Thursday, July 31, 2008

Simple pleasures, postcards from Japan, mud slushing and Hoh

Okay, yes I know I talked about rest and resting but instead (typical me) I am going off on another adventure which I hope will NOT end with me going to the hospital. See, tomorrow was SUPPOSED to be my, “I will go to the Hoh Rainforest Trip!” because the last attempt failed only because of the effect of the Coho (I am not strong enough to compensate for the movement of the ship for 90 minutes so start having problems breathing, etc), I need an evening to recover (so I going tonight and then lying there making vague moaning/vomit noises - actually viewed as less odd when I do it in Port Angeles than in Victoria, so I must not be the only one lying down making those noises over there). Then tomorrow I go to the Hoh Rainforest and recover again, and Saturday I come back and recover from the Coho Ferry after I come back. Admittedly two days and nights for 2 hours in a rain forest but hey, I said I was going and it would HAPPEN, I didn’t say it was going to be easy.

Only… is raining. I mean it IS called a rain forest, it is just that it has been sunny for weeks and weeks and now, when I actually WANT it to be sunny, it is raining. Oh Fudge! So I will need to plan the whole, “I will go to the Hoh Rainforest!” AGAIN, because we still have like a bunch of summer (many, “soon” of summer) and I need two or three weeks of sun to dry off the forest. Because while Able Bodied people can walk around that giant mudhole that appears after rain in the middle of the trail in a rainforest, wheelchairs have to go THROUGH. Which means if I go, I would do a LOT more pushing (mud is more resistance than dirt), and look like a mud monster within .5 km. So what we are doing is unknown. But not the Hoh. But I am still going (drinking margarita’s is high on my list right now).

But I wanted to let you know that I am, and have put my plan of doing the simple pleasing things in action and am back on the postcard project, and these are some of the postcards I prepared over the last day or two. Just a selection of what is going out. The ones with the pinked haired anime girl are from Aria, an anime/manga series about Neo-Venice (The New Venice) which is built on the terraformed Mars and the girls are the only ones who row the gondolas. Cute coming of age story of our heroine who dreams of being a professional gondola rower and the people she meets.

I have taken all of the postcards to stage three now. Stage one is matching postcard to person (I actually end up with several cards laid out reading up on the person to trying and decide the right one). Stage two is getting the address label and return address on. Stage three is wood block or rubber stamping. Stage four is all other stickers. Stage five is writing and then off it goes. Here is an example of two of the cards as they wait to dry, as Japanese cards have a bit of slick veneer on them which requires drying time.

When I send cards to parents I try to select cards and wood blocks and stickers which will make their children envious of them (Parents are rarely the envy of being ‘cool’). I also, if you email me at mpshiel at will send your child a postcard. I usually send baby animal ones, or simple anime ones – everything super G-rated. I remember as a child/youth/teen how that I NEVER seemed to get any mail, so I try to make sure all the youths/teens or children on my lists get cards regularly because a cool postcard from someone you don’t know is STILL better than no postcard at all, right? So if you want me to send a postcard to your children, just let me know. As I said, the information is kept for postcard use only. Only Linda and I have access and it is not kept on-line but off-line. Also, any readers (not to point fingers but SHEA) who I don’t seem to have addresses for, I would really like to be able to send you a postcard. If in this modern world the idea that someone would send time and money to make sure you got a postcard seems odd then just remember that I have some brain damage (if that is what it takes to explain it).

I got to try out some new wood blocks today and I am very pleased with them - Look at the totem pole and the baskets - cool! Simple pleasures, right? Hopefully the people who get them will like them too. This post is also so that those who haven’t got their card recently know that I am hard at work at the Postcard mine, toiling to dig the cards out of the earth, and bring them to the light of day (that means my 120+ postcards from Japan have ARRIVED!).

Anyway, I am off to the post office with today's batch, I hope you have a good day and I will update you tomorrow on what I did INSTEAD of slushing around with my wheelchair in the MUD.


Neil said...

Oh, my. The totem pole and the baskets are Beautiful!!!

And, dear Beth, I will be going away from computer access for a few days (can you say blog wthdrawal symptoms?). I will miss reading about you until Monday or Tuesday, but will think of you often, and will ALWAYS have good, energetic thoughts for you.

You know how guys are supposed to think of sex of 17 seconds? I think of you lately at least that often; and not sex-related thoughts either; just loving positive vibes for my favourite Internet neice.

Have a wonderful weekend, and many GOOD adventures!

I'll take photos for you!

Zen hugs for you, Linda, Cheryl and Maggie,

Maggie said...

Hello Kitty is taking over the world--at least the port angeles world as we know it. I'll show you when I see you this weekend.

Raccoon said...

I'm going to answer the last three posts all at once -- I hope you don't mind...

-- -- --

What? You don't want a suck-and-blow -- I mean, puff-and-sip -- wheelchair?

Why DO Asian girls make that sign in pictures, anyway?

-- -- --

Would you REALLY want your mother coming by every other day?

Your seizure looks like a lot of money spasms, although mine are just annoying while yours look like you are screaming in pain.

-- -- --

The card in the top left corner looks like it's from one of those card games like Magic or Pokémon. And the one on the bottom right looks like a Sailor Scout about to flash us... Some nice looking cards.

Stage one is the hard part. Well, stages 3, 4, and 5 aren't exactly easy either; you make it look easy! And getting a rubberstamp that is "not for sale" is a score!

