Monday, July 28, 2008

Luminara 2008: PrimalFire, Poi, Fire belly dancing - the Music Video!

At Luminara on Saturday July 26th (well, we didn’t home until it was technically Sunday!), Nick Woosley and Playpoi were advertised as giving the performance, but the group Primal Fire gave the final performance for the night out at the Cricket Grounds. It started at 10:40 pm (well, 10:45 pm). To get there, I had to go through Beacon Hill Park, and cross the road. I then dogded the steel fenced and a place where the spectators usually sit on the grass slope. It was a nice STEEP slope, and Cheryl was with me. I thought I might try doing flips sideways, to edge down the slope one wheel and wheelchair width at a time. But I told Cheryl (and all the guys and skaters by the fence) to get back, WAY back. After my first flip around, I held one wheel and let the chair weight flip it around, only to find the slope was over 25 degrees, probably over 30 degrees so my downhill wheel wasn’t touching anything! It was in that AIR! So either I topple over and over and over down the hill or I let go. I let go and just hoped for the best (the field was all in pitch black, in preparation for seeing the fire show).

Cheryl reported the guys were going, “OH MY GOD!” and lots of that, and “She’s going to crash!” (It took me like 10 seconds to get to the bottom), and “Oh no! She’s crashing, Oh my God!”

Except I somehow, except for one bump where I had to lean back to stop front flipping, made it down. As the momentum rolled me on I raised one arm in my electric glow rope, muti-colour chair and gave a surfer “kowabunga!” waggle to let them know I made it. Up at the fence the guys were, “She made it, did you see that, she made it!”

Anyway, I know how to make an entrance….or break my legs (they were strapped in, remember), depending!

Cheryl played the crip card one we got to the crowd and asked, “Can SHE see too!” and so then I was up and at the front of the roped area. I took mostly still images with my camera and Linda took movie and now I have my little editor working again so I made a nice 2 minute movie of the best of Primal Fire at Luminara 2008 (When I made it I believed it was Nick Woosley and Playpoi via Luminara site, sorry - if anyone knows how to change the text IN a video, let me know). Here it is, you can get a bigger version to play on Windows Mediaplayer or Quicktime if you want by clicking on the Vimeo logo. I hope you enjoy. (done to the French Song ‘lolita’ (if uploading is down, click on Vimeo to go to it directly)
Luminara 08: Nick Woosley, Playpoi & Fire! AMV from Elizabeth McClung on Vimeo.

Tomorrow I will try to make a film with the best images of Luminara 2008, Victoria along with Elizabeth’s tricked out glow wheelchair films (Linda filmed the wheels going round for example). And then give you the whole A-Z. Right now, I am off to the hospital for my CT or CAT scan, dunno – one of those!


Tammy said...

Such a cool video. I would have loved to hear the comments and seen the spectacle of you barreling down that hill. It's only funny because I know you are safe.

Neil said...

It's all fun and games until somebody loses a leg. Glad you survived to make the video.

The video is beautiful, just like you and Linda. I see you caught the hot pair, and was that Danger Girl? Well worth waiting for, Beth. Thank you for the video! And another thank you for the credit you give me. Credit, says you? Nah, I was only doing something because of YOUR challenge in May. We'll blame each other, and drive the kinfolk mad, shall we?

And lovely as it is to watch, I have NO intention of spinning real fire. Just not a safe risk for me, I think.

Hot, fiery zen hugs,

Neil said...

Hi again, bad girl: I forgot to mention (bad Neil) that we received another postcard today. Venezia... Grazi, cara amica, grazi mille!!! It's a lovely card, but Hello Kitty on a bicycle does NOT equal Neil!! :)

I'll have to send yo a photo of me in a sarong. Hey, if it's good enough for dear old Arthur C Clarke, it's good enough for me.

Hugs again,

Raccoon said...

But, did you get her phone number?

I can definitely understand the, uhm, warm feelings that you mentioned yesterday.

And, since I have an affinity to fire, I'll stay a good distance away. Like Neil said, "just not a safe risk for me, I think."

