Monday, August 04, 2008

Beth's 'Normal' Day: Hello Kitty, Farmers' Market, Gifts and a 50's Diner

This is a tale of Elizabeth’s 'Normal' day (we skip the seizures, the passing out, the tedious medical stuff and focus on the fun and ‘normal’), which actually is bits of three days put together (welcome to Disability Time) but let’s pretend shall we.

In a tale most unbelievable, Port Angeles, which has many tattoo parlors (and ones not that good) happens to now have a shop which sells Hello Kitty supplies and not only that, rare and cool Hello Kitty Supplies. This means I actually have a shopping reason to go to Port Angeles. But also mean now I am in shopping envy, lying awake at night frustrated that I did not find item X or Y sooner, or that others maybe just THIS minute someone is buying what I want (a feeling never felt before about Port Angeles!). This was the store where I talked to the 16 year old girl about Hello Kitty, Demonia Shoes, Goth and yes, S&M. The store have a few “display rooms” and this is the Kitchen.

As you see they do retro, and it is not just Hello Kitty, but you can see the Hello Kitty toaster and the coffee maker up there.

Well, as of tonight, in typical Linda fashion, Linda has “shoppers regret” over that toaster, on how it would be REALLY nice but golly we can’t justify that (which is Linda code for “I really want it and keep thinking about it”). I don’t know why Linda doesn’t see and lust for things instantly like me, but it takes two days or so for her to get the bug, like in Paris when she decided she REALLY should have picked up that scarf on the first day. So back we had to go, subway transfers and all because seriously, is it not better to go back and GET the scarf then hear the regrets over NOT getting the scarf for two years? Plus Linda likes to shop but does not get crazy excited like being exposed to catnip about buying things (that is what I do!); so when she does WANT something, crave something, then yeah, I am going to get that for her.

So here is the toaster, nice, right, but we don’t HAVE to get it there, right? We could order it online! Only, it turns out this shop (which I am NOT telling you where it is, in case you go buy this toaster!), sells very ODD items. This toaster is a limited edition 2008 item and has a cover and a crumb tray and six to eight different settings on how you can toast Hello Kitty’s face into your bread. And it is not sold elsewhere, not that we can find. There are two other cheaper style toasters but none so cool as this. Sigh.

So while Linda was gazing at toasters I had found the most amazing Hello Kitty Temporary Tattoos, which I am sure are Japan Release Only (meaning, what are they doing HERE in Port Angeles!), there are Purple Geisha ones for the Girls and I found blue ones of Drumming and drinking sake for the guys (come on guys, playing big Japanese drums is manly!). But seriously, how cool would having a Geisha Hello Kitty shoulder tattoo be? A little temptress shoulder display….Hello Kitty for the Sexy Kitten? Not that I am starting to write my fantasies out loud or anything…..hee hee!

I also found a set of bandages, where EACH bandage is a different Hello Kitty scene. I had seen the pink Hello Kitty bandages before but not this visual delight of Hello Kitty. So I picked them up and can’t decide whether they would make perfect gifts or perfect rewards for me after surviving yet ANOTHER blood test and needle experience. Oh, to give or to enjoy for the self?

And as I was about to leave, I fell totally in love with the Hello Kitty Pirate sleepset! Look at it, who wouldn’t! Hello Kitty Pirate with her ribbon in her hair and a skull in the ribbon, her hat, her ship! All in a sleep cami. I rolled back inside and found out, only size SMALL left on the rack (now looking at the picture I ask myself, “Why did I not check the size of top on the MODEL?”) Instead I told Cheryl, “Oh well, not this month, but at the rate I am going I can get it next month or so.” But now, looking at the pictures I am having a terrible case of buyer envy. I want it – and I haven’t wanted a sleep set in like YEARS. Plus it is perfect for heat intolerant me. Double sigh!

Here is a picture of some of the goodies, you can see the size small top on the front bottom rack, and if you look at the top left you will see the edge a FULL purple sleep set including sheets and everything to make your Hello Kitty bedroom. I was offered this (perhaps in jest by Linda and Cheryl - they better be careful, as what if I threw myself of the bed shouting MINE!) but I refused as Hello Kitty was wearing a cheap IMITATION ruby in her ribbon. Sorry, I don’t do imitation, I do SKULLS! But still, next time I will get a picture of that for you.

