Sunday, May 25, 2008

Wheelchair goth girl molested in cemetery (with friends)

Linda here…

Well, you may recall Elizabeth had a hellish week. Elizabeth has a tendency to run away on birthdays. But after many, many volts of electricity, she stayed put. This year I decided Saturday would be her birthday and asked her new family/friends to share it with us. So Cheryl and Maggie hopped the ferry to spend the day. There was a discussion between where to go: a) Dead People or b) Squirrels. Dead People win!

Elizabeth is always leading the way into dubious behaviour. Remember Elizabeth’s call to action to do something fun this weekend? Well, she wanted us ALL to go goth (or wear corsets at the very least). And so, we arrive back from the ferry to see Elizabeth working on her five inch spike dominatrix boots and her lace shrug. With her black velvet corset and skirt she totally embraced the inner goth going slut. Here she is, trying to pick up customers in the graveyard with her "come hither” look. It somewhat disturbed me that a wheelchair could look so sexy and down and dirty with the right attitude within.

Meanwhile, thanks to Elizabeth’s bad influence, I bought this spring my first ever corset and finally it saw the light of day. Elizabeth is saying here, “Show the folks what corsets are all about!”

Maggie hadn’t brought dress-up clothes. That stopped Elizabeth for about 2 seconds, as she opened up her “tickle truck” and corsets, skirts and arms warmers spilled out. I (Linda) ended up with to elbow length lace arm warmers that came in handy for the “Sex Kitten by the Mausoleum” look.
Not that I originally wanted that look, but when Elizabeth is shouting, “No, no, don’t get up, work it, you’re so sexy, all these dead people want you, woo hoo!”

Meanwhile Maggie emerged from her Ranger/EMT/Anthropology shell to look drop dead gorgeous in spider web corset, a mini plaid skirt and arm warmers to match. As Maggie is straight, we were trying to hide our salivation, that is until she started talking about the costume party she went to in her genuine Catholic Schoolgirl uniform and pigtails. (Cheryl and Elizabeth say, “Yum Yum!”). Elizabeth was slightly put out, as she doesn’t buy her corset to have OTHER women look better in them, but since Maggie was “quote” ‘doing it for Elizabeth’s Birthday’, she put up with seeing her ballet slippers finish the outfit
(Elizabeth: Sigh! This is when is would be nice to be petite not just FLAT and skinny.

There has always been ongoing teasing between Elizabeth and Maggie about Elizabeth trying to turn Maggie into a lesbian (this is entirely in Maggie’s mind…..maybe). So while Maggie was getting ready they were bantering to each other. “See, I knew you just wanted to get me naked,” said Maggie when she was given the corset. Maggie protests a LOT but then, when we arrived at the entrance to the Mausoleum Maggie invited Elizabeth to take a picture with her saying, “Hey, this might be one of the few times you’ll get to lean up against my breasts.”
Hmmmm, who is teasing who here. Particularly as later, Maggie would be placing her birthday present into Elizabeth’s groin AND undoing both her corset AND her bra! But I get ahead of myself.

We attempted to foist a genuine boned under corset on Cheryl, who has worn them in Historic Parks for her job. She said there was no chance she’d be able to fit into a boned under-corset without eight inches of space in the back. Elizabeth’s eyes lit up and said, “Oh, that a great place to START!” At which point Cheryl backed away and refused to go near the corset again. So we gave her a pair of Elizabeth’s armwarmers to go with her new Deadhead shirt.

It was a lovely day for a picnic in the cemetery and Elizabeth wasn’t going to let a little fever and sore throat keep her away (and apparently, neither did we?). After a brief period of time Cheryl and I nominated Maggie as the queen of camera whores because she had 3 cameras to herself which was as many as the rest of us had put together. Also she tended to wander off and get a little TOO into being one with the tombstone.

One of our favourite tombstones was dedicated to Cashew and Peanut. Who would name their kids that? I’m pretty sure people weren’t allowed to bury their pets there. Elizabeth immediately went back to the “disability angel” and got the picture she wanted.
So between Elizabeth going all vamp and gothy on us and with Maggie in full camera whore mode it was an INTERESTING time keeping track of people.

We pulled out the Japanese handmade umbrella and let Elizabeth…well, be ELIZABETH. Which means a lot of hamming it up and some genuine smiles between the, “Oh get me in my magic girl pose!”

