Friday, May 16, 2008

Goth girl tries something "quiet" and "peaceful" to aid recovery (think bones!)

The question is, what to do with an brain addled goth who is denied being hit repeatedly on the head (boxing)? Linda said that we were going to “Ross Bay Cemetery and Pub.” And did I know where that was?

I did not. Though the idea of a pub in a cemetery sounded pretty nice. No, it seems the cemetery was on one side of the road the pub on the other; so dead people AND booze (woo hoo!).

Linda brought me in the van and I wheeled across the road and she asked, “Does this look familiar to you?”

No. But my thought was, “Does that matter!” I mean, do I look happy here or not.

This is like catnip for a goth.

Before she could stop me I was doing movie star vamp poses on mausoleums. “Take the picture!” I begged and then explained that often in cemeteries there was a fine line between respect for the dead and ‘camp’ which I frequently crossed.

Is this what people meant when they said I should do something “easy” and “restful?” Because I guess going to a cemetery IS restful…unless you go with me. That is because I am wheeling all over the place doing poses from the Japanese photo machines but in front of graves. Some bikers stopped to watch. Here I am doing the “tragic imitation” of the marble angel which Linda called the “disability angel” because she had a slight amputation issue (missing a hand). I am sure if I was 16 I would be having DEEP and MEANINGFUL thoughts at this point while I contemplated life and how HORRID it might be that I would turn into my mother.

However since I was not 16, which means that while I have finally realized that there are WORSE things in life than ones parents and getting grounded and how they just have NO TASTE (like I do, black with black - what goes better together!). See, I could contemplate the somber aspects of facing my own mortality, only in such a NICE graveyard it just bounced off me like a spitball. Woo Hoo! Look at this marble grave! Let’s go over there and take pictures!

Meanwhile Linda is almost trying to RUIN the mood by….smelling the flowers. Sheesh! We don’t go Victorian Period cemeteries in Victoria to smell Lilac, we go to see our friends, or what is left of them.

Of course, no cemetery would be complete without the crow to perch above the graves. So we had ours. Actually we had to entice him from the newer graves, one of which was slightly sunken (bodies do that), and he was using the grave-cover as a bird bath.

I asked Linda for a picture and the bird started coming toward me so we took a picture of me and the crow (sorry, couldn’t find a raven, though you might spot a squirrel in some pictures).
At this point I decided to see if I could use my powers of animal persuasion to get the crow to come toward me. This was actually quite easy to do, however it would not perch on my arm just sort of stay a few wheelchair lengths away. So I started talking to it, trying to get it to do my “bidding.” After a few “GO! And peck the eyeballs of the enemies to disability rights!” I realized that I might have the POWER to bring animals to me, but after that things sort of fell apart. Too bad.
After that I just started doing strange poses, pretty much whatever came into my head, which was pretty fun except two seniors on scooters stopped to watch me until they decided I was on some sort of mind altering drugs (well mind altered - yes, drugs no!). Here I am happy and exhausted.

But come on, this was one FREAKING beautiful cemetery, even if you aren’t into marble and headstones and all that you have to admit the late spring sun on the leaves made it look almost like fall instead of the first rises of spring? “Loverly!”
I stopped at this 1883 headstone to give Linda some ideas of poses for me when she lays me down (this is where it kind of veers into 'camp'). Well, they would if we hadn’t already sold my body for science (no, that was in the UK, I think I am just being cremated and shot up as a firework). I did my, “Poor crip girl, finally at rest…” pose and she did her, “Are we going to get the beer now?”

Linda wins for now (and beer). I will return with my legions of crow friends to bring crow droppings to the cars of those oppose disability rights. Let us just say that next to squirrels, dead people and marble statues don’t ask a LOT of questions, are easy on the brain and are pretty fun (even if the faces of people passing by say that they aren’t supposed to be!). Sorry! That’s why I like the Victorian Period headstones and crypts; no chance of pissing off a relative coming to visit. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my visit and the required gothy photos. If you come and see me I can take you to this wonderland, which I still don’t “remember” but hey, with a cemetery like this, I don’t mind rediscovering it all over again.

Happy crows and cool marble!


SharonMV said...

Thanks for the fun visit to the cemetery. Looks like you've found a general for your legions of crows. I think a little more discipline a few training exercises & they'll be ready. So let the enemies of disability rights beware. Thank you for another vicarious fun adventure.


rachelcreative said...

You are beaming happiness! I love it.

Stephanie said...

I love crows. They are so intelligent. I always say hello when I pass them in the street.