We went from there to the Farmers Market at Port Townsend, 48 miles and many skary bars and stores from Port Angeles (avoid the road side shop on that way that has a sign advertising, “Animal skins and ice cream available.” The racks of animal horns mounted on the outside are a giveaway - yeah, I'm serious).

At the market, there were all the local farms, from a few miles away, as well as people making food from ‘home.’ The first thing I saw were these nectarines (apricots?) and then on to the peas (you’ve seen them).

A little further on was the best looking bowl of Borscht I have ever seen, it looks like raspberry soup and with an edible flower too! However beets and I had repeated childhood traumas so I avoid beet related things but if you are missing the old country, come and try out this bowl. I admit, I was not aware traditional Borscht came with “Sunflower-cashew sour crème” (I think that might be the Port Townsend influence).

There were many flower vendors and I was entranced by these Lilies, but with so many miles to go and having to hand carry them back (to be confiscated by customs – no fresh fruit or veg, etc….remember) I had to leave them behind. Still, I have a picture!

Linda, who when we try to call her a “Butch” gets laughed at by Butch Lesbians tried out an apron to see if she should Femme herself up. “Is this ME?” she asked, holding aside her pastry (where did that go Linda, and how come I never got any?), and holding this flowery apron to herself. “No, no, no, no, no!” I said and then, “Let me take a picture!” Because that is as close as I will get to Linda channeling Martha Stewart.

On the way out, I was delayed and fascinated by these candle displays which are actually made of Soy, I think they are Vegan Candles? I am not sure why the soy but they made them with different flavors, Tomato and Kumquat and had such pretty displays that I wanted a display if not a candle. Port Townsend does have lovely farmers food and flowers and GREAT presentation.

From there we went to downtown Port Townsend for lunch at the 50’s Diner where they serve REAL malts from original malt machines brought in from where they were found all over the country. Here I am with Cheryl, the counter in the background. I also paid 25 cents in the jukebox for a song; Linda picked, “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” while I picked the oh so hammy ballad, “Leader of Pack.” First, who doesn’t like a tragic motorcycle ballad? But also because I got to sing the backup singer girl part, you know, the two girls who stand in the background making hand motions and repeating the last word, “He didn’t know what was going down.” At this point I do the wavy motion of my hands while singing, “down….down” I don’t know why but I always wanted to be one of those back up singers; seemed a great gig, you stand on stage and sing about 8 words and “Oooooooooooooo!” Between my reliving childhood career fantasies I did postcards. Yup, want to know how I get those cards done and sent – dedication! So I do a little bit whenever I can. When I travel, your postcard travels with me until it is done!

The next day we were back in Victoria and I decided to use the $100 I had won from the Hudson’s Bay Company by winning the 10K race in my racing wheelchair. They actually sent it to me (Sweet!). I decided this was a good time to bring closure to my Japan trip by getting Canadian gifts for those who helped me in Japan. I wanted to get one particularly for a gentleman, S-san, from the Japanese Volunteer Disability organization who corresponded with me for five to six months before the trip and helped up create our trip “bible.” But also for the English speaking volunteer in Kanazawa who stayed with us for several hours, got my wheelchair repaired and saved the trip. In Japan, because of issues regarding status, you can only give food or perishable gifts. Because to give a gift that is permanent puts an obligation on the person or family receiving it. This has not stopped cost or status from entering as melons (the round fruit) are a popular gift (people eat them and gift is gone), so there are Melons costing over $100 (I kid you not). I ended up getting S-san a Haida art box with a can of fresh Queen Charlotte Salmon inside, as I know seafood is popular in Japan. I also got maple syrup treats for all the people in his office so that he could keep this himself and not feel obligated by being singled out (when he was representing them), and thus forced to share it. However, I know he worked far above and beyond, so I wanted to give him something uniquely west coast.

