Saturday, July 19, 2008

In local news….

Cheryl helped me do stickers for some of the new people wanting postcards before we got ready to take our boat trip to a foreign land (with MANY tattoo palours!), Port Angeles, USA. The customs officer asked, “Are you taking any medication?”

I think about the bottle full of opiates and other drugs and start stuttering about my oxygen and before I can finish they wave me through. Dude, I have a med-alert bracelet, what do you think?

The purser helps me and I show him my mega bruised arm full of needle marks and say, “So what do you think, ADDICT, or someone with a lot of medical treatment?”

“What?!” he says.

Cheryl goes, “I can’t take you anywhere.”

Later I have a seizure which stops my breathing and Cheryl hurts her back to help me sit up, or LIFT me up so I can breath. Since I can’t talk, I practice American Sign Language with Cheryl. We are doing okay but of course, the people around us think that we are deaf, or I am. So I am showing Cheryl how to do ‘slang’ ASL and we are doing this dialogue in slang:

“Hey, Cheryl, ya want a beer from the fridge?”

“Yeah, okay!”

When one of the women watching whispers, “It’s such a beautiful language.”

I sleep, I get frostbite in four fingers (it is not freezing, it is just I have crap circulation), I use two of my oxygen bottles (need that concentrators) and manage to buy some more stickers for my postcards online WHILE away from home (I have an addiction! Prepare the intervention!). And I write up the nine postcards so they are all ready to go.

Tomorrow is the BBQ and then an early boat back to make sure I don’t have to be hospitalized. Maggie was, “How do you have frostbite!” I don’t know, in case you haven’t noticed, I don’t control the fingers going black, I don’t control them going white with loss of feeling either.

Linda saw a grey whale coming over. I saw a break of something, but seal, dolphin or whale, I couldn’t say.

Have a great weekend. I actually am NOT nauseous right now, so this is a good hour. Savour the good hours!


SharonMV said...

Hi Beth,
So glad you got away for the weekend. Hope your fingers are recovering.

Forgot to mention in my last post that a package should be arriving at your PO box soon.

rachelcreative said...

Well it's sunny outside but Paul tells me it keeps breaking into horrible rain. So I am enjoying staring at the bit of blue sky while I can.

Feeling I need to do some drawing to redress the blogging balance but not managing to actually TRY. Hmmm.

Not feeling very weekend like somehow! Enjoy yours.

Neil said...

ASL such a beautiful language... Well, it is if it works.

I once read of two guys in a bar who tended to check out eveyone around them and guess what everyone's occupation would be. Dirt under the nails, Grease spot on arms: mechanic. Excellent makeup, manicured but SHORT nails, strong-looking fingers: secretary? That guy in the corner... they couldn't figure him out. They eventually decided on what he did for a living and moved on to the next person. When the guy in the corner drank up and left, he walked past the two guys and said, "Actually, I teach deaf people to lip read."

I'm happy that you're in the land of good friends, that the purser didn't throw you in the brig for Homeland Security, and that you're enjoying yourselves.

But... Tattoo Parlours??? You're not out to get a goth zombie Hello Kitty tattoo for Linda, are you?

Manymany zen hugs for you and Linda, and more for Cheryl and Maggie, those two wonderful EMTs who keep hallucinating about seizures, and thus keep you around so we can read about your life and times.

Perpetual Beginner said...

Yay for not nauseated!

I got my postcard today. I can't quite decide if my anime girl is a shepherdess or going to a party, but she's cute regardless. And I love the brain stamp! And the girl with sword sticker! And the dancing skeleton! My husband on the other hand, gets a kick out of the zombie hand and the orchid stamp (he grows orchids). Thank you for all the care and attention you put into your postcards. They really bring a smile to my day.

Raccoon said...

hooray -- barbecue! Turkey burgers, barbecued chicken, Royal corn on the cob...

Stop by a drugstore and grab what over-the-counter drugs that you might need...

em said...

Fun with good people!!!!


PS The ASL thing made me laugh. If I could have been there I would have whispered "so majestic and so inspirational" in a tragically weepy whisper.

Maggie said...

We had a great time, no medical events in least my sight and Ai was quite captivated. You have yet another fan! Hope the ride home wasn't too much. Lots of love!

Tom P. said...

Beth - I hope you got the books I sent you and I hope you enjoy them. And I hope your BBQ is wonderful. Beth got your card today. She sends her thanks and a card from her is on its way.

FridaWrites said...

I can't remember if I replied earlier or not. I can't be taken anywhere either. ;)

Elizabeth McClung said...

SharonMV: It was just a day sort of spread over two but I got back my choice to go without having to come back in an ambulance, horaay!

Oh, Prezzie! I love prezzies, thank you!

RachelCreative: Yeah, that's what I am doing now, looking out at the blue. I see on your blog you have ANOTHER addition to the family (16 Camera's now?).