Of course, Elizabeth has this POWER, which is to get people (or birds and animals) to DO things that they wouldn’t always do. So it wasn’t long after I was laughing at her doing her “Magic Anime Girl Transform!” poses before, I (Linda) somehow found MYSELF doing Anime Girl action and transform poses. Thank goodness Elizabeth hadn’t snuck in a sparkly wand.

Elizabeth, when she takes pictures like people to laugh. She tried various sexual questions and eventually found one that worked on each of us (really, we were kind of GLAD the cemetery was empty).
I’ve been called an innocent and a prude so I can’t tell you what it was that made Maggie look like this (Elizabeth: I can, I just suddenly remembered that I needed some advice on buying a strap on)

Cheryl on the other hand got zinged with a “So, what can you tell me about Threesomes!” to produce this picture after which she said, “I’m not saying.”
Which made us all much MORE interested in what she might be able to reveal to us about threesomes (Cheryl: “They’re distracting”).

Elizabeth, though she doesn’t actually have a good oxygen supply still acts like a nine year old high on pixie sticks when in a graveyard. So she is already fighting her way to another tombstone and stroking it like a kitty, leaving Cheryl to clean up the photography supplies.

After an hour of rambling we found a shady area, laid out our black tablecloth and ate Elizabeth’s birthday chocolate mint cake.
Maggie regaled us with her tales of how exactly she knew SO much about gravestones, which it turned out she did an anthropology project on them. So we debated about people who overcompensate in death and how it is the LIVING who end up deciding how the dead are remembered. The cake was enough to sustain us for what I thought would be another 30-60 minutes to explore the rest of the cemetery. Didn’t quite work out that way (Did I mention Maggie wanders off and Elizabeth gets hyper and far ahead of us?). It was a great cemetery and Elizabeth used her powers to get a crow to provide some performance ambience for us.
Also, we sometimes managed to get two or three of us together, which was a picture worthy occasion, especially with such NICE tombstones. I mean, who can not love a grave like this?

Fifteen minutes later we were pushing Elizabeth up through the grass to another mausoleum when she said, “I’m feeling funny, something is happening.” We tried to get her to the shade as soon as possible.

She wasn’t sure what was wrong and was sort of just staring at her hands, but we were thinking she may have got a little too hot. I started taking off the boots at her request. They’re pretty complicated with about a dozen buckles on each boot and really, really long laces. I was getting pretty frustrated by the laces but finally got one boot off. AFTER I get the boot off, I noticed a zipper that went all along on the inside seam. Geez, that could have saved me some time! The second boot was a lot easier to take off with the zipper down. Only had to tug a little to get her ankle out. While I was holding her calf in one hand and the boot in the other I had to gulp a little when I realized how small her calf and ankles were now. They felt so fragile compared to a year ago. I had been tugging on her boots to free her foot and suddenly I was afraid I’d break her ankle if I didn’t take them off right.

Meanwhile Cheryl and Maggie were cooling Elizabeth off with her coldpacks. Maggie had bought Elizabeth a pink kerchief with skulls and she put it to immediate use wrapping a cold pack in it to minimize the shock to her system. She put it in one of the few working cooling points. So up came the skirt, and the ice went into the groin. Elizabeth didn’t notice anything. Which meant she was NOT well. Cheryl and Maggie also kept her upright, loosened her clothes, and tried to keep her breathing. Elizabeth drifted in and out of consciousness. In one of her better moments she asked if we could lie her down on a grave (she had been in her chair and was having a hard time with her diaphragm). I laid out the black table cloth to protect her clothes from the grassy grave. We were pretty sure the Brandts (the grave she laid on) didn’t mind us using their area. It’s not like we’d hear their complaining 6 feet under. Ironically, when Elizabeth would come too, she would make “Take photo” motions with her hand to Maggie, I think as she wanted Maggie to keep enjoying her trip. Maggie turned into a bossy older sister and told her, “That just isn’t going to happen.”

We spent over an hour on the grave. I can’t remember how many times she’d stop breathing and we’d have to tell her to breathe and we’d all be searching for some sign of her diaphragm moving. For a while Maggie had to put some pressure on one lung which helped with the breathing. In the moments between unconsciousness when Elizabeth realized we were all there with her instead of taking pictures she’d start talking and tell us she was fine and several times struggled to get up. She was not fine. Everyone knew it but her!

