Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Graveyard Treks and weekend fun: the (near) finally tally

Thanks everyone for continuing to send your Fun Weekend accounts, many accompanied by pictures and videos. I’ve been slowly adding your links to a previous post, but Elizabeth thought it might be a good idea to repost them and give it some order.

First, I wanted to acknowledge em who inspired the whole event by having a gothic daytrip to a local cemetery in Elizabeth’s honour.

This inspired Elizabeth to challenge all of you to have some fun this past weekend – in whatever way suited you.

We of course spent her ‘un-birthday" at Ross Bay Cemetary here in Victoria. Here’s a photo of me – one I actually like.
Maggie and Cheryl came with us. Here’s Maggie wandering off and taking photos with her cameras.
You can see some of Maggie’s pictures

You might recognize the wrought iron work in this picture Elizabeth took amongst some of Maggie’s pictures too. It’s the grave of Sir James Douglas, a famous forefather of Victoria. A number of local landmarks are named after him.
Many of you rose to Elizabeth’s challenge and went and had some fun this weekend. It turns out that visiting graveyards was a popular activity.

Saraarts at Moving Right Along posted a fabulous blog chock full of pictures of Author’s Ridge and her quest to find the headstone of famous writers. I just love her last photo… How appropo…

Tammy at
I Can't Have Anything Nice shares some of her discoveries at local cemeteries near her home. Check it out and give your opinion on her alternate theory to the thirteen graves.

Racoon went to see the Memorial Cemetary on Memorial Day but it was closed. Go figure?! He had to come back another time for this photo.

Veralidaine at Stirring the Pot also went to visit a cemetary and shares photos of spring buds.
Two of you went to see some gardens…

Tayi at Waiting for Rain, went out, and ended up in pain; pain all over, including a sunburn. But she put up a picture in which she achieved what she has been wanting to do for a while, create art about pain. And in her post titled, Count every beautiful thing we can see, she has a picture: Pain is Beauty.

Saraarts was a very busy woman as she went to both a cemetery but also to a park.

Lene over at The Seated View spent her weekend taking her delight in her 2 and a half year old nephew and niece and family, which can be read about, along with a movie of 2.5 year olds with better spanish than I Here.
Neil, in addition to learning how to use poi, bought himself a rake to work on his own yard/garden and transported it home on his bicycle.

Kathz tour of ArkWright’s Mill - a historical
millworks village. She got to see a fair amount of the outdoors too.
Moving in to more indoor pusuits was sharonmv working on organizing photos for a collection, And
FridaWrites took in some swimming and a movie;
Heather went shopping (one of my favourite past-times), and;
Neil tried not to injure himself too much while learning how to maneuver poi.

Maryanne, Neil's partner, tried out her new loom.

Victor Kellar is going put some of these fabulous photos together to create a true family weekend momento. I look forward to it.

If I’ve missed anyone, please let me know and I’ll post your link and/or photos. I trolled through past comments but may have inadvertently missed you.


VK said...

I got another postcard! (Actually it came on Friday, but other half has been very ill and have not had time to do internet style things since then).

Wonderful to have another one, and it's gone along the first on my bookcase. Could I have your address, so that I may send a return one (although Bristol does not make such interesting postcards, there are some adorable gay marriage cards in WHSmith that I have had my eye on)

cheryl g said...

What a great bunch of photos and adventures! This blog community has the coolest people!

Neil said...

The loom in the photo is not ours, darn it. That's one of the looms at my love's weaving class.

Our loom is currently a jog-saw puzzle. It's in pieces at my father's house until we can make room for it here. I visited it last night, and moved it to his basement to keep it out of his way when he comes home from England on Saturday.

Thank you, Em, for inspiring Elizabeth to challenge us. There are some fabulous photographers in this loose-knit family.

Lots of hugs to everyone reading!

Katrin said...

The dogs, few human friends and I had a good weekend all in the name of "Fun"




(no photos, rather sorry, I forget about things like that, even had the camera with us, plumb forgot)

Donimo said...

The fun thing I did last weekend was hang out with a new crew of people. I wasn't feeling so hot and I've had a tough time putting the heavy stuff in life on the back burner, but I decided to give myself a Screw Bronze! shove and go to a small house party. It was hosted by a professional comic and she invited interesting, funny and warm people. There were many funny stories shared and I laughed a lot.

I didn't take any photos, but I can share a visual with you: one woman told the story of her mother not allowing her to join the Victoria girl's drill team. As a young girl, she had wanted desperately to twirl a baton and go in the big parade with the Bluebirds squad--they got to wear blue sequined unitards--but her Mom refused. Her Mom was not going to have her daughter wear a uniform that was handed down year after year... she didn't think there was any way to launder sequins. Hopes crushed! All for the lack of belief in dry-cleaning.

Amanda said...

My husband and I went to see the new Indy movie on Saturday and then we went to the lake on Monday with my mom, dad, sister, her husband, and their baby. I unfortunately only have pictures of the last three, because I'm going to make a scrapbook for my sister for Christmas of her daughter's first year.

We all had a lot of fun socializing, eating and of course fishing. Thank You, E, for the inspiration to have fun! We all needed it.

KateJ said...

Linda, I'm so sorry to read that Elizabeth is having such a bad time, and glad that you're able to post for her and keep her friends updated. I'm not praying - not something I do - but I did visit a Japanese garden a couple of days ago and have posted some pics on my own blog.

rachelcreative said...

