Sunday, June 08, 2008

I try to use Lovecraft to run for Mayor, and the Postcard Plan rolls on!

This weekend, beyond Linda’s birthday trip, was almost uneventful. Well, except for keeping to the PLAN. Oddly, with the trailers of the film The Dark Knight everywhere, that just makes me sound like The Joker. No, this is the POSTCARD plan, not the “kill Batman and rob Gotham Plan”, I think that one I am doing in August?

We took it deliberately easy, watched some British crime series instead of badminton and so I only had a very small TIA on Saturday night, which affected my left eye, mostly to the point of my not being able to raise the eyelid.

No one is sorrier than I, but this for ME is sound of my summer; the hissing of the air converter, Linda going, “Next time I come through I want to see more Gatorade gone.” It seems I am going to take care of myself whether I want to or not. Limit the damage so I have some brain and body left to go adventuring in the fall.

Today Linda and Cheryl did the “little job” of moving the life-line phone to the study where I spend most of my time. The phone is good, as it even says aloud what button you are pushing, that is good when you can’t see that well (neuro conditions). Also I have a few buttons for numbers on speed dial including my GP. There is a little wrist band that I have to wear all the time so I push it if my blood pressure or oxygen gets to low for me to move.

However like all “little jobs” it seemed to take two of them about two hours and a trip to the store to get a missing part. But now the phone is placed where I can answer it and they (life-line) can hear me if I have a seizure or fall to the floor. I am not sure what use “UUUUUUHHHHHHHHHAAAGGGGGGG!” will be to life-line when they call here, but at least they will be able to hear it. That noise is what happens when I have a seizure called “the loud one”, the other kind, “the silent ones” are where I just slump over. Then they have a LIST of people to call like Linda, Vincent Price (oh wait, is he dead?), and The archbishop of Canterbury (hey, they asked for people to call, I sort of ran out of family at Linda so got the joy of putting down who I wanted, I think my final contact number is either Madonna or Elton John).

The BAD news for this weekend is Linda telling me I CANNOT run for Mayor of Victoria. Apparently there is only one person who has put their name forward. Her major complaint is that the campaign for mayor costs an average of $9,000-$12,000. I told her I wasn’t planning on advertising, just knowing when people saw my name, much like in Lovecraft stories, by the Geas placed upon them they will be compelled to vote for me. True, I have a tentacled Ancient One for my campaign manager but what is the point of all those Grimoires I own if not to win elections? And this way I can do it on the cheap. And as part of my educational process of what having a disability is like in Victoria, all incoming calls regarding my campaign will go always to voice mail. Those requesting interviews will be called back at random times, barked a place, a date and time and then hung up on, just like how I find out about what tests I am getting and when. Linda still is not UP for the plan: I told her I cut costs dramatically but she said that having a tentacled being of pure evil leaving slime about the place just wasn’t worth it. (I think I am slowly winning her over - maybe if I use an Ancient Evil One AND Hello Kitty?)

I actually spent much of today thinking about YOU, or the people to whom I am sending postcards. See, I have a list of people getting postcards from me, which is everyone who was on the Japan list (regardless of continent) and ANYONE else who sends me an email with the title line “Postcard” and their address in it. PLEASE, if you lurk, or get this by email, think about sending me that email and address, PLEASE let me do this. After I tell you about my day, I will explain why sending postcards is so importnat. But first off, I am NOT just sending Anime postcards, which I am, but also Art postcards, as well as Classic Ship postcards, black and white postcards, and the few really beautiful postcards left over from Japan (including the cards made from Cherry/Cedar, which are real wood with wood block imprints on them – yup, sending them out too!). I am, actually sending out COLLECTABLES, as I found out when I tried to buy more (I have secured enough which should arrive soon to last another week or two of THE PLAN). For example, I have a load of old P&O and White Star and other Ocean Cruise Line Postcards from Posters which I bought for my Grandfather. He loved Cruise Ships and even when he couldn’t read anymore, he liked looking at the Classic poster postcards. Well, my Grandfather is gone now and he went as well as anyone could, knowing he was loved. I am ready to find these and other postcards I have collected from the Museums and cities of the world over my life a good home (This is how I honor the love I felt for him, if you don't want one of the ship ones just say - and you can have a Yaoi boy/boy love one instead - no seriously, I send what I think the person will enjoy the most).And so, when I say, I want my treasures to end up "in a good home", that means YOU. And then, beyond my message I usually load up a few stickers on the postcard so you can get the FULL experience. From gold Japanese Fans to Hello Kitty, there is everything on these cards, because I want you to be happy, if even only for a minute or two.