Her oxygen levels go down as she talks so we all told her to stop talking. Didn’t work. Eventually Maggie just pinched her lips shut in the middle so she didn’t have much choice. A finger to the forehead provided enough resistance that she couldn’t sit up. Nice to see I wasn’t the only one that could be bossy. Maggie’s favourite line to Elizabeth was, “I can see your lips and YOU can’t….they’re blue.” Which seemed to shut Elizabeth up for another couple seconds

I appreciated having Cheryl and Maggie there. Having two EMT’s around gives me a sense of security and a little less reason to panic when things go wrong. I will admit that there were moments where I was thinking we’d have to take her to the hospital, if we could ever get her out of the cemetery. How appropriate it would be for this goth chick to end her days laying on a grave in a Victorian cemetery.

Fortunately that was not to be. Eventually she was breathing regularly, talking and some of the chest pains subsided. We got Elizabeth back into the chair, but by this time, she was in the cooling vest instead of her corset. Cheryl told her that Maggie was surprisingly good at the one handed bra removal for a straight girl. Elizabeth zipped down the cooling vest to see her bra hanging limp and said, “I’ve been MOLESTERED!” Then after a few seconds, “I’ve had Maggie touching my breasts, and I missed all the best PARTS!” Elizabeth was VERY disappointed to learn that Maggie had taken her out of her corset and was fondling her body and she didn’t even know it. This topic was revisited often for the next ten minutes, “Why do I always miss everything” she complained, “Some birthday present!”

We wandered back, with Maggie STILL disappearing to take pictures, while Elizabeth’s crow showed up again for her to take another picture in Sepia. Which was appropriate since she had problems seeing with vision and colour.

We managed to finally all get through the cemetery and back to the van.

On the way back, Cheryl and I were on the hunt for a suitable epithet for Elizabeth (not that she was going to die on us today and when she does she won’t have a tombstone anyway because she wants to be cremated). The best one we came up with was only one word “REST”. Pretty good, huh?

What started as an hour walk turned out being a nearly five hour excursion. We picked up fish and chips on the way home and watched most of the US unreleased Ghibli movie Pom Poko. We decided that it was NEVER going to be released by Disney, not just because of the many scenes of Racoon children performing Eco-Terrorism. But there were the many, many, many scenes of Racoons transforming their testicle sacks into various objects (as well as lots of testicle shots while the Racoons partied, which was about every night). Maggie and Cheryl sort of decided that maybe Racoons have transformed into humans and now reside in Frat houses. While Elizabeth seeing a “Racoon Master” transform his testicles into a giant bull frog, said, “Oh yeah, THAT’s the image I need burned into my brain right before a nap!”

We didn’t finish the whole movie but I took Maggie back to the ferry. Cheryl helped Elizabeth get ready for a long-overdue nap while I was out.

Elizabeth is still feeling pretty rotten (the sore throat has worsened, her fever has gone down a bit and she’s in a lot of pain) but we did go out and have fun. And as strange as it is to say it, with Elizabeth having a fever AND almost dying, I think this was one of her best birthdays yet.

PS – since it is 2:30, and all is quiet in terms of comments and emails, we will have a mini post for tomorrow, to give everyone a chance to read and see all the pictures (blow them up by clicking – it is fun!).


Evil Lunch Lady said...

I just loved the pics both of you are quite the story tellers! Looks like you had loads of fun!

Well except for the end.

rachelcreative said...

Elizabeth you do look so fabulously sexy!

Neil said...

Happy birthday, Elizabeth! But Linda decides when your birthday will be? Okay, I'm as curious as a cat now, but you needn't explain if I'm intruding on private issues.

I'm glad you all had a good time visiting (and only imitating) dead people. Cheryl and Maggie, thank you both for being there to help Saint Linda when Beth started her EMT training mode.

Maggie and Linda, you look gorgeous in full goth vamp! Elizabeth, you do too, but it's almost your everyday look; they need more encouragement. You have to get Cheryl into a corset and long skirt next time. The arm warmers were a good start, though. :)

Our weekend here isn't quite the adventure that you two describe. I'll send photos to you and Victor. The fun started on Friday, so I took a couple of photos of my wife at her weaving class. It was the second week, so maybe it doesn't count as our weekend madness, but buying the loom does, as we have NO room for it (that was two weeks ago, though).

