange but true...

yanub said...

Elizabeth, dear, you've already confessed to this affair at least once. Honestly, I don't know why Linda doesn't just smack you upside the head. And then you smack her back. And then you have hot make-up sex. Or maybe this is the real reason for your continual dalliance with that tramp, Sho Ping. If so, dally on!

I'm not into purses myself. Or shoes. Purses are just another heavy thing I have to carry on my slip and slide shoulders, so, for me, the ideal purse is nearly weightless and somehow manages to distribute its load without further encumbering my lousy balance. And shoes. Well, let's just say shoes and I have never had a good relationship. And ever since orthotics moved in and want to share a place in my shoes, the relationship has gotten much iffy-er.

Your postcard project continues to amaze me. How you get so much delight wrangled into the backside of a postcard is a wonder! And then there is the card itself, obviously a labor of love and thought in its selection.

Abi said...

That bit about how you don't get a coffee break really hit home. They should legislate against that - it's just not right. Perhaps we should set up a petition.

I do not wear my corset nearly often enough. I don't think that it fits as well as it should do, which means that it won't reduce my waist as much as I would like - my rib cage and hips seem to be limiting factors.

I am really jealous of you, Carapace - I've been wanting to get a corset from her for a while. I considered getting one for my birthday, but got climbing gear instead. You've just inspired me to look at her website, which I simply cannot afford to do!

There is not a new handbag smell - there are in fact several different new handbag smells. It depends on the material the handbag is made from. They are nearly all good smells. On a similar vein, isn't the new inflatable toy smell lovely? It reminds me of childhood trips to France.

My shopping weakness is my local charity shop. You can get most things there if you wait long enough. I got my (purple satin steel-boned) corset there for £3. Also my bike and most of my clothes. I go there every lunchtime I am available.

wendryn said...

The last thing I bought that I fell in love with was my hiking boots. We got Nyx (Great Dane puppy) in October last year, and I didn't have good walking shoes because they had all died. I needed boots before Nyx finished her shots and could go out for walks. She was growing very quickly and had more energy than we wanted to handle. I have never spent $200 on boots before but it was absolutely worth it. I wear them almost every day (unless I'm pretending to be an office professional that day) and they haven't worn out yet despite daily (sometimes many times daily) walks with the now-huge dog. I'm expecting them to last years, and I'm happy with them.

I can't say I am much into purses, but I can see how that one fits you.

Yummy girl with a scythe... :)

Lisa Moon said...

Wow, so much to comment on here... but I have to admit, there's some things I'm not sure how to comment on, lol.

1st: YES! Excellent points, my dear! When DO the benefits kick in? Vacation? Sick pay? Holiday pay? How about some medical/dental? Sheesh, even just a freakin' lunch break would SURE be nice!

2nd: Corsets! My friend has her own custom-made corset and capes and other good stuffs business... and she's right here in Victoria, too! She occasionally has a few 'pre-mades' for sale at a local high-end lingerie store, but generally they are totally customized for each person. Check out a few of her things here http://www.heartweardesigns.blogspot.com/

3rd: I'd say back in high school, I was more like the girl on the left of that photo, though now more like the girl on the right with the funky striped socks (I LOVE striped socks! LOVE!). Don't think I've ever felt the need to be the 'leader' chick, nor the the implied bitchiness I see in her coy little leg position, as in "Sweet, innocent me!"

4th: I seem to collect bags, too, but none are exactly dainty. One of my favourites is a little tote-style bag that is black with white stars all over it. It's made from super-strong nylon (like a backpack) and is reversible to plain black, if you prefer. Made by Dickies, they offer a lifetime guarantee! Huh!

Actually, I love shoes, but not in the way most women seem to. For one thing, it's NEVER about high heels. EVER. It's about the comfiest shoes I can find which fit my wide feet... and now that don't aggravate my chronic nerve condition... and hopefully manage all of this while still being kinda cute and funky. This usually involves German shoes with high price tags, unfortunately. Sigh.

And good socks, preferably with stripes on them!

Also, I've always had a strange attraction to new stationery. Yeah, paper and so on, like at back to school time. I loooove getting all that new, unwritten on stuff... so exciting! {drools}

Then, unrelated to shopping, I've this odd... *thing* for the kind of automatic transmissions seen in American cars/trucks... the shifter on the column? OMG, I don't know WHY but that makes me totally hot. Weird, eh?

Victor Kellar said...

Girls with scythes, girls with swords .. I won't embaress myself by saying anything more ...