Now today, after creating my own work station, I went at it, and with help from Cheryl with the stickers, I did 18 postcards, and by the time you read this, they are all already sent. By number 18, even with breaks, my writing was not so good, so I needed a LONG break (in bed with oxygen - isn't that funny, exhausted to bed by POSTCARDS?).

And tomorrow and the next day and every day I will do a couple postcards each day, squeezed in between my assisted shower, and whatever appointments have been made for me, or whatever windmills there are to fight. For me, with the heat outside, I MUST stay indoors. Even today, in the 'wrong' (too warm) room, my arms turned green and the little veins started bleeding in my right arm as all the veins rose to the top and then bruises formed. So I cannot wheel around, I need to be indoors. But I have a need, a compulsion to have some sort of task, however small (though two to three postcards can take me over an hour), to bring a meaning BEYOND myself. So, if you are at home, if you are fatigued, if you are a caregiver, if you are sick, if you are well, if you are bored or if you want to receive personalized and caring post, then SEND ME AN EMAIL. I am determined to send postcards to 90 people, and I am about 20 people short right now. See, I am a writer, and even if it is only 10 lines, I want to keep writing.

The “voices” have been hassling me, you know the ones who come at the end of the day and talk endlessly about work or whatever it is that keep you awake (or how you could have studied more; or the perfect put down that you DIDN'T say - the 'voices'). And these days my voices keep asking questions I don’t know the answer to like: “Why do you stay in the medical system?”, or “Why does your spine hurt so bad, even with your new 3 times as powerful painkillers?” and of course the, “So you know your life is coming to an end, did you live it the way you intended?”

I mean, who really lives their life they way they intended? Sure, I have wishes that things were a little different. If I have a regret it is that I still seem too focused too much on myself; fighting battles on disability not on principle (well on that too) but because of how they treat ME. I am no saint, I leave that to Linda, but I do know the importance of being there for people, for caring, for sending the tangible evidence that you are NOT ALONE. So know that "out here" in computer land, some wacked out woman who keeps referring to herself in the third person with a middle name of “Fucking” (not the best advertisement for mental stability), is thinking about you, cares about whether you laugh when you get a card, whether you are comforted. Cares.

Allow me the favor of being part of your life, for a few minutes, of letting me in just a little, enough to send a card to you. Allow me to have SOME part of my day when I don’t have to worry about my life, and I have the luxury of caring and yes, sometimes worrying about yours. So send the email, and get the post card. Throw it away if you change your mind when it comes, but know that like pain relief, you gave me a chance to reach out, you took a little risk on me, and I appreciate it.

OR…..with 18 in the post already, realize the PLAN is going ahead with or without you, so jump on board! To refer to P.E./Gym, I choose YOU for my team. (At this point people usually said, “Oh no, why do I HAVE to be on the LOSER team!” Oh those fond P.E. memories!)


cheryl g said...

Yes you are going to take care of yourself whether you want to or not. Where Linda leaves off I will pick up and we don't even want to think about when Maggie gets involved.

You're thinking too small. Screw Bronze! Why be mayor when we could unleash the tentacled Ancient One and Hello Kitty to make you "Benevolent Dictator Elizabeth Fucking McClung"?

PS- My house smells like peach pie.

Victor Kellar said...

Well, I was always picked last in gym. Then, when I actually played well and I realized the other guys were liking me, I had to do something smart ass, like point out that if Gene Simmons really was a Knight in the Service of Satan he wouldnt be so ugly he needed make up ... just to keep those dodge balls flying at me

Well, I've mellowed with age. And while I still have the Groucho Marx distrust of any club that would accept me, I would be happy to be on your team.

