Tuesday, July 22, 2008

They are coming to take me away…..

Well, this is the long and short of it. Because Cheryl came over and verified my seizures which have also been verified by the home care workers, my GP was notified of this today through Victoria Island Health Authority. He was told this by a nurse Edriss who has told me SHE is the only person who can come up with my care plan and give it to Beacon, and will not take any instruction from a GP OR a specialist. Her instructions for LIABILITY reasons, is to use standard protocol and to send me to the hospital for EVERY seizure, not simply put my head back and wait for 30-40 minutes. Nope, the workers are not legally trained to assess seizures and so must send me to the hospital EVERY TIME. This was decided by her, and now the RN at Beacon has been calling all my workers (while I am there) to tell them if they DON’T call 911, they will get disciplined. The only way to stop this is if I am assessed ith epilepsy (and even then it is HER decision if they should 'allow' me to have the seizure). So I guess $85 bill 10 times a week coming up? But wait...there's more!

The news of my seizures from Cheryl and VIHA has prompted my GP to call my neurologist because HE, my GP, (for liability reasons), cannot prescribe me Dilantin or any common anti-seizure drug without the NEUROLOGIST telling him to. So he calls Dr. Atwell-Pope (the one who thought I had conversion disorder and thus the tests would prove I have no nerve damage....except I HAVE nerve damage and thus her conclusion was that I MUST have conversion disorder and to lock me in a NeuroPsych unit). My GP and I agreed back then that the idea was currently pointless and if nothing had improved in a year or so we would consider it. I have not yet filed my complaint against Dr. Atwell-Pope with the College of Physicians, so she is still the Neurologist of Record. My GP wanted me admitted to the hospital here so that I could get observed and registered as an epileptic or with some other type of seizure as the number of them seems to be increasing (he believes they are temporal lobe seizures). BUT it turns out that in the last year the number of Neurologists with hospital privileges in Victoria has fallen from four to ONE (Dr. Bill Martin – long list to see him!). So without waiting a year and seeing Dr. Bill Martin I CAN'T be treated in Victoria's hospital for a Neruological problem (no seriously, this is true!).

Dr. Atwell-Pope has instead called Vancouver and her mentor for an 'emergency booking' (all this happened this morning, Linda was called this afternoon) and I am now booked to be put into the Neuro-Psych ward for indefinite observation within two weeks (they call, I am to go, might be tomorrow!). I cannot take my computer, my hospital bed, my air conditioners, my medicine or my oxygen. And while I “should” be able to leave, it will be at the determination of the specialists (including Dr. Atwell-Pope’s mentor on Conversion disorder!). Needless to say, I am not very optimistic as Linda said to my GP, “Many, many times, specialist have told Elizabeth, ‘if you don’t do what we tell you to do, we will lock you up.’” He asked if that was here in Canada or in the UK. She said Canada.

I just finished talked to my GP and it appears that the ONLY way I will get treatment is by diagnosis. The GP stated the ONLY way is a) enter the Neuropsych unit because my seizures are increasing and I can’t go to the Victoria Hospital or b) Go down to the States, get a diagnosis there and come back with the diagnosis which can then be treated. He reminded me that I myself said that it could be conversion (I believe I said, “I would RATHER it be conversion than the alternative, but since my nerves ARE destroyed, I see no need to continue down that path.” At which point he agreed) and while he doesn’t think it will be that in the Neuropsych they will do ALL the tests, including, yes, an psychological assessment and treatment of me. But that I will get other hospital tests too.

The problem is, since I cannot get a needle without Linda as part of the protocol (she acts as the tourniquet), and I have found specialists, particularly ones in psych wards to ignore whether the patient has a needle phobia compared to their own desires. That means if they try to give me a needle, I will “act out”, which means I WILL almost certainly be put in restraints and then given needles or have blood drawn anyway. This I honestly believe will make me insane, as it would be for me to be abused, or tortured (and then be 'assessed' on coping by my torturers) and create PTSD or dissociation or fugue states if I am forced to have these tests without having the control to stabilize my phobia. Or rather, aside from my physical health, I see this as a FAST trip to being “classified” due to the stimulus I will be getting, rather than actual observation as people like Cheryl or others have done.