This however did not finish the $100 so I went search for gifts, primarily for men, because when I give gifts, I try to include a little something for the whole family. Except while I do well on chidren, teens and the women I am friends with, I tend to be terrible with guys. What do you get a guy who is a husband to someone you know? But since all my friends are in internet land I focused on trying to find things that were particularly west coast. I did manage to find some more temporary tattoos done in different Haida and Native Art of the West Coast.I think they look cool and very 'manly', but would look good on a butch too!

I also picked up a couple fridge magnets, again trying to find something unique to this area. Since the Hudson’s Bay company has represented the contact with the native population, for better or worse, here on the west coast for the last several hundred years, they have a lot of decent native art. So what do you think of this, cool enough for a guy to put on the fridge?

I spend the last of my funds on Art Print, which would be more of a gift to a husband/wife, or couple or maybe academics, not sure. I like this print but then I could really mess up and send it as a gift to someone who finds this boring. I selected it from dozens. Each print comes from a different artist; this one is from an artist near Prince Rupert, on the Alaska border of Canada and across from the Queen Charlottes. While it is not the traditional black and red of the Haida art, it has the traditional forms but has use of colour I really enjoy. I hoped that whoever gets it, it will be something very different from where they live. What do you think, would most people like this, or is it an acquired taste?

I stayed away from buying the Inuit Art (the people in the arctic) which tends to be abstract and representational and I really enjoy. Because I can’t imagine sending Inuit Art to someone in Kent or in Iowa as it is usually stacks of stones to represent people or carved seal bone (literally art from what is up past tree line, stone and bones!).

So that was what I ended up getting with the $100 from the race (and a bit more to get all I wanted to buy). Linda asked me if there wasn’t something I wanted for myself, but at the time I could honestly say, 'no.' But that’s until I saw the picture of the Hello Kitty Cami and sleep shorts set again….now I have that frenzy to find and make it MINE!

Seriously, many things have gone away: I have virtually no taste left, the same with getting hungry or thirsty, just part of the disease. Indeed, one odd side effect was that certain seizures make me sleepy, while a few make me hungry…and I haven’t been hungry in months and months (or thirsty, which is why I and others have to constantly monitor me for dehydration). As for me, I am trying to fund a trip to San Francisco and to a Neurologist and getting rid of things, selling things. I also have very little in the way of appetite. So for me, finding a gift that I think someone might like and sending it to them, even if that takes a couple weeks or months is the closest I get to that sort of pleasure now. After all, I still have all the excitement of shopping and get the added pleasure of hoping, like the post cards, the right gift gets to the right person.

So that was it, the 'normal' day and today I got to write about it, about the normal, normal me (touch that toaster or those Pirate Hello Kitty PJ’s and DIE!).


SharonMV said...

Dear Beth,
Thanks for sharing your day(s) & shopping excitement. Fantastic - a Hello Kitty shop in Port Angeles! Going in all the little shops is one of my favorite things to do when visiting a town. And then going to all the best ones again the next time we visit. Yes, shopping lust - but a very specialized lust. One little town on the CA central coast that we love to visit has a garden/gift shop in a little country house with a lovely garden in the back, a stitching shop and a stamp store. And there is also a tea shop.

I have shopping envy - I think I'll have to go look at some online stamp stores right now. You picked great gifts. The heron print is beautiful. Hope you get the hello kitty toaster (and the pjs).


rachelcreative said...

Just catching up on the last few blog posts.

I'm glad you got some happiness amongst the cr@ppy illness parts of your day(s). I can understand Linda's toaster and your sleep set desires!

For the record I like that inuit art and I like that print you picked out to.

I do find guys can be quite difficult to buy for. I'm lucky that I have a brother who likes ethical products but is on a budget so treating him is easy. And a husband who loves video games, music CD's and books. And a dad who likes toys and second hand dvd box sets.

JaneB said...

That print is totally georgeous - whoever gets it is very lucky!!

I have some cards from Ontario, which are a little similar, native art of birds with the wonderful expressive lines - wish I'd bought prints but at the time I was a post-doc and saving for a car...

elizabeth said...

That looks like the coolest store ever!

Lene Andersen said...