On Saturday, I went to a one-hour workshop and learned the most basic things about spinning Poi balls, which COULD end up in me spinning fire. But I prefer a safer risk, so I bought some ribbon poi from the instructor; I had a photo taken at the class, which sorta works, but the video last night didn't. If I can, I'll have my wife try another video today, but weather is an issue.

It's "Beth weather" today in darkest Saskatchewan: at 5 a.m. it was 11 degrees C, with wind from the north at 32 km/hr. Our forecast for today calls for periods of rain and temperature dropping to Zero C.

You'd probably enjoy the temperature, Beth, but it's dark and dreary with sold overcast. Just PERFECt weather to go running! And that's what 149 people are about to do. I'm volunteering (NOT running!) for the I Love Regina 10K Run. Unfortunately, I didn't get to the volunteers' meeting on Tuesday, so I've been stuck at a lonely corner to direct runners (and probably traffic - Regina drivers can be stupid). There'll be no aid station, water station, or portapotty near me. But I shall think good City employee thoughts, and assure you that Everything Will be Fine.

I'd better cycle over to the start line now to make sure the run is still happening. I'll report later.


Tammy said...

What a day. It sounds like you all had a blast, up to a point.
You all looked gothically gorgeous!
The kids and I did some graveyard stomping yesterday too. Just for Elizabeth. I even took pictures.
The first one we went too was very cool, but pretty crowded with the living. It's Memorial weekend here in the states, where people "honor" the dead by placing flowers on the graves, and flags on the graves of servicemen.
So, we went on a long country drive, picked up a friend and her new rescue pup, and headed to one waaayyyyyy, out in the country.
The newest grave I could find was 1921, but most were before 1903. Extremely old. There is 13 flat graves in a row, hence why it is called 13 graves. The local legend is that over 100 years ago, a man killed 12 of his family members and then himself. If you stand on one grave, count it as one, and then walk across the other counting, you count 13, but turn, count again, and there are only 12. It only worked once for me, but it doesn't count since I am notoriously bad at math.
I took lots of pictures. I may email a few to you and Elizabeth later. Some of them are really interesting headstones, and one of a child had a headstone, a footstone, and an odd globe like cement thing in the middle. A lot of them in this one had a carving of a hand with a finger pointing up. It gave me an idea for my tombstone. Only I want a different finger pointing up on mine.
My favorite was one from the early 20th century that looked like a giant stack of wood with a banner on it. I mean it was well over 7 feet tall. I easily hid behind it for a picture (peeked out) and I'm six foot tall. The kids had a blast. We even found one there of a civil war soldier, which my 14 year old son thought was cool. Most of the tombstones have fallen apart and many were just propped up against other stones and tree trunks.
Playing in a 150+ year old, broken down, graveyard by the banks of a river, in the middle of no where. We had a fabulous time. And we thought of Elizabeth McClung!

saraarts said...

"Elizabeth is always leading the way into dubious behaviour."


You all look fabulous. I'm so glad you had a nice time -- during the parts when you were having a nice time, of course.

Victor Kellar said...

Great pics, you all looked great. Elizabeth, those are just the hottest boots but next time give the Linda the instruction manual ok?

Sorry had Beth had a "down" adventure in the middle of an "up" adventure but that is the price for you having a good time; always seems to be a price for that it seems.

Yes, it is a bag weekend of me to go adventuring but I'm collecting these pics off the site, Neil is going to mail me something, I have the pics from Em's adventure, already a good amount of stuff but we'll see what other people may have done over the weekend. Going thru music now to cut everything to, I have some ideas but suggestions always welcomed

Lene Andersen said...

Jeez. Thrill me with fantastic cemetery pictures and happy faces and scare the crap outta me all in one post. Glad Beth decided to stick around a bit longer!

Those pictures are drool-inducing. So beautiful. Even I might have donned a corset and I'm so not the corset type (don't get any ideas, Beth! We don't have a cemetery like that in my neighbourhood, so I'm off the hook!)

Happy birthday!

Gaina said...

Are those 'New Rock Wear' boots? I am lusting after a pair, and if they have zips up the side that will make it even easier for me to get them on and off :).

I'd just like to say as a straight woman, you both looked incredibly hot! How DO you manage to make a wheelchair look sexy? I haven't managed that yet in 35 years!