Linda has already said she is unsure how exactly I am supposed to sleep with this. Not this afternoon but like....ever. Knowing a call to be 'locked up' could come at any time. Because I guess, with my fear of being locked up and given needles, why do I end up being locked up in a PYSCH ward because I am PHYSICALLY ill, because I cannot convert oxygen, have anemia, have nerve destruction and the rest? My GP has assured Linda that if the doctor on the psych ward refuses to release me that he will help Linda get a lawyer and help fight to free me. But, if it comes to that, I will continue to be locked up during all that time. Needless to say, all they need to do is look at yesterday’s blog and they can do a “harm to self” clause and keep me there. I am terrified and being told that THIS, honestly, is the only way, I can receive treatment in Canada.

So, would YOU go?


Lene Andersen said...

This is horrifying.

Can you go to the US tomorrow morning? Or file a preliminary complaint against Dr. A-P the minute you get up, which will remove her access to you and prevent her from killing you?

The thought that you have to flee the country to escape "treatment" that will be tantamount to torture and may very well kill you (ior at minimum make you as insane as she thinks you are) is unbelievable. Call the CBC, call the cops, get a lawyer. Seriously, get a lawyer, call the CBC. Call your Member of Parliament/Provincial Parliament.

Another thought. If you have a seizure tonight and go to the ER, will that get you a diagnosis/MRI without Mengele... sorry, I mean Dr. A-P getting her hands on you?

Don't go. Please don't go.

Lene Andersen said...

Or! As VHA seems so concerned about liability, would part 1 of the problem not be solved by you simply signing a waiver, clearing them of any liability?

Katrin said...

Would I go?

Absolutely god damn NOT!

Neuropsych folks I think are the WORST type of psych folks (some of the plain regular psych docs aren't so bad). They are all convinced that they are right and if you don't happen to fit into their little idea of what you should be then you're at fault and 'choosing' to not have the medication work, or 'choosing' to be ill or what ever they have so invented in their little world.

I would get to the states ASAP if you can. And stay away from the neuropsych folks in the states too.

Laura said...

This just can't be happening! Elizabeth, if there is anything that I can do, please don't hesitate to ask.


Anonymous said...

No neuro psych ward will be able to handle your physical needs. Trust me you will be transferred out of there so fast once your seizures start up (never mind everything else) When I was having an MRI at Vic General on Friday, I overheard them talking about 3-4 new neurologists coming in the Fall - big help to you I know. The nurses on the unit can be your biggest allies as they are into documenting everything.

Anonymous said...

Just another thought, have you been documented by paramedics and/or ER here while having a seizure. To be honest, the only way to jump the queue is to go to ER with a "good" seizure. So put on the blankets and have a good seizure and call 911 and get everybody excited. Wait, first see which neurologist is on call tonight.

Elizabeth McClung said...

I did have the first seizure documented in ER after my partial stroke but no one seems interested in talking to or finding the neurologist - I have asked my GP repeatedly as for Atwell-Pope....she WANTS me to go to Vancouver Neuropsych, always has so she can be proved right. (Her vainity seems to far exceed my quality of life).

Raccoon said...

Would I go?

Hell no! Get to the United States, go to any hospital emergency room, and get admitted! (Preferably before we institute a Universal Health Plan)

Lene is right, file your complaint against both of the neuropathology idiots as soon as you can.

And for your case manager... Any way to get the night nurse put in as your case manager? I seem to recall that you got along with her...

Shea said...

No, I would have already gone to the US. This is bullshit and Canada's healthcare sucks! Sorry to be so brutal, but I can not believe the way you have been treated. I'll be praying for you.

Perpetual Beginner said...


I really don't have a lot more to say than that. There's no way that ward is set up to handle your needs properly, and there's no guarantee that they'll be bright enough to recognize that.

Crossing my fingers that somebody in your medical community will show an ounce of common sense.

Maggie said...

Cheryl and I have a plan. I think she has talked to you and or Linda. Let me know.

cheryl g said...

1. DO NOT GO!!!!
2. File the complaint against DR. A-P tomorrow and get it on record.
3. Get a human rights lawyer and an advocate.
4. Get over here to the US and get into the medical system here. We can deal with the money thing later - I'm sure your blog family and friends can manage some fund raising.

5 thru 10. DO NOT GO!!!!!

yanub said...

I would go...to the US!

Get out of Canada while you are still a free woman. And file a complaint against Dr. A-P as soon as you get your ass across the border. Yes, I would not stop to file a complaint until after I had myself safely away from Dr. A-P.

Don't make any excuses. Just do it. Worry about the money later.

FridaWrites said...

You seem so calm for all this news, at least your writing seems that way. I started stress eating as I read.