Such a great "day"! Love the pics, the borscht looks yummy (I have never eaten beets, maybe it's time to try?) and the Hello Kitty... well. I am a philistine, I don't get HK, but I get that you love her, so that's enough for me. That toaster/sleepset clearly belongs to you and I hope it finds its way to home.

I'm wholly behind any form of native art. It's very Canadian and beyond beutiful. I have several pieces myself - one drawing of the raven (love that trickster legend), several small scuptures. And a large soapstone thing from Greenland that my uncle gave me (he used to travel there all the time). In my opinion, you can never go wrong with native art and the things you choose are gorgeous.

Tammy said...

It looks like you had a lovely day. I'm not a huge Hello Kitty fan, or wasn't, but that toaster certainly appeals to me. Don't worry, it's safe though. I'm just fascinated by it putting the pattern in the toast. I want you to know, I can't see ANYTHING Hello Kitty, without thinking of you. I find myself pausing over the items and wondering if I (or you) need them. But here in the mid-west, they are all really frilly, pink, and so not for a goth queen, and I pass them up(you being the goth queen, not me lol). I have a rather unpleasant "Hello Kitty" childhood memory I need to share
I shop like you. I see it, I like it, I get all woozy wanting it.
Save the band-aids for you. If they could give you just a slight bit of happiness after the trauma of a needle, they belong with you. Hey, they give lollipops out at my kids doctors office for shots, so save a treat for yourself.
Soy candles aren't necessarily vegan. I'm in the heart of soy country, and surrounded by soy fields. It's an economic boost for my family. Soy is cleaner burning than traditional wax,and it doesn't have to get as hot to reach the melting point. It will also burn longer than other waxes, and is a boost to the agriculture industry. It may also be a natural/vegetable item and have a vegan appeal, but the above is some of the main reason for soy candles.
I'm glad you had a lovely day. The pictures are wonderful.

Gaina said...

Beth, I'm disappointed. I thought you were going to show us your new Hello Kitty Tattoo, and not a temp one either! :P

That Native Art is gorgeous. I would have bought up all the candles - I'm a candle whore. LOL.

Please tell me Linda did get the Hello Kitty toaster?

Perpetual Beginner said...

If you know anyone named Harrington, Herndon, Hendon or other variation that you owe a gift to, the Heron picture would be something to consider - the name originally means "Heron's nest".

I've never really gotten Hello Kitty, but Linda's toaster is very cool.

cheryl g. said...

Amazing that Port Angeles contains something of redeeming value besides me and Maggie.

The art print of the Heron is absolutely beautiful. I like that it doesn't use the traditional colors. Who's the artist?

Anonymous said...

You have great taste in art the print is beautiful. I also have a piece of inuit carving and love it. You never stop impressing me here you are full of trials and serious issues and you chose to buy stuff to mase others happy. I hope that there are times when we can do the same for you. still waiting for the gift we bought you to get here so we can send it to you

Anna said...

Shopping is life:) I liked the Inuit art even though it looks a bit scary.

Don't they have any Hello Kitty aprons for your wife?

Judith said...

Dear Beth,
thank you so much for the beautiful postcard. It was lovely to receive.
I am glad you had such a good time with the shopping.
I think the print you bought is beautiful and the colours seem more about the water than red and black would - sort of traditional but not at the same time.

FridaWrites said...

Did you notice the Anne Taintor prints in the HK retro kitchen? I love her work on '50s era photos--I have an address book but want to get one of those memo pads--"Someone called, about something..." and "She was comforted by the knowledge that they were helpless without her."

I shop like Linda--if I long for it later, I need to go back (if I can).

Get some bandaids for yourself--after all you have to go through to get blood!

The artwork's pretty, even the Inuit art. The objects in my house look like we're trying to escape where we live...what's with all the bears and meese and forest colors?? :)

Veralidaine said...

Good luck on the toaster! Hello Kitty's face on toast... hmm... do they sell a Jesus one so I can make lots of money selling toast on Ebay?

I sympathize with Linda. I think if I were a lesbian everyone would laugh if I were called a butch, too. I did fix my own vacuum cleaner the other day, with screwdriver, and everything! Then, I promptly broke it, the exact same way again. Dangit!

