Saturday, June 07, 2008

Linda's Birthday, outdoor tree sex, lesbians making out and a present.

Today is Linda’s Birthday, she turns 24 today! I have a feeling that while it IS Linda’s birthday, Linda is actually the type of anal person who is going to COMPLAIN that she isn’t 24. Linda hasn’t really got the hang of vanity, denial and some other critical female aspects yet.

In order to celebrate Linda’s birthday I was SPONTANOUS. Actually it is impossible to be spontaneous when you need medical support but I was PREPARED for the possibility, so I suggested we go to Goldstream. Goldstream is one of the early provincial parks around Victoria known for some old growth, some second growth, a stream where salmon spawn every year and yes, a VERY small gold rush over 150 years ago (like 100 people or so). There is still copper and other metals in the ground including a spring in the woods which was labeled the “health spring” and the thing was to hike out and drink it, sulfur taste and all. That was the thing until they tested it when I was a teen and found it had lots of heavy metals including mercury. So instead of renaming it “death spring” they just closed it. And now people go out there for picnics and wandering around.

It was not only verdant, it was many different shades of green, an eruption of green into the brain. So much that every other colour, like these buttercups float upon a sea of green.And Linda did her, “Oh, I WANT to sit on the fence” and since it was her birthday she climbed on the fence and I took a picture. If you want to know why she is laughing it is because I am yelling at her “Core Fusion! Core Fusion!” And yes, that is an inside joke and if you don’t know what it is then just assume it is dirty, it usually is with me.

Then Linda got really into the mold on trees and wanted everyone to hug a tree, only Cheryl looked like she was sort of giving the tree a hug at the end of a support group meeting (the picture actually depressed me, I felt SAD for the tree). Meanwhile my pictures looks like I and the tree have decided to have wild and randy tree sex right there. I am not sure what exactly is going on with me and this tree (we promised to email), I think it was giving off allure pheromones. Actually this trip to Goldstream had sex as a sub-theme.

Linda really likes moss, and here you can play “Where’s Linda” in this version of the Georgia O’Keeffe’s, “What are you talking about, that’s just a bunch of moss in a curve of a tree?” At that’s what the Gallery owners will say. And Georgia only painted flowers, nope no sex here.

We talked about Pasadena and water usage (sexy!), and ended up by this downed giant from a year or two ago. Linda wanted a picture of me. And I obliged. Then I wanted a picture of Linda AND I together, and we did one of ‘those’ pictures from Japan. The ones that say, “I am just an innocent schoolgirl” and ALSO say, “I am a dirty little girl…come closer!”

Anyway, you know how it goes, a few girls in the woods, taking pictures and then before you know it: lip lock.
“What is this….?” I muttered in a breath

“I dunno,” Linda said, “But we should do it more often.”

“Yeah, more…more.” (Cheryl said she felt she could walk away and come back 10 minutes later at this point.) Yes, that is right, HOT LESBIAN make-out right there, for all to see, and it happens to be legal!

Anyway, we continue on, and I start complaining that my lip gloss which was evenly applied is now entirely missing, and Linda licks her lip and says, “Not here.” I make the wiggling tongue motion. Yup, Linda’s birthday was a very somber and respectable affair.

At the wooden bridge, with mold underneath, Linda and the almost able bodied Cheryl headed off to see the waterfall, which requires walking on stones and through a culvert and all the other accessible areas. I on the other hand was LEFT BEHIND. I gave them my goodbye wave.
Actually, soon after they left I met a family from Port Hardy with Tiff. I said, “Short for Tiffany?” And yes, and I mentally searched going, “Your mother was fond of stained glass?”

“Or..” Tiff continued, “We were trailer trash!” Laugh.

She had been in a chair as a child and we talked about what I did and I found out she was a watercolour artist. And I explained I tried that but found editing words a LOT easier than fixing a watercolor painting gone bad. She agreed. We got on well.