I don't think the neuropsych people could adequately care for any complex medical needs. What's mind boggling is that a GP can't prescribe such a medicine when there's no neurologist available and he's using his best judgment.

Who on earth could afford the ER copay 10x a week?!?

We're all with you, dear. And we'd all be battering down the door if you got locked up. You also have a really good written record here documenting your medical conditions, which are not conversion disorder, and a very precise account about Atwell-Pope's refusal to deal with medical facts.

Much love.

em said...

Oh Honey, please don't go. I don't know enough about the health care system or the legal system up there to advise you really, but I hear the panic in your voice, and I don't want you to put yourself in a trigger situation.

Do what Lene said though so that you have documentation against that fucking neurologist. And though I want, violently want those assholes liable for every dehumanizing thing you have had to put up with, if they have a non-liability statement, they might leave you alone to handle this the way you want to, which they have been so glad to do until now.

Lisa Harney said...

Everything Cheryl G. said, Elizabeth. It sounds like you'll lose too much of everything - potentially your life under the so-called care you'd receive at the neuropsych ward.

spinningtransformation said...

All of what Cheryl said!!!

kathryn and I may not be well but we're local and can certainly rally to join the "break beth out of jail" team if it is needed.

We're really good at writing angry letters too - perhaps a few to the college and the CBC might be in order. If you are able let us know and we can start.

If you end up going in get Linda or Cheryl to contact us with anything you need.

OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, will you please consider getting on the Coho to Port Angeles ASAP? The $$$ can be dealt with later and I trust that though the fucked up 'medical' system has certainly not come through for you, the Universe and your huge blog family will.

Getting Elizabeth Fucking McLung some attention, assistance and ability to keep fighting is unbelievably important - you deserve it. Period.

Love and Rage - Christina (Spinning Transformation)

ps - i just found an email from a couple of weeks ago that I never responded to - Sorry! It would be really nice to get together for coffee or something in the village. I hope we can meet in person before I have to break you out of a locked ward!

Elizabeth McClung said...

Lene: well, yes, it pretty much is. Haha. Today was my day off and I a) Called Canadian Customs becuase they have that I use a wheelchair in thier computer, which I feel is non-essential medical information, b) went after the head Viha nurse who is telling everyone that they must send me to the hospital instead of dab my drool for 'liability reasons' and THEN I found out about Atwell Pope and my weak willed GP (who seemed to have done medical ethical misconduct in agreeing to a specific and prolonged treatment against my consent).

So already one seizure and many days, not of rest but of filling out damn paperwork and more paperwork including a three pronged complaint against Atwell-Pope (sexual harrassment (based on assessment due to gender bias), medical ethics, and professional misconduct).

It is very hard to get an MRI in a Victoria hospital during the day and impossible at night, even if admitted I would wait a few weeks likely.

I will call my MPP, but again just another phone call and honestly, these days it sounds like science fiction to me! Being treated at a homeless drug clinic becuase no one else will treat me; I have documented autonomic failure but instead trying a disease of exclusion with evidence (like say MSA) they are going after a disease of exclusion with no evidence (like conversion) when evidence (like low b-12, like nerve destruction, like MRI, like anemia, like undiagnosed autoimmune disease) indicate otherwise because it is the ONLY way to evaluate my seizures? Tell me that sounds believable? Its crazy? Who would believe it - except it is Canada!

Katrin: I have some experience with the people who use "Control" to try and make you into the diagnosis - let's face it, put any of us in a 24 observation unit then flip through a DSM IV and we would all be something, if THAT is all they are looking for. Except, I AM functioning fine (except for pain), I am stable, more than stable considering my fluxuating health. So why the sudden need to heal me of mental aspects which do not plague me while ignoring the physical ones that do?

Laura: Well it is happening and I will let you know. I meet with the doctor at 6:00 tomorrow and will point out that the intake for the Neuropsych unit states that a) I must have an independant psych evaluation BEFORE admittance (or has Dr. Atwell-Pope done that too, Neurologist AND Psychologist? - because my Psychologist/Therapist who is Dean of the College of Psychology and counselling says I don't have conversion disorder.)

Also they cannot admit anyone into the unit with an autoimmune disease (me! me!) nor anyone who is currently having or will need emergent care (me! me!).

Anon: I just can't believe how few of any specialist we have in this town, it just means you rub one person the wrong way or end up with a person with an obsession on one diagnosis and they run forever. Four more neurologists in the fall, where are they coming from, and are they forced at gunpoint?