When I shop for fun frivilous stuff it is usually for Collette, we do that for each other. I buy her dolphin/fish jewellery and she buys me knives and warthogs (Beth, you have Hello Kitty, I have warthogs)

I can probably get excited as you did about your purse by finding a little soapstone warthog carving for me or a silver fish pendant for Collette.

Collette scours the net for all these items for me, she scored me a German style beer stien with a boar motiff (ok, not a warthog but close enough) whereas I go drift through neighbourhoods where you can find little artists' stalls squirrelled away seeking stuff for her.

In my little in home studio/edit suited I am surrounded by my warties .. with a random mix of edged weapons and border collie carvings. Frivilous things. Totally non practical. But looking at them makes me happy. What more can you want?

hakalax said...

Sweetie darling,
your purse affection / addiction is totally freudian! ;)

Elizabeth McClung said...

Raccoon: Yes, bounced around, head a jumble. Let me translate the purse into speech we both understand - it is the book by a favorite author that no one else has read.

Obviously the purse is a bit heavy on the butterfly and rose for me, not exactly going to get all dolled up in my goth loli with my black lace bonnet, high skirt with tonnes of lace and crinoline which is what I think this purse was meant to go with. But the fact that it was limited run, immediately discontinued, not just a gothic loli, but a gothic loli Hello Kitty! So I will take the pleasure in having it, in owning it. But I can't imagine using it to keep change and such. Much like my coffin purse where I keep my vampire teddy bear this will keep some goth loli plushy (do they HAVE goth loli plushy teddy bears?) inside.

Yeah, if Death has to come, let her come like that!

Carapace: That is not that unreasonable for a corset that gets a lot of use, Linda has one like that, and undercorset as well as a more flexible corset for clubbing or fun. Mine tend to be partially boned, used for a year or two, but with my changing weight, can't afford to get 7 new corsets every few months. But yes, a corset collection of high quality original boning is something built over years I think. Looks great and I am sure will look great on you! The next part is to find the matching shrug or shawl, scarf to go with.

Anna: I agree, when you can buy something in three seconds by pushing a button, that is difficult, when you have mail order and then fill out the order and decide to post it tomorrow or such when you review - often the burning passion for item X is gone - so that saves LOTS of money.

Of course then the worst is when I finally decide to get something and THEY are OUT! wow, I get in a real funk then and want it 20 times the passion I originally wanted it. Nothing like saying "no" to make me want something!

The problem with denial with my disability is I used to "pay" the next day, then six hours later, now it is in about 30 minutes, so hard to be in denial for long.

Abby: totally with you, shopping is good, shopping for others is good, sometimes shopping and see something unique from another country.....say...JAPAN, and even if I know I can't keep it and I don't know who will love it, I STILL want to get it for when I MEET the person who I can then give it to. No, no, no shopaholic here.

Neil: As I explained to Raccoon, Purse is not my style for using, is my style as thing that no one else has that I can chortle over and call "my pretty"

Yes, nice girls with knives, somehow need to be more careful but also more attractive. Unless they get drunk a lot, in which case just run.

I do work hard to try and get nice cards for all styles of people.

As for Dragon, I had it on MY computer which crashed on a regular basis, it is now on the custom made computer for Dragon that Tech Services sent over but didn't bother sending anyone to set it up (becuase the quads and people with degenerative muscle diseases are SO great at hauling around computers). So tech guy Mike set it up, however the integration program to make it work with the special and expensive voice recorder (which transcribes into text - see I am getting serious about writing now!), did not work, becuase ID is invalid, called number on back of manual, they say ID number belongs to dealer, manual and ID sent to vancouver, they will talk to dealer, dealer will talk to them, they will fex-ex back to Triumph and Triumph will (hopefully) tell me how to finish the installation in about 4-6 weeks - seriously!

Today Sucks, more on that later.

Frida: Hey, I like the smell of new things, even if I may never use them!

What, you didn't get the benifits booklet either, I can't even find out if we are part of a union or not!

Lene: yes, I like the smell of a good 18th century book or 17th century. Even some Victoria ones are nice. And the leather, for the covers.

The purse is a prize, I have it, no one else does; do the guys think I will really drag it about in the rain with things banging up the insie when I can just put in on a shelf and gaze upon it, and know that it is mine! Goth loli Hello Kitty is all mine! (now they are going to say, "What use is that, why did you buy it at all?).