Yeah, once you realize there's nothing under that wheel, you just try to make the best of things. Besides, what's life without me the occasional shot of adrenaline?

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog entry after googleing " Nick Woolsey Luminara"

Just wanted to let you know that the video is of the group "Primal Fire" not of Nick Woolsey. They were preforming in the cricket pitch that night.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Anon: thanks, I actually looked up Luminara 2008 and thier official site said it was Nick Woosley and Playpoi, but I saw your site and those were definately the people there that night. So I don't why Lunimara was advertising the wrong group. I will get the title and video and such changed once I get full hand function back (I had three seizures, so probably tomorrow), but will try to change the title now.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Tammy: I didn't hear the comments, besides the "oh my god!" which might of be me! yes, it is all, "YEah, I knew I could do that" once you get to the bottom!

Neil: Yeah, well turns out I got the wrong group, who knew there were TWO fire poi groups BOTH at Luminara (different locations), oh well, this was PrimalFire and they seemed to emphasis the "primal" and I'm all for that! (Us wheelies aren't innocent you know!)

Well, still, know more about poi because of you Neil and YOUR video - though they seemed to NOT hit themselves in the groin (Oh, low blow, I know!).

Yes, LED is fine by me too. I thought after your watching of Francesco's, you might like the map. What, I find a Hello Kitty cycling and it is not enough - is that becuase you DON'T wear a flower in your hair when cycling?

I will send you an email about the new DVD's - and my experiencing in ordering.

PS - Arthur C Clarke lives in SRI LANKA - not REGINA!

Raccoon: alas no, but now thanks to Anon, I have her webpage.

Yes, nothing quite like that, 'Oh, yeah, nothing under the caster or the main wheel' - feeling - that said, I threw myself out of the chair twice tonight at badminton (Won too!), of course the second time, I went down, the chair followed with the handle and the chair and oxy weight crashing down on my T meets C section and giving me a nasty bruise and some torn muscles - turns out, that is NOT recommended wheelchair practice.

Still won. haha.

Neil said...

Yes, Dr. Clarke lived in Sri Lanka, but it's that hot and humid here this week. I agree that in winter, sarongs aren't a good idea, but in summer? They're cooler and much more comfortable for Area 51 than bifurcated garments (pants/jeans; thus, men should wear them. And in Sri Lanka, sarongs are a MALE item of apparel. Women get other elegant clothing.

Unfortunately, Dr. Clarke died earlier this year. We need an intergalactic day of mourning for Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov, and Robert Heinlein.

Also unfortunately, Regina's too redneck for me to get away with sarongs in most places. Harumph!

The video's hot despite the misidentification. Rowr, indeed!

Much cooler and wetter today there than here; this is a good thing(TM).

Zen hugs, hopes for no more seizures,

KateJ said...

Loved the video today and photos yesterday - what a really wonderful event! You (and Linda) seem to have had a really good time, which you certainly deserve. Glad to see some light in your life!

cheryl g said...

You know when you reached the bottom of that steep slope and cruised across the field all I could think was "Elizabeth Fucking McClung has done it again!"

The downhill run looked like you were totally in control from where I was.

I will see the video yet... just need to let my dial up chug through the download.

Gaina said...

Which video camera were you using, because that footage was excellent!

PS. Arthur C Clarke lives nowhere now cos he's dead. :P

Veralidaine said...

Hi Beth. I'm here. Have had a wacky few days, and was out of town briefly, but just want you to know I'm still here. Return of longer, funnier comments coming soon.

elizabeth said...

That was really beautiful!

Miss Fairy Sparkle said...

Happy happy smile at this fantastic display. Sad, sad tears of wishes that you could enjoy more of these events without the seizures and the letting go of what you were and where you are now. Wishing you so many more times of festivals and fun and drama Elizabeth. Big hug for the bruised muscles. Kind of guessing drama NOT involving doctors would be the best kind of wishes to send. That whole kind of guess what they tested me for today can get a bit tediumsome, huh?