My problem is they take me to Jubilee, and I need to go to Vic General which WOULD admit me, while jubilee won't.

Raccoon: I have a few test results, one MRI, one nerve conduction, if I could get the anemia results, then I would definately go. I will try to get print out's tomorrow (another thing to remember - get printouts).

Will be filing in the morning - I did put a call into my case manager to get the night nurse as my care nurse, but I need to speak to her first and see if she will do what I say or what RN with senority Nurse Edriess says instead. I asked for an audit of Beacon from her last month and it never happened so I think she might have been "systemized".

Shea: Well, it is a good place for normal meds or getting hit but a car but yes, chronic conditions that are by exclusion - we SUCK, or rather "the system is the client and not the patient" - which means, save money, don't treat, treat patient as problem instead of person in need.

Perpetual Beginner: I know that, what I don't understand is why my GP doesn't know that? Even the ER people know that. Why is he just going along? Too busy? No brain? No balls?

Maggie and Cheryl: once THIS week is over, I will get my week off because at this rate my entire weekend is going to be punk and seizures, so that SUCKS. But I am going to set up a team to deal with big long term issues and then I will deal with things like postcards and caregivers. Short term - I just don't have the energy to fight a bunch of doctors and an entire medical system, I don't.

Yanub: Filing complaint in the morning, citing medical misconduct and all the test results as why I cannot be moved into that unit (along with that I break 3 of the 4 rules of being admitted) as physical tests have not been administered while I am currently in an emergent state and yet they have NO PLAN on how to transport me to vancouver, just stick me in a psych-ward to evaluate if my seizures are real? Which will mean that they CAN'T stick me in there as no one with an ongoing investigation can be admitted. I only hope the College is as slow as the rest of the medical system (six months for an MRI so I hope at least that long for a decision! Plus, once a complaint is made, I can never be treated by her again, also since these are her tutors, I will ask in my compaint if actions done with Mezei in Vancouver were due to Atwell-Pope or Dr. Mezei her tutor (meaning did Mezei teach her to be unprofessional or did Pope influence Mezei in her phone conversations) which means either a) Atwell-Pope takes one for her mentors or b) the investation has to widen to ALL the mentors she used (all three of the referrals she gave).

Damn, don't you hate the litigation of it all.

Fridawrites: I have had a doctor who was HAPPY to write prescriptions for stuff - didn't even check, "Hey you got a seizure, have this!" - problem is that he didn't want to do doctoring, like tests and ordering specialist. So he nearly killed me and a relative of mine. Now I have a GP who will do all the paperwork for disability BUT won't do basic ordering of tests himself and has to be proded for ordering specialists.

Em: sorry, in BC, no one accepts liability - however after a long investigation they MAY recieve a stiff letter in thier file which ONLY other doctors will know about (patients cannot see what complaints have been made against a doctor, including sexual harassment complaints).

I could however file I human rights complaint against them - but I don't think anyone has ever won becuase I would basically be saying the province of British Columbia has systemic discrimination based on disability, gender, etc in its medical care - which it does, but even if I won, it would stay in appeals for about 15 years (like happened with Canada Customs), becuase a province can't openly admit it is bigoted and backwater. Better to spend millions to beat down some crip instead (or in the case of Little Sister v. Canada Customs, some lesbians).

Lisa: I agree, I am sort of mentally preparing to lose my life, I was just hoping to avoid the doctors getting all hysterical and trying to cover their ass by dragging my body around - and have some quality of life. Turns out I can't get any form of hospice care until a doctor signs that he/she guarentees I will die within a year - even with cancer doctors won't sign that, they will say, "You have a 5% chance of lasting more than 6 months" but not a "you will definately die" not, not for an ideopathic disease of exclusion?

Spinning Transformation: sure, lets meet up - but I seem suddenly busy this week, how about in a week or two.

I am surprised that you are so upset as weren't you basically written off - this is what would have happened to you or you two if you kept coming up with degenerative symptoms, like anemia and accelerating seizures. Once you stabilize it is easy to be tossed aside, but die without everyone covering thier butt - tsk, tsk, this is liability central!