And why mayor? Why not PM? I think your tentacled Ancient Evil could beat the tar out of the Fat Bloated Boys Club Cigar Meloch that most of our politicos worship

yanub said...

Yay, Team Loser! Go! Fight! Enjoy! Lose! Then go enjoy some more! Yay! Look at those winners glower their disapproving stares! Yay! We win!

I will be so excited to get whatever card you pick out for me! It's too wonderful, having the nice surprise and showing it to everyone.

You are still a US citizen, right? Let's have you for Obama's running mate! Obama/Fucking McClung in '08!

Judith said...

I like your plan. I'm thinking that today I need to find my own plan to protect myself from all the people wanting stuff/answers/info that I don't have. Then, when someone asks me what to do about something I don't have a clue about, I can distract them with the 'plan' whilst I make good my escape (mwhahaha!).
Hope you have a good day and get to write more cards.

SharonMV said...

Dear Beth,
Yes, i know that desire - to have something, some work to do & some little way to be a part of people's life, to be in the world. You and your community are helping me to have that sense of purpose & belonging again, the feeling that yes, I do have a life. I've been too ill to work on my art (OK, as you called it art, I'm definitely going to call it art, not crafts form now on). I missed doing my little bit of work, but now I know that I will get back to it.

Also having problems with getting my IVIG again, or rather a nurse to come & give me the infusion. Got a phone call from the head of the nursing agency (at 6 pm when I could do nothing about it). She's still having trouble getting payment & refuses to send the nurse for my next appointment or ever again. Two days of calls to my insurance co & to the specialty pharmacy that provides the medication ensue. With people returning my calls first thing in the morning when I've just gotten to sleep at 5am. Now there's going to be a conference call Mon between the pharmacy's billing department, the nursing agency & my insurance co. to try & work things out. fortunately, I will not have to participate. I mean how complicated can it be?

Beth, as Cheryl says - you will take care of yourself! If I didn't have such a job taking care of me, I'd come up & help make sure you do. There, you've made the bossy bitch side of me come out (yes, out of sweet little me).

I need you, I need your words & the spirit that shines through them in my life. Your blog is like a those really great movies - the ones that make you cry & make you laugh. The ones that make you cry & smile and the same moment. The ones that break your heart but give you the courage to go on.


PS: the combined evil power of an Ancient One & Hello Kitty is beyond imagination.

rachelcreative said...

I can't wait to hear your election manifesto :o)

I've been trying to buy postcards on the web (seeing as how I don't get to real shops much anymore) but it's not exactly cost effective to but them that way. So I have resolved that when I DO get to go out places I shall try and hoover up lots of postcards to use in the future.

Which got me thinking that somewhere I have postcards from my younger days - from trips to galleries and fun postcards that have been up on my wall when I was a student. And I thought actually it would be fun to send these cards to people. Fun and would have more meaning. It would be good to release them from their boxed prison - wherever that may be.

So if I can muster the energy/motivate hubbie to look for them you might find yourself with one of old dog-eared postcards yourself :o)

Hey - maybe you should send one of your precious postcards to Post Secret too. Maybe if you do it will get immortalised in one of Frank's books.

Why save your best china or your best clothes for a special occasion? Have the enjoyment of these speical things in the everday. Live every day of your life.

Lene Andersen said...

I'm glad you're taking care of yourself. A slow, indoor summer is just the ticket to keep you around longer. Because, as you know, it's All About Me and I prefer you around as long as possible! Besides, I'm pretty sure you can come up with all kinds of mischief even if you've changed your geographical boundaries a bit.

p.s. I love your postcards - it's so nice getting something in the mail that isn't bills or flyers. And although I'll be happy with whatever you choose, I do like ships. See? All about me. ;)

Neil said...

Yanub: People would take that Obama/Fucking McClung '08 slogan the wrong way: he'd end up with a Bill Clinton-style image. This is notwhat you needfor your next President, I'm sure.