Happy Birthday, sweetie xx

cripchick said...

so everytime i read an article on blogging, one of the big tips are to have a catchy title. you sure got that down :P

Victor Kellar said...

Damn .. sorry .. stupid of me .. too many things on my mind today .. But, Happy Birthday Elizabeth

yanub said...

Happy birthday, Elizabeth!

Thanks for posting, Linda. It looks like a good time was had by all. Of course, Elizabeth was going to have an event. It would have been remarkable if that hadn't have happened. I'm glad to see that you all were prepared, what with having the black tablecloth at hand. Too bad about there not being a picture of it for Elizabeth to see.

Donimo said...

Happy Linda-sez-it's-your-Birthday, Elizabeth! Very sexy, indeed. I agree that you are sexy in your wheelchair and not despite it. You know how to rock the black and chrome and spokes.

It's quite the poignant image: you splayed out on the grave getting help from your Goth angels. Any poets in the crowd?

em said...

I agree that Elizabeth Rocks the wheelchair. You women are hot! (I say that as a lesbian.)

Plus it looks like so much fun. I was grinning at all the fabulous gothwear. And that cemetery is so wonderful. It makes me want to find some more to play in.

I hope that Tammy posts her cemetery pics too.

Of course Linda, you wrote a suspenseful story that went from fun to really scary. I'm glad that Elizabeth didn't check out in the cemetery, even though all things being considered it's a great place to do it. Especially all dressed up like that.

Oh, that picture of Maggie laughing was so juicy, thanks to Elizabeth's evil ways. And your new corset is so beautiful. I love your jeans and boots with it. The picture of Maggie and Cheryl with the spring flowers all around feels magical to me. Plus the crows! Wow.

Happy Birthday dear Elizabeth, Happy Birthday, to, you.

Heather said...

I'm tempted to think of this blog as "Adventures with Graveyards" but that would be, um, morbid?

Happy birthday to Elizabeth and Happy-making-it-through-another-Elizabeth-adventure to Linda, Cheryl, and Maggie. It looks like it was a fabulous day, even with the lying on the grave bit.

After a short and stupid bout of self-pity in which I couldn't remember what I like to do for fun, I went out and had some. This included but was not limited to:

--a trip to the yarn store for rovings so I start practicing with my drop spindle. And I have begun to make some, well, "novelty" yarn. Eventually I will graduate to bad yarn.

--a trip to the comic book store for part 2 of a book that features murder, Antarctica, and DTWOF.

--a stop at the art supply store where I meet one woman who like to melt plastic dolls in the oven and make stuff from the results, another woman who thinks the local crows talk to her but was too nervous to buy a lottery ticket, and a third woman operating the cash register who managed to inadvertently ring up a sale of 55 million dollars and who turned to her co-worker as I was leaving and said "I love talking to older people about comics."

--a totally unplanned detour to a local zine and craft fair which included a chat with a young woman who seemed to have lost a battle with a magic marker. How else could you explain the wide aqua streak running across one eyebrow and down the side of her nose?

--a beautiful sunny walk to a bookstore where the inevitable happened.

--then a crowded and interesting bus ride home where I did the thing that all bookish introverts do to have fun.

--and then Douglas (my partner) came home and there was beer.

All in all a fair amount of fun was had: a day entirely free of work, weeding, or boredom.

SharonMV said...

Great pictures - lovely graveyard & even lovelier women. You all looked great in your outfits. Dennis came in to talk to me while I was perusing your blog & his eyes strayed immediately to the pics. I said nothing & let him continue to wonder what I was reading (& why) He, being diplomatic & not wanting to admit he'd been admiring said pics also said nothing. I must admit that I've never worn a corset, but I did used to wear black lace camisoles (under a jacket) in my younger days.

I didn't get out this weekend and my camera's old fashioned & out of film, so no pictures. But I'm working on putting together some old photos of me "dressed up".

Elizabeth - Happy Birthday! Or Unbirthday! Ha - I knew I sent you a little gift for some reason. It should have arrived to your PO box - but maybe not as we are having a Holiday weekend in the states.


cheryl g said...

It was loads of fun being goth in the graveyard with Elizabeth, Linda and Maggie!

I am glad we got to take Beth home from the graveyard too. Too much heat!