Gaina: I'm glad you have a purchase you love, and you give yourself Lush presents. For years I had nothing, but now, thanks to some Fab gifts I have Chester the gargoyle looking at me, as well as my Bone Box for keeping my change in, my Gothic box with my Gothic Jewelry inside, and several anime pencil boards to look at to cheer me up when I get blue.

Nancy: I can just imagine doing that. However, I don't know if this purse will ever see the light of day since with all my meds and emergency gear, I tend to use heavy duty bags/slings and this is a bit too dainty for anything but admiration

Yanub: true, I confess a lot, maybe it is becuase I want the make up flurry of love!

Well considering that my "purse" is a backpack from Ti-lite on the back of my wheelchair - this is just a clutch purse for loving. And maybe a cute bear to live in if I find one to match (a nice goth loli bear).

One in the wheelchair, I tried to get excited about shoes, bought a couple and then after a year of having them exactly the same condition sort of gave up. Linda's passion for shoes continues!

I do take a long time and hard searching to find the cards, and then to find the right person to send to and then to select amoung this large box of stickers to and block prints to make the "right card" - it is a bit of a process, but I enjoy it, sometimes when Linda and I do it together it is like "speed scrapbooking"

Dawn Allenbach said...

My latest shopping squee was finding a gorgeous Botswana agate ring off ebay a couple of months ago. I couldn't wear it for a while until I got it sized, but now I flash it at everyone. Unusual shape, distinct striping -- I LOVE IT!

I'm going to be 37 on Friday and have NEVER gotten to have a non-disabled vacation.

Wow. I'm going to be 37 on Friday. Go me!

Elizabeth McClung said...

Wendryn: Yes, not really a purse person myself (since I only have six!), this one is purely for decoration and bringing on the envy of others however. Every other purse (except the Demonia ones) are by Fossil, same for Linda, they make great purses which carry a LOT, are easy to carry and look small (like one carried my wallet, my meds, a paperback, tissue, the whole extra baggage in emergency, and the purse looks SMALLER than a paperback book, with a long cross shoulder strap.

Linda loves her hiking shoes and her newish "dyke shoes" which are SO comfy, she forgot and put them back on (wide, black sturdy shoes which would make any WWII family proud) and played badminton in them.

Abi: I would definately sign that petition! I need my rights to a break from my disability.

I do (or did) like going to charity shops as when you go down a street and pop in to the several to see what is there. Ended up with several pieces of Native Art from the West Coast of BC becuase they didn't have a clue what they were so sold them for a pound or 50 pence. Fine by Linda and I!

For the Corset, if buying, consult a specialist for the right fit. Also as any victorian woman could tell you, the ribs WILL change to fit. That is why you start with the corset spread, and then as time goes you tighten a little at a time - if you have an outer corset you just wear it with a hoodie or such. Once you are used to the "hugged" feeling, you can just take it in another inch or so. Seriously, I am sure a horde of feminists will stone me soon but if you wear corsets regularly, you can 'train' your body to them.

Lisa Moon: Well, if you ever find the benifits office, let me know as they seem closed and I never got my full instruction pamplet.

I've met and talked to her, tried to explain that corsets for people in chairs (with side zip or front lace) is good to get rid of the little pot you get from an angled wheelchair. But you need a short body corset, unless you like boning digging into your groin. Always wanted a cape, and a sword stick - there is a shop in New Orleans that sold sort sticks but not a lot of six foot plus tall women's OR men's sticks to be honest.

Yes, for some reason, everyone KNOWS the girl in the middle with her, "teacher pet" or "I'm so perfect" look, just no one will admit to BEING HER - I guess she doesn't use the internet! As for Socks, the one time I talked about getting socks at Sock Dreams - that blog comment section was like a record, people with disabilities get very into thier socks!

Bags, I like fossil, as I use them for years and they look the same, plus with the long strap they used to ride my hip, just above when walking or bottom of rib if across the body, and were a perfect weapon to wack someone upside the head too!

Stationary, you are in plenty of good company here, there is a great love for many types of stationary, which is why I like sending it as gifts (on the odd assumption people are as passionate as I).

Victor: well, yes, that is why I picked out that last card for you, or would it have been even better if that girl wasn't holding a FLUTE but a katana? Well, I might have something just for you I have been saving many months. Getting good girls with swords postcards are really difficult I will say!

Remember, I only have ALTERNATIVE helllo Kitty, the subversive Hello Kitty, the sex alluring Hello Kitty, the Gothic Hello Kitty - regular Hello kitty is sometimes to bland, I want to say, "come on, show me that 'other side'!"