Beth: beautiful photos of you and Linda in the woods yesterday. You don't need a room; that would be a wonderful place to make out.

Linda: Happy belated 24th birthday! Ha! I was right: Beth DID steal you from someone's cradle!!!

Now, what we need in Canada is write-in American-style ballots for our elections. Then we could have an HONEST Prime Minister. And I would just love to see Peter Mansbridge announcing the voting results for "Elizabeth Fucking McCLung?" He'd have trouble keeping a straight face, we're thinking. And then there's Rex Murphy's comment on your win. My own beloved says she can just hear Rex saying, "We have a woman elected as Prime Minister, and not only is this breath of fresh air female, she has a disability which will limit her time in office. 'About fucking time!' some will say."

Beth, I am proud to be on your team. But the tentacled Ancient One has already mated with Hello Kitty, and their spawn shall be known as LOLCats.

Much love to you and Linda, and Zen hugs for the whole team!

FridaWrites said...

I love this project, and I'm resolved to find one, too, to bring cheer to as many people as I know, given constraints on time and resources. The people who have taken the most time to keep following up with me, calling several days in a row when I can't talk on the phone until I can, knowing I may forget, are those with a lot of health or other personal problems themselves. And it's meant a lot.

Or I may send people postcards, too, crediting you of course, Elizabeth's Postcard Project!

Veralidaine said...

I think you should run for Mayor whether Linda likes it or not! You don't need to fundraise or to spend money-- just do it for the publicity.

I'm totally serious here. I'm a politics brat and believe me when I say: The amount of gleefully pissing off the people in power that you get from running a campaign where the only campaigning you do is to file a form stating your intent and then do some interviews is totally worth the time and spoons.

Gaina said...

I like your insistance that the Plan shall carry on regardless. :D

I think you should set us some missions too, like virtual treasure hunts. Yes, that could be fun ;)

shiva said...

Hi Elizabeth... sorry for not commenting, i know the last time i commented i said i had got online again... well, the very next day, Windows fucked up on my computer, and i had to go thru an insanely complicated series of crap to get it working again... but i AM properly online again now...

I would be honoured to recieve a postcard from you, if you want to pay postage to England...

I have a photo of a disabled gravestone angel for you (will probably post it up tonight).

I also really need to write that post about Lovecraft from a disability standpoint...

Oh, incidentally, anyone who likes Lovecraft and LOLcats needs to see this site:

Elizabeth McClung said...

Cheryl: I like the "We love you enough to render you unconscious with nerf bats for your own good" message. I will be happy to be Mayor of Victoria and get some by-laws passed so in 2010 when all the paralympic athletes and families come, they don't think the city is completely shit.

PS - I am in envy of your peach pie

PPS - no that wasn't sexual.

Victor Kellar: I am glad that you can repress your self destructive group tendancies (I have those too), enough to let me send you and email.

I think I will work with Mayor and then go up from there.

Yanub: Yah, this is the "fun team!" not the "Loser team" or is it both? I like sending cards and I like knowing that people can/will be excited. It makes me happy, so I guess, in the end, this is all some form of selfish gratification. Sorry, or rather thanks for letting me indulge myself.

Judith: I wish I had that kind of plan too. I have noticed that when you have a flu, you get like three days to be "sick" and no one bothers you, but when you are "sick" or "disabled" for a LONG time, then even when you are really bad, people expect all sorts of little decisions or information. Very, um, difficult. And it is always the people who seem to have the most time like BLUE CROSS who wants ME to find the signiture of 4 doctors, get three opinions and endless other things. Hey, I don't have hundreds of employees, why can't they lend me one of theirs.

SharonMV: I noticed you linked to your books now, so if you click on Sharon's name you can see her art. Yes, I am tired of being on the little raft behind the BIG ship where everyone has fun, and I can hear them or sometimes see them but I can never get there!

So yes, to be part of it, sometimes, or some time, one time, a time. Or to bring them to me, or to meet them online, like this, is important to me.