I'm also more like Linda with the shopping. I will window-shop, then stew over something I "couldn't justify" for days before finally maybe going back and getting it... but sometimes I don't even do that. I just stew forever! The Hello Kitty tattoos are very cute...

Dawn Allenbach said...

Forget the guys -- *I* want the Haida art! It's gorgeous! Maybe it's because I have a few drops of Lakota (Sioux) in me, but I am drawn to Native art. Even the Inuit stuff gets me excited. That print is beautiful.

Hello Kitty toaster. *shakes head* Y'all are Hello Kitty bonkers. Though I will admit that a Hello Kitty pirate is pretty groovy.

Many folks prefer soy or beeswax candles to paraffin because the latter give off potentially carcinogenic smoke and soot.

Elizabeth McClung said...

SharonMV: Yes, something in Port Angeles to look forward to other than Cheryl and Maggie. We have one stamp store in town but it is not great, apparently, according to Cheryl, there is one in Las Vegas which is amazing - but my favs come from a mail order company - we should email about this!

I'm glad the heron print is good - I wasn't sure because growing up here, and then coming back to live several times, native art, particular west coast art is something I am used to, I go, "Oh Salish" or "Oh Haida" or "Alert Bay I think" - while to people elsewhere they might go "Oh it is so angular and UGLY!" So good to get a second opinion.

Rachelcreative: Yeah, nice to have a blog without mentioning any medical crud, and I only had to put like three days together to do it!

I'm glad the print and yeah, unless you KNOW the guy and know what electronics or DVD they like, what, am I going to get a tie? Please, no!

Jane B: Well, it isn't huge, a foot and a half by something. Several times I wanted to buy full sized prints but I like these ones because they can go on a mantlepiece or be cheaply framed (already mounted), and put in the bedroom or anywhere.

I have been a student so long, I too never got all the things I was "going to come back when I have that full time job" and buy.

Elizabeth: Excellent - you pass the test, come out and we will go shopping together!

Lene: You have never eaten beets? Ever? Well, um, from childhood trauma I should let you know, in case you like them A LOT that if you eat a lot and then, no your poo isn't full of blood...but beets. Gee, that was a quick and fun transition!

But Hello Kitty is so subversive? Hello Kitty as Geisha? As Drunken sake person? Oh well. I avoid the suger and sweet and go for the subversive kitty - the one that looks nice but has a skull in her hair instead of a bow.

We have several small sculptures too and carvings - oddly found two of them in Cardiff charity shops that didn't know they were selling west coast art so got what we could NOT afford at prices we could.

It is very canadian, preserving so much native art, I am thankful of that.

Tammy: See, if LINDA can be attracted and won over to the Practical, streamlined look of hello kitty (also because she has toast every day and would like something that hides the crumbs till she cleans it out!), I think everyone can, if I just keep finding the more unusual Hello Kitty items. I understand most people don't like the stuff for young girls, I mean other than young girls who does, but hello kitty with an Ararchist symbol on her hoodie, now we are talking. There was a coffee maker but it doesn't have all the practical settings. Besides Linda has Toast EVERY DAY.

I am VERY curious about the traumatic Hello Kitty experience.

Yes, I see it, it is mine. I know it, it belongs to me, then if someone else buys it, I mourn, because how could they love it as much as I - the poor item, in the wrong hands!

Thank you for the info on the Soy candles, that makes sense.

Gaina: Well, I still have to decide what kind of tattoo I want. And what skin won't shrink on me (see other people worry about stretching, I have the other problem - I am from the horror book "Thinner!").

She hasn't but I think I am going to call them and put it on hold. Because she SHOULD have it. I mean, I don't want stuff but she really RARELY wants stuff so I will go that route. Also, I remembered Linda is a candle person too - why didn't she buy them?

Perpetual Beginner: Ohhhh getting all entemelogical on us (I think that is close to the spelling). Didn't know that about Harrington.

See, you don't have to love ALL the faces of Hello Kitty, just the ones which you find useful - like the cool Geisha tattoos - seriously, hello kitty Geisha no go? How about Hello Kitty with Kendo sword?

