Sunday, June 22, 2008

My day in America: the brief and medical version!

Okay, I can’t really talked about today because I was pushed off the Coho boat with the purser carrying the shipboard oxygen with me to Customs where the Canadian Customs’ officer said with confusion, “Are you ALL together?” No, they are just my medical support. So this is the BRIEF picture version of why I am telling you the whole story tomorrow, ‘kay? Arrived home 10 minutes to midnight.

Going. Took the 10:30 boat, getting ready to leave in a hour made me super nauseous and the boat was crowded to I needed and ice pack and lay down, when I wasn’t in the bathroom. By the time we arrived, I had my sass back.

We decided I was too weak to make it to the Hoh rainforest and back so picked up Maggie, had lunch at a Mexican restaurant and headed up to Hurricane Ridge. It is called because it is funnel of all the wind coming across the straits which goes up the mountain and then rips across, it was about 30-40 mph winds according to the rangers. This is why we all look like we are a) having the slicked-back hair look and b) look like we are on bowling team (it does doesn’t it?)

We ran into many deer which were all “Look at me! Look at me!” and let tourists approach. However, when the tourists got closer Cheryl and Maggie were rooting for the deer to attack them (apparently the most common park injury) and muttering, “Bite her, kick that woman from Wisconsin! Go on, bite her!” Remember this was their off hours time and not when they OFFICIALLY represent the ranger service

On the way down I went on oxygen because my lips were blue like my gloves blue and in Cheryl’s house was on floor and then seizure and other boring stuff for some time which ended with me in Cheryl’s bed (THE PLAN WORKED!) …..alone (DAMN!). I slept for an hour and a half.

We took the 9:45 pm boat back, I do the speaking of tongues and pain on the floor, then sleep while everyone has fun, get up in time to head to the boat. Well, I am fine but the crossing is rough and like a zodiac or car ride, my body has to absorb that shock of the up and down. It can’t, because apparently siezures and spasms are already quite tiring. So I lay down and the purser comes and I show him my fingers and he says it is actually my blue lips that are more disturbing (they were more the color of my gloves). So the purser gets the EMT, which happens to be the helmsman and I go on oxygen AGAIN (the ship’s oxygen because we ran out of ours) and have another seizure and the purser and the helmsman stay there. They are keeping me oxygen till the last second. And then I can barely hand transfer to the car, but here I am back again. I did have fun, sorta. I think I might do it different next time.

It is a bit disappointing to find out how small my travelling capacity is or how quickly I run into trouble. This does not bode well for San Fran trip. But will brainstorm between now and then. Right now I am going to sleep which will be followed by waking up in some sort of fatigue/pain I am guessing. Still, did the trip: too much travel time in ratio to fun though, will need to make it an overnighter next time. I just wanted to get out of the apartment!

I did wear the skull earrings though! The full day trip story tomorrow, I am sorry I can't write more. Because that last pic of me was me looking GOOD on the way back. And right now, one hand is actualy turning BLACK at the tips (Linda is a wee disturbed), so back on oxygen I GO!


Neil said...

At least you're home, and in the proper number of pieces. Sleep well, and I pray for a good day for you tomorrow.


SharonMV said...

Dear Beth,
Glad you made it back home. I can tell by the look in your eyes how tired you were. Will be thinking of you. Hope you rest well.


shiva said...

I have to say, going to ANOTHER COUNTRY because you "just want to get out of the apartment" might be considered by some people to be... a little excessive ;)

(then again, i don't know how close to the border where you live is... i only know that Canada and the US are both HUGE countries...)

Hope you are feeling better tomorrow...

Judith said...

Hope you sleep well. I'm looking forward to the less medical, more social version....I love the team photo!

Tammy said...

Well, it sounds like you had an interesting trip. I hope you had fun in between all the medical issues/emergencies. It sounds like you were in great hands though.
At least you look lovely in blue, but on the lips isn't really a good look for anyone. I bet you scared the heck out of the EMT on the trip home. Thank goodness the boat had O2 for you. Scary business you have there.
Rest, and try to recover. It sounds like you had a very interesting day.

Maggie said...

Rest well. It was a good day. all of it.

cheryl g said...

Hey Sis, I am mulling over options to make a trip to the Hoh Rainforest feasible. I'm sure we will be able to do it.

As for San Francisco - I'll research as well. I do believe we can make it happen.

It was a fun day even if we didn't get to see a deer bite or kick anyone. Now, rest lots and use the oxy lots. Sunday is a good day for cuddling on the couch with Linda (hint, hint).

yanub said...

I blame the entirety of your bad crossing on the fact that you were on a boat. Boats bad. Much vomiting. I went on an overnight fishing gulf fishing trip once, and the only thing I got out of it was the respect of my fellow passengers, who were amazed and horrified that, in my clearly incapicated condition, I still tried to fish. (Have I ever mentioned that some people think I'm stubborn?) You'd have thought that at some point, I would have been reduced to dry heaves. Sadly, no. Who knew that one could toss up things that had already passed through the stomach? It's knowledge I wish I hadn't gained personally.

Anyway, all this is to say that maybe you will do better going to San Fran, since you will be flying and not travelling by water.

abi said...

Looking forward to the expanded version!

You look quite defiant in that last photo: "Oxygen, you may not be playing nice at the moment, but that will not stop me. I am Elizabeth Invincible McClung." Or something. Perhaps with better grammar and more swear words.

Tom P. said...

shiva - Victoria and Port Angeles are both coastal towns on opposite sides of the straight of Juan de Fuca. So basically you just take a ferry and you are in the US. It takes 90 minutes according to the web site.