What you do is art, I don't know what you use for glue but I have made and bound books and yours aren't just high quality binding with endpapers that are perfect (no glue bubbles or thickening), but also they are beyond that, into texture and looks which are art. Your books (I like the purple one) are the kind of thing that I saw, only not so delicate from the bookmakers in Venice, whose shops have been there a couple hundred years. I am not so good on some things, but I know books and I know paper and HOW you got the silver threaded gauzy paper ON my card smoothy, without a glue thickening or bubble, I don't know, Cheryl and I were both examining it with the "I don't know how she does it" conclusion, and then to get printing clearly on top of THAT particularly difficult material. I have worked in books for 12 years or so, maybe longer, and I can tell you by smell the age of a book, can tell you how it was bound, who it was bound by, the content of the paper, the process used to make it, I KNOW books. But your books interest me, becuase they are a combination of a minature, an accordian binding, a frontpiece, as well as some form of hand made paper, with ribboning: that is art.

The problems with insurance, we and everyone seems to be hit this month (Frida writes about it on her blog and I have seen several others). I am concerned, I am very concerned because you are not getting treatment AND they are using up your energy, depleting your resources which keep you healthy (healthish?), in order to TRY and get the treatment to allow you to have better quality of life. (Insert pulling hair and scream here!).

I take what you say but I am not sure about the compliments as I am the bittersweet of chocolate. Which isn't what I want to be, but I guess, that is one thing disability teaches us, we don't get what we want, but how can we deal with what we have.

Post Card! Postcard!

RachelCreative: I have the same problem as you, I now realize that the internet is fine for buying books and DVD players and such but pretty terrible for buying little items like individual postcards.

I also have the same problem, which is, will I EVER find all the postcards I have collected over the years? Where are they lurking?

I think getting a postcard with a bit of "living" would be great!

I looked at Post Secret and it just seemed so very sad, all these people with secrets, or doing things or lying to hide thier pain. Sorry, probably not how other people respond.

Yes, live every day, which is why, even on house bound days, I get up, I get dressed, or helped dressed, I put on earrings, I have a standard I keep to becuase who knows, maybe I will be whisked away on a secret mission ("We need someone to wheel VERY SLOWLY down this street, and we thought of you!")

Lene: It is ALL about YOU? I thought it was all about ME? Until I realized that if I don't keep going on, I will need to move up the "Take over the world plan". Yes, I hope, however or whereever I am limited, I can still be naughty!

No problem, a postcard is coming your way, so with Canada post, expect it New Years perhaps? (we had an envelope to Vancouver returned after a week to tell us, "we aren't delivering this as we need 11 cents more" - oh, thank you!)

Beth: It was wonderful, and with all that moss too, I have no problems with nudity, but Linda and the police....well they see things differently (or they see me all too well!).

I am glad to know that Lolcats are around, I must go harness thier powers. Oh yes, well I could go and be Prime Minister, since our last female Prime Minister owned her own trailer park, I am sure I can match that with my corset/vibrator collection!

Fridawrites: Well, you could do what I saw in Seattle which was a few girls with signs saying, "Free hugs" and I thought, "Oh they don't know what they are in for!" But maybe becuase I have met some touchy-feeling guys who seem to HAVE tentacles.

I'm glad you are starting a project, I really don't think that people trying to make people happy is a trend that I need to be worried about (much better than the "I'm hot, let's shot someone who cuts me off" trend that happened in LA when I was there).

I am actually, once I finish with postcards, thinking I MIGHT try to move up to "small gift packets" which will be a bit of a challenge, but then, I LIKE challenges!

Veralidaine: What is strange is that a lot of people KNOW me already, so I guess the mayor thing could bring some health and other issues to the front, IF the paper were to report them (our newspaper seems to be very selective, like, how every year there are gay bashings BUT they never show up in the paper).

That actually would be fun as a job and might bring up the point that hey, if you want workers, try advertising PART TIME and you will get single mothers, people with disabilities, students who want to work AND go to school - a whole host of people (our town is always saying "We don't have enough workers!")

Gaina: Well, the May Madness weekend went off pretty well so I wonder if I should try to figure out something people could have fund doing and then have more notice like a few weeks. I will ruminate - but yes, the plan shall go on!