Haha, thanks for all the offer of help but the fact is that if they "try" to take me away, I will put up so much resistance I am sure to either TIA and seizure which will require them to bring me to a hospital first. So I am not LOOKING forward to it or liking this hanging over my head, but I know that whoever is sent to transport me won't accept liability EITHER - hahaha! God, maybe I will go down to VIHA's office and have heat stroke, that will wake up Edriss to whether she needs to visit me more than once a year to assess if I still need oxygen. This could be fun (if I think agonizing pain is fun - which I don't but feeling helpless and trapped isn't fun either!).

shiva said...

This is utterly fucking disgusting. I am speechless. I think i am going to be breaking things today.

YOU CAN REFUSE to be taken to hospital, even if someone has called 911 for you. Tell the ambulance when it arrives that it was a malicious (false) call.

Tell the press that this is happening. Especially, tell them the number of people who will die due to waste of ambulance resources because of this. (Make it up if you have to.) This should be an international scandal.

JaneB said...

Oh Beth, it never ends does it? You have knowledgeable people on your side here - but do let us all (even non-knowledgeable other side of ocean ones!) know if there's anything we can do, other than listen and pray...

KateJ said...

Is there anything at all that friends in Britain can do, even just writing letters of protest... to the Queen maybe!!!??? I don't suppose there is anything we can do but you have good friends over here, and we'll help if we possibly can.
Love & peace

Anna said...

Hm..good luck? seems a bit lame to say but. What can I.

SharonMV said...

Oh Beth,
what can I say. If I were strong enough I'd come up there & help guard you against anyone who'd try to take you away. I hope the meeting tomorrow a.m. goes well.
Please come to the US, I am for the Cheryl & Maggie plan. Take care of yourself while you still can. Fight the battle of your own choosing. Get a dx (or several) and treatment plans to make your life better. Don't fight the battles they are forcing upon you.


Heather said...

I'm speechless.

It sounds to me like your "doctors" have panicked.

If I were in BC I'd come and help you organize paperwork and make the unending copies of documents that you're going to need.

But I'm thousands of miles away. If there are electronic things you need help doing let me know. I'm thinking a Google account with a shared calendar and shared documents might come in handy for the advocating-documenting-breaking out stage.

And does Linda need anything? This has to be freaking her out as much as it is you. Or Maggie and Cheryl: you're the most local branch of the caregivers: do you need anything to get through this craziness?

Neil said...

Dear gods in heaven.

Can you track down the purser and helmsman of the Coho? They would be able to say that you needed emergent care in recent weeks.

Is Linda supposed to deliver you to the neuropsych unit? SInce you will probably go to Vancouver by ferry, and will almost certainly need emergency care immediately thereafter, just have the caregivers on the ferry call ahead for an ambulance, and ask to be taken to a the emergency ward instead of neuropsych. "Currently needs Emergent Care" will be uppermost on your chart and you'll be safe from the nice white men in their nice white coats.

And it hurts like hell to type this, but if the light starts calling, and you decide to leave us, I will understand. I'd miss you terribly, dear friend, but if that's the only way to end the pain, the bullshit, the pain, the doctors' insanity, the pain, the bureaucracy, and the pain, then by all means feel free to forget to come back from a seizure. It's not the coward's way out Beth; we're all going to see that light some day, and if youdecide it's your time, then please go.

But don't EVER think you're not important, Elizbeth Fucking McClung, because, whether you leave us today, tomorrow, orten years from now, I will cry every time i thing of your passing, for a long time. You have become very important to me, dear Beth, and Linda is equally in my mind.

So feel free to tape a DNR order to your hospital be at home, and lt the RN call the damned ambulance.

My suggestion for your tombstone is "Dr. Atwell-Pope says it was Conversion Disorder!"

But for now, you're likely to have a seizure on the way to the Neuropsych unit, and it sounds like that will keep you out of that special place. Once that threat is out of the way, PLEASE listen to Cheryl and Maggie!?! Just go quietly with THOSE nice lades, and relax - you'll be in good hands. (Not that Linda's hands aren't good...)

Zne hugs and atheist prayers for both of you!!!!

Tammy said...

I am just left stunned by this development. It's unbelievable. I keep wondering if this could even happen here in the states, and I honestly don't know, but I hope the hell not. I don't think this should happen to ANYONE. Imagine how many people she has already done this to.
I can read the terror in your post and it just breaks my heart. I am so sorry that you are going through this. I wish I had something wise to say. I don't. But, I'm here for you and will do anything I can to help.

Lene Andersen said...

Just once more: never go anywhere that you need a lawyer to get out of.


tornwordo said...

How can this ridiculousness be possible?! I'd be escaping to the states before they come to get you.

VK said...