I'm glad you had such a nice day.

Victor Kellar said...

Nothing like a smiling goth girl in a cemetary to start off my day

Couple years ago I was driving with my brother along some back roads in north central ontario when he pulled me off the road and took me back into some bush; it was a couple of minutes before I realized we were surrounded by headstones, most of them toppled over. It was a tiny, "lost" cemetary, from a community that had been ravaged by typhus sometime before WW II. The community was basically dissolved, the survivors moved on and over time the bush does what it does best and grew over everything. It was a strange feeling, standing there, amid these memories, forgotten and virtually invisible. Not quite as romantic as your experience, but a memory that has lingered.

cheryl g said...

See Linda does know best. What you did there falls under the "taking it easy" category. Now you know it is possible to take it easy so you can try different versions on it.

I love Ross Bay Cemetary - it is one of the best places you introduced me to in Victoria. Yep, Goth girl knows how to show out of town guests the sights.

Dawn Allenbach said...

I love that cemetary! I could spend HOURS in it.

Legions of crows = groovy!

Lene Andersen said...

That cemetery is AMAZING! And a crow! Wish I could come see it with you. We have a terrific cemetery with a very old section here in Toronto called Mt. Pleasant Cemetery. When I was more mobile, I used to go there with my camera all the time. It's very beautiful and incredibly peaceful.

Glad you had a good day. You sound like yourself again.

Gaina said...

I am currently writing my 'Summer Plan' - a list of things to accomplish so that furniture-chewing boredom doesn't set in during my break from Uni.

I will put 'local cemetary pics for Elizabeth' on the list. There are a few sweet churches around here that are hundreds of years old (one even has a bricked-up 'north door' where the pagans and criminals were made enter on sundays). We'll both get a kick out of that little project, I'm sure :).

....just have to wait for it to stop raining now. LOL

yanub said...

Looks like Linda found the perfect activity for you. That is was a real rest for you shows in the cogency of your prose.

I hope you have many more great days like this. And I bet you will if Linda has any say.

Victor Kellar said...

sorry if this is bad etiquette but I actually want to respond to lene: I live right at the far end of the Beltline and my dog and I often take it right to Mt Pleasant, it is quite lovely and there is a Catholic cemetary in the same area that is also nice, I think elizabeth would enjoy both

em said...

You do travelblog so very well. I love the pictures, and personally when I'm dead I would rather have someone camping it up above me than someone being all fake and somber. Keep on listening to Linda, she sounds fun.

Elizabeth McClung said...

SharonMv: Yes, this crow just needs a bit more training. I am glad you enjoyed the visit the cemetery, I know I did. Linda said that there might actually be people who can't visit nice cemeteries frequently, and then we were both silent in such a sad thought. So I am happy to post many pictures (though frequently I am IN the picture, I suppose you could ignore that).

rachelcreative: Yes, I woke up after a long nap and was not much more in the memory department but more in the putting words in a line department, and so I was pretty happy to find such a nice cemetery.

Stephanie: Yes, I have one that likes to follow me in my chair when I wheel down the block here.

Victor: Good, a goth girl a day is a good remedy for many things. Linda and I both thought your lost cemetery sounded really cool, there is a typhoid one in Queen Charlotte city by the water, pretty old and creepy with all the names of the children. Did you take pics of your cemetery?

Cheryl: Yes, but I did not sweat nor did anyone hit my head. But I did get to wheel around lots of graves including OVER a few (sorry, no other way to follow the path, wheelchairs don't 'slip sideways'). We should take maggie here; Linda says we have to go back with my black wings and do more pics.

Dawn: It has lots of windy paths that never seem to meet up so lots of old and odd tombs and such - largest and third oldest in Victoria - I don't know why it isn't more of a tourist attraction.

Lene: I wish I could see that cemetery because I only saw of toronto was downtown waiting for VIA rail transfers so many stores advertising "Books" which turned out to be porn stores. Which is how I think of Toronto: Tim Horton's and Porn Stores. So a nice cemetery would probably do wonders in changing my view.

I am not myself again but when I woke from my nap I was not as confused as the order of words and my schema were more seperated (the sections where I could access, I COULD access).

Gaina: Yes, more cemetery pics, a mix of B&W and colour please! Linda and I both like the idea of the north door of the church. My grandfather during the war was sent to clean up the old cemetery by the old military academy and they found the "suicides" which were buried just OUTSIDE the walls of the cemetery (becuase they could not be buried on consecrated ground)

Yanub: I am glad my cognacy (sic) is coming back. Though moaning about the bad taste in clothes of one's parents is not quite the same as being up to the level I desire of writing but still, an improvement. Linda is smart. She takes in out in the evening when I don't overheat.