Yes, I am not drawing but I thought instead of news I should do a post with MEANING, but after a day of thinking, I have yet to find anything deep in me. Alas.

Neil: I like ASL because it is practical, you can use it on a boat while approaching the dock to tell the person to meet you at the car, use it one handed after a seizure and can't talk.

I like your lip reading story. I often put in my MP3 player and don't turn it on and people around me start talking about it, it is rather rude, maybe I should just play the music and not listen to the "poor thing"'s - but somehow I dislike the fact they are talking about me not behind my back but right there.

No, actually I joked with the purser coming back with Canada's declaration form how the USA is obsessed with SECURITY and TERRORISTS and Canada is obsessed with HAVE YOU BOUGHT CHEESE or anything else we can charge you GST and PST on? (Seriously, this is all they ever ask me: the US guards want to know if I have drugs or $10,000 in cash, or bombs and the Canadians want to know if I bought anything, which if I did, immediately they place me in their little box for BAD people, people who must pay DUTY!)

Actually on the boat a nurse came up and helped Cheryl in lifting me so I stopped swallowing my tongue (again, thought that was something only in books).

Perpetual Beginner: Actually, being you, I assumed the girl was carrying what looked like a normal stick but is actually used as some sort of weapon (isn't the basic quarter staff an effective weapon?).

Yes, hard to get girls with swords so saved that just for you! I hope your husband's garden grows orchids and NOT zombie hands. I am happy to know that you enjoyed the card. Makes all the anticipation of "Will she like it?" come to pass.

Raccoon: yes, steak, and corn on the cob. Ironically becuase my right mouth and tongue are weak, I can only have the BEST and softest steak, as anything tough will cause me to gag, or choke. Who knew there was at least one benefit from this.

Darn, forgot to go to the drugstore, but I did go to the supermarket to get the US candy (such BIG sizes!)

Em: Yeah, it wasn't fun so much as sitting around and talking which is something I haven't done for so long that it was special.

People forget that even if one person is deaf, the other person can be hearing and chatting and that just because you use your hands doesn't make the topic loverly, but yes, so majestic, haha - I should have been talking about gyno exams.

Maggie: Oh good, I enjoyed myself and I am glad that Ai wasn't traumatized, since that seems to happen to some people who interact with me. The ride home was ick - I might try the OTHER boat, the speedboat since it seems that the energy of the boat makes me tired and sick, so make that as short as possible (the Coho is such an old cow, a weeble-wobble. The purser said, that the whitecaps meant that the wind was so strong they were knocking the larger waves down - whatever you say, I was lying down grey faced - but home and recovered! So worth it all in the end!).

Tom P: Yes, I like them, they aren't QUITE so harsh as I Luv Halloween Series (kids going around killing people). I hope Beth liked the Card. I look forward to her card. Penpals? retro technology works sometimes!

Fridawrites: Well, I do have this HUGE bruise on my arm (something about weak veins) with lots of needle marks in it so, a joke is almost begging to be made. I think people saying, "I can't take you anywhere" is a badge of honor.

rachelcreative said...

Every day doesn't have to be meaningful. Sometimes shallow is good :o)

Donimo said...

I'm glad to hear that the cost of the trip physically didn't outweigh the benefits. The most tender steak, the best parking spots... I guess there are some perks.

I read back a bit and am just so pissed at your doctors. I'm just stunned, actually. I thought that I got shitty care because they can't see anything much on tests and I look fine visually (plus, they can blame everything on Fibro), but here you show visible physical signs of major illness, plus you have tests that empirically show physical degeneration and illness and STILL you get inadequate treatment and diagnostic care. WTF? I understand how you do not want to be in their world but also don't want to just wait to see what happens next physically. Should I have faint hope for the people at the rheumatology clinic? Do you feel a bit better with this new nurse who seems so involved and competent?

Oh, ooops, you were trying to get away a bit. Sorry. Here, have a beer...

Daisy said...

Sounds like you are having fun and in your usual good humor!

And as always, fun reading for your blog fans. :)

Neil said...

Oh good, you've had a good weekend and are still conscious! Huzzah!!

Hmmm, I was told that it's actually not possible to swallow your tongue, since it's connected to the bottom of the mouth. On the other hand, if you're too relaxed, the tongue CAN roll back and choke you. I imagine it might get into the top of the throat. Still not a good place for it, though.

Here's hoping you don't have to pay too dearly for all the relaxing you did.

Zen hugs,

Dawn Allenbach said...

Hey there -- back online again after another loss of computer capability. This time, Mom's comp went "ka-blooey", my onomatopaeia (sp?) for "absolutely refuses to boot up no matter how much you sweet-talk it or curse at it."

I'm glad you were able to get stickers and completely some postcards.

More later -- gotta head to my own set of doctors' appointments.