Shiva: It is okay, I know that computer problems can be horrid.

I would be very happpy to send you a postcard - just send me your address to me at mpshiel at - and a postcard will be coming your way (if you tell me you are shiva that will help me select the 'right' card for you too). Like I said, all countries and all continents, so far we have four continents, but I would really like to hit five if possible! I will say though that I am pretty much limited to english when writing postcards, or latin, but you might get a bunch of lines scratched out becuase my latin is a little er...old.

saraarts said...

Ah, but here's a question: Would people at Linda's job treat her better, somehow find they could appreciate her better, if her wife were Mayor of Victoria?

Dave Hingsburger said...

So guess what. You are now a restricted site at my workplace as the automatic censor says there are too many prohibited words. MMMMMM that makes your site so much more delicious, I feel like I'm being a bad bad boy - maybe I need a spanking!

The Girl said...

I was never at gym, so I couldn't be picked last. Going to an all-girl's private school meant that we had such bizarre "sports" as netball, lacrosse (you thought only for burly crazy Canadian men? You thought wrong), hockey, tennis, gymnastics and swimming. The summer was the best, as the classes would be split up into groups, each doing a sport. The easy thing to do would be to tell 2 teachers that we were in the other teacher's group and then piss off into the woods around the school for an hour and a half. The other best plan was to always volunteer for tennis. The tennis courts were about 1/2 a mile away from the rest of the sports complex and the teachers were too lazy to trek all the way down. Consequently, we just sat on the court with some rackets, and talked about Neitzche (yes, we were THOSE teenagers).
We had a massive "loser" team (about 8 of us) so we made up a big enough contingency in the school so that it didn't matter if we got picked last because we picked each other. Now THAT'S unity!

Anyhow, emailed you for postcard. Don't go bankrupt sending things to Engerland.

And Re: Mayor. It's a shame you weren't in London for our elections, as you would have won hand's down against those two idiots who call themselves Londoners.

"Elizabeth Fucking McClung for ruler of everything!"


Donimo said...

I envy Cheryl's peach pie, too! My house smells like spaghetti sauce. All too often, it smells like spaghetti sauce.

The postcard project rocks. Sarah and I have loved the postcards and they always have so much going on, what with all the stickers and all, that they are like a little event in and of themselves. You've definitely made us smile. I agree that this is quite a lot better than receiving bills and junk mail. I love the online connections I have made, but connecting in a non-digital way is fabulous.

You mentioned Latin, so here's a favourite phrase:

Verum gaudium res severa est

In English:

True joy is a serious matter

Raccoon said...

I lived in Lovecraft country! You know all of those references to the "Old Post Road?" Route 1 & 1 A north of Boston. If you drive along it, you can still see some of the landmarks that Lovecraft wrote about. And Ipswich is there -- I forget what it's called in the books.

Heh. I used to game with someone whose favorite universe was Lovecraft. And, somewhere, I think I have a diploma from MU...

FridaWrites said...

The PE post is fee-neeshed, for you!

FridaWrites said...

Oh, some people were doing the free hugs thing at a place near work shortly pre-wheels, and I looked scared and went way around them. I really would have liked to participate, was afraid I'd get too squeezed before I could warn them. They must have thought I had emotional issues. I love hugs, but not really squeezy ones. I'd forgotten about that.

PostSecret: I like some of them because they are sweet ideas or difficult truths which people have been unable to share with others. Some of the other postcards on there scare me to know that's how people really think, that people can hold that kind of meanness or coldness in their hearts. Yours is a very different kind of postcard project.

Raccoon said...

The Hugs Project is actually a worldwide thing. There's videos on you tube from all over the world.

Sherry said...

I'm a long-time lurker from the states (OHIO) who would love to receive one of your postcards! And thanks for picking me for your team! This is a first for me, as I was a dunce at every team sport, was never picked for ANY team in PE class (the gym teacher would assign the "leftovers" like me to a team, and the poor team leader would then try unsuccessfully to stifle a groan of horror).