Collette Dolphins and fish, Victor Warthogs, check! I have to say Victor that in all my searching I have yet to find good warthog (or even bad warthog) stickers/stamps! Sorry.

But I know what you mean about surrounding yourself with the things which give you pleasure and every so often you just reach up, blow the dust off and enjoy it anew all over again, then put it back and go back to work.

Hakalax: Yes, well, and Georgia O Keefe just painted pretty flowers? I am not actually into a purse fetish, just the "it is mine!" thing, so what does my collection of vibrators tell you about me? Or did Freud not have a catagory with Lesbians that enjoy it! Actually he probably did, I am a torured nympho or something! hee hee.

Emma said...

The coffee break thing made me laugh. In my first year at uni I was out one weekend with Jen who was a carer for me (I had volunteer carers at that time who provided me with 24/7 support as needed. I love my independence but I had great carers and I miss many of them). We saw her housemate and he just walked past us that day, shock his head and went "you have to work weekends too?!" Jen just turned round and yelled after him something like "yeah its not like they get weekends off and suddenly stop being ablebodied on a friday night needing the wheelchair again on Monday morning." We laughed a lot at that.

Veralidaine said...

Yay for this post :)

The purse is very cute.

I bet some crafty type could attach your black wings to the back of your chair if you so desired... couldn't be TOO hard.

Oh, and I think a recent health disaster or brain boom stopped you from responding to the question I asked in your comments recently-- do you think that making you fingerless gloves that turn into mittens would work? All the patterns I can find for plain gloves don't work with any fabric warm enough to prevent your frostbite. But I did find a pattern for fingerless gloves with a little hood thing you can tuck back to have the fingers free or tuck forward to make them into mittens.

Lene Andersen said...

Use? What use? Some things are just for HAVING! ;)

Lene Andersen said...

p.s. Ooooh! 17th century books? 18th Century?? Never touched one (but now feel I absolutely MUST!) I have some old Danish first editions from somewhere in the 1800s (inherited from my grandparents) - the earliest I think 1830s.

Damn you. Now I covet.


Raccoon said...

I'm kind of so-so right now on shopping. I go on binges. For a while it would be one thing, then another.

Books, though. That's a constant.

And when you explain the purse like that, I understand.

cheryl g said...

OK, I freely admit I don't get new purse smell but the way you all talk about it I am guessing it is like new gun smell or new boot smell.

I do get buying things you love just to have them and it's even better when it is very limited in availability.

I do like to look through mail order catalogs and make wish lists but my catalogs are mostly for outdoor supply stores like REI and Cabelas. Oh, and these guys for edged weapons...


Your right, you should get lunch breaks, paid vacations and overtime at the very least.

Lisa Moon said...

Oh! I can't believe I forgot my other shopping fetish. I'm slightly embarrassed to say it's neither original, goth nor especially interesting, but I just can't help myself... I just looovvve so many things at Ikea!

I know, I know, boring, right? But they lure me in with their simple lines, which seem to promise a simple, uncluttered home and, therefore I imagine, life.

I'll let you know if I ever get to the point of having it actually work (the decluttering of life, that is!).

Also, omg, Sock Dreams IS like pr0n for the sock-geek! SO many kinds, colours, etc! Just one thing... that whole ordering from the US. Have you done this? Was is reasonable? It's the duties that worry me, not the actual shipping costs... mmm, socks. :)

FridaWrites said...

I like REI and get the new boot smell too. Cabela's I haven't looked at in a long time, check backcountry.com since we're all trading links today. I've got to be the only person who goes out in a mobility scooter in Keen Targhees. My husband used to buy a lot from that museum replica place--Renaissance geeks, we are.

I am looking up Sock Dreams.

Devi said...

I would say you have good taste. Much congrats on finding that purse! I treated myself to a new bag lately, though it wasn't a find as much as a custom order. It turned out beautifully - really nice soft cuddly fabric.

annaliisa said...

Ah sorry for spamming you by a complete stranger. But alas the Gothic Hello Kitty love of mine forces me to do so.

I am hunting for the adorable Pour Lolita Gothic Edition purse, the same design you have a picture of in this post.

So far I am in no luck (no surprise considering how rare it is and how late I discovered the design). This purse is way to cute to not have. Since you seemed to be able to find yourself one could you point me to the shop you were lucky enough to see it being sold.

The probability it still being sold there is small but well worth the attempt atleast to chek for myself.

my em-mail is annaliisa at offline.ee