Hell no, don't go in there.

Hmm, divorce Linda, come to the UK and marry me and start using NHS? They won't put you in neuropsych because they don't believe in any problem that isn't physical.

(Which is why we mentioning the constant burning poo to my doctor this morning is getting me sent straight to a specialist with tests and tubes and all sorts of fun things, and being taken very very seriously with warning to call A+E if I geta fever or any other symptom - while my sucidal depression, you know the genuinely life-threatening problem, will continue to be treated with ineffective pills a la the last four years to see if I get magically better when they stop watching)

elizabeth said...

I wish there was something we could do. Talking to the media sounds like a good one. This is beyond frustrating.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what to say other than I am so sorry. I wish you were in Toronto because at least I could give you my GP who is amazing. know that Vic and I are thinking of you and totally will break you out if needed. If you think of anything we can do let us know

Carapace said...


When did Canada become an Orwellian horror story? You're not allowed to refuse treatment? Even vocally homicidal people can only be kept in custody!

Well, in the US. Thanks again for making me feel our health care system is GOOD.

Seconded vote to get the heck out of Canada. Those lunatics are going to KILL YOU. No joke, they are murdering you sure as if they were putting chlorine gas in your oxygen tank. Get out, we'll get you the money somehow.

And you have epilepsy. You have a history of seizures, yes? More than one? Observed by various care workers? Walla, you have epilepsy. You don't need any stinkin' observation past that.

Yeesh. Canada means Carnage.

rachelcreative said...

No no no - I would not go.

It's easy to say - maybe if I faced as many obstacles as you have and continue to face it would be easier to give in. But I wouldn't want to condem myself to that fate. That possibility that they could well kill me if not damage me irreversibly for the remainder of my days.

What a bunch of bullies.

Just so it's clear - don't go.

In my opinion (and easy for me to say) you'd be better to fight this from your own hospital bed than from within the ward, better to hide than be damaged, better to have no treatment and face that future with those you love than be exposed to a system which seems wholly unaccountable.

Gaina said...

I'm with the people saying go to america now!.

Surely they can't do ANYTHING to you that you don't want to happen!? If they give you medical treatment against your will, that's assault! Just for the sake of argument, let's say you were not of sound mind, Linda - as your spouse - would still have to sign the papers to commit you before anyone could do anything!

This is terrifying. I agree with spinningtransformation said, get to America and worry about the $$'s later.

I personally would do whatever is necessary to get out OFF a course of action that could lead to you losing your personhood/autonomy but if you do feel it's better in the long run to go, make sure you have a good lawyer/advocate to get you out if you get the slightest hint the situation is going beyond your control!

saraarts said...

I cannot know what the right thing for you to do is. Myself, I don't think I would let them do this to me unless I felt truly hopeless and desperate, but I can't know that for certain and I certainly don't know what other options would mean for you and your household practically and financially.

I don't think this is how it works in the U.S., but things like that vary from state to state and even from city to city. I don't know that you would be guaranteed better, more compassionate care here, or how much it would cost you. I would try to look into it before I said yes to giving control of my life to these people, though. And I think I'd be making phone calls to whatever legislative-level agency or individual governs all these people to find out my rights and be sure these were the only courses of action available to me.

I still don't understand how it is that in a country with "free" healthcare for all its citizens you are having to pay all these bills, either. What would happen to someone in your situation with no money?

Oh, and I like the idea of getting a lawyer and calling the press. If the press there are like the press here, they won't be interested because doctors and hospitals here have a mythical status and people who sue them or complain are viewed as crackpots and cranks unless there is a gory and obvious (easy to write and read) plot line. But a lawyer could be very helpful, if you can afford one or find one who will take your case pro bono.

Dawn Allenbach said...

No no no no NO!

It's the final step to you dying. Few will listen to you, you'll be cut off from those who sustain you.

No no no no NO!

I feel very strongly about this. File the complaint against the bitch and get her removed from your case. Come to the States.

badgerbag said...

If you ever do get locked up I hope I can help you somehow. Hang in there and keep fighting.

badgerbag said...

p.s. I'm not sure what's up with the people who recommend the U.S. healthcare system - it's certainly just as shitty here if you don't have a ton of money and no insurance.

yanub said...

Badgerbag, it isn't so much recommending our health system as knowing that, at least with money, the bureaucracy can be circumvented. And, if someone is scheming to lock you away, getting the hell out of Dodge is always a reasonable option, even though the next town over is Abilene.