I KNOW you put your e-mail address in a previous blog about your postcard project, but I lack the attention span to find it, so if you could please give your e-mail address once more I will send an e-mail to you with the title "postcard" so that I will get on the list to receive one.

Yours is the best blog I've ever read, and I've never missed a post since discovering it by lucky accident (as a link posted on an fms blog by a British writer). You have no idea how many people you have touched with your wit, insight, humor, honesty, passion and courage. What an incredible gift you have given us! I've referred just about everyone I know to your page, and I hope that someday, for those with no internet access or desire to be online, this blog will be published in its entirety in book form. Your blogs have changed my life and how I look at the world.
You are an amazing writer!

now if you could just give out that e-mail address one more time for any deadbeat lurker like me who couldn't find it or remember it..I would be honored to receive a postcard!

he e-mail address

Sherry said...

Elizabeth....I am a dunce! I just re-read your comment responses. Is this the right address: mpshiel at

You should definitely run for mayor...


-Sherry from Ohio

Neil said...

So sorry, Beth, but I've just realized that you're too disabled to be Prime Minister: you can't lie well enough.

Donimo: there's nothing wrong with spaghetti sauce. That was the bait my beloved used to trap me.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Saraarts: Since she works for the BC government and Victoria is the capital, probably she would be blamed for all that is wrong with the city via me (cause crips don't have brains, their caregivers keep them for them).

Dave Hindsburger: Odd, I thought I was trying to cut back on the swearing, probably just the multiple use of vibrator and orgasm. I really should have more sexcapades to live up to my "Forbidden rating" - um, well, actually having sex with trees is probably up there on the "Canada does not approve of this activity list"

The Girl: Well, I wish I had gone to your school becuase quite honestly the idea of sitting around talking about Neitchze (sic) instead of PE sounds pretty good/surreal, I think I was reading Ayn Rand at the time which sort of ruined masturbation for me (I mean, how can you know if you are having the kind of PURE and TOTAL COMMITED ART orgasm that Rand's woman seem to have....and with men to boot) - I did find that saying out loud for no apparent reason in class: "Howard Roark laughed. He stood naked atop the cliff" was good for either, a) getting people to stay away or b) getting send for counselling - that is the first sentences of Atlas Shrugged in case anyone cares. Luckily I grew out of Ayn Rand but still read her since for some reason she has the same sort of engaging prose as many science fiction writers (oh, now I am going to get it).

Donimo: I agree, I enjoy sending the tangible, and while I can't always be there on line, once the post leaves, it can arrive on a day when I am so tested or exhausted that I cannot be there, but it is there, and can support or entertain. Besides, your interests are fun to find postcards of!

Raccoon: wow, that is pretty cool. I lived not only in Clark Ashton Smith County but unknowningly, I bought and read the exact same edition of the encyclopedia Brittanica that he did in his odd little California cabin. So no lovecraft connections but many Clark Ashton Smith ones - I always thought that Lovecraft would make a good vampire, fallen aristrocrat, frustrated, eccentric, pale, a little out of this world and talked and wrote as if from a different time.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Fridawrites: thanks, I will check it out in the morning.

Sherry: Your review of me is so glowing I think you have commented on the wrong blog. But if it is for me I appreciate your elegant prose and you will definately be getting TWO postcards (I am SO easy when it comes to compliments, feed the vanity, get the goodies!)

I actually am going to start some more vibrator reviews soon since I have had requests for them - the reviews. I have to wonder if Linda is up to picture taking again, I will have to get her in a good mood or slightly drunk, or both. (I know this had nothing to do with your comment, but it is very late and I am a bit punch drunk and say whatever comes into my head, sorry!)

Dawn Allenbach said...

Personally, I think it's fantastic you're doing this because it seems no one sends letters or postcards anymore. I remember a time in my life when I anxiously waited for the mail to run because I knew one of my camp friends was sending me a letter.

Speaking of sending things, I really need you or Linda to email me YOUR address so I can mail your gift. Oh, and I'm at my folks' in Kansas untiil August 11, so if you haven't sent my postcard yet, please send it to the address I am about to email you. If you've already sent it, I'll have someone look for it and forward it to me here.