Sunday, July 27, 2008

Luminara: Fire Dancing, Fire Belly Dancing, Blue Angels and my Bling Wheelchair

Hey, we just got back from the Luminara Festival which takes place once a year. I am beat so I have these few photos, and will give you the full story tomorrow, okay?

First, while I napped, Linda and Cheryl worked together to Bling my wheelchair into an Electric Parade, taking it apart to put glow rope everywhere.
So then I was up and we were off, Cheryl with glow-sticks on her cane and me with my bling chair (very, very popular with the kids who wanted their parents to get them one).

Luminara is a family friendly, almost accessible event once a year where Victoria does not act like it has a stick up its ass. It is the collective “alternative” for goths, geeks (I was told that “I had the wheelchair from the future!” by one nerd), drug users, Ren girls (in big Ren dresses), pagans, as well as anyone who wants to wear a costume. It is in Beacon Hill Park were across the many ponds are scattered displays, like this Torii on the duck pond.
There are also fixed light displays, like these drummers. The festival starts to finish at 11:00 ish but we didn’t get back until midnight (then I had a seizure, yada, yada).

There are also groups which combine costumes or moving events, like the BLUE ANGELS, who are these girls dressed in blue, (lots of Blue) which are lead by drummers which turn it into a giant rave. Because crowds, many of them high, follow them. One guy stopped in front of my chair and just kept saying, “The COLOURS! I mean, you have THE COLOURS!” until his friend pulled him away to follow the drummers.

We continued on because earlier in the day at the Moss street market, thanks to the influence of Neil, we talked to some people selling Poi, including Nick Woosley of Playpoi. Well, not a lot of people get into giving advice on how to do fire poi to a girl in a wheelchair in less than five minutes (use kevlar and wear cotton!). He told us he was performing at 10:40 at the Cricket Ground and there we went, stopping to take a picture of the Native Haida Village, with long boat and long house display.
Then stopping to take a picture of a Japanese drum with the reflection in the water (lots more pictures tomorrow!)
Well, Nick and the Poi fire Dancers were pretty darn impressive, like this guy who lit up this wooden staff, started twirling…
Then he throws it into the air….
And catches it going into a double wraparound of his back, his head down, doing spins and wrap arounds on his back with little balls of fire flying off from the speed. It was pretty impressive.

However, that part was followd by, to be blunt, EROTIC fire dancing. First this is a married couple came out, with dance music, fired wooden staves and then started to dance.
And then WHILE dancing they…close…and starting using each OTHER’s body for wrap-arounds (spinning their staff around their partners back and then back into their opposite hand). It was HOT, like erotic hot. And I said, “We could do this at home!”

And Cheryl said, “I don’t think your building manager Fran would be too happy.” Sorry, but fire IS erotic, and a married couple doing an erotic dance WITH fire, I was…um…aroused. And then SHE came.

Remember how I dated “danger girl.”

Well out come this girl with all the raw sexuality of danger girl, barefoot, a couple scraps of clothes on her with a steel hoop at 7 to 8 fire balls on it, and then she starts doing a hula thing with it going around her hips as she belly dances around the field.

“I got to get her number.” I say in a husky voice, eyes transfixed.

Cheryl sort of smacks me upside up the head. “You’re married!”

I look at the girl rotating her hips on the field, a ring of fire rotating in time to music and make a little moaning mewling noise.
So yeah, it was a pretty good night. Tell you the whole story and hopefully a Fire Poi and Fire dancing video tommorow? Have a good one!


SharonMV said...

Enjoyed the pictures & description - glad you could go. Wheel chair of lights is great - more so seen in motion I'm sure. Looking forward to seeing more pics & hearing more. Also looking forward to you starting anti-seizure meds - hope that is soon.


Anna said...

Go bling bling chairs go! More glamour. God, that sounds like a great event. Best of luck with all doctors meetings and dealings with carers. Nice work having a seizure in front of the doctor :)

About doctors.....and to few of them In my town, there's been turmoil at the, what do you say, womens clinic? gynecologists?????at the local hospital so this spring I had some problems due to my PCO and called to make an appointment. The nurse said "Oh, we don't have enough specialists here. You have to wait three months, or you could end up getting a ear-nose-throat-specialist." What?! Needless to say this caused my friends and me to make endless jokes about throatspecialists examining ovaries.

Anyway since we lack doctors, maybe you could get your crazy neurologist to come over here! She must be a bit loony, doesn't she? well I just hope that you are rid of her by now. Also I wonder, do care administrers (is this really english:) sorry.) in Canada have no education or common sence at all in dealing with people? Honestly, it's their proffession. if you work for people you have to adapt your attitude. If they can't treat their clients with respect they should change career.

Love the postcards...

Neil said...

Seizures suck. But the preceding events make it look ALMOST worthwhile.

The first photo looks like spider webs in lights. Beautiful. But I see two people in the photo, and with a report of Beth napping, that leaves nobody to hold a camera. Are you keeping a hidden photographer?