Meanwhile Linda and Cheryl were going through this valley which seemed like something from Land of the Lost so green and giant were the ferns, the moss, the mold. They made it to the waterfall, which is the thing to see. Unless you want to hike for 20 minutes straight up to the railroad trestle. It is, no matter how many years pass, still a very nice waterfall and only a few minutes out of town.

By this time, two hours of wheeling on gravel I was ready to head back as were they. We stopped only for me to buy Linda’s birthday present, which I can’t post for two weeks. It is her Washi picture from the Kyoto shop in Japan which I am having mounted and framed behind glass for her birthday (try sneaking out with a giant TUBE on a wheelchair and going a mile and back – so much for surprise!). The only problem is was to find out of (literally) 1,000 frames the RIGHT one. First we tried bamboo, then black, then a mix and finally Linda found a nice thin wooden gold frame with black specks, to compliment the black on the heron wings, and the gold theme in the picture (the gold and green are very traditional Kyoto Yuzen colours). It turned out that Linda unerringly picked the MOST expensive frame in the shop (there is a slight delay now becuase the frame is hand painted gold leaf - and they have to tell the artist in Vancouver or where-ever to go ahead and MAKE IT). The owner said the price, Linda said, “I’ll find another frame.” And I said, “That’s perfect.” I had, after all been saving a while for this day. The simple yet elegant gold leaf is the perfect frame for this Washi print (elegant simplicity: perfect for Edo Japan). The only problem was convincing Linda of that, and how in 10 years, would she want the “cheaper frame” or the RIGHT frame. I think she is actually over the guilts and looking forward to the present now. We should have it in two weeks.

I tend to buy one big thing a year, and so after a few years, there are a few big things that Linda has. I talked to the owner and am going back with the Ghibli studio tickets to get a box shadow framing done of them. After that, then I WILL be out of money, until my manga sale.

We came home, ordered pizza, watched UK TV called waking the dead and then I headed off to sleep while Linda headed off to a “Girl’s Night” party with some of the women from her division from work. So I hope this has been a good day for her. And with Cheryl here, we can’t exactly have wild abandon on that squeeky Red Cross bed, but we had a taste of it in the woods. And hopefully, between care givers and medical emergencies we MIGHT remember what that is all about sometime this week. Yup, nothing like advertising your sex schedules on the internet. Hi mom! Hi Linda’s mom!

So ends the day, with that kind of tired that either a) being in the sun or b) wheeling for several hours through gravel brings you. Happy birthday Linda, can’t wait until you are 25!


yanub said...

Since no one was there in the woods to holler at you with the sacred public acknowledgment of your love, let me do it:

"Rent a room!"

Which, actually, wouldn't be a bad idea. You two really should rent a room.

What a beautiful place Goldstream is! Thank you for sharing the pictures with us.

Veralidaine said...

Oooh pretty waterfall!

Since there are very few men who read your blog and none are piggish, I'll throw in the obligatory whistles and catcalls for the HOT LESBIAN MAKEOUTS.

WHoooo FWEET (that's a whistle)....

Um... anyway happy 24th to Linda, even if it's not her first 24th birthday I hope it was her best!

SharonMV said...

Happy Birthday to the ever lovely & youthful Linda.

Thank you Beth for sharing this day with us. A good plan, a beautiful forest. Giant moss covered trees, golden buttercups. Please tell me there were glades of ferns too! You are making me long for the redwood forests of my youth. Well, I'm more intent on getting out of this house soon and more & more sure that I will do it. I'll be happy with the oak woods in the canyons that we have around here. And tell Linda I'm still planning a drive to the ocean too.

There's nothing like seeing two people in love. Or one person and a tree.


SharonMV said...

PS: Can't wait to see a picture of Linda's Washi paper framed.


Raccoon said...

Happy Birthday Linda!

I thought Mennonite girl children weren't allowed off the farm until they were 30?

The pictures remind me a lot of Muir Wood, just north of San Francisco. Hopefully it wasn't as much of a pain to get to -- 45-60 minutes of 25-30 mph with mountain on one side, cliffs on the other, and no guard rails... I try to go there once or twice a year.