I am enjoying reading about everyone's weekend. Sorry I'm not able to share anything interesting!

Hope to get out this weekend with (fingers crossed) better weather. A very grey and rain sodden bank holiday weekend was had here in central England. I did some work ... which is unusual for me!

Hope Elizabeth can break the fever and be over the worst soon.

Love to you both.

Tammy said...

I think it just might be time to go to the doctor. I just can't imagine how miserable Elizabeth feels right now. I hate being cold for even a few min. I couldn't imagine that many hours in her cooling vest. It's like reverse hell...meaning instead of fire, you are tortured by ice.
I'm glad you got a bit of rest too, Linda. You have to take care of yourself. Perhaps you should boost up on your Vit. C. There is nothing worse than summer colds and it wouldn't do for you both to be sick.
Thank you again for keeping us updated. I got a card mailed out today for Elizabeth, just not the handmade one I had planned.

Raccoon said...

Actually, it wasn't that I went back another time; we took the pictures through the wrought iron fence, which was in much better condition than some of the headstones...

It was a nice challenge. It forced me to get out of the house, and get some wheelchair time. It was only about 60°F, but it was nice driving around.

How many postcards did you buy in Japan? The one I got today was Himeii Castle.

Raccoon said...

Tammy, Hell is, actually, cold, according to mythology. It is the home of Hel, a daughter of Loki. It is also where the dead warriors wait for Ragnarok, the final battle between the Gods & the Giants.

The hot place that you're thinking about is, again according to mythology, the realm of Hades.

Something I've thought about a couple of times: the Norse envisioned their place of the dead as ice cold, and the Greeks & Romans as burning hot (in places, any way). I wonder if that was because of the climate zones that they were in...

Elizabeth McClung said...

VK: Well, I wanted to find out if the Bristol really was the sinkhole of time for post as it seemed. My address is on the first post card is it not:

Elizabeth McClung
P.O. Box 2560
Port Angeles, WA.

Ha! WH Smith has gay marriage cards, I can't even get those here just the, "Oh yeah we should get those in" comments. And I say, "yeah since it is legal now for SIX YEARS, you probably should."

Cheryl g: I do think that these are the coolest friends and blog community and I am glad that having fun was something people did; when I go all postal and say, "Drink the poisoned Cool Aid!" - feel free to ignore me.

Neil: Sorry, um, I think I knew that but Linda did the post and as we are finding out, we don't actually have a telepathic link despite our habit of finishing each other's sentences.

Good job on your poi, keep it up! When I first saw the picture I was SURE it was fire and was much impressed (I also had a fever and though *I* was on fire).

Katrin: Thanks for letting me know, as soon as the room stops spinning I am going to read those and add them to the links. Thanks for attempting having fun and I am glad it turned into a good weekend too!

Donimo: I'm really glad you went to the party, sometimes it is hard to remember that just 'hanging' can be the best of times (and can also be when I don't want to leave and overdo it!).

Wow, good story, I think we should have "Nuerotic mother traumatized my childhood story telling circle!"

Amanda: See, it is only now that my fever has broken that I figured out that indy was probably Indiana Jones (As I was thinking, "She likes the Indy 500 circuit THAT much - and they made a movie about it?"). I guess I will come and see what you thought of it.

Kids are OFTEN really fun, particularly when someone else owns then when they start throwing a tantrum. I think the new challenge after my personal experience is "Don't get sick this week!" challenge.

Kate J: Thanks for your comment and concern and I am glad you visited the garden, again, will come and see as soon as the room stops spinning (STOP SPINNING! - nope didn't work!).

Rachelcreative: Thanks for commenting, I want to do work TOO! I like how you break that down - so I THINK I am over the fever....but am I over the worst? Yet to find out! Hope things work out for you this weekend, I will have to check to find out.

Tammy: thanks, actually it is both, you still think your head and body is on fire, it is just that someone (let's call them god, or let's call them LINDA!) has put branding irons of cold on you, burning in a white cold way into your firey flesh....for hours and hours and hours. Yum!

I do hope Linda doesn't get it, however I will tell you that Linda gets over colds in about.......18 hours. (no not joking).

Racoon: HA! That is my kind of photography, don't let a little being closed slow you down. I am glad you got to try out your camera and it seems to work a dream.

I got a bunch of cards and sent off all the "A" cards in Japan and now am determined to send off all the "B" cards until they are gone - since, I figure there is little enough I can do to connect and cheer people up - besides I thought you like Himeji, that's why I sent it to you. I sent it last week however. Postcards are good as I can do one or two a day and then send them out, as I have the stamp right away and say, "I did something today" and hopeful, the person doesn't go, "What is this?" or "Who is this?" and since it is a LONG while until my next trip.....not sure what I will send out in week or two when these are all gone (Linda sorting everything unearthed a few more, so that is what I have been sending out!).

saraarts said...

I finally finished up that tour of Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, BTW. You can catch the last installment (which talks about accessibility, among other things) here:

Meanwhile, back in the necropolis...

And now to bed. And then tomorrow, finally, perhaps I will have time to look at all the others.

I hope you have enjoyed all these posts and pictures, Elizabeth and Linda. I know it's hard to have fun when you're sick on top of being sick -- ack! But if it's any comfort, I think I can safely say we all enjoyed ourselves quite a bit! (And thank you Em for starting it all off -- and starting it off so beautifully.)