Enjoy your vacation! Enjoy the margaritas and the "no pushing the wheelchair through the mud."

Nancy said...

Hi! I just got a postcard from you, and it was great! [Particularly Grad Student Hello Kitty. :)] Thanks so much!

Gaina said...

Ooh! Jack Skellingtons! I like :)

I hope the rainforest dries up and becomes the 'Mildly Damp' forest soon so you can visit.

Sink a few Margarita’s for me ;-)

Dawn Allenbach said...

I LOOOOOOOOVE the totem poles and baskets! All of your cards are way groovy. One reason I'm anxious to get back to New Orleans is to see if I have a postcard waiting for me.

Sure, it's selfish -- but I'm OK with that.

My goal this weekend -- besides continuing to measure fish heads -- is to start and finish your next gift.

Dawn Allenbach said...

Wait! There's a grad student Hello Kitty? You HAVE to post a picture of that for me to see!

Veralidaine said...

I like the skeleton stamp!

What, you mean you don't have a special "Tank Tread Wheelchair" for mudholes? Shame!

rachelcreative said...

Wow those block prints are gorgeous!

Shame about the rainey rainforest. Ah well. Hope you find the perfect thing to do instead.

I'm off to my friend's for a BBQ tomorrow so hoping for no rain here! Just me, hubbie, her and her fella - will be nice to just hang out you know?

KateJ said...

Hope you have a good trip to the rainforest... I've twice tried to visit rainforests in Canada, well actually I did visit them but both times there was a heat wave. First time they said it was the hottest driest summer on record, then the second time they said it again! Not a drop of rain, so I don't think I got the real rainforest experience, giant yellow slugs and all. So may I wish you rain and plenty of it. We could spare you some from Wales right now, but that's another story.
I'll not be around for the next two weeks, well, out of Internet range, anyway. Hopefully doing a bit of sailing... but also some walking, chilling out, photo-taking and (if it rains a lot) listening to music and catching up on books and DVDs.
So... I wish you well for the next two weeks and I promise to send you a postcard from beautiful West Wales.

Anna said...

sorry that there will be no rain-forest this time... quality time with spouse at home?

Pray for me please! As my parents are coming over for dinner tomorrow:)(Met them the other day took my mum and I 30 seconds to insult each other, my fault I started.

have a nice weekend without the forest

Donimo said...

Hi Elizabeth. I haven't been online much lately because of an upturn in the pain and a downturn in the mood. Am I tall enough for this rollercoaster? Anyway, as always, I've been thinking of you and look forward to a good dose of your creativity, weirdness and spark in my mailbox (That sounds a bit dirty.) I LOVE the postcard project and it's cool to see some of the stuff you're sending out to others.

As someone who knows the deep, lingering mud of our Westcoast rain forests, I will be putting out a cosmic request for a good week or two of hot, drying weather. I hope you get to the forest... but whatever you get up to adventure-wise, I hope that it goes well and the balance works out for it to be worth the effort (etc.)!!!

Elizabeth McClung said...

THanks, I am on dial up and late so I will reply the rest tonight (sorry!).

Neil: Yes, I thought they came out well.

What, you are leaving me? Oh well, (sob, sob!) have fun.

I think if you are thinking about me that much, then you need to start thinking about sex more.

Maggie: I have seen and bought! Woo Hoo, and I almost went to hell because of it.

Raccoon: We make the sign becuase the people in the photo machine tell us too - I dunno.

As my mother, no not really.

That wasn't a seizure, just individual muscle spasms/seizures which then goes to a grand mal where only my head and heels are touching. I would scream in pain, I don't like the being conscious part, which is why when the seizure hits the unconscious part is better!

You Don't want Sailor Scout to flash us? I think you are mocking me, I don't know why they say not for sale, I think becuase they are Promo items, like Movie Posters.

Nancy: Great, I'm glad you liked it, Now Maggie wants a 'Grad Student Hello Kitty Too!'

Gaina: I had a VERY large margarita but we forgot to take our camera so we couldn't take a pic, sigh. Cheers and thanks.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Dawn: I am glad you like the Totem Pole and Baskets, I thought they came out very well. As for the Grad Hello Kitty, I will have to send you one.

I don't know if there is a card for you there, but I better get on it this week if there isn't as I am ALL caught up (from last week and the 11 this week so a fresh start tomorrow!).

Veralidaine: Yeah, I like the dancing skeleton, there are others in the series but I only have this one. Arg! And sadly no, I seem to have almost every OTHER wheelchair in existance but not that one.

Rachelcreative: Thanks, I of course showed my BEST work, but I was pretty happy.

I didn't get to the rainforest but I did go to the port Townsend Farmers Market (see two posts ahead) and had a "sleepover" that night, sort of which is odd, as adults getting a bunch of gals around and doing the gab into the night is sort of fun now and then (we only missed the hot chocolate!).

KateJ: Oh, no problem, I can send you giant banana slugs if that is what you want. Oh, another one going, going, gone. I hope you have a good time but there is a part that goes, "Take me with you!!!!"

Anna: Well, I did a quick intervention prayer and did it work? How did the meeting with the parents go?

Donimo: I am sorry you have been doing poorly. I have also found that an upturn in pain seems to come with a downturn in mood.

Not to the forest this week, but maybe in a few weeks, If I can keep up my strength - or better, regain some. Thanks.