Neil - I don't do skirts at all but I might be persuaded to do a corset provided we find my size and I can still breathe while wearing one.

Zephyr said...

*mouth hangs open* Oh my. Boobs..corsets...boobs...corsets....goth chicks....brain overloading.....*splode!*

I want to have a picnic in a graveyard! That sounds like so much fun. I love graveyards! My family used to get mad at me for playing chase in the local graveyard. They're so pretty and peaceful. I should ask Mo if he'll picnic in a graveyard with me.

Zephyr said...

PS. You DO make a wheelchair look sexy. Isn't that a great compliment? I showed up at a potluck once in fetish wear after a playdate and someone told me "You make a cane look SO sexy!" I was like "Damn straight!"

Elizabeth McClung said...

Yanub: Okay, I haven't admitted this to Elizabeth, Cheryl or Maggie, but there were a few times where I thought, "maybe I should just take a few pictures of her lying here" but then I got distracted with hearing "come on Elizabeth, you have to breathe. You have to breathe in before you can breathe out..."

Donimo: Yeah, the combo of a black and silver chair and a girl dressed all in black with a black lace shrug definitely has sex appeal. Elizabeth would still look great in a Red Cross folding wheelchair, but the photo would just be missing a little something.

Em: Elizabeth says you write great comments - and it's true.

She was posing with the disability angel when I realized we forgot her black wings. Oops. BTW, she was envious of the ones on your blog - they were much longer than hers. Thanks for posting your blog - I thought that was a wonderful tribute to Elizabeth.

About my outfit - that would be Elizabeth being so good at talking me into things. A year ago I wouldn't have dreamed of buying a corset. And my black shoes... Elizabeth found them and told me to try them on. "They're dyke shoes" meaning not femmy at all. True, and they're very comfortable. I wear them to work alot with my slacks.

Heather: I'm glad you remembered what you like to do for fun. Sounds like a great time was had. I didn't know what DTWOF stood for so have now googled it and will check out the comic strip. For others not in the know - DTWOF is Dykes To Watch Out For.

You write with a lot of humour. I groaned when I read the comment about the salesgirl saying she loved talking comic books with older people. And laughed when you talked about the fight with the magic marker. I could just see the blue streak. Sounds like something made her jump when she was applying eye shadow and she liked the special effects.

Having booze after a long day...hmmm... sounds like a plan to me.

Maggie said...

hi all-
Glad everyone is well. We had a rockin good time, well, except for Beth's little adventure.
I've uploaded my collection of pictures from yesterday, non edited. Most of them are awful, but there are a few gems in the group. Usually the way it goes. Enjoy. Look for the Victoria album.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Linda here again...

sharonmv: Maggie had cameras that take film too. It's old technology but they have awesome quality. I'm looking forward to seeing some of the black & whites she took.

I wonder if Dennis snuck in later to take a look?

Cheryl G: Thanks. What more can I say online. You're sitting across from me in the living room right now.

Zephyr: I highly recommend a graveyard picnic with Mo.

When I went home last summer to visit my relative. My mom took me and my niece and nephew on a cemetary tour so see where all my dead relatives were. My grandpa died a couple years ago and I hadn't seen the headstone yet. My niece and nephew had a great time hiding amongst the stones. And in one cemetary (in the middle of a cornfield half a mile from home) there was a pile of rubble in the corner that they were climbing on. Looking closer at the rubble I could see it was the materials (cement/granite?)used to make the borders around the plots. Looks like some old ones were replaced. Kinda creepy.

yanub said...

Maggie, those are great pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Linda, it was you and Elizabeth who inspired me to take pictures of MD while she was having seizures. She found them very interesting, since she has no way of knowing what is going on during those times, even only vaguely knowing that people are concerned about her. I've come to the conclusion that as long as the pictures are taken for the person being photographed, and not for sensationalism, that maybe they return some self-knowledge that is stripped away during the seizures.

Tom P. said...

Happy Birthday Beth. I am glad it was such a wonderful day. You are lucky to have such good friends and such a loving spouse.

Raccoon said...

I had nothing to do with the movie! Honest!

It looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Nice pictures, too. Still no squirrels?

Neil said...

Maggie: Great photos! I love the big stone bird on the headstone. And you make Elizabeth look truly dellicious...

Cheryl: Okay, you win, pants but no skirt. But you have to find some pants that'll look good with a corset. And you're not supposed to breathe in corsets, are you? Just ask Elizabeth Swan and Jack Sparrow.

Actually, if the corset fits right, shouldn't it allow fairly natural breathing? But what do I know about corsets? I'm straight and my wife won't have anything to do with 'em.

Elizabeth, those boots are gorgeous. I *almost* wish I COULD wear them, but I'd be in a wheelchair myself if I did. Plus, I take size 14 shoes and my ankle ligaments still hurt from a month ago. Yeah, try to rest it when you don't drive.

My dear wife says that it's a good thing you didn't have to dial 9-1-1 from the cemetery; She was imagining the explanations: goth girl on grave, trying not to stop breathing, with two goth EMTs assisting, and goth-girl partner helping them. Yeah, that would be quite the phone call. But we're glad you didn't have to make it.

I hope the rest of the team had a great weekend. Thanks, Elizabeth, for the challenge I look forward to seeing wht Victor can do with the photos.

Now it's time for a drop of Baileys Irish Cream and a few moments of quiet.

Sleep well, everyone!

kathz said...

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth (belatedly?) The good bits of the cemetery trip sound and look fabulous and you look wonderfully sexy (Linda too) - and I say this as a straight woman. I'm sorry it ended with pain and passing out. I don't suppose the Goth/cemetery setting was any consolation at the time but I hope you there's some pleasure in retelling the story and savouring the irony. (Obviously other aspects are NOT good to recall.)

I didn't visit any graveyards at the weekend but I did have a good Saturday with old friends and blogged about here

I'll send some further pictures if you like - mostly C18th mill buildings! It was a good day out.

Abi said...

Cashew and Peanut are probably twin boys who were miscarried/stillborn before their parents had named them. Peanut is a fairly standard name for an unborn baby; presumably they had to innovate with Cashew!

elizabeth said...

What a wonderful couple you guys are. Makes my heart happy.

Happy Birthday Elizabeth!

Elizabeth McClung said...

Linda again...

Maggie: Thanks for posting the pictures. You've got some really nice ones there. I'm glad you could share the cemetary experience with us!

Yanub: In addition to self-knowledge, I think it also gives proof to yourself that you're still alive some days. I also like the photos of Elizabeth because it is a tangible memory for me (and for Beth when she loses her memory due to seizures). This blog was really useful for her after the seizure. She could read all about her life as she had no short-term memory.

Tom P: I feel lucky having a great spouse and friends, too.

Racoon: Okay, you can tell it was a low day yesterday because neither Elizabeth nor I got your joke the first time we read it. And then it finally clicked for me and I was able to explain to Elizabeth. Normally she'd get it right away and have to do the explaining.

We only saw one squirrel and he was quite far away. There are more crows that squirrels hanging out in the cemetary. Elizabeth's original plan was to see the squirrels in the park later in the day but we nixed that once she imitated a corpse.

Neil: Demonia carries really large sizes. I bet they have boots to fit you - if you dare.

I too was enacting the scene in my head - trying to explain to the ambulance dispatch where to find us and then the reaction of the paramedics upon arrival.

Kathz: Sounds like you had a good time. I enjoy experiencing new things and learning stuff at the same time.

Abi: Your explanation makes the most sense. Still seems like strange names though.

Elizabeth: Awww!! Thanks.

Marla said...

Love the pictures!!! You all look beautiful and are having such a great time. I wish I was there!

Denise said...

You are all looking marvelous at the cemetery! I'm glad that you got a few good hours in before the episode and that Beth recovered OK. It's suddenly become seasonably warm where I live (Pennsylvania, US), and I find myself facing frequent dehydration and heat exhaustion as well (like every summer).

Perhaps I should gather my local gothlings and go an adventure of my own!

Dawn Allenbach said...

DON'T SCARE ME LIKE THAT! Although there IS a grand bit of humor in picturing Elizabeth's last minutes in goth garb and laid out on a Victorian era grave. Either that, or with a lap full of squirrels.

Y'all were smokin' hot in that graveyard.

Valfar said...

Hi, Elizabeth

I think your site is amazing, specially your pics, they're awesome, I hope you would be happy forever, I'm sorry about that situation you are in.

Anonymous said... is back up and running again,if You decide to join there,Please put Me down as the one who referred You,I'm Member, DemonicMonica