Cheryl: Oops, mixed up my artists, this one is Richard Shorty who is from Whitehorse in the Yukon; he has been doing native art designs for 28 years now, and does drums, paddles, masks and rattles, apparently he is heavily collected (who knew!). This is Green Heron from 2000.

Collette: I love inuit art, when in Cardiff I travelled up to London to go to Canada House because they had a big display of a couple hundred inuit artist. Also here in Victoria, in the Empress Hotel was one of the national leading inuit art stores, selling original pieces (I can look, but not buy, alas, but it is like a free museum!).

I hope that the things I buy do make people happy, if they don't they should tell me and I will try again. In a life right now were I am SO dependant, so helpless, often totally paralyzed after seizures and such, needing others to read my eye motions for drinks and moving me, putting up headrests. When I need my meals made, my bed made, it is a joy that I can do something, no matter how long it takes to do something for someone else, to make someone else happy - it makes enduring all the helplessness meaningful.

Anna: Thanks, the inuit art is a bit much at first, but they work with what they have so if it is a pointy rock, that is what you have to work with.

I hadn't thought of that, I will suggest or find some to show her as she says she could USE an apron but why do they have to be so......flowery.

Judith: Oh, I'm glad you got one (postcard), and that it was pleasing. Linda is putting all the cards I send out on a data base so that now people will hopefully get them with greater regularity, depending on how well I am each week - I did three today though!

Oh good, I am glad the print is right, the only problem now is where to send it (Linda already got a print for her birthday!).

Frida: Anna who? I mean, I will now look next time and see if I can find any and photograph them so you can collect them if you wish?

Well, like linda, I know that when she goes, "Hmmm, I really would have like that.." it means, "Go find it NOW!"

Veralidaine: Horaay, you mentioned the Hello Kitty Tattoos which I though was just like super duper amazing and who WOULDN'T want one and then no one was very excited about them which makes me wonder "Am I really 14?" Oh well. At least I am not alone!

Um, I am sure in some creepy Christian store you can get one to make Jesus faces, it is just those stores are so creepy it has been many, many years since I went in one (I mean who wants to go to a book section labelled "Brokenness" or "Blood of the Lamb")

Dawn: Horaay, too, good to know, I am working on a postcard for you, I don't know if I send one recently, since linda HAS the data base, she just hasn't given it to me yet. So I am finding everything biological or not and maybe some art too. Will see.

See, it was Linda that liked the Toaster, I liked the Pirate and the Geisha Tattoo - besides around me it is the 'Beth Effect', in that I go on about how cool something is that people eventually find that they find something that is sort of cool too that they like. Believe me, I am no lover of like 90% of Hello kitty, but if the Wheelchair Hello Kitty comes out, you know I am picking one up!

Yeah, considering the area I was expecting beeswax, but that is why soy suprised me and I thought vegan but what you say makes sense (except I happen to be aroused by the smell of smoke in Linda's hair - she came in from the BBQ a few weeks ago and said, "Does that do it for you?" and I smelled her hair, oh the smell of wood smoke, so sexy! - yeah, I know I'm weird)

Neil said...

All the art is very good, Beth. You have great taste. And the farmer's market made me hungry.

The Hello Kitty toaster just isn't me, but the bandaids made me laugh: I was giving the odd bandaid out on the weekend to armour-wearing folks wighing over 250 lbs. A Hello Kitty bandaid for that armour scrape, my Lord?? NOT! This first aider doesn't want to risk finishing life as a tent peg. But I laughed at the thought.

My Indi friend in Rossland may have started reading your blog. You could be famous soon!

I'm sorry that it took three days to get one good one, but I'm here when the inner voices strike, and I'm here when Hello Kitty scratches, and I'm here for you, dear Beth. And Linda too!

Cheers and hugs,

Maggie said...

after a few days of my own bad voices, I guess I'm starting to be on the mend. I wish I could have come with y'all to PT but I really needed to stay here and get things done and there were some issues related to our Friday night conversation to tend to as well. If you can't remember, email me and I'll fill you in.
I think the heron print is beautiful. I'm drawn to greens and blues so maybe, I'm not the best judge.
THe smoke smell thing...complete turn on for me too...when Sparky comes home from a good fire and he's all smokey and sweaty...well, we'll just stop there before this turns into a porn blog.

yanub said...