The cane looks great. The chair is stunning! All you need is gold plating, and you'd be irresistible! Oh, and broke. :(

For bicycles, there's a light called Down Low Glow at . If one were to play a bit, you could probably attach that to a chair; all you need is a bike frame-like tube on the chair.

The Haida and Japanese lights: oh, they're gorgeous. I'm envious, so envious.

And then you met Nick Woolsey. Okay, ducks, now I'm flat-out jealous. Here I am in the middle of nowhere, with our cultural festivals dying because Regina is full of lethargic bureaucrats trying to make us into asmaller version of Calgary, and with no interest in culture or art; and there you are with real culture, and Luminaria, and a much nicer climate, and people actually spinning fire. Oh, well, the grass is always greener elsewhere, and at least you're willing to share photos.

There's a video of two sisters spinning fire while standing belly to belly, and that looks wild - is the site for them. A married couple getting close with fire must be incredible to see in person. And I'll be they don't have need for marriage counselling, either!

As for fire and hula hoops, just remember that Linda loves you, you're happily married, and you're only admiring God's handiwork. Then take the dirty thoughts home to a work-out with the one you REALLY love.

I'm very happy to see you Living, Beth. Much better than the crap you're going through during the week. Was Linda equally, um, inspired by the cute girl with fire? Hmm, too personal, maybe.

Zen hugs,

Laura said...

Wow, the chair looks great. Kudos to the designers!

So, happy that you got the chance to have some fun. As for the Poi dancers... you are married silly, but I suppose it doesn't hurt to look.

Take it easy today.

Lene Andersen said...

Wow. I got a bit hot just from looking at the pictures. Sounds amazing.

Emma said...

Very cool. I'm sort of trying to teach myself poi. Which means I have some poi but it's a long time since I've had them out. I am kinda tempted now though... And as for the wheelchair, do you hire Cheryl and Linda out for that sort of thing? 'Cause you could make a fortune!

Dawn Allenbach said...

The fire dancing looks FANTASTIC!!!

Gaina said...

I'm glad you had fun, you really needed some 'time out' from the bullshit you've had to deal with lately.

I can't show the video I was going to put up of the chinese guys (too big to upload into photobucket or anything similar) but I'll put up a few photos in my blog later.

Gaina said...

**email follow up comments** Did I mention my brain is melting in the heat today? Haha

cheryl g said...

Your chair was definitely one of the big attractions at Luminara this year given the number of positive comments and photos taken by others. Linda and I had lots of fun decorating it too!

Oh yeah, (said in growly voice) danger girl with fire was very hot and ummm arousing...

Thanks for taking me to Luminara! It was incredible and I had lots of fun!

Shea said...

You've got me laughing! You know I am a prude, but I get the stuff you're saying. Still, I think it's pretty funny that Cheryl knocked you upside the head. You keep me rolling. Maybe you did not mean this to be a comical post, but I NEED a little laughter in my life right now, and I thank you for that. Your chair looks really cool. We really like to decorate for Halloween here, and that would be so awesome at a party with a costume. Hope that doesn't sound wrong, but the colors are so pretty, and I have never seen anything like it before.

Carapace said...

This is why I like hanging out with geeks. They don't get all weird about adaptive equipment; it's just cool mechanical stuff.

I take it your seizure mechanism isn't photosensitive? I'm full of envy, but I wouldn't last five minutes in that sort of stimuli. So I expect full reportage tomorrow, young lady!:)

And hey, if Fire Girl gets you bothered, that's surely to Linda's benefit, right? Fire Girl won't be there later...;)

Neil said...

Hey! Hey, you two! God put her (Danger girl) on Earth for ME to enjoy, not you! Oh, right. I'm married, too... Sigh.

I'm only teasing, Beth; please don't run over my foot! Of course, then I'd actually get to meet you, so, Yeah, go ahead and try!!!

Hmm, I'm also braiding laces for medieval shirts, listening to on iTunes (the MODERN middle ages!), and watching the Environment Canada website and its tornado watch for Regina. no yayness there!

As many hugs as will fit into one message,

Raccoon said...

Oh that looks like fun!

Did you get her number? (Only so that she could teach you and Linda the dance techniques...)

FridaWrites said...

Love the chair, pretty pretty! Must be lots of fun.

shiva said...

Wow, that looks utterly awesome. Wish there was something like that around here...

(tho, "finishing" at 11pm seems a bit odd for a festival requiring darkness, in July, in Canada. You're about the same latitude as the UK, IIRC, and here it's only just getting dark around then...)

Been thinking about you. Sorry i didn't comment on your last post. I've been very busy, and in a few minutes i'm off to an autism conference, then as soon as i get back from that i'm off to a protest camp for a week, so i'll be offline for 10 days or so.

Will be thinking about you, tho...

Elizabeth McClung said...