Picture frames. The shop I used to go to had a customer that insisted that all the pictures he brought in had to have the same frame! Can you believe that? No trying to match the frame to the picture...

Maia said...

Happy Birthday Linda! Today is my birthday too. I hope you had a GREAT Day. Thanks for sharing it with us - it looks like you went to a beautiful place.

cheryl g said...

Goldstream is lovely and is very like the Redwoods or Muir Woods. It was a very nice day.

I still say if it hadn't been for needing me to snap pictures I would have been completely unnoticed if I had wandered off while you and Linda were snogging.

Happy birthday Linda!

Devi said...

Happy Birthday! Thanks for sharing the pictures - a beautiful place indeed.

saraarts said...

Well, she certainly doesn't LOOK a day over 24. ;)

But I'm with you, Linda; be the age you are, be happy in it, and be grateful for every year that got you here. Happy birthday, and many happy returns.

missnomered said...

Ooh, nice pictures!!

Happy birthday, Linda!

Victor Kellar said...

Happy Birthday Linda

What a lovely place. Its the sort of thing I recall from my brief sojourns to BC many years ago (actually before you were born)

And what is all this chatter about hot lesbian sex? I thought you two just really liked each other ...

Lene Andersen said...

Happy birthday, Linda! Looks like it was a good day (and I'm so not commenting on the making out. I think amking out is healthy. Have vagie memories of it being fun, too ;)).

And that green stuff? And more green stuff?? Wow. Beautiful!

Gaina said...

((Happy Birthday Linda)). The photos are lovely and I'm glad you had a nice day :).

Sheesh! It's bitch when you have to schedule your intimate time around careworkers, isn't it! I hope you get some soon (yeah, you can take that anyway way you want! HAHAH).

Heather said...

Beth: You look happy and mischievous in these photos. And I'll never look at moss in quite the same way.

Happy birthday Linda! Outdoor makeout session: not too shabby a way to spend it.

Wheelchair Dancer said...

happy birthday!


FridaWrites said...

Happy birthday, Linda.

What a beautiful place to spend the day!

Dawn Allenbach said...

WOOHOO! Lesbian lip-lock! *does Larry the Cable Guy impression* I don't care who y'are right there, that was HOT!

That park about made me cry. It is so breath-stealingly beautiful. I love trees, especially the old ones. You can feel them breathing.

*waves* Hi Cheryl!

If renting a room is out (as I imagine), why not decide to have a weekend out at home? Turn off phones, TV, computer, radio, etc. Each of you make the other's favorite food (Beth can cheat and get help from a care worker) -- or order in. Some candles, the black table cloth, maybe flowers, a corset or two . . . . Could be great!

Maggie said...

Hi Guys-
Happy Birthday Linda. I'll be looking for the full update from Cheryl, Beth. Back from Portland and I've got goodies for you!
Hope you have a good night and a good tomorrow!

cheryl g said...

Sis, I keep telling you...

1. I don't hear the squeeky hospital bed (especially if you turn the monitor transmitter off).

2. I can put my iPod on and turn it up.

3. If you tell me you are napping I will just go nap too and with the CPAP on I definitely can't hear you.

linda said...

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to thank you for the birthday wishes. It was a great birthday as I got to spend it in a beautiful place with two beautiful people (inside and out)! In the evening I went out for a few hours with some of the girls from my new team at work and had a fun and relaxing time, leaving Cheryl and Beth at home to bond.

Yup, 24 and holding, that's me! Or as someone else told me about their birthday on Friday - they were celebrating their 21st anniversary of their 20th birthday.

linda said...

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to thank you all for the birthday wishes. I had a great day - spending time in a beautiful park with two beautiful people (both inside and out).

I'm really looking forward to the framed washi. The gold frame was the perfect choice. Thanks for the pressie, Beth. I'll think of Japan everytime I see it on the wall.