Ok, that toaster is sweet, but how could you leave without getting that cute coffeemaker?

All the art you selected is gorgeous. I can't imagine that there are people who wouldn't appreciate and treasure it.

Again, I am blown away by the quality of the pictures you and Linda take. It's almost like being there. You two have perfect eyes for the memorable commonplace.

FridaWrites said...

Here's Anne Taintor's work:

Neil said...

Maggie: Is there really such a thing as a "good" fire?? I realize that you wil almost certainly have a different jargon about fires, but the only good thing I cn think of about a fire is that it was contained quickly and there was little property damage and no injuries.

No criticism intended, Maggie; just a curious twit with a question.

Zen hugs,

Elizabeth McClung said...

Neil: your responds is with your hunger, even in art. It is interesting and honest.

I think maybe how about a selection, Hello Kitty, bandage or I dunno, batman? No, guess not.

Oh good, always like new readers, I hope they find something here to interact with or challenge them.

Maggie: yeah, well, considering his occupation and yours smoke as aphrodesiac (sic) is a good thing. I am sorry but I understand the need for "me" time, clearing head space and that. I hope you can come over in a couple weeks, maybe for a day, we have some trips planned and even if I can't remember them all you show up in a bunch of pictures, and seem to be having fun (real conversation and laughter, not just the 'picture perfect smile' you have down so well when people point camera at you. I guess, I am saying I miss you. And if and when you have the chance, it would be good to do something before it all turns to rain.

Yanub: Well, primarily becuase Linda doesn't drink coffee! We actually forgot to take the camera the day we visted the store the first time so went back to take picturs so people could see what we talked about.

the 'memorable commonplace' I like that - Most of the shots are mine this time! but Linda and talked about that, and how for me, or us, the photos are all about the human story, so it isn't just a beautiful picture of peas, but the basket too, not just a candle, but the presentation, the communication between people, and what people do. The STORY which is human living. So thank you for the compliment.

Frida: yes, there was a great table of her stuff right opposite the kitchen - thanks for the link.

Neil: I don't know what Maggie will say but except for loss of life, or injury is there a BAD fire? Since to me, fire is sort of like an alien species; we just happen to use the same fuel as it (oxygen), and it wants to grow and reproduce and we are incompatable, but still, it is very facinating. I know that property damage is suppose to be "Bad" but seeing a ladder with all the liquid sucked out so it is thin like lace paper, or concrete with all the moisture sucked out (like in the Kelona fire at 4000 degrees), where it is pile of sand. There is a beauty in it. Maybe you can take comfort in knowing that while trees burn at 1000 degrees, because we build houses with spaces, and it can oxydize so well, houses burn twice as hot as fir trees.

Maybe the question should be, by the time you finished high school, how many times had you scorched your bangs, burned off your eyebrows and curled your lashes by sticking your head in a flame?

I am sure Maggie will have her own opinion.

Maggie said...

ok-more sick and twisted emt/rescue/fire mind: many things that you see in that line of work you often develop coping mechanisms or ironic ways of viewing incidents. Yes, it is tragic that a family would loose their belongings. However, when you have to get out of bed in the middle of the night you really want it to be worth your while. The pot left burrning on the stove...anoying. You've now lost a good hour of sleep for stupid, probably drunk people. If you are going to give up your sleep it better be flames coming out of the windows; hence a "good" fire.

Neil said...

Re: Good fires, I understand now. I thought there's be some job-related logic to it.

I've seen the results of house fires - one recent one ended up with someone jumping from second floor. She broke her spine slightly, and was pulled away from beside the house by her house-mates, but received no permanent damage from the break. I wouldn't know what a hotter or less hot fire results in; they're all bad to me.

I called the fire department once for a neighbour. Looked like smoke coming from the roof, and eithout a sense of smell I couldn't tell what it was. She came out and looked too, and was concerned so I called. It was steam from her daughter's hot morning shower. At 9 a.m., not so bad but I can see the fire fighters not being please at rousing themselves at 2 a.m. for it.

Cheers, hugs, love, etc,

joel said...

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