Sorry, I was going to make a fire dancing video but the Zoombrowser EX doesn't seem to want to accept the last day's files (Victor, where are you!), so I can't do any editing, even though they are .Avi - ack! Another hour wasted!

SharonMV: I was glad I could go too, as I wasn't sure that morning. I do have several videos of the wheels in motion but again...can't edit! But I will figure that out, hopefully tomorrow!

Yeah, you and me both, Seizures are really, really painful and tiring.

Anna: It is a really great event, almost went broke last year when it rained but they got funding this year and back better than ever.

Wow, I thought my town sucked....for being the capital, but we don't yet have ear specialists doing gyno. Yes, please take her, she would love to set up her own clinic I am sure.

Glad you like the postcard, I liked yours! Go Pippi!

Neil: Yeah, I was ALMOST sure I had gotten away clean when at home, after the event, I felt the "aura" which is me going, "Something is happening, get me to the floor" and then I just had some problems breathing thought, this isn't bad when WHAMMO, partial and then a full Grand Mal where I smashed part of my shoulder so that hasn't been working well today and high pain.

I had just woken up to find them working on my chair so I turned off the lights and took the picture, I have an "indoor chair" and that is my "outdoor chair"

It was very pretty and we made sure to credit you as we NEVER would have seen the fire poi and dancing if it had not been for me approaching the poi people earlier that day.

Yes, cough, God's handiwork, mmmmm.....

Laura: yeah, they did a great job, a lot of people said the wheelchair was the best display of Luminara (I'm not a display, actually a real person!) - and we passed five chairs, all of them, or the caregivers pushing said they needed to do "something like that" next year.

Well it did sort of hurt to look, hurt in that deep down body way, the good hurt - like Ooooohhhhh!

Lene: Yes, and once I get my computer agreeing with me, I will give another write up on it, and the people we met, as it started at Moss Street Market that morning. So, more writing ahead! Just ran out of time today on technical glitches.

Emma: I am trying to save up for poi so you are ahead of me there, they did show me a bunch of different ways to use my hands as I have slow reflexes. Very good teachers.

Yeah, I should suggest Cheryl and Linda go into the Bling Bizz and Linda said it was more fun than scrapbooking (they literally took it apart and put glow rope wrapped around my frame, my clothing guards, the works!

Dawn: Totally, and free too - plus I wanted a day of pics of cool things at night (when I can go out) instead of me just looking all feeble - no, I am having a better time than most, bwahahaha! Particularly after I daredeviled down a slope where everyone thought (including me) I was going to wipe out and didn't and then I just raised a hand like, "All in the day of a wheelchair dare-devil!"

Gaina: True enough, I had a whole day away from thinking of DNR's or tests or any of that.

Cheryl: I was really glad you were there since Linda the camera whore kept disappearing on me, in a crowd - luckily thanks to the two of you, I was one of the brightest object in the park!

Shea: Good, laughing is good! The chair was totally cool and so was the girl (rowr!), but too bad she disappeared inside the tent. Hard to slip up to someone casually when you are looking like part of an electric parade.

Originally we were going to have me in my Kimono with obi but I was just too weak and we went with the bat wing shirt instead (oh, if only I had taken the time for a corset!)

Carapace: Yeah, I think the guy thought I was from Futurama.

Sorry, no full reportage, the seizures left me very punked and now I have to go to bed, but tomorrow, promise. And no, they keep strobing me but no, it is fatigue, heat, stress, and lack of oxygen which are triggers so far.

Raccoon: I didn't get her number....but I know where she will be next Saturday

Frida: Yeah, it was sweet, they even cleaned it all up for me the next day. I said as all the people were looking at me (thousands), "Good thing I am not shy!"

Shiva: Missed you, it was totally awesome, you sound busy, I will come by your blog and see how things are.

Neil said...

Hello Wonderful: Although I've been among those suggesting you don't bother posting if you're not up to it, I find I worry when there's no post. So thank you for the comments early this morning; at least we know you're still with us.

You know, if you keep thinking about Danger Girl, you risk being known as Endangered Girl. Of course, if you're just taking those fantasies over to where Linda is located, she might forgive you. Just remember who lights up your, umm... chair!

Zen hugs,

Woman at Mile 0 said...

I must have seen you then because I clearly remember the decorated chair. I thought it looked awesome. No idea it was you at the time though.

Anna said...

Hi again. Glad you liked Pippi. Is it Okay with you if I put your blog in "my list of blogs that I read" on my blog?

Don't run away with fire girl!:)

Dawn Allenbach said...

You after dare-devilling down the slope: "Kids, don't try this at home. I'm a professional!"

Stina said...

Hi there! :)

I'm a girl from sweden (23 years old), and I stumbled across your blog via google. Now, I got VERY curious about the light pimped wheelchair! :)

How did you do it? What is "glow ropes", in what sort of stores can you buy them and how long does the glow last??

I'd love to hear from you about this soon. Have a great day.

/Stina from Sweden

Anonymous said...

You are so nice to share these with us.