Victor: please, go ahead, lots of time people have running conversations in the comments with each other - I just think it is the "part of a community" aspect.

em: Oh good, I am sure that future goths with picnic above thee, as they will me, I hope so too. I think repecting those who died is to respect that we LIVE, and bringing a part of that back to a cemetery doesn't seem all that bad to me.

Neil said...

Well, Elizabeth Goth Girl McClung, it looks like you had a good day, and I'm very happy that you did. But I do have to take you to task about something in your reply to me yesterday. You said we (your faithful and loving readers) are your family, and that you have no other. That's not true, though: you have Linda. She is your real family, and don't you dare forget it!

Legions of crows, and hordes of squirrels: you've got quite an army in training. Will you hire woodpeckers to drum the marching beat?

Love and hugs, Neil

Maggie said...

my vote next Saturday if the weather is nice is for squirels and dead people...what a great combo!!!!Nothin could be finer. Good friends and great family. I will have to bring the good camera with black and white film. I can hardly wait.

yanub said...

I think I like "cognancy" better than "cogency." It seems to imply a state of refined intoxication. Perhaps of the sort that comes from enjoying only the finest cemetaries.

Raccoon said...

That looked like a great relaxing trip. No squirrels, though.

Have you ever looked into steam punk? Just seems like something that you would enjoy.

How was the beer?

Raccoon said...

I remember, when I was living in Salem Massachusetts, visiting a couple of cemeteries. It was a good place to get rowan, which was often planted around cemeteries as a ward against witchcraft.

It wasn't a really good place for quiet or contemplation, though. Too many tourists.


A Bear in the Woods said...

catnip to a Goth! I adore your metaphors.

there was a fine line between respect for the dead and ‘camp’ which I frequently crossed.

I love that line.

Heather said...

I'll never think about the word "vamp" in the same way.

I'm wondering: for the next graveyard visit, do you think wings and a boa would be too much?

coopernicus said...

Great shots. The mausoleum pose is awesome. I haven't had a good stroll around a cemetery in quite some have inspired me...

Tom P. said...

My little goth girl, Beth, also like cemeteries. Here is a picture of Beth and her friends wandering through a cemetery at night. This was after a snowstorm a few months ago.

And I promised a picture of Beth's hair. She did the ends in purple.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Neil: Well, she IS family, but then there is the whole, "getting intimate with family" so she is in a different grouping called, "People I can sleep with and not go to prison for".

I have tried with woodpeckers before, as we have them out here - very hard to train!

Maggie: I would be happy to show you dead people and squirrels, maybe even see some at the same time (I see them everywhere....the dead people I mean!). Bring the camera!

Yanub: Errr...okay, I go with that, instead of brain damage!

Raccoon: We did see two squirrels but couldn't interest them in peanuts as they were FAR more interested in each other if you get my meaning. I do like steampunk - which is what I call my oxygen concentrator, "Turn on the Steampunk!"

Yes, I imagine getting a good no people shot in Salem would be a chore, I don't understand why people aren't flocking and frolicing to this cemetery though - but good luck for me!

Bear in the Woods: I am glad I pleased, I just figured when I want to roll my body around on the moss of graves, then it is making me some kind of high.

Heather: Actually Linda already suggested the Wings, I am not sure if I have a boa, I would like a mini cape (those victorian shoulder capes!).

Coopernicus: thanks! The wonderful thing about cemeteries is they are literally ALWAYS waiting for you - you can forget them for a year and come back and enjoy them again.

Tom P: Thanks for the pics, I like the purple tips, but then, I am like, Purple ALL purple! Woo hoo! Aren't you lucky you have YOUR Beth?

Dark Photography Inc. 2003-current. said...

And if you actually believe this is who you are. I suggest you relax and let the poses come naturally, You do look like you're trying a bit to hard to be deep. If you went with natural poses. These would be VERY Good.

I'm a professional photographer, and I know how hard it is to take a meaningful pose without pushing too much into it but... anyway..

I love the graveyard scene, but if you had.. set your hands in your legs and bowed your head allowing your hair to fall over your face by the statues then you would have had a really relaxed moment. You wouldn't have had to try so hard.

I'm not trying to be mean at all. Just a bit of friendly advice from a professional..